The Real Plague We Have Been Enduring

Dec 30, 2021

Clifford Ribner
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The article below is about REAL DEATHS that are occurring resulting from people receiving the “vaccines,” “vaccines” which are themselves frauds since they stop neither transmission nor infection from the virus, “vaccines” which bureaucrat functionaries, and even elected officials, in the government at multiple levels want to force on everyone regardless of any consideration whatsoever, including even a person’s religious opposition to these chemical compositions whose origin involved fetal stem cells, or his actual health status; and they are cold-bloodedly INTENT ON DESTROYING ANYONE WHO DOES NOT COMPLY with their demands, anyone who does not bend the knee to them.

This is all truly monstrous, all of this, everything the government, state, city even and federal, but particularly federal, has been doing with this virus, Covid, and these “vaccines”, BY GETTING INVOLVED IN THEM AT ALL, by sticking its nose into peoples’ health decisions based on the pretext of the presence, first of the virus, pretending it was EXTREMELY DEADLY TO THE GENERAL POPULATION AND CHILDREN, and now the “vaccines,” health decisions which are INHERENTLY PRIVATE and never “public,” decisions for citizens which are literally never anybody else’s business.

The frauds who call themselves “Public Health Experts” want people to think they have the right to an opinion about everybody else’s health decisions, an idea whose sole purpose is to politicize what are inherently non-political matters, to give themselves power over other people, since none of their “advice,” let alone their mandates, has had any actual medical basis nor value whatsoever to anyone, including the community at large. If anyone doubted that fact before, it is now undeniable.

For example, if their advice is so great, why is it that on December 29, 2021, AFTER A YEAR OF THE PUBLIC COMPLYING WITH THEIR DEMANDS of all kinds, with everyone, including doctors, knowing so much more about Covid than they did previously, with the presence of multiple treatments and purported “vaccines,”THERE WERE MORE COVID CASES YESTERDAY THAN ON ANY PREVIOUS DAY(and the most cases and deaths were in states like New York, the most ruined by being most locked-down, with the fewest in Florida, the least CDC mandate-compliant)— including any day when Donald Trump was president?

Literally everything the government has done once the presence of the virus was announced in February, 2020, has been beyond evil and unconstitutional. AND IT WAS ALL BASED ON LIES; first, the initial, opening Goebbels-like big lie invented and publicized endlessly, the big lie announced to the public first by the WHO (a completely -corrupt UN agency whose grossly-overpaid bureaucrats are owned by Communist China which got them their jobs), a lie repeated and amplified exponentially by our “Public Health Experts,” the complete fraud that the virus is, as they lied to us and claimed, 43 TIMES MORE DEADLY THAN THE FLU.

That was never true, AND THEY KNEW IT AT THE TIME, because it was obvious to me, and they had more information available to them when they announced that big lie, and more people and computers to analyze it than I do.

And yet that lie, coupled with completely-bogus computer model predictions from a British academic who later admitted his “predictions” were junk, became the basis for all that has followed, all the damage, the destruction of the American economy and millions of people’s lives, the absolutely-pointless destruction of all that, none of which served a single medical purpose.

Because we have known from the start, anyone who looked at any actual data at all knew, that Covid is STATISTICALLY HARMLESS (NON-DEADLY)TO THE GENERAL POPULATION, especially children, non-deadly to anyone who does not have a minimum of two comorbidities.

That is a fact, and it is a fact that the CDC has done everything in its power, although it presents it at its website, to hide from the public, that single fact that should be foremost in peoples’ minds when they think about the virus and how it relates to them.

The Federal government has no business getting involved IN EVEN ADVISING PEOPLE ABOUT THEIR HEALTH, let alone ordering them to do anything regarding it, particularly injecting chemicals into their bodies that are purely experimental. 

It is apparent, although no one (other than Donald Trump and Senators Paul and Johnson) in the government wants to publicly connect the dots that are all apparent to anyone to see, that THE VIRUS ITSELF WAS A BIO-WEAPON CREATED BY THE CHINESE MILITARY in their lab at Wuhan, with the assistance of their American allies in the federal bureaucracy, allies to them, and traitors to America, like Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins, and untold numbers of others who remain faceless and unnamed to the public, even though they are paid huge salaries out of taxpayer money (Anthony Fauci gets $450,000 a year and, if he retired now, would receive $350,000 a year until his death even though he has done nothing of value to anyone his entire career, deliberately spreading misinformation and lies and committing massive destruction his entire career, all in the name of “Public Health,” even promoting the fraud, decades ago, that AIDS could be contagious TO ANYONE, that children were at risk of catching it simply by touching someone, a truly breathtaking lie that he promoted to frighten people about a disease that is contagious only to people with very specific profiles).

No elected politician has the right to do what any of these “Public Health Experts,” and the politicians who initially created their worthless, corrupt alphabet agencies and their jobs, and so empowered them, and those actually-elected officials who follow their medically-worthless advice and purport to impose it on the public, on citizens of America, have been doing.

These “Public Health” frauds are nothing but unelected bureaucrats in an agency that has no Constitutional basis for even existing. 

The Constitution is absolutely clear: nothing in it authorizes the existence of these “PUBLIC HEALTH” agencies nor any of their unelected bureaucrat employees.

