The Tiny Bit We Know About the Durham Investigation – and Why

Jan 29, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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The article below is about what is going on with the Durham investigation now. It’s been proceeding at a snail’s pace (that exaggerates its speed; it’s been even slower than that), but it looks like it’s finally getting somewhere.

It is no exaggeration to say that the future of the republic depends on it doing its duty, finding all the real government bureaucrat criminals involved in the Trump-Russia hoax, the hoax that accused Donald Trump of attaining the presidency by both criminally-fixing an election AND COMMITTING TREASON in doing so, the most vile slander that anyone ever invented, a slander against him and all his voters, malicious slander against the people of America, malicious slander which has caused untold damage to everyone, to the entire nation, THE WHOLE HOAX ITSELF GENUINE TREASON AND SEDITION by the government bureaucrats who participated in it.

And this investigation must get everyone involved, expose everything, prosecute everything, so that the criminals who perpetrated this, the greatest crime in history, are punished, so that all the citizens of America, and everyone throughout the world, learn, learn beyond any reasonable doubt, the truth about all the lies they were told for so long — complete exposure of the whole thing necessary so that NO ONE EVER EVER EVER THINKS OF DOING ANYTHING LIKE THAT AGAIN.

The Bureaucrats’ Slanders Against President Trump, And The Mueller Investigation Itself, Were The Heart Of The Crime

All of what the Durham investigation now is reported to be doing, and much much more, should’ve happened years ago. The country has suffered massively without knowing the results of this investigation, suffering continuing every moment the truth remains unexposed in court, as the entire country SUFFERED FROM THE MERE EXISTENCE OF THE MUELLER INVESTIGATION, Mueller and his team of Trump-hating bureaucrats an ongoing source of poison and disinformation throughout years of the Trump Administration, poisoning everything, a leaking sieve of lies for the front pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post, and all the corporate Network “news” and cable “news” that follow them, KEEPING THE LIE OF THE RUSSIAN HOAX ALIVE, the Mueller “investigation” an investigation WHICH IT WAS A CRIME TO EVEN INITIATE: because it never had a shred of evidence, no evidentiary predicate, to support its initiation, everything about it a monstrous, treasonous crime initiated and presided over behind the scenes by the corrupt, lifetime Justice Department bureaucrat Rod Rosenstein.

Durham Was And Remains A Career Justice Department Bureaucrat Himself

Knowing very little about him, I was deeply skeptical when Durham was appointed for this investigation, simply because he, like Rod Rosenstein, is a career Justice Department lawyer, a lifer — and 99% of people who remain there for life (the good ones, like Rudy Giuliani, Andrew McCarthy, Sidney Powell, Christian Adams, Joseph diGenova, and many others, leave at some point, even if they return from time to time) are leftist hacks, bureaucrats like Rod Rosenstein, people institutionally-incapable of seeing the corrupt evil in front of their eyes, corrupt evil which permeates the “Justice” Department (a truly Orwellian name), corrupt evil which was particularly prevalent in the Boston US Attorney’s office when Mueller ran it (for which the US taxpayers are paying $900 million in compensation to the families of Mueller’s victims there) as Durham must have known, the very institution they work for.

The Justice Department Has Always Been Political and a Weapon Of War

The “Justice” Department is and always has been a purely-political institution which pretends to be otherwise, an institution in complete self-denial, pretending to “do justice every day, in everything they do,” as they all always claim, an institution which was created in 1870 to punish the defeated South, to treat it like a defeated enemy worthy of humiliation and constant punishment, to do so with the then-newly-created federal crimes (before then, there were too few federal crimes for there to be any ongoing federal prosecutorial body like the Justice Department), crimes which were newly-numerous, crimes with terrible, summary punishments (they invented lynching — accusing, trying, convicting and hanging within days), crimes SO NUMEROUS THAT THEY COULDN’T ENFORCE THEM AGAINST EVERYONE WHO ACTUALLY COMMITTED THEM, so that they did so deliberately SELECTIVELY, ALWAYS POLITICALLY, utilizing the then-new Reconstruction laws to terrorize the South – treating the South, our fellow countrymen, and all its citizens like a defeated enemy, brutally and, yes, as I said, selectively — and often for the personal, financial advantage of the “Justice” Department bureaucrats.

It was a mechanism of the war which, against the wishes and demands of assassinated president Lincoln and all his generals, CONTINUED, the North against the South, the South completely defenseless and disarmed, war waged against it by the “Justice” Department, inventing the very idea of “Lawfare” — and by the nation’s complete refusal to honor the promises made at the end of the Civil War to rebuild the railroads in the South, railroads which, unlike those in the North and the West, had been obliterated during the war, railroads which were absolutely essential for its economy ever to revive, particularly since its economy was undergoing a beyond-radical transformation from its previous, purely-agrarian slave-labor economy, extreme poverty in the South remaining a fact of life well into the 20th century as a result.

