The Marxist Poisoning Of America’s Legal Profession – And The Unconstitutional Elevation Of Its Power By The Marxist Supreme Court

Feb 6, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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American Law schools promote discrimination – against all non-Marxists

The article below demonstrates the blatant, REALLY NASTY, execution-like discrimination AGAINST ANYTHING OTHER THAN MARXIST points of view (and yes, that’s what all these assaults on the Constitution and the individual liberty it guarantees for us are) at a major law school, BLATANT DISCRIMINATION described in that article OPENLY DISPLAYED IN THE OBVIOUSLY-GLARING, DISPARATE, INSTITUTIONAL TREATMENT between punishments inflicted on non-Marxists (FOR SIMPLY SAYING THINGS WHICH ARE TRUE, their very truth the single thing that makes them so horrific to the Marxists), and the complete, absolute license to do anything, no matter how noxious and vile, SO LONG AS IT IS DIRECTED AGAINST ANTI-MARXISTS, or even simply at anyone who is not actively pro-Marxist, on the part of the Marxists who completely run the law school and the entire university it is part of, like all formerly-great, now completely-poisoned, universities in the country.

Marxist Collectivism runs on fomenting division among the people, envy, hatred, and lies

Marxists, as the collectivists they are, always insist on dividing everyone into allegedly (according to them) INHERENTLY-HOSTILE, superficially-observable-and-identifiable GROUPS (black versus white, “worker” versus business-owner, rich versus poor) first to turn them against each other, to convince them THEY HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO HATE EACH OTHER, to have everyone at each others’ throats, with the actual police declared the (supposedly “systemically-racist”) enemy and forbidden to intervene, and ultimately to have everyone all be subjects of the Marxists, “the experts” who can supervise everyone “fairly” and alone, through their administrative agencies, dispense endless wealth (without ever explaining where it will come from, other than stealing it from “the rich”) for everyone, “Social Justice” and “Equality,” an end to all conflict.

Yes, they actually believe all that crap – and are intent on imposing the totalitarianism they desire on all of us.

Since it has no intellectual content (although it pretends otherwise), if anyone actually even thinks about it and its application to real human beings WHOSE HUMAN NATURE IT UTTERLY DETESTS and wants annihilated, Marxism always derives its strength from emotion, emotion which overpowers the individual and distracts him from all actual analysis and thought — especially and particularly the emotions of envy (the only emotion forbidden in the 10 Commandments), envy which metastasizes and grows into the emotion they really want to inspire — HATRED.

And that hatred always, to flourish, must be directed against someone or something, its target, something to focus on, to endlessly magnify its own, constantly-accelerating, constantly-blinding strength. Because if the hatred ever stops for a second, and the victim of all that propaganda thinks about it at all, he realizes how completely insane the whole thing, the whole Marxist abomination he has been so-actively, so-obsessively promoting, all the lies he has believed in so religiously, all of that turns out to be.

Marxists have captured all our institutions: it’s us versus them

The Marxists now have taken over all our institutions, all our professions, all of our laws even, and they keep the hatred going in all they have captured into their ongoing Collective, together with all their lies it is based on, promises of Nirvana on earth, promises of saving the planet! promises of absolute equality here, Nirvana and equality which never happen (on a planet which never needed them to save it after all), all powered through their hatred and the energy it creates for them, they keep all that going — and the world ends up REALLY BEING DIVIDED, divided into Marxists versus anti-Marxists, whether anyone likes it that way or not.

There is no middle ground. Their presence, their lies and demands, their never-ending demands on the rest of us, against America and our Constitution itself, against actual law and order and morality and all decency, all of that emanating from them forces the constant war, the real war that is always going on constantly with them, the war against America and our unique Revolution and the Constitution it produced, their war, their Counter-Revolution I describe in detail in my book, their Civil War against our institutionalized victory for individual liberty enshrined in our Constitution, the war which they insist on waging against us and individual liberty forever, the war first announced explicitly by Woodrow Wilson in his academic writings, before he even became governor of New Jersey, his writings WHICH EXPLICITLY RECOGNIZED THAT THE CONSTITUTION FORBIDS everything (bureaucratic Marxism euphemized as “Progressivism”) they want to impose on us.

But we still have it, the Constitution, and everyone at least pretends to honor it, to recognize its status as The Supreme Law Of The Land, as it states itself that it is, and no one either attempts to declare it a dead letter (we either have it or we don’t) or attempts to amend it to permit their Marxist programs.

