The Frightening Secret Of Anthony Fauci’s Survival

Dec 5, 2021

Clifford Ribner
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This article is a superb, fully-annotated description of a tiny portion of the fraudulent evil the permanent, unelected bureaucrat Smurf Anthony Fauci is the personification of. Anthony Fauci has been perpetrating one of the greatest frauds/hoaxes in history on the public, being the principal cheerleader for promoting the pandemic of mass fear in the population based on the pretense that the Covid virus, which he helped create in the bio-weapons lab run by the Chinese military at Wuhan, is a virtual death sentence for anyone who comes anywhere near it.

This is, in fact, a repeat of the lie he promoted during the 1980s, pretending that AIDS was a virus that everyone in the population was at risk from acquiring from even the most casual encounter with anyone else, that children were at risk from getting it by being touched by strangers or anyone else. Promoting lies of this nature lies intended to make people fear their fellow citizens and live in a state of constant panic, has been the purpose of his entire, absolutely-worthless bureaucratic career.

Now he has added to that lie, which is simply the underlying lie he has amplified with all of the other lies he has promoted about both the virus and every potential treatment for it, by promoting the lie that the quasi -“vaccines” that were rapidly created are genuine vaccines for it (they are nothing of the kind, as even the pharmaceutical executives who presided over their development admit), and that the only reason for the continuation of the virus, and all of the hysteria over it which continues to be promoted (by him and would-be dictator/politicians all of whom are Democrats, including Biden, and the propaganda machines they have at their disposal in the fake news and social media), at all is the fact that 100% of the people have not received them, a complete lie.

It is apparent that the “vaccines” do not stop anyone from getting the virus (everywhere, Vermont, the UK, Israel, Maine, Oregon, at Cetera, everywhere where virtually the entire population is “vaccinated,” the hospitals have never been fuller with Covid patients than when the virus first appeared in February 2020, and there were no vaccines nor treatments known of any kind)), nor transmitting it and they do not even last (five months at most) in their very-specific effectiveness in reducing the severity of the symptoms from the virus to their recipients.

The pretense — which Fauci and Biden repeat constantly, calling Covid “the pandemic of the unvaccinated” — that people who don’t get the “vaccines” in any way endanger anyone else is a complete lie. It is irrelevant to anyone whether anyone else has gotten them. That is precisely why mandates requiring them are based on nothing scientific and are purely tyrannical power-grabs. And, as the courts are now ruling, those mandates are utterly unconstitutional. And no, there is no Covid exception to the Constitution.

Everything this man has been promoting about the virus and the “vaccines” and every other supposed “Mitigation measure he has proposed are nothing but complete lies because, contrary to his underlying big lie, this virus is not dangerous to the general population, particularly children, at all, non-deadly to anyone who does not have a minimum of 2 comorbidities, with the average decedent from it having four comorbidities, information confirmed by the statistics of the CDC itself (statistics it does everything in its power to prevent anyone from knowing about).

And all of this has been known from the very start, the fact that only a very tiny and readily-identifiable portion of the population is at any risk from it whatsoever, a fact known to me and to anyone with open eyes from the very start, and publicly identified by me and many others, based on the experience of those people on that cruise ship who were trapped together, during February and March 2020, all of whom were exposed to the virus. It was a large enough group, several hundred, to draw some statistical conclusions about the virus from. And was statistical conclusions has been confirmed by every subsequent fact known about the virus, all of which can be confirmed at the CDC’s website if it has not taken it down.

And not a single one of those people on the cruise ship who didn’t have multiple comorbidities died. And that has been the experience everywhere in the United States, even though fake news has presented bogus stories that perfectly healthy children and adults have died from it, none of which is true. A total of less than 160 out of 48 million children in the country have died with, not from, but with the virus, and not a single one of them was free of multiple comorbidities.

And yet Anthony Fauci has been ruining the lives of school children and college students in America for going on two years now, demanding masks,”vaccines” now and social distancing, etc. And not a single bit of that has had any scientific, medical basis. It is child abuse plain and simple. All of it.

And he still doing it. And he will continue to do it until he is physically stopped and removed.

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