The “Justice“ Department Destroys Citizens With No Due Process

The “Justice” Department has been a bunch of political hacks since the word Go, always a purely-political institution, armed with the ability to ruin peoples’ lives SIMPLY BY OPENING AN INVESTIGATION, investigations themselves punishments even if followed by an acquittal, investigations which ruin their targets financially no matter how innocent they are, and ruin their names.

In addition to all the other nastiness it can bring to bear, the corrupt, drunk-on-power, Justice Department, WHEN IT SIMPLY WANTS TO, uses the media to publicize arrests they make as brutal and humiliating as possible, doing/performing them in front of the “News” medias’ cameras, with political activist “reporters” accompanying them, activists masquerading as journalists who THEY NOTIFY IN ADVANCE of the about-to-be humiliating event they manufacture, literally pseudo-events intended to punish the target with no judge and jury, no due process, investigations and militarized arrests of people, very often innocent, people whose homes they break into and desecrate, people who, after all that, THEY OFTEN DON’T EVEN PROSECUTE (because there was never any evidence in the first place), destroying them without even needing to do a real court case – and never issuing any apology, never announcing any exoneration – except in the Mueller report, where they had to admit they had no evidence.

Yes, when they want to, they make sure everybody knows that the investigation of publicly-known people they want to ruin is happening, everything about it always for political reasons, them as the tip of the spear of the weaponized federal bureaucracy, intent on securing its power against the citizenry, going after, as the Mueller investigation did as its entire purpose, going after any associate of Donald Trump, people like Roger Stone, investigations which should never even have happened made into big public events — the entire Mueller investigation and all its army of federal bureaucrats being what should be, among others, THE PRIMARY TARGETS OF THE DURHAM INVESTIGATION.

The Durham Investigation Is Dangerous For Itself: It’s Investigating The “Justice” Department Itself, An Army Of Highly-Trained And Experienced Professional Grifters

Unlike investigations the “Justice” Department wants, always for purely-political reasons, to be notorious, it has been remarkably silent about the Durham investigation.

Of course its targets, if it is doing its job, includes the “Justice” Department itself, and its leadership throughout the entire time of the Trump Administration; and that makes the whole thing very difficult for John Durham and everyone in the government, in the Justice Department, who is working for him.

Maybe that’s why it’s taking so long. You can be sure that roadblocks are being thrown in his way by those highly-trained and experienced professional grifters every way they can. And no one knows how to backstab and in-fight and maneuver a bureaucracy like career, grifting bureaucratic in-fighters, which is what they all are, Comeys one and all, all of his targets, names he cannot utter out loud – until he’s ready to strike.

He knows all too well: “If you set out to take the king, you better take the king.”

His, Durham’s, is one of the few investigations the “Justice” Department has had every reason to initiate, the one job it actually needs to do — clean up the real, criminal, grifting evil in the federal government itself, not among the citizenry.

There Should Be No “Justice” Department, No FBI, And Most Of The “Crimes” They Prosecute Are Unconstitutional

The “Justice” Department should not even exist in a free country. And it didn’t exist for nearly 90 years — and the republic did just fine without it.

Prosecutions by it have always been political. And its monstrous investigative arm, the FBI, was created to enforce the hideous Prohibition laws, laws that were repealed finally when the American people had had enough of their tyrannical stupidity – but that hideous agency, the FBI, remained, a standing army against the American people, ready to be deployed by anyone in charge of it against anyone he personally wants, J. Edgar Hoover the face of the whole thing, what every Head of the FBI always becomes, targeting for destruction anyone who anyone in the Justice Department wants to go after, with all those bureaucrats knowing exactly just how they can invent a fictitious predicate, a fraudulent pretext to initiate one — as was done with the Mueller investigation — investigations all at the whim of politicians, mostly unelected bureaucrats themselves, but politicians nevertheless — because they use their offices to Lord over their fellow citizens, to reduce the citizens they go after to serfs, guilty before being proven innocent, simply by the initiation of an investigation.

Almost All The “Crimes” They Go After Are Unconstitutional

And 99.9% of the crimes the “Justice” Department prosecutes are not even Constitutional to even be crimes, the criminalization of violations of unconstitutional regulations made illegally by unconstitutional administrative agencies, criminalizing non-criminal conduct by American citizens — the very unconstitutional fabrication of which makes everyone, every citizen, a potential target for them.

