The Real January 6, 2020, attack on law and order which began before then, and continues to this day.

Jan 9, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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Prelude: Election Night 2020

It was apparent on Election Night, November 2020, that massive irregularities had occurred, irregularities you would have to completely overlook, along with much else, in order to believe that Joe Biden was legitimately elected as the President of the United States.To this day, there are well over 1000 sworn affidavits by election workers from all of the Battleground States, people who have everything to lose by making those affidavits, people who have been threatened with personal ruination by election officials, both Republican and Democrat, in those states, people attesting to massive instances of massive fraud which occurred in “electing” Joe Biden in each of those states, many of which were states Donald Trump had won in 2016 — and in which HIS VOTE NUMBERS INCREASED in 2020.

In order to believe that Joe Biden honestly won the election, you would have to believe that he got 22 MILLION MORE VOTES THAN OBAMA — a politician who, completely unlike Biden, had a genuine, enthusiastic base — was able to get in 2012, that OBAMA EFFECTIVELY WAS A DRAG ON THAT TICKET (which Biden was on!), that Joe Biden, a man who has never had any constituency whatsoever, a clown who literally was laughed out of the 1988 presidential campaign for blatant plagiarism at a time when, although long well-known in Washington as a corrupt idiot (notorious as “The stupidest man in Washington”), he lacked his now-obvious dementia; you would have to believe that that same Joe Biden supposedly was able to get more votes than anyone in history, many millions more than Obama or Hillary Clinton, and that he had done so WITHOUT EVEN CAMPAIGNING, never leaving his basement, in a year when Donald Trump was daily appearing before crowds of as many as 50,000+, often several times a day, that that Joe Biden who never faced a crowd larger than 14, most of whom were political activists masquerading as journalists from the “news” Media, that that Joe Biden got all those votes in a year in which President Trump received at least 12 million more votes than he won with in 2016. 

And you would have to believe that, even though normally mail-in ballots are rejected at a rate of at least 1.4%, in a year when many millions more people used them than had ever done so in the past, many more than voted in person, VIRTUALLY NONE (0.8%) of those mail-in ballots were rejected anywhere for any reason, including millions of them which only “voted” for Joe Biden and no one down-ballot — especially in precincts run exclusively by Democrats, cities in battleground states which Joe Biden narrowly “won,” in precincts where Biden got more “votes” than the number of citizens, in multiple states in which Donald Trump had been ahead by hundreds of thousands of votes before the counting stopped mysteriously, simultaneously at 10:30 PM on Election Night. 

Had those mailed-in ballots been rejected simply at anywhere near their normal, consistent, historical rate (which would have been in the millions), Joe Biden would have lost the race by hundreds of thousands of votes, at least — for that reason alone.

And you would have to also believe that the Democrats would simply be above committing fraud to win an election, in precincts where they have for decades controlled all of the people involved in, and the mechanisms of, counting votes, and deliberately PREVENTED REPUBLICAN WATCHERS FROM OBSERVING what they were doing on election night and thereafter (Query: why did they keep those Republican watchers out if everything was so honest?), multiple precincts in cities they had run for decades, cities where they had the means and opportunity to do whatever they wanted with all those mail-in ballots and the machines – and with, as we all know, power for themselves being the one thing they want above all else.

The Supreme Court declined to hear a case brought by Texas, one of the few types of cases Article III of THE CONSTITUTION EXPLICITLY REQUIRES THE SUPREME COURT TO DECIDE when it is brought by a state, a case which alleged a multitude of Constitutional violations in the election by 8 Battleground States and, although, none of the 8 Defendant states contested any of the facts alleged against them in that case, facts itemizing those extremely-serious Constitutional violations, violations all of which could only produce massive opportunities for fraud, without Constitutionally-mandated State legislature-oversight of their elections, the Supreme Court simply refused, over two, no-doubt horrified, dissenting Justices, to hear the case at all. 

And so those Constitutional violations have never been addressed, let alone resolved; and neither have any of the other thousands of irregularities which occurred on Election Night, nor have any of the states conducted a single, genuine, full forensic audit of their votes in 2020. 