And if the Constitution does not explicitly authorize the federal government to do something, THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS PRECLUDED FROM DOING THAT, and any purported official, including the elected officials, entire congresses and presidents who created these illegal agencies, and fund them with billions of dollars of taxpayer money, all with purported legislation, any such official who acts in an unconstitutional matter IS COMMITTING A CRIME AGAINST THE NATION BY DOING SO. 

That’s a real Constitutional crime, VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION ITSELF, and it doesn’t become legitimate simply because the crime is repeated over and over and over and therefore becomes supposed “Precedent.” The Constitution is very explicit about how it is to be amended if the people want it to contain something it doesn’t contain, amendment procedures prescribed in its Article V. 

And nothing in Article V of the Constitution permits either “Precedent,” NOR EVEN AFFIRMATION OF SOMETHING BY THE SUPREME COURT, to amend the text of the Constitution itself, the text which is by its own terms, THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND, the text which all federal employees, including elected ones, swear an oath of loyalty to, promising under oath to defend and protect it and to follow it in every way, not to violate it, not to unlawfully manufacture powers for the federal government it does not have under the Constitution.

The destructiveness of these unconstitutional alphabet agencies is beyond calculation. China, with their assistance, committed an act of bio-weapons war, deploying the virus as a weapon of mass destruction, against the rest of the world, particularly the US, the US being the eternal object of hatred of Marxism since its very beginning, when it created Covid in its Wuhan military bio-weapons lab, and then spread it to the rest of the world, using its own “citizens” as weapon-delivery-systems, by deliberatively permitting its “citizens” (who are not citizens at all, in reality, but rather slaves to the state, slaves to China’s supreme leader at any time, no matter how rich they may be) from Wuhan to travel throughout the world — but not elsewhere in China.

Because the virus was so infectious it was guaranteed to infect the world. Sooner or later everyone will be exposed to it if they haven’t been already. There is no way to stop its spread, only its lethality.

And that lethality can only be stopped once and for all with a real vaccine and/or a real cure (and not idiotic, self-destructive actions like business and church shutdowns, mask-wearing and “social distancing”), actual VACCINES WE OBVIOUSLY DON’T HAVE YET, but potential (for each patient) cures we have aplenty, including the purported “vaccines” themselves, Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and Monoclonal Antibodies, all of which must be taken early in the onset of the illness to be effective, and all of which, other than the “vaccines” which the government has not only been promoting but forcing on people, are deliberately SHUNNED AND MALIGNED AS TREATMENTS by our “Public Health Experts” for purely-political reasons, politics dictating all their actions everywhere in everything, shunned and maligned by them simply because all of them were mentioned by President Trump — correctly, as it turns out — as possible treatments.

But Communist China’s infecting the world with it was only the beginning. The real damage was done BY OUR OWN BUREAUCRATS AND POLITICIANS here, in America and elsewhere, who used the virus as a pretext to do more damage to their own countries than any shooting and bombing war could ever inflict, costing us millions of ruined lives, hundreds of thousands of ruined businesses, trillions dollars and tearing the country apart.

Because Covid was so infectious AND SO UNKNOWN, China could count on bureaucrats, like our federal CDC and other federal agency bureaucrats, TO GREATLY AMPLIFY its deadliness and destructiveness by having the federal government USE IT AS A PRETEXT TO DESTROY our own economy and millions of American citizens’ jobs, and hundreds of thousands of American businesses, the very heart of the middle class in the country.

And now those same, worthless “Public Health Experts” and the Democrat politicians who choose to believe and agree with them (after Donald Trump made the catastrophic error of doing so) are using those “vaccines” to add insult to injury, because those “vaccines” are both killing people, as shown in the article below, WHO WOULD NOT HAVE DIED FROM THE VIRUS at all (people with less than two comorbidities), and are becoming a pretext for governments, our own federal government, and Democrat officials at the state and city level, to destroy additional, large sections of the economy and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of additional peoples’ lives, lives which were not already destroyed by the mandates from the virus itself’s appearance, destruction they demand for anyone who, for any reason including religious ones, regardless whether the person has natural immunity from prior infection by Covid, ANY PERSON WHO REFUSES TO BEND THE KNEE to those bureaucrats, who refuses to accept the chemicals into their body, when ordered unconstitutionally, in violation of all his privacy rights, with no due process, to do so. 

And the chemicals, these experimental chemicals, are not real vaccines at all. REAL VACCINES PREVENT ACQUISITION AND TRANSMISSION OF A VIRUS. These do NEITHER, as has now been proven, and as has been apparent for months.

And the New York Times, The Washington Post, and all the corporate network and cable “news” and the various social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, etc., have been SILENCING ANYONE, anyone like Alex Berenson, who has been pointing out that obvious fact all along, the unfortunate fact of the extremely-limited utility of these “vaccines” which simply reduce the severity of symptoms and do so for just a few months, making them valuable for those with multiple comorbidities — and no one else.

THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES, and all of those”News” sources, all of which are under the control of the Democrat Party which itself is completely in bed with the worthless “Public Health” officials, are determined that no one notices; but now, NO ONE CAN FAIL TO NOTICE ANYMORE.

And, even if you believe in the notion of “Public Health,” there has never been any public health justification whatsoever for FORCING people to take these “vaccines.” The whole purpose of a vaccine is that once persons get it, they do not have to worry about infection from the virus they have been vaccinated against, do not have to worry whether anyone else has the disease, OR HAS HAD THE VACCINE, they have received. For example, if you have the polio vaccine, IT DOESN’T MATTER TO YOUR health if anyone else you encounter has polio, or has had the vaