The Future Which Worldwide Communists have Hoped for for decades has arrived. We, with Joe Biden in the White House, are in Grave Danger.

Dec 28, 2021

Clifford Ribner
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The article by Mr. Bitzinger seriously underestimates the benefits to both China and Russia of acting jointly AND SIMULTANEOUSLY against allies of the US (Ukraine and the rest of Eastern Europe for the Russians, Taiwan and then Vietnam and even Japan for the Chinese), forcing the US to divide its attention and resources at a time when OUR STRATEGIC CENTER, our president and his advisers of all kinds, military, intelligence, etc. is utterly incompetent (as the fiasco in Afghanistan, coupled with Biden’s preposterous claim it was some great victory, has proven to the world beyond any doubt), our “leaders” giving away $85 billion of our most advanced conventional weaponry to the terrorist enemy Taliban, doing nothing to modernize any of our weapons (modernization which has become a virtual impossibility because of complying with idiotic, endless, exorbitant, militarily-pointless mandates from the Pentagon bureaucracy), and, worst of all, our leaders literally PROMOTING ANTI-AMERICANISM IN OUR OWN WARRIORS by forcing CRT down their throats. CRT is nothing but vicious, anti-American Marxist lies and propaganda, with the president and his advisers being our weakest link in the chain that comprises all our defenses, a completely-disastrous, utterly rotten, keystone component in our military capabilities of all kinds.

Our “president” and his advisers are worried about supposed dangers of global warming, a purely hypothetical (and utterly irrelevant to military power) risk at most, and “social justice,” that quest itself nothing but a malicious slander, an assault, against America itself, swallowing the idiotic propaganda of the communist Chinese, and the very lying propaganda invented by Joseph Stalin and his European intellectual allies in the Frankfurt school, insulting our own actual legal system and our own Constitution itself, instructing our warriors that this nation is unworthy of being defended, while the Russians and the Chinese leaders are single-mindedly focused, as they always have been as their end goal, on DEFEATING US FOR REAL.

And, most importantly, Mr. Bitzinger’s article simply doesn’t understand the nature of nuclear weapons, and their actual utility and value and, accordingly, seriously underestimates the huge, decisive value to Russia of its strategic and tactical nuclear weapons — weapons Mr. Bitzinger doesn’t even mention in his blinders-focus on Russia’s pathetic conventional weaponry: He literally misses the overwhelmingly-important fact which is staring him in the face.

It is precisely because Russia has NO CONVENTIONAL CAPABILITY, no conventional weapons capable of presenting a credible threat even to underfunded and feckless NATO, coupled with its first-world nuclear capabilities, that it must, since it literally has no choice about it, in any actual military conflict, including any it may have incited itself, immediately, AS IT ALREADY HAS, by promising to place them in what is now becoming a theater of war in Eastern Europe, RESORT TO ITS TACTICAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS, weapons which, unlike us, it has in abundance.

And most importantly, as it has shown in its mistreatment of its own people, and completely unlike us, IT HAS NO RESPECT FOR LIFE AT ALL, and so is credibly known to have no reluctance to use them.

And the very purpose of tactical nuclear weapons has always been to win any otherwise-conventional military conflict.

And, unless anyone has forgotten, nuclear weapons, all of them, both tactical and nuclear, ARE DOOMSDAY WEAPONS, particularly when combined with cyber warfare, cyber warfare which both Russia and China have been waging for years against us, along with the bio-weapons war China has waged against the world, primarily us, waged together with its allies in our own federal bureaucracy, involving Covid (cyber and bio-weapons warfare long-ignored by us, compared to our capabilities).

And doomsday weapons are completely unlike any others.

We didn’t defeat the Imperial Japanese because of the bombs we DROPPED on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We defeated them because of the ADDITIONAL BOMBS WHICH THEY KNEW BECAUSE WE HAD CONVINCED THEM, THAT WE WOULD BE DROPPING if they did not surrender. It was the “unused” ones, THE ONES WE HAD BUT WHICH WE DIDN’T DROP which won that war, the last war we won.

Because, as with any doomsday weapon, the real way to use nuclear weapons is not on the battlefield but IN THE MINDS OF THE ENEMY. The very fact that they, the Russians, have them, tactical nuclear weapons, and have said they will use them believably, and we don’t, gives them a first-strike capability on the battlefield in Eastern Europe.

They can force a surrender with those, their tactical nuclear weapons SIMPLY BEING PRESENT, as they have already threatened, coupled with the credible threat of them using them, A THREAT MADE ALL THE MORE CREDIBLE BY THE VERY FACT OF THEIR CONVENTIONAL WEAKNESS, a weakness they have made sure everyone knows about — and made even more credible by Biden himself, since our threat of countering their use is not at all credible with him as president — coupled with the unilateral (as a practical matter) nuclear disarmament we imposed on ourselves over decades.

Even if, against all likelihood, the pathetic, demented sock-puppet Biden gave the order, the order to deploy nuclear weapons of any kind, DOES ANYBODY BELIEVE THAT GENERAL MILLIE WOULD CARRY IT OUT? General Millie, who publicly announced that he had implicitly told the Chinese HE WOULD REFUSE TO OBEY SUCH AN ORDER if given by President Trump?

And Joe Biden has shown everyone in the world, including even our self-declared enemies the Iranians, that the last thing he wants is for anyone to fear him — other than the American people, who he is intent on uninspiring fear in (demanding the ruination of anyone who does not obey the mandates he insists on, maximizing the destructiveness of the bio-weapon China created, Covid, regarding masks, “vaccines” etc.).

Russia’s strategic nuclear weapons are, after our unilateral disarmament, now probably at least equal to those of the United States, and its tactical ones are superior by many orders of magnitude (they have thousands, each of which has the power of the weapon that leveled Hiroshima, and we have but a few hundred).

Long ago, in the 1960s, the United States unilaterally disarmed its tactical nuclear capabilities. We pretended that because we had strategic nuclear superiority at the time, the threat of using those strategic weapons neutralized the value of tactical ones. It was an insane move at the time, and it gets worse and worse in retrospect with our overwhelming strategic nuclear superiority completely abandoned.

We, our politicians who had control of all our military and its resources, bought into the nonsense, promoted throughout the 20th century by worldwide anti-American Marxism, that the United States, the one nation in history dedicated to individual liberty, was no better than any other, was, in fact, evil, a country which, Marxists everywhere, including American Marxists at our universities, etc., endlessly proclaimed, monstrously mistreated its own citizens (with supposed racism and injustice everywhere), no better than, and EVEN WORSE THAN, the Marxists (who of course actually enslave all their non-citizen serfs), and so WE HAD NO RIGHT TO NUCLEAR SUPERIORITY.

We have hamstrung our own military with worldwide Marxism-inspired pacifism-inspired rules of all kinds, rules of engagement when we actually wage war, endless rules which have prevented us from winning any wars after World War II.

The United States now has the smallest nuclear arsenal it has had since 1956. And our weapons are old and out-of-date and need to be modernized, modernization which will never happen under Joe Biden, modernization which has actually been delayed for decades by Congresses much more interested in using taxpayer money to buy votes to reelect themselves, and presidents who were lulled by the incompetent Marxist University-inspired and educated fools at the State and Defense Departments and the CIA, and the politicized Joint Chiefs Of Staff — and the endless, self-promoting think-tanks in Washington — lulled into thinking we were OK in doing so, that we didn’t deserve to have nuclear superiority, didn’t deserve to be, as we were until our presidents gave the superiority away, the one, overwhelmingly militarily-superior nuclear superpower on the planet — even though we (together with the British) were the only superpower in history who never used our power to subjugate and enslave anyone, and instead used it to liberate people from horrible totalitarian dictatorships, dictatorships imposed by Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany.

But when we had real, first-strike nuclear superiority over the Russians, the USSR, and the Communist Chinese, we failed to use that capability to liberate the people who were subjected to their enslavement under Marxism’s horrors, and we gave in to the demands of the Communist-front, self-proclaimed Worldwide Pacifism Movement (which always was interested in disarming only the US) to agree to disarm ourselves, just because the USSR was giving up a few of its weapons also, weapons they couldn’t afford and could never have used in the face of our then-First-Strike Capability, unlike us.

We dismantled 10,251 nuclear warhead between 1994 and 2014. after A REDUCTION BY 85% OF OUR STOCKPILE IN 1967, during the Johnson administration, the most massive unilateral disarmament in history, unilaterally (we didn’t have to do any of it) disarming at the height of the Vietnam War, at a time when our nuclear arsenal was at its largest, 31,255 warheads, virtue-projecting, pretending we were promoting world peace, rather than permitting our South Vietnamese allies to be defeated by the communists and endangering ourselves decades later — decades later which has become NOW.

President Johnson and virtually every president, Republican and Democrat alike, who followed him idiotically thought that we could safely dispense with nuclear weapons, that they were BAD THINGS on the planet, even though they, their very presence BY US IN OUR ARSENAL, prevented a replay of the horrible World Wars of the 20th century, something they achieved only once they were present – and it was we who had them.