It’s absolutely hideous, something that should never be present in America, just like Russia under Stalin: “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime,” as anyone who runs the FBI, anyone in the Justice Department, can truthfully say.

As I have pointed out frequently before, the federal government was never supposed to be in the business of investigating and prosecuting American citizens at all, a job it specifically reserved for the states — except in very limited circumstances.

The Constitution specifies THE ONLY CRIMES THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS PERMITTED TO PROSECUTE: (1) counterfeiting, (2) piracy, but only on the high seas, and (3) treason, but only as drastically limited in the Constitution’s Article III from its former Common Law definition (and enforcing the Common Law crimes in the District of Columbia).

And no, the Interstate Commerce Clause does not, as politicians in all three branches of government have been pretending for decades, authorize the creation of new crimes by Congress. It is obvious that two of the three crimes (counterfeiting and piracy) the Constitution actually permits the federal government to prosecute ARE, IN FACT, COMMERCIAL CRIMES, and the Interstate Commerce clause itself doesn’t authorize Congress to create new crimes not enumerated in the Constitution, nor does any other clause in the Constitution — except for the 13th and 14th and 15th Amendments, ALL OF WHICH HAVE SPECIFIC ENABLING language authorizing Congress to enforce those particular Amendments with then-newly-created crimes.

And that’s why the “Justice” Department was created in 1870, specifically to enforce those then-new crimes – and only those crimes, and the few others specified in the Constitution.

The Future Of The Republic Depends On The Durham Investigation’s Success

As to the Durham investigation, the cliché is true: “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

It is obscene how long the Durham investigation is taking. Every moment it continues without producing indictments against the people who perpetrated the Russia hoax and used it as the basis for investigating and ruining the lives of everyone associated with Donald Trump they could go after, and of poisoning the Trump Administration itself —every moment it waits to clean house, as it must, is a moment the house remains filthy and rotten.

The sedition against President Trump by the entire federal bureaucracy, every one of those alphabet agencies, the FBI, the CIA and, yes, the bureaucrats at the CDC, the NIH, Anthony Fauci, the hideous face of them all, every one of them, the mutiny/sedition by those unelected bureaucrats, political hacks one and all, throughout his presidency, was the greatest crime in history, with each of the individual crimes involved qualifying for that characterization, followed up by its continuation throughout the 2020 election, all to make sure he was forced out of office – even though he had been in 2016 the choice of the American people; and not a single one of those people, those bureaucrats, who went after him were elected to anything.

The DOJ Became The Criminal Perpetrating The Trump-Russia Hoax

It was the DOJ itself, which was used by Obama and Clinton campaign people still in the bureaucracy, along with their cohorts in the CIA and throughout the federal bureaucracies, including hacks appointed by President Trump himself like Gina Haspel and Christopher Wray, hacks who were there throughout the continuation of the Mueller investigation, after Comey was fired, everyone in the government involved who didn’t shout from the rooftops THAT THE WHOLE THING WAS A LIE, all used as a weapon against President Trump — not just before, but also, most seditiously, AFTER HE WAS IN OFFICE. All of it happened under Jeff Sessions’ nose. With Rob Rosenstein in charge of the whole thing.

They were doing it the whole time. And it did very serious damage. Some people, many people, everyone who watched cable “news” or corporate network “news,” or who read the New York Times, or the Washington Post, and thought they were reading newspapers, thought they were reading the Bible, all of those people, those citizens, actually believed it, millions in fact. Millions still do.

And the Durham investigation must prove, must convince all those people, that the lies they were lead to believe in were and are just that – lies.

Fellow Republicans believed it, many in the Republican majorities in the House and Senate during President Trump’s first two years believed it enough that they were reluctant to enact legislation he wanted, deliberately slow-rolled it, believed the whole Russia hoax lie being promoted by the federal bureaucracy, judicially-authorized investigations many of them knew were going on, BECAUSE THEY COULDN’T BELIEVE THE BUREAUCRACY COULD BE THAT CORRUPT, corrupt enough to manufacture and weaponize a lie like that against any President.

And the judges on the FISA court AUTHORIZED UNLIMITED EAVESDROPPING AND SURVEILLANCE on anyone connected to Donald Trump, as a practical matter, during the 2016 campaign, AND THEREAFTER, DURING HIS PRESIDENCY! (surveillance which made the attempted bugging in the Watergate case a harmless prank by comparison), all based on the lie, the completely-bogus and fraudulent “Steele Dossier,” known to be a fraud by everyone in the FBI who proffered it to that court.