America, and the individual liberty it stands for, is always Marxism’s enemy and, to trick people into supporting it, it pretends it “liberates”, while doing nothing but enslaving

America (and formerly also the UK) has and have always been Marxism’s explicit, named target for their hatred, since Marx himself, because of America’s insistence on individual liberty as its founding principle — literally the opposite of Marxism.

Making anti-Americanism fashionable, pretending that, because long ago we had slavery, THAT’S ALL WE HAVE EVER BEEN ABOUT, slavery instead of the individual liberty we have always actually been about (with the African slavery we began with A TERRIBLE, COMPLETELY INCONSISTENT, LEFT-OVER FROM OUR NATIONAL PREHISTORY, something ALL THE REST OF THE WORLD HAS ALWAYS HAD and we had to get rid of, as we did), Constitutionally-legalized individual liberty for every citizen for over 150 years now, with Marxists CREATING THE ILLUSION THAT IT IS THEY (who make EVERYONE A SLAVE of the state and its unelected bureaucrats) WHO ACTUALLY SUPPORT LIBERTY (since that’s what everyone wants).

Tricking people into believing those lies about them and about America HAVE BEEN THE QUESTS OF MARXISTS ALL ALONG — what CRT, and all Frankfurt-School “Critical Theories,” and the New York Times, with its “1619 Project” now, have always been all about.

And in the 1960s, by adopting the attitude and vocabulary of hipsters, recruiting pop culture figures to sing songs for and otherwise support them, and promoting abortion and the interests of criminals (versus the police), and thus PRETENDING TO BE IN FAVOR OF LIBERTY themselves (with abortion the only individual choice they actually support), American Marxists tried to make hating America hip and and fashionable.

And, unfortunately, they have been all-too successful with foolish people who think themselves well-educated (because they have the diplomas and awards), hip and fashionable and supporting the cause of liberty (and saving the planet!) in hating America and being a Marxist (often without even knowing that’s what they are).

Marxism, with its pretensions of being fashionable and virtuous, has captured our formerly-great universities and the “educated” fools who populate them

And nothing is more full of foolish, “well-educated,” self-regarding people, people who each know nothing about anything other than their particular, academic specialty (the higher their academic degree, THE MORE-NARROW their focus), than universities, especially their law schools, law schools which have had a particular, self-interested, corrupt motive for promoting Marxism, as discussed here below, and as shown in the article about what happened recently at Georgetown Law School.

In fact, as demonstrated in the article, and in the fact that hundreds of thousands of lawyers have not shouted their opposition to what happened at Georgetown, pervasive Marxist poison has obviously become the norm within the entire legal profession, including particularly the law schools, to the point that it is not even remarked upon by those involved in it.

This is what happens when Marxism poisons not only a single institution, but an entire profession, a profession the Supreme Court has unconstitutionally granted special powers over all of us.

Just as Orwell depicted in “Animal Farm,” Marxism always imposes the nihilistic law of the jungle, where nothing but brute power rules (“Power grows out of the barrel of a gun,” as Mao supposedly said) and, while pretending to promote equality, always makes some people A LOT MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS in its complete destruction of all actual rule of law and, ultimately, of all morality and decency.

Marxists have completely captured American Law schools and the entire legal profession

My own law school, NYU (along with my undergraduate college, Cornell, formerly a truly great university, now the worst of the worst), is probably even worse than Georgetown in this regard, since it houses the Brennan Center, a factory of anti-Americanism/anti-liberty totalitarian Marxism lavishly funded by numerous billionaires, including George Soros of course, and dozens of mere millionaires, people who, without even thinking about it, imagining themselves to be so hip and fashionable, have nothing but contempt for this country, this amazing country, which helped make them rich, no idea what this country is really all about, no idea how unique in the history of the world our Constitutionally-guaranteed individual liberty has been, no idea what our founders were fighting for in their/our incredibly difficult and bloody and long Revolution.

NYU’s Brennan Center is truly an abomination, exclusively-dedicated to using Lawfare to promote Marxism in every way, to trick courts into eliminating the entire Bill Of Rights, to make everyone in America a serf of the federal government (none of them there will ever admit this, nor the fact that they are indeed dedicated Marxists: they all actually imagine they are fighting for Liberty and the “rule of law,” the opposite of what they are doing: they’re fighting for THE RULE OF LAWYERS – Marxist ones), concocting, in its assault on the First Amendment’s speech guarantee, claimed points of differentiation between what is speech and what is not speech, pretending that each of the rights explicitly-enumerated (no, not GRANTED therein, since they are natural rights) to all American citizens in the Bill Of Rights are not, it claims, in its quest to destroy them, absolute rights, nor even what the text of the Constitution plainly says they are.

