The Most Important Evidence Of Joe Biden’s Crimes Revealed On His Son’s Laptop

Apr 6, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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The admission in the email from Hunter — a fact that Rudy Giuliani made public long ago and was ridiculed for doing so by the same fake “news” and social media platforms that pretended, along with the liar Joe Biden, that it was all “Russian disinformation” — the admission by his own son speaking to his daughter, who obviously was aware of the family arrangement, that Joe was getting 50% of everything the family members got in their no-show jobs, plus the additional sums, described in the article, that were paid for these other minor (relatively speaking) monies, shows the real corruption, the racketeering arrangement for the extortion/bribery for promised favors etc. by Joe (as Joe himself bragged on video, using the threat of withholding $1 billion of American aid to force the Ukrainians to drop the investigation against Burisma, Hunter’s company), resulting in the no-show jobs, and the various transactions with the Chinese, the Russians, the Ukrainians, etc., all based on Joe’s political positions, are virtually-conclusive evidence of the complete corruption of Joe himself, the fact that he committed multiple crimes – and engaged his family members in doing so, probably for decades, certainly for a significant period of time (Hunter says 30 years in his case!).

That’s how he afforded a $20 million (at least) estate compound, much more than just a mansion, purchased from a Dupont family member in Greenville, Delaware (where the Dupont family live), together with multiple other expensive homes, including a $4 million mansion on the beach at Rehobeth — all while earning a salary of $170,000 in the Senate!

Yes, that $170,000 a year was all he reported on his tax returns, his tax returns he has constantly pointed to as proof of his integrity and modest income (because they are all fraudulent). His massive corruption has been obvious to anyone for years. Besides being known as the stupidest man in Washington during his time in the Senate, he literally had a For Sale sign on his forehead the whole time.

And he got away with it all those years, even though he was so blatant — because he knew that, as a leftist politician, someone who is always guaranteed to vote the “right way” in the Senate, he was immune because of the total corruption of the media and the Justice Department, whose corrupt, invariably-leftist bureaucracy is ruthless with conservatives over the most minor, at most technical, infractions, as they were with Roger Stone, but simply won’t prosecute leftists for even the most blatant crimes, as was proven also with Hillary Clinton and the Clinton family racketeering operation, although Joe’s corruption has been much more blatant than even theirs was.

And the Justice Department went after Governor McDonnell of Virginia, successfully ruining his career, as they did with completely fraudulent evidence to initially convict Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, a conviction that was thrown out by the judge, with only a slap on the wrist for the Justice Department lawyers who used the completely-fraudulent, as they knew, “evidence” to try to put him in jail for a decade, both of those convictions thrown out only after the damage was done, because the the leftists in the justice department were worried about Stevens being a Republican in the Senate, and about McDonnell’s political future because of his attractiveness as a candidate, going after McDonnell for things that were so trivial compared to what Joe has been doing all this time that the Supreme Court ended up throwing it all out as nonsense.

No one from the Biden family has denied the legitimacy of all those claims in that email, nor the fact that the emails were all genuine — other than Joe himself in his lies to the public during the debates claiming it was all “Russian disinformation,” something he was able to get all those 51 grifters like Brennan and Clapper etc. who attested to that in that ridiculous letter during the campaign, a fraudulent letter deliberately designed to neutralize the effect of the Hunter Biden laptop — during the campaign when it meant so much, or would have.

As to Joe, he has already disclosed his tax returns, and none of this, none of the payments from his family members, was reported on them.

And yet even that massive, undisclosed income, that massive tax fraud (and I say this as a tax lawyer who defends named targets of the IRS Criminal Investigation division as a routine part of my practice, almost always obtaining dismissals, never having had a case where the evidence of such massive tax crime guilt — with sentencing requirements of decades in jail and tens of millions of fines for these kind of crimes — was so overwhelming, never even having seen one remotely comparable to this) is minor compared to everything else.

And it’s not Hunter’s tax fraud, bribery, extortion, etc., that matters. It’s Joe’s.

Everything the Leftists spent – and are continuing to spend – their entire energy falsely accusing President Trump and his family members of doing, the Biden family has actually been doing – and even more.

In response to: Hunter Biden’s Depicted Family Payout Mechanism Further Proved in Ron Klain’s 2012 Email

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