And if they, the FISA judges, didn’t know of the fraud then, when they issued those orders, THEY KNOW IT NOW AND HAVE KNOWN IT FOR YEARS. Query: Why have they not demanded the law license of every attorney who participated in lying to them and tricking them into granting them those truly-monstrous, unlawful surveillance orders? Why have they been so silent about that travesty of justice they were tricked into participating in? Were they even tricked? Durham needs to tell us.

The Mueller Report Proved The Entire Investigation Was A Sham

But the hoax was obvious as a hoax all along to anyone looking at it, anyone who thought about it for a minute, and became even more obvious as soon as the Mueller report, a report fictionalized, in its second, completely-superfluous volume, to pretend that the investigation had had some basis for existing — while admitting there was no evidence produced during it, NO EVIDENCE AT ALL OF ANY RUSSIAN COLLUSION BY ANYONE IN THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN, all of that was proven, and very very-reluctantly admitted to, in the report itself when it came out.

The Hoax Couldn’t Have Worked Without Government Bureaucrats Promoting It

And the criminal, seditious, mutinous involvement of federal bureaucrats in promoting the hoax always was the only way the hoax could continue. People at the top of the bureaucratic food chain had to be convinced that they could use it against the duly-elected president: because they all knew it was a pack of lies all along. There was never a shred of evidence. And they always knew that, all of them. Including Mueller the day Rosenstein hired him and he opened the file and saw IT WAS COMPLETELY EMPTY OF EVIDENCE.

And we knew that for a fact, beyond any reasonable doubt, after the Mueller report was issued. Because it admitted the fact that it never had any evidence when all was said and done, no evidence of any Russian collusion by President Trump.

And if they didn’t have any evidence of any of that at the end, THEY COULDN’T HAVE HAD ANY EVIDENCE OF IT AT THE BEGINNING, no evidence sufficient to be a legal predicate-basis to initiate the investigation in the first place.

The Mueller Investigation Itself Was Illegal And All Its Prosecutions Were Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree

So without any predicate-evidence to support its initiation, THE ENTIRE MUELLER INVESTIGATION WAS COMPLETELY ILLEGAL, as were any and all prosecutions during it, all prosecutions resulting from it, prosecutions which were all about process crimes, and the tax prosecution against Paul Manafort — a decent, very-successful man whose life and health they successfully destroyed, a case which the Justice Department HAD PREVIOUSLY REFUSED TO PROSECUTE — and, as a tax lawyer, someone who routinely represents named criminal targets before the Criminal Division of the Tax Division of that “Justice” Department professionally (almost always preventing my clients’ indictment, unlike the other 85% of such criminal tax targets), I can attest that it was correct the first time: it was pure, prosecutorial abuse that led to Mr. Manafort’s actual prosecution and conviction, pulling the trigger on the gun the “Justice” Department had held to his head, trying to force him to lie, to commit perjury, to accuse President Trump of committing crimes he never did, real obstruction of justice and witness-tampering crimes on the part of every Mueller investigation person who participated in that.

Every single one of the Mueller investigation’s prosecutions were just like that, something the “Justice” Department does every day and is never punished for doing (supposedly-legal, because it’s they who are doing it, obstruction of justice and witness tampering!). And none of those people they went after were dishonest enough to be willing to lie for them, just to save their own necks, honest citizens who happened to be Republicans who they tortured and destroyed for their own purely-political reasons.

And all of those prosecutions resulted from AN INVESTIGATION WHICH SHOULD NEVER HAVE EVEN BEGUN. All those convictions and guilty pleas need to be expunged, their targets exonerated and paid for all their legal fees and all the pain and suffering from having to endure those travesties.

Because, in every one of those cases, the entire prosecution and investigation were completely dirty, the fruit of the poisonous tree.

And the people who must be the targets of the Durham investigation must include everyone involved in the hoax, the sham investigations, in the “Justice” Department, Mueller and Comey, everyone in the FBI who was involved in promoting the farce, the massive Russia hoax, everyone who let Mueller continue with that farce the whole time, anyone who facilitated any of that by abusing his power to do so, anyone and everyone in the government who participated in tarnishing the president with those lies throughout his presidency.

It was sedition, mutiny. And Durham must do everything justice, real justice, not like the stuff that normally comes from the “Justice” Department, requires, so that a crime like this never happens again in this republic.

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  1. Thank you for publishing this informative article. Almost anyone can see the ‘weaponization of the FBI, CIA, and “Justice Department” and the unmerited attacks against Trump. Many were fooled by merciless press coverage to question or hate Trump. The double standard for Manafort vs Clinton in prosecutions seems clear. Your explanations help follow the action and bring hope (however slow) that Dunham gets the perpetrators not just the pawns.