Our rights in the Bill of Rights are, indeed, absolute, and our government has no power except as explicitly given it in the Constitution.

And yet, as the text of the Constitution makes clear: ABSOLUTE RIGHTS THEY CLEARLY ARE: “Congress shall make NO LAW [Emphasis added]…”

Yes, as that, and all the rest of the language in the Constitution makes clear, those rights of all American citizens ARE INDEED ABSOLUTE. Nothing in the Constitution permits a bunch of politicians — including politicians in robes pretending to be learned judges, supposedly indifferent to politics — or lawyers to carve out exceptions to them.

And the federal and the state governments simply have no right whatsoever, absolutely no power, to do anything that is prohibited in the Bill Of Rights. And the federal government is not permitted to do anything at all which it is not SPECIFICALLY AND CLEARLY AUTHORIZED to do in the text of the Constitution, most of which powers are enumerated in its Article I § 8.

The very reason the Founders wrote it all down in the Constitution, and made sure it was first, explicitly adopted as “The Supreme Law Of The Land,” as it expressly says it is, was precisely TO MAKE THOSE WORDS, ITS SPECIFIC LANGUAGE, BINDING on the government, all its officers, and all of its branches.

As stated explicitly in the 9th and 10th Amendments, every right, every power, which the federal government is not explicitly and textually granted in the Constitution IS RESERVED BY THE PEOPLE AND THE STATES. So any notion that there are “implied” powers the federal government simply has is, quite simply, a lie — and a truly devastating and completely-illegal and evil one when the Supreme Court lies and takes that position, usurping power it simply does not have for itself and for the federal government.

That absolute preclusion of power for the federal government of anything which is not explicitly granted it in the text of the Constitution is precisely what the 9th and 10th Amendments say, in no uncertain terms — and the Supreme Court has been pretending all along that they, those Amendments, don’t exist at all!

The Supreme Court has been fraudulently violating the Constitution massively.

Yes, at least since the death of Chief Justice John Marshall, the Supreme Court has been committing fraud, massive fraud on the country, over and over, with justices violating their oaths of office by gratuitously, IN DIRECT VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION, SIMPLY STRIKING MULTIPLE CLAUSES OF THE ACTUAL CONSTITUTION including, most notoriously, those 9th and 10th Amendments; but also the “Privileges And Immunities” clause of the 14th Amendment (even though that same language also appears in Article IV § 2), and the “Obligation Of Contracts” clause of Article I § 10, the clause which uniquely vests and enshrines in all American citizens their complete freedom of contract under the Common Law, THE SINGLE RIGHT WHICH UNIQUELY DIFFERENTIATES FREEMEN FROM SERFS, the only individual right expressly guaranteed to the citizens IN THE ORIGINAL TEXT of the original Constitution — the right which absolutely precludes all federal and state government intrusion into peoples’ lives — the right which, thereby, textually and EXPLICITLY FORBIDS ALL MARXISM in the nation.

At least since the 1930s, when the Supreme Court fraudulently struck Freedom Of Contract from our Constitution, EVERY LAW STUDENT IN EVERY LAW SCHOOL IN AMERICA has been taught to ridicule the very notion of that freedom, instructed that it’s just a silly idea that could be ignored; and that the Supreme Court was so wise and wonderful in doing so, permitting the “Progressives” to proceed with their Marxist program, without having to worry about THE CONSTITUTION’S ABSOLUTE PROHIBITION AGAINST EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF IT.

Our constitution forbids Marxism here in our institutions, and the Supreme Court and the entire legal profession have been pretending otherwise.

All of that massive destruction to the Constitution (and to the liberty, strength and prosperity of the entire country and its citizens), and massive amounts more, has been done by justices on the Supreme Court, Constitutional evisceration they have been carrying out particularly since the 1930s, but long before then as well, all of them members of the legal profession, all pretending to honor their oaths of office, OATHS WHICH PRECLUDE THEM FROM DOING ANY OF THAT.

And no, nothing in the Constitution gives the Supreme Court any power to change, to amend, the Constitution in any way — even when it pretends to do so with the unanimous approval of both houses of Congress and the President — since all actual amendments, in order to be valid, must comply with the requirements of the Constitution’s own Article V.

The Supreme Court has fraudulently and unconstitutionally been pretending the Constitution says the opposite of what it says.