Nothing resembling any of those irregularities were ever reported anywhere in the 2016 election; and yet the Marxists/Democrats and all of their allies were unanimous in ALLEGING THAT THAT ELECTION WAS STOLEN BY PRESIDENT TRUMP who, they claimed, “colluded with the Russians” to do so, President Trump, according to them with no evidence, committing treason to win, a story, A COMPLETE FICTION various installments of which the New York Times and The Washington Post (and countless others of the Marxists/Democrats’ video, social media and print Propaganda Organs) flogged repeatedly for four years on their front pages — and have never once retracted.

Even without a single opportunity for the public to see all the evidence of 2020 election fraud, with all of those endless Marxist/Democrat Propaganda Organs endlessly insisting and repeating it’s all nothing but “A Big Lie,” to this day, at least 45% of the country is convinced that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. And, completely unlike the similar claim (coupled with claims of treason!) made by Democrats in 2016, they have an abundance of evidence supporting their claim. 

The Marxists/Democrats Problem: Illegitimacy

Normally such massive, public denial of an election’s legitimacy in a democratic republic like ours would be considered a politically-intolerable situation for even a popular president. And Joe Biden and his completely-failed policies in everything he touches (gas prices, the border, Afghanistan, inflation, crime, useless Covid mandates, Covid, which he promised to fix and is only getting worse, closed schools…) is anything but popular, and becoming more and more detested as time passes and more ruination is brought on the country — and everyone, like Nancy Pelosi, who knew Joe Biden personally and knew what catastrophic damage to real peoples’ lives his policies would inevitably produce, could easily predict his coming, catastrophic, eventual unpopularity on January 6, 2020.

If it was indeed an honest election, if Biden really won fair and square, you would think that he and his supporters would be eager to alleviate all doubts about that, to have extensive audits and investigations into all of those problems (and many others) briefly mentioned above, genuinely thorough forensic audits of all the votes, making sure only legal voters voted and illegal ballots were tossed, in each of the Battleground States, to prove conclusively the legitimacy of his victory — or at least to show that they themselves did not doubt the integrity of the vote — and had no fear whatsoever of looking into it. 

But nothing of that kind has occurred – and supporters of Joe Biden, or at least supporters of his claim to “victory,” have done everything in their power TO PREVENT ANYTHING OF THE KIND FROM OCCURRING, with compliant courts shutting down, on purely-procedural grounds, without permitting any evidence to be aired, every single case involving the election. 

And they, the Democrats/Marxists have had all their mass-media and social media Propaganda Organ allies there to assist them at every moment along the way: When a single, outside forensic audit was attempted in Arizona, EVEN THOUGH IT DETERMINED THAT THE ELECTION IN MARICOPA COUNTY ALONE WAS SO MARRED BY IRREGULARITIES THAT IT WAS ILLEGAL FOR ARIZONA TO CERTIFY IT, you will look in vain to find any of the Marxist/Democrat Propaganda Organs which call themselves “news” sources accurately reporting that result at all, with all of them unanimously lying and claiming it “debunked” in their words, any claims of fraud in Arizona — literally the opposite of the truth.

Instead of any efforts to prove the honesty of the 2020 election, THE MARXISTS/DEMOCRATS TOOK A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PATH: they decided to discredit as virtual traitors anyone who suggested their “victory” was not absolutely certain and beyond question, that anyone who simply mentioned or pointed out any irregularities in the election whatsoever, was essentially a traitor, with Biden supporters of all kinds unanimously claiming ANY QUESTIONING ABOUT THE ELECTION AT ALL was, in their words, “AN ATTACK ON DEMOCRACY ITSELF,” A “BIG LIE.” 

This, of course, was coming from THE SAME PEOPLE WHO HAD SPENT FOUR YEARS INSISTING THAT DONALD TRUMP HAD STOLEN THE 2016 ELECTION, that he had, according to them, done so by committing treason with Russia, ”Colluding with Russia,” as they had claimed, claims they had fabricated out of thin air, lies built on lies built on lies in the Clinton-funded ”Dossier,” all without a shred of evidence, lies their Propaganda Organs awarded themselves Pulitzer Prizes for promoting, lies they have never retracted to this day and CONTINUE, EVEN NOW, to revisit, attempting to suggest IT MIGHT STILL BE TRUE, as George Stephanopoulos, one of their perennial mass-“Media” operatives, recently attempted to do by puff-piece interviewing the “Dossier’s” author, Christopher Steele – and with claims all along of how heroic and patriotic they were to insist on that total lie. Similarly, they celebrate as a great patriotic heroine Stacy Abrams PRECISELY BECAUSE SHE CONTINUES to insist the Georgia election she lost by 50,000 votes – nearly 40,000 more than President Trump supposedly “lost” Georgia by — was stolen.