Our leaders thought that because we were supposedly never going to ACTUALLY DROP OR LAUNCH our nuclear weapons, or at least threaten to do so, that we could safely get rid of them if the Russians would simply go along.

The folly of that self-delusion was apparent almost immediately to anyone who was observant by the fact that WE COULD HAVE WON ACTUAL WARS we were involved in, wars we ELECTED TO LOSE, by not choosing to win them, wars against horrible, communist enemies who were poisoning the lives of the people under their control, wars which we could have won with those weapons, the Korean War, where the few General Patton-like (Patton himself had been assassinated in 1945 by those in our government intent on silencing his demands that we use our power to stop the Soviets from enslaving Eastern Europe) generals wanted to force the surrender of North Korea, and later, the Vietnam War — a war that our insistence on using only conventional weapons ended in an our defeat (after “peace with honor,” when the Democrat Congress refused to honor our pledges to aid South Vietnam at all) — at the very time when Johnson was unilaterally disarming our nuclear arsenal by 85%, ending our overwhelming first-strike capability!

Instead of posing as pacifists, we could have actually used those weapons at least AS CREDIBLE THREATS to achieve military victories, victories we have never had since the end of World War II, in both of those wars, and rescued millions of people from the unspeakable horrors of terror-and-lies-driven Marxism/Collectivism. Our presidents were convinced that although we wouldn’t, for whatever reason, actually deploy our nuclear weapons when it was to our advantage, Russia would be similarly reluctant to use them — and that we could simply, safely ignore Communist China altogether.

The United States has obeyed the terms of the ridiculous nuclear disarmament treaties which former presidents and senates made with Russia, treaties which China was not even a party to even though it has been for decades a nuclear power, self-destructive treaties proclaimed as being wonderful by our idiot presidents, both Democrat and Republican, and corporate media at the time, media which was always dedicated to promoting Marxism in the United States, treaties in which the United States committed to massive disarmament — terms which we honored and Russia never did.

It was literally insane to make such treaties, treaties binding on the United States and future generations of us, supposedly peace-promoting treaties proclaimed at the time as being so wonderful, treaties made by politicians to promote themselves as great “peacemakers” — and to pretend that human beings, including Marxist totalitarian human beings, had somehow changed, that human nature had moved beyond what all humans have been since the beginning of time, especially people who subscribe to an evil, supremacist ideology like Marxist Collectivism.

It was all a total denial of human nature and of actual history — and of the real nature of Marxist Collectivism and its genuine, inherently-supremacist and always-threatening evil. It was all based on the pretense that Marxism is not a worldwide, supremacist, totalitarian ideology intent on destroying liberty and DESTROYING THE UNITED STATES IN PARTICULAR as its eternal goal, the pretense that we could actually do normal business with countries subjected to that ideology, rather than defeat them, as we then could have with our then-first-strike capability, before we gave it up — but now cannot, after our unilateral disarmament, defeat those same Marxist states are, and have always been, intent on imposing on us.

It was we, the United States who had such military superiority after World War II that we could have genuinely forced peace, without subjugating any people at all, liberating the planet as we had liberated France and Belgium and the Philippines under the Nazis and the Imperial Japanese, forced the end of Marxist control of multiple countries, liberating all of eastern Europe which was under the thumb of the genuinely-evil Soviet empire, and assisted the Nationalist Chinese in their war against the Maoist Marxists, war which ultimately lead to the Maoists taking over and poisoning that country, murdering many tens of millions and terrorizing everyone else.

Despite their apparent terms, it was we and we alone who were disarming under the terms of those ridiculous treaties; our adversaries, both Russia and China, Russia then under the thumb of the Marxists calling itself the USSR, our genuine enemies who were all along arming themselves to the teeth to the extent of their pathetic economic capabilities. It was us giving up superiority, first-strike capability we could have used to genuinely demand the liberation of the planet, and the Russians, the Marxist USSR, which had conquered all the nations of Eastern Europe after defeating the Nazis, giving up nothing since their maximum nuclear capabilities were less than our minimum.

And the Chinese never even committed to giving up anything because they weren’t even parties to those treaties, leaving it to the USSR to do their dirty work in that regard.

And now, the future the supremacists Marxist Communist USSR leaders in their always-long game, those leaders who tricked our presidents into those treaties hoped for, that future has arrived, and we are weak and self-destructive and have a particularly weak and worthless “president,” the leader of a political party which has adopted anti-Americanism as its principal ideology. And we are in grave danger.

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