And nothing in that Article V gives either the Supreme Court, NOR ALL THREE BRANCHES OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ACTING TOGETHER, nor the concept of “precedent,” any power whatsoever to amend it.

And yes, as it specifically provides, the Constitution is indeed, uniquely “The Supreme Law Of The Land.” By its own terms, it renders into dust, A COMPLETE LEGAL NULLITY, anything, any purported “law” or “regulation,” any purported official action by any official, anything which is inconsistent with its dictates and demands.

And the federal and state governments have no power whatsoever to infringe on any of our, we the American citizens’, absolute, Constitutionally-enumerated rights – including of course our Freedom Of Contract.

And no, there is no Covid exception to the Constitution, nor any other “emergency” exception not involving actual, seditious treason, as VERY-NARROWLY DEFINED (they didn’t want any political criminalizations, as British despots like Henry VIII used to do) in the Constitution’s Article III (and not merely-alleged, pretend sedition: the label of treason or sedition, didn’t even apply to Aaron Burr’s attempt to take away half the country, nor to the warriors for the Confederacy after the Civil War!).

Neither the federal nor state governments have any power over us not explicitly permitted in the Constitution.

NOTHING in the Constitution permits anything like, for example, any government, state or federal, REQUIRING LICENSES of any kind to exercise any of our Constitutional rights, including to practice any profession (the “pursuit of happiness” for the individual, a natural right guaranteed in our other founding document, The Declaration Of Independence), licensing which is now ubiquitous throughout the country, professional licensing which always, necessarily, infringes on each citizen’s Freedom Of Contract – licensing which can result in the COMPLETE DENIAL OF THE ABILITY TO EXERCISE the “licensed” activity, each of them being a natural right guaranteed in our founding documents, denial by the government — and its politicians and bureaucrats — which THOSE DOCUMENTS FORBID.

Similarly, nothing in the Constitution permits any governmental restriction (“Congress shall make no law [Emphasis added]…”), INCLUDING LICENSING (requiring us TO SEEK PERMISSION from the government, its politicians and unelected bureaucrats, to exercise a right, power over us which our founding documents absolutely forbid the government to possess), on the exercise of any of our other, natural, Constitutional rights, including our right (if not a felon) to possess and “bear” any weapon (as only nobles could do in Europe), to assemble, to offer speech to anyone of any kind — including making statements to the public about any product or security, speech which the unelected and unconstitutional bureaucrats at the unconstitutional FDA and the SEC (and numerous other, unconstitutional administrative agencies) pretend, unconstitutionally, they each have absolute, plenary power TO DICTATE THE CONTENT OF — a more direct violation of freedom of speech one can’t even imagine!

The Supreme Court has been lying and pretending citizens’ speech is not speech.

In that regard, as but one, among endless examples, example of the fraud which the Supreme Court has been perpetrating, and the legal profession has been subserviently bowing down to and promoting for its own advantage, since the 1930s: There is not, directly contrary to the nonsense lies which come out of the Supreme Court, any such thing, for purposes of the absolute freedom of speech granted in the Constitution, as “mere commercial speech” which is LESS-PROTECTED THAN OTHER SPEECH by the Constitution, as the Supreme Court has been claiming for decades, speech that, thereby, is supposedly OK to be completely-controlled by the federal government.

Pretending that commercial speech is not really speech (and, thus, DEFINED OUT of its Constitutional protection) is simply one of the numerous lies the Supreme Court, backed by the legal profession, has invented in its constant effort to infinitely amplify the powers of the central, federal government and thereby to diminish individual liberty, on a one-for -one basis.

And that sort of thing is what the Brennan Center, proudly endorsed and housed by my Alma Mater, is all about doing.

And, in their efforts to further restrict Constitutionally-protected speech, the Brennan Center and the Supreme Court – and the entire, organized legal profession as an institution – pretend that money involved in promoting ideas, money being the essential amplifier for all political speech, as essential a part of political speech as blood is to everyone’s body, that money used in speech is also, like “commercial speech,” NOT SPEECH, even though it is inherently inseparable from the speech which it gives life to and promotes; so that, according to NYU’s Brennan Center and the Supreme Court, money dedicated to politics in any way can be “regulated” and subjected to insane rules, rules requiring constant reports, constant complying with every demand the government bureaucrats want to impose on anyone who simply wants to engage in political speech, unconstitutional rules carrying truly-draconian, unconstitutional criminal penalties if not complied with in every way, rules which become traps for politicians, especially anti-Marxist ones, who the invariably-Marxist bureaucrats at the FEC choose selectively (as they did to Dinesh D’Souza) to ruin, rules which require entire law firms to navigate, as the hideous and unconstitutional McCain-Feingold “campaign finance”/speech control laws do.

In its Marxist, anti-Constitutional rulings, the Supreme Court has SPECIALLY-PRIVILEGED anyone claiming to be a “journalist.”

And, of course, consistent with their purely-Marxist purpose, the purpose of entrapping honest non-Marxists in their web, and criminalizing their activities in simply promoting their own ideas, none of those “campaign finance” restrictions and regulations apply when the spoken or written political speech COMES FROM ANYONE CLAIMING TO BE A JOURNALIST (because of “freedom of the press,” which supposedly grants the press a unique license to do what no one else, no mere citizen, can do) — even if, as is the case, virtually the entire “journalism profession” has been captured by Marxists and Marxism, and does nothing but promote Marxism and the Democrat party specifically, and so COULD NOT BE MORE POLITICALLY-INVOLVED, the Democrat party which, since Woodrow Wilson, has adopted Marxism as its ideology, exclusively.

So, under the Supreme Court’s view of all those laws involving political speech, as is always the case under Marxism, the Marxists in the purported “Press” are simply MORE EQUAL THAN EVERYONE ELSE.

And that uniquely-privileged position granted them by the Supreme Court in its (purely-Marxist) anti-Constitutional, speech-restricting rulings provides them a particular, additional, SELF-INTERESTED, CORRUPT MOTIVE, institutionally, as members of their particular, judicially-so-favored-and-empowered “profession,” above and beyond all of the anti-American Marxist propaganda they have been fed throughout their “educations,” to promote Marxism, since it — or rather, the Supreme Court’s adoption of it to eviscerate the Constitution — is indeed the source of their particular power, their unique privileges and licenses over and against their fellow citizens (the Supreme Court has also gratuitously-empowered them to slander anyone they choose at will, in New York times v. Sullivan).

So how could, or why would, any of them, anyone claiming to be a “journalist,” not energetically support Marxism in every way? Especially when they have been convinced that that is what all truly-fashionable and truly-learned people want?

The Supreme Court has poisoned the legal profession with its Marxist rulings.

The legal profession, my profession, has been poisoned since the 1930s because it worships the Supreme Court and its pronouncements as if it’s a god, and the Supreme Court also uniquely-empowered the legal profession and further poisoned it BY LYING ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION and pretending that the “Interstate Commerce” clause of Article I § 8 TRUMPS and defeats, completely undoes, the “Freedom of Contract” clause (the Founders intended that the two clauses WORK IN HARMONY, not at cross-purposes, as the Supreme Court has been lying and pretending), and permits massive, LITERALLY ENDLESS INTRUSIONS INTO PEOPLES’ LIVES by unelected federal bureaucrats, THE COMPLETE ELIMINATION OF ALL FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, AND ALL PROPERTY RIGHTS ultimately, nonsensically claiming that that clause permits a massive police state in America, THE POLICE STATE WE ARE LIVING WITH RIGHT NOW, a fascist state that is vastly more intrusive than the British monarchy our founders fought the Revolution against to obtain our individual liberty ever could’ve even thought of being!

The federal government was never supposed to be involved in policing the citizens, and the Constitution does not permit it to do so

The federal government was not supposed to be involved in policing and investigating and intruding on the lives of American citizens at all. The only, very few, crimes it is permitted to prosecute are specified in Article I § 8 and Article III of the Constitution.

And it simply is not allowed to just go ahead, AS IT HAS BEEN DOING ENDLESSLY, in hundreds of thousands of pages of completely-unconstitutional ”regulations,” and declare anything its politicians and unelected bureaucrats want to be criminalized, and investigate – that is, endlessly annoy and hassle and rummage through the affairs and property and documents of — citizens and their businesses at will, subject only to what politicians think they can get away with politically.

And no, directly contrary to lies from the Supreme Court, the Constitution did not stigmatize, and PERMIT THE ENDLESS CRIMINALIZATION of, business (what Marxism has always been all about) and, indeed ALL INTERPERSONAL ACTIONS, ANY ACTION BY ANY CITIZEN at all, as the Supreme Court fraudulently claimed in Wickard v. Filburn (all “commerce”), as some separate category of activity that is automatically under the thumb of the federal government in every way, owned by it like a slave, supposedly (and nonsensically) because of the “Interstate Commerce” clause.