So for her and other Marxists/Democrats to do it without a shred of evidence, it’s patriotic heroism; for President Trump and his supporters to do it with real evidence supporting their claims, it’s treason.

The Marxists/Democrats’ Jujitsu Strategy: The January 6 Pseudo-Event

Like all streetfighters, the Marxists/Democrats have always known that the best defense, especially when you don’t have one, is a good offense, and the more in your face it is, the more offensive, the better. 

And so, rather than ever doing anything to prove the legitimacy of the 2020 election, and indeed, to preclude any inquiries into it whatsoever, THEY DECIDED TO GO ON OFFENSE big time, and manufacture their own allegation of a “Big Lie” against Donald Trump, claiming that all of his questioning of the 2020 election, all of his itemization of its irregularities, amounted to nothing but pure fabrications, lies — AND EXPANDING ON ALL THAT WITH THE PSEUDO-EVENT (Daniel Boorstin,RIP, coined the perfect word, the mot juste, for it) THEY CREATED AND STAGED ON JANUARY 6.

It is beyond doubt now, as it was clear at the time when it was happening, that the events at the Capitol on January 6, 2020, were A DELIBERATIVELY-PLANNED-AND-STAGED PSEUDO-EVENT, planned by Democrat officials and strategists, deploying loyal (to them) operatives in both the FBI and the Capitol Police, together with their connections with professional mob-manipulators and agents provocateurs in Antifa and BLM (through multiple cut-outs, no doubt), both of which violent groups have been, from the start, Marxist/Democrat-front shock troops. 

BLM in particular are, as they explicitly, and unashamedly, admit on their own website, professional Marxists who have been glorified by Democrat party supporters and operatives since the Obama administration, with Obama glowingly inviting them into the White House. Kamala Harris continues to publicly invite support for their bail fund to bail out the very-few of them who have been jailed after committing arson and murder in connection with their constant public mob Mayhem.

The Tools Of The Virtual Reality Production – The Propaganda Organs

The staging, the most important part of the whole thing, the staging and public presentation of that Pseudo-Event continues to this very day, both by the bogus Congressional Committee Nancy Pelosi is using to do her bidding (without, contrary to all Congressional norms, a single, actual Republican/Trump supporter on it), and, above all, ALL OF THE COMBINED PROPAGANDA ORGANS of the Marxist/Democrat party – The New York Times, The Washington Post, Associated Press, Reuters, all the “newspapers” in the country which parrot (with apologies to my Umbrella Cockatoo and African Gray) their content and, of course, Cable “News” and Corporate Network “News,” including what used to be late-night comedy shows — and, most important of all, ALL OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS AND GOOGLE, the virtual-monopoly Internet search-engine, all of which are owned, yes, one and all, by extremely-partisan, Trump-hating billionaires, billionaires who had spent billions doing everything they could to misinform the public about everything before the election, successfully hiding all information about Hunter Biden’s laptop, as but one sample, and providing funding for Democrat get-out-the-vote efforts and drop boxes in Democrat precincts for tens of millions of unattended mailed-in ballots – completely controlling the Public Square in our Internet world, the places where tens, if not hundreds, of millions of Americans go to get what they think is news and all the other information they rely on for everything in their lives.

