The Marxism Of Our Educational Institutions Is Pure Cancer And It Has To Be Eradicated

Jul 20, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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This is the poison they are now mandating at American universities just to graduate. And the “system” requires people to have their certifications from the universities to get jobs later in life. That’s what the universities have become, filtering operations to eliminate/cancel anyone who is not a Marxist, and to make sure only Marxists graduate and get their worthless diplomas.

And, of course, along with the formerly-great, and now completely-poisoned universities in the country which their students/victims are fed into, the union-run “educational” System for K – 12 is now, and has been for at least two generations (since the unions got control of the schools around 1970), forcing it down the throats of all the American children, teenagers and young adults they have under their thumb in the Marxist public schools – all exactly as Karl Marx demanded in “The Communist Manifesto.”

This is why the Weather Underground Marxist/Leninist (as he is and makes no bones about being) radical and bosom buddy (the secret, actual author of Obama’s solipsistic books, in fact) of Barack Obama, Bill Ayres spent his life in the “educational” schools, writing books for them they use as their “scriptures” to indoctrinate all the “teachers.”

They didn’t make this shit explicitly mandatory previously although they were shoving it down the students’ throats from the moment they stepped foot on campus, but it looks like now they’re really doubling down, now that they know they’ve been noticed for the first time, with the country aware of just how sick and worthless they have made the universities and the entire educational system, the public schools, in America.

In response to: Northern Arizona U. to require four diversity courses to graduate, all rooted in ‘critical theory’

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