The Supreme Court has been fraudulently pretending the “Interstate Commerce” clause ELIMINATES all citizens’ Constitutionally-guaranteed Freedom Of Contract, instead of supporting it, as the Founders intended

The “Interstate Commerce” clause was, in fact, written by the Founders whose purpose in it was, AS THEY SAID IN THEIR OWN WORDS (which I demonstrate in Chapter 11 of my book) THE OPPOSITE of slavery for citizens and their businesses to the federal government and, instead, TO PROMOTE BUSINESSES AND PROTECT THEM, all commerce (trade, actually, the meaning of the term at that time), FROM INTRUSIONS BY THE STATES — and not, as the Supreme Court has been lying and pretending since the 1930s, to grant a license to the federal government to police/enslave businesses and citizens and all their land and other property endlessly, at the whim of politicians and bureaucrats, as they do now — whatever they think they can get away with politically, instead of respecting any Constitutional limits on their power.

And when the Supreme Court lied about that in the 1930s — claiming that the “Interstate Commerce” clause permits AND AUTHORIZES the federal government, its politicians and unelected bureaucrats, to police, in any way they, in their absolute discretion, choose, all businesses and people in the country — it opened a Pandora’s box of poison not just for the country, but ALSO FOR THE ENTIRE LEGAL PROFESSION, the profession which it thereby uniquely-empowered in the country, effectively designating it as THE SPECIALLY-PRIVILEGED INTERMEDIARY between the police state it was in the process of anti-Constitutionally creating, by bestowing its purported “constitutional” blessing to it, elevating the status of – and creating endless demand and need for the services of – lawyers relative to others, in a manner which is hideous, and has no Constitutional basis whatsoever.

And thus the Supreme Court, in its hideous, Marxist anti-American evisceration of the Constitution also provided the legal profession with a unique, institutionally-advantageous, corrupt reason to promote the Marxism that so-uniquely empowered it, as it did for “journalists.”

By corruptly eviscerating the Constitution, the Supreme Court has corrupted, by ILLEGALLY-ELEVATING them at the expense of the country, the legal and journalism professions

No wonder the organized legal profession, as shown by Georgetown and NYU Law Schools, is so delighted with that special status it has been implicitly given by the Supreme Court to serve as a kind of nobility administering the Marxist state which the Supreme Court has permitted, the Marxist state which has no Constitutional basis for existing, all based on fraudulently-striking actual clauses from the Constitution, and nonsense readings of the “Interstate Commerce” clause, pretending it eliminated all of the rights of citizens, including Freedom Of Contract.

Yes, the legal profession has been uniquely promoted by the Supreme Court, and has been promoting itself, all at the expense of the actual Constitution and the country, with its members, both on the courts as judges, and in private and government practice and, of course, as bureaucrats in the completely-unconstitutional administrative state, serving as intermediaries between the people and the infinitely-expanding federal government, officiating like the select priesthood it became by the Supreme Court’s elevation of federal power, RULE BY LAWYERS, INSTEAD OF RULE OF LAW, over the people — all based on complete lies about the “Interstate Commerce” clause (among many others), and its supposed elimination of citizens’ Freedom Of Contract, as the particular pretext for usurping endless power over the people, power expressed through the brutal use of force enforcing all the infinite number of unconstitutional “crimes” and “regulations,” violation of which are enforced as supposed crimes, “crimes” which have been unconstitutionally manufactured out of thin air by unelected bureaucrats, criminalizing all normal activity, doing all of that unconstitutionally, while pretending, under the Supreme Court’s fraudulent blessing, THAT IT’S ALL ACTUALLY CONSTITUTIONAL.

So, as shown in the article below, an article which NO AMERICAN NEWSPAPER PRINTED of course (Query: why is that?), being a Marxist hack, and being professionally destroyed if you’re not, is now what is normal and mainstream in the legal profession, to the point that anyone, especially any law professor, as an employee of his Marxism-corrupted university, any such professor who deviates from the Marxism which has become absolutely mandatory at those schools, any deviation by him from the Marxist party line, in his public comments, is castigated as a thought criminal.

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Georgetown Law is accused of hypocrisy after firing prof who tweeted Biden’s SCOTUS nominee would not be the best pick but a ‘lesser Black woman’ – after failing to sanction staffer who said students should not clerk for Trump judges

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  1. I knew the CCP has well infiltrated our country particularly universities. I did not know the details and violations of the constitution as you have said here. Thanks for your work.