Those Marxist/Democrat Propaganda Organs join in all that massive dissemination of lies and misinformation both out of genuine political loyalty (they were all taught at their Ivy League colleges and in journalism school to be loyal little Marxists, instructed beginning in grade school that anyone, Republican or otherwise, who is not one of them, who is not one of the “Good People,” not a Marxist (they never use that word), is necessarily a racist, a bigot and “totally uncool” and beyond the pale – and they were the best of students) and also to celebrate their own power, their power to manipulate the ideas and beliefs of the public at large, to literally create a VIRTUAL REALITY for the public which has little or no basis in actual reality, a Fiction, euphemized as a “Narrative” which, with the professionalism they have been taught, they make to SEEM SO REAL because it is all presented on video and with panels of “experts,” and ECHOED EVERYWHERE PEOPLE LOOK, all literally a pack of lies (some, maybe many, of them know it), ultimately — and yet is deeply believed by huge portions of the population. What a rush to succeed in doing that!

Nancy Pelosi’s Marxist/Democrat-packed kangaroo court Congressional Committee is, as it has been doing since she ordered it formed, spending this week putting on its Stalinist show trial, actively promoting its completely-fraudulent “Narrative” about the pseudo-event Nancy Pelosi and her allied thugs manufactured, the event which they have called “THE INSURRECTION!,” a ludicrous claim they and their Propaganda Organs repeat over and over in every “news” article, in every mention anywhere and everywhere they control, about it. 

If It Really Was An “INSURRECTION!”, Why Is No One Charged With That?

“Insurrection” is a crime specified by statute in the United States Criminal Code. So the question arises:, if there was indeed an Insurrection on January 6, why is it that NOT A SINGLE PERSON ARRESTED AND CHARGED with crimes by the “Justice” Department in connection with that event has been charged with THAT CRIME OF INSURRECTION, or anything like it (almost all of them are charged with misdemeanors which ALWAYS – except for them – result in zero jail time; and yet, as vicious, cold-blooded purely-political nastiness, Trump supporters have been kept in jail without bail this entire time under unspeakable conditions, conditions which would be shocking in a Third World country, imprisoned with no speedy, nor any, trial, as they are legally entitled to, imprisoned for over a year now, EVEN THOUGH NONE OF THEM WERE ARMED AND NONE OF THEM HAVE A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE of any kind — and even though those same Democrat “Justice” Department prosecutors have refused to charge any of the KNOWN ANTIFA AND BLM PARTICIPANTS IN THE EVENT, known because of their presence in actual video, some of whom were, unlike any of the actual Trump supporters, indeed armed — and those same “Justice” Department Marxist/Democrat prosecutors have no problem letting out real, vicious killers without bail, like the mass murderer in Waukesha, and ALL OF THE BLM AND ANTIFA THUGS WHO HAVE BEEN COMMITTING ARSON AND MURDER AND RIOTING IN THE STREETS EVER SINCE GEORGE FLOYD DIED, virtually none of whom have even been charged, let alone jailed) even though the Orwellian-named “Justice” Department has been moving heaven and earth to do as much violence to them, to charge them to the hilt, to overcharge them, picking them up from their own homes all over the country in no-knock door-breaking, massively-armed military operations, frightening everyone in their neighborhoods, harming all those people as much as possible, with highly-politicized Democrat activist judges in DC doing their bidding, participating in the scam, pretending without any evidence that they are all “INSURRECTIONISTS!,” completely-illegally refusing to grant bail, becoming accomplices in the Marxist/Democrats’ overall Pseudo-Event, all based on the scam claim that they, Trump supporters, were participating in an “INSURRECTION!.”

The Pseudo-Event’s “Narrative’s” Fraudulence Is Revealed On Video

Video, video which the partisan, Marxist/Democrat hacks who control Congress under Nancy Pelosi have been doing everything they can to suppress and prevent from being seen (they/she continues to suppress from discovery tens of thousands of hours of Capitol Police video which would further show the fraudulence of the “Narrative” of the “INSURRECTION!” they have been promoting), reveals the presence of all of those Antifa and BLM and FBI employee characters instigating the actual violence on January 6. 

In slavish obedience to the Marxists/Democrats’ narrative, NONE of that video is ever played on CNN, MSNBC or corporate network “news,” all of whom have been complicit from the very start in promoting the “narrative” of the Pseudo-Event, the supposed “INSURRECTION!,” ever since it began, with their very-expensive (all of it, not incidentally, a massive, unreported political contribution to the Marxist/Democrat Party) and elaborate production capabilities essential to that ongoing propaganda effort. 

THE TRUTH OF WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IS ALL SHOWN WITH GRAPHIC, VIDEO PROOF IN THE MOVIE PRODUCED BY NICK SEARCY, “CAPITOL PUNISHMENT,” a movie which will never be presented at the kangaroo court Congressional hearings Nancy Pelosi is putting on as her latest installment of the Pseudo-Event production this week with her fake supposed Congressional Committee with no real Republicans on it. 

Because the last thing on earth she or her kangaroo court Committee wants is for anyone to know what really happened on January 6 – or on Election Night.

AND a tiny part of THAT SAME TRUTH IS SHOWN ON THE VERY FILM CLIP BELOW, revealing the brutal, completely-unprovoked and vicious battery of Victoria White by Nancy Pelosi’s personal thugs in the Capitol Police. Victoria White, who was viciously so assaulted and battered by those thugs, she who was unarmed and DID NOTHING BUT ATTEMPT TO STOP THE VIOLENCE, has been a political prisoner, just like in the USSR, in jail without bail this entire time, silenced by them, tortured in her solitary confinement by them, in Washington DC’s own American Gulag.

Corrupt Marxist/Democrat Politicians Created The January 6 Pseudo-Event

The real crimes which were committed on January 6, 2020, were done with the active participation of our own governments, DC and federal – a guerrilla theatrical production manufactured by Nancy Pelosi and whoever else actually runs the Marxist/Democrat Party (someone a lot smarter than Joe Biden), committing the crime of defrauding the American public by inventing, producing like a Hollywood production, creating and staging, complete with hired, paid agents provocateurs actors, the Pseudo-Event itself and promoting it, the entire thing a form of guerrilla theater, in which the real actors and directors and producers enlist unsuspecting extras in the production (think: “Candid Camera” on steroids), all to dramatize (literally) before the public the myth, the “Narrative,” which they had invented, and to deploy it to lie to the American public and official institutions, including courts, about the supposed “INSURRECTION!,” all intended to slander President Trump and his supporters, to scare away anyone from even wanting to be his supporter — and, even more importantly, at the time the Pseudo-Event was occurring, TO PREVENT THE SENATORS who supported President Trump, senators who were convinced the election was stolen, FROM PRESENTING THE EVIDENCE TO THE SENATE EXPOSING THE ELECTION FRAUD, evidence they and President Trump also wanted the public to see, a display which was silenced and never took place AS THE DIRECT RESULT OF THE MOB’S EXISTENCE, staging its actual violence in the Capitol (it caused less than $1.5 million in damage total, possibly substantially less, unlike the riots by antifa and BLM which caused billions in damage and killed dozens, including multiple police), interrupting the Constitutionally-required election proceedings which were going on — THE LAST THING THOSE SENATORS OR PRESIDENT TRUMP WANTED.

President Trump Wanted The Senate’s Election Proceedings To Continue On January 6; The Marxists/Democrats Wanted The Opposite

The actual Trump supporters WANTED THOSE ELECTORAL PROCEEDINGS TO CONTINUE, not to be stopped by any ”INSURRECTION!.” It was the Marxists/Democrats who wanted those proceeding stopped immediately before a shred of evidence was presented to anyone — as those proceedings would have permitted had they continued. It was those MARXISTS/DEMOCRATS ALONE WHO WANTED TO CUT SHORT THE PROCEEDINGS and have an Insurrection precluding them from continuing.

President Trump and those senators who supported him HAD THE OPPOSITE PURPOSE on January 6, 2020: consistent with Federal Election Law and the Constitution, THEIR PURPOSE WAS TO PRESENT EVIDENCE, massive evidence which President Trump’s lawyers had assembled for them to display, evidence challenging the legitimacy of Electors in multiple states, requiring Vice President Pence to send those Electors back to those states’ Legislatures and to require those legislatures with questionable certifications to investigate their elections and redetermine and recertify, or change, their Electors — exactly as the Constitution both permits and requires. Even if Pence had refused to do that, as his lawyers were incorrectly telling him he must, AT LEAST THAT EVIDENCE WOULD HAVE BEEN AIRED FOR ALL TO SEE — as it never had or has been in any court nor in any other official forum in the country. 

But that never happened — because none of those senators were willing to proceed with that presentation of the fraud evidence AFTER THE MOB ENTERED THE CAPITOL and did its damage. AND THAT WAS NO DOUBT ITS ORIGINAL PURPOSE, the original purpose of, and the reason for Nancy Pelosi and other Marxist/Democrat leaders devising, manufacturing, and producing the entire Pseudo-Event —PREVENTING THE COUNTRY AS A WHOLE FROM EVER SEEING THAT EVIDENCE. 

Nancy Pelosi, The Crowd, The Mob And Its FBI and BLM Agents Provocateurs And The Pseudo-Event — Preventing Any National Guard Presence

With close to 1 million people at the actual Trump speech, the FBI and BLM agents provocateurs, professional grifters trained in manipulating mobs, were more than capable of manipulating a few out of the hundreds of thousands of them to follow them into the Capitol after their break-in, and join in the Mayhem — which is exactly what happened – and exactly what Nancy Pelosi had wanted.

Nancy Pelosi deliberately did not want the National Guard there that day and cold-bloodedly TURNED DOWN ALL THE EFFORTS BY PRESIDENT TRUMP to have it there. As testified to by Kash Patel, then-Chief of Staff to the Acting US Defense Secretary, serious efforts were made by President Trump and his administration to have the Capitol protected by the National Guard on January 6, in anticipation of the extremely large crowd that was likely to, and did, come to see his speech. 

But under the posse comitatus law, like all others which President Trump has always meticulously obeyed, it was essential that the DC authorities FORMALLY REQUEST the National Guard for it to be present. And Nancy Pelosi had the personal power to prevent that from happening, and to make sure that the Capitol Police acted in precisely the manner she wanted it to, inviting hundreds into the Capitol on one side of the building, and viciously attacking others who entered the building on the other side, like Ashli Babbitt, all while completely ignoring the FBI and BLM operatives in their midst, letting them do their dirty work — and afterwords lying, together with the New York Times and the rest of the Marxist/Democrat Propaganda Organs, and pretending Trump supporters had viciously MURDERED A POLICE OFFICER, supposedly bashing his head in with a fire extinguisher!, a complete and total lie, with them continuing that lie to this very day, calling it a murderous, violent mob, even though the only one murdered was Ashli Babbitt! 

And that is what Nancy Pelosi did first — making sure that President Trump’s request for the request for the National Guard be turned down. And none of the “INSURRECTION!” could have occurred without her making that decision. And President Trump could not legally do it without her/them requesting, AND THEY/ NANCY PELOSI REFUSED HIS REQUEST,TURNED HIM DOWN. 

The last thing she/ they wanted was real protection for the Capitol – from the real violence initiated by the FBI and BLM agent provocateurs operatives, violence which she/they had planned, creating the entire Pseudo-Event which she/they had planned — and which she/they had  planned to be blamed on President Trump and his supporters, blame which would be amplified endlessly by every resource she and the Marxists/Democrats had and have at her/their disposal, including all her/the Democrat/Marxists’ “Media” and social media Propaganda Organs. 

The Marxist/Democrat Propaganda Organs Lie About Everything About The Pseudo-Event

Everyone who knows him knew that President Trump has always been opposed to violence of any kind, particularly against any federal property, OPPOSITION HE EXPRESSLY ANNOUNCED IN THAT VERY SPEECH which preceded the event. 

But whenever the Marxist/Democrat Propaganda Organs have presented video of any of that speech subsequently, THEY DELIBERATELY LEAVE OUT ALL OF HIS LINES DOING SO, his lines demanding that the crowd remain peaceful and respectful when going to the Capitol, with those Marxist/Democrat Propaganda Organs invariably cutting and splicing their presentation of his speech to make it look like he was saying THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT HE IN FACT SAID. 

If it were true, they wouldn’t have to go to such efforts to fake it. And anyone who has seen his actual speech knows their fraud in that regard.

And tens of millions of Americans have been subjected to that completely-false version of his speech and think, as they think about a multitude of things which they see on television, that what they thought they saw was real. And the Marxists/Democrats have been deliberately spreading the lie, PROJECTING THEIR OWN GUILT ONTO HIM, insisting on the lie THAT HE, AND NOT THEY, PLANNED FOR AND INCITED THE VIOLENCE on January 6, illegally impeaching him, with no Chief Justice present, after he left office, to convince the public of that lie (again, constant offense on their part, instead of a defense), and continuing to insist on it now with their bogus Congressional Committee hearings, all amplified exponentially by their “Media” and social media Propaganda Organs.

They, the Marxists/Democrats, Are Terrified Of The Truth About The 2020 Election And Of President Trump, And Everything They Have Been Doing Is All About Canceling, Delegitimizing, Eliminating Him And His Supporters

All these charades they, the Marxists/Democrats and their Propaganda Organs have been putting on have had multiple purposes: First and foremost, and above all else, was to PREVENT, on January 6, 2020 itself, the airing of any EVIDENCE OF ELECTION FRAUD BY THE SENATORS and ANY OFFICIAL, CONSTITUTIONALLY-AUTHORIZED ELECTOR-CHALLENGING IN THE SENATE, Constitutionally-authorized challenges to THE “ELECTION” OF JOE BIDEN, all as a matter of Constitutional law and IN THE PUBLIC’S MIND — and to simultaneously delegitimize President Trump and all his supporters in as many ways as they could and can devise, slandering them all as supposed traitors, using Lawfare, with all the jackboot nastiness the “Justice Department” can bring to bear, as well as their Propaganda Organ media and social media manipulation, against him and his supporters, to disqualify him in every way from office if they can (because they know if he runs he will win in a landslide in 2024 — as he may have in 2020, but it will be far bigger in 2024, simply too big for any fraud to overcome) and to also try to disqualify, or at least scare away, as many of his supporters from running for office as possible. 

They, the Marxists/Democrats are, and have been all along, hijacking all legal — and a multitude of illegal ones – mechanisms available to them, in the Senate, the House, which Nancy Pelosi owns for now, and in courts packed with activist Marxist/Democrat judges, and throughout the administrative state alphabet-agency bureaucracies staffed, one and all, with activist Marxists/Democrats including, in particular, of course, the tip-of-the-spear of the whole, hideous, unconstitutional administrative state, the “Justice” Department and, of course, in the White House, with “Good Old Joe” ready to make the vicious, nasty speech he made on January 6 attacking President Trump personally in the most vicious, slanderous manner any president has ever done about a predecessor, revealing his (or rather, his speech writers’) terror of President Trump by doing so — all to do everything in their power to try to delegitimize in every way, to make it ILLEGAL TO BE A TRUMP SUPPORTER, to make it legal and socially-permissible only to be a loyal Marxist/Democrat in America, to delegitimize everyone who disagrees with them, to cut off all debate, to cancel and eliminate all opposition to them in every corner of life.

The Marxist/Democrats’ Reichstag Fire “Insurrection!”

The Marxists/Democrats have been gaslighting and trying to deflect blame onto President Trump for the violence that occurred at the Capitol on January 6, VIOLENCE WHICH THEY THEMSELVES INSTIGATED WITH THE VERY INTENTION OF BLAMING IT ON HIM AND HIS SUPPORTERS, exactly as they have been doing ever since, using that “narrative” to vilify President Trump and his supporters and to empower themselves, PRECISELY AS THE NAZIS DID WITH THE REICHSTAG FIRE, a fire which Goebbels later, in prison awaiting war-crimes trial, after the war, admitted the NAZIS THEMSELVES HAD STARTED, with the intention all along of blaming it on the Communists, Communists who, with their blaming, the Nazis were then able to completely disqualify and expel from the Parliament — and thereby make themselves a one-party ruling majority of the Rump Parliament that was left.

Nancy Pelosi And Her Capitol Police Pretorian Guard – and their BLM and FBI Agents Provocateurs –The Producer And Paid Actors Of The January 6 Pseudo Event

It is she, Nancy Pelosi, as the Speaker Of The House who is and was personally-responsible for the security of the Capitol. 

And because of her vicious partisanship, it is no accident that the Capitol Police, who are effectively her employees, are filled with extremely left-wing Democrats, many of whom, including those who testified before the bogus Congressional Committee of the supposed terrible “trauma” they suffered on January 6, post their affection for BLM on their Facebook pages, people, like her, literally bristling with hatred for President Trump and his supporters, ecstatic to support her entire narrative and physically beat up and even murder, as they did to Ashli Babbitt, actual Trump supporters, supporters also like Victoria White, as shown in the film clip below, Victoria White who took ACTIVE EFFORTS TO STOP THE VIOLENCE being perpetrated by the BLM and FBI agents provocateurs, and was beaten to a pulp and imprisoned for her efforts. 

And of course those Capitol Police officers who so testified are looking forward to the book deals and the consultant contracts with Cable “news” after their crocodile tear, “so-emotional“ Congressional testimony damning President Trump and his supporters — for violence committed by their own fellow participants in the whole Pseudo-Event from the FBI and BLM.

Because we know from actual video that the actual violence on January 6, 2020, was done by Nancy Pelosi’s FBI, BLM and antifa agents provocateurs, not real Trump supporters, none of whom, including grandmas and people in wheelchairs, were even armed with anything other than cellphones they used to take selfies of themselves in the Capitol. 

The few hundred Trump supporters who actually ended up going into the Capitol building were simply hapless sheep, brainlessly following the mob, exactly as desired by those, like Nancy Pelosi, who had enlisted the agents provocateurs to manipulate the mob, as they were professionally-trained to do, and many of the actual Trump supporters there WERE INVITED IN BY THE CAPITOL POLICE, as also clearly shown on film. A mere few dozen of them followed after the agents provocateurs thugs who did the actual breaking and entering, a tiny few out of the nearly 1,000,000 who were in the crowd to see President Trump’s speech. And a few of them were stupid enough to follow the directives of the FBI employee and BLM agents provocateurs to commit violence on January 6.

One of them, one who was doing no violence to anyone, Ashli Babbitt was murdered in cold blood by one of the Capitol Police, an officer who has given television interviews and who has been lying and pretending he was under some danger from her, she, an unarmed, patriotic Air Force veteran who weighed barely 107 pounds, and he with a pistol pointed directly at her which took her life without any warning of any kind, with that officer breaking every rule and the law against murder in doing so.

And yet the Marxists/Democrats and their propaganda promoters have been pretending that all Trump supporters were and are violent, unpatriotic “INSURRECTIONISTS!,” all as the intended, by them, result of their own Pseudo-Events.

We know who the actual violence-committers were, the ones who had planned and prepared to do a break-in of the Capitol — with ropes and other gear they brought with them for the occasion long before President Trump’s speech began — people who were not even listening to President Trump because they were at the Capitol, waiting to do the violence, THE ACTING JOBS THEY HAD BEEN HIRED TO DO, the ones who, as shown in Nick Searcy’s film, had gotten out of their Antifa all-black clothes and put on Trump “gear” costumes, paid imposters pretending to look like they were Trump supporters, imposters who were in reality BLM and antifa members and violence-inciting plants by the FBI, like Ray Epps. 

We know they were officially employed specifically to do all that violence, BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL ON VIDEO DOING IT AND NONE OF THEM HAVE BEEN ARRESTED, let alone put in jail; and the only one among them who was arrested, a known BLM member, Sullivan, celebrated by CNN as a “reporter,” was immediately, unlike any of the actual Trump supporters, released on bail. All of them, the real, paid actors in the Marxists/Democrats’ guerrilla theater January 6 Pseudo-Event, have received special treatment by the FBI and the “Justice” Department — even though they were originally identified as virtually the only ones there who were armed and doing serious violence at the Capitol on January 6, 2020, and all of their names have mysteriously disappeared from the FBI’s wanted list WHERE THEY WERE PREVIOUSLY. 

So in the eyes of the corrupt government, they are “innocent” because THEIR VIOLENCE WAS EXACTLY WHAT THOSE WHO RUN THE GOVERNMENT WANTED and hired and paid them to do.

All of this is shown on Nick Searcy’s film and on other video that has been available from the beginning, video that is precluded from appearing on any of the Marxist/Democrat Propaganda Organs —and shown on the video of the monstrous assault and battery on Victoria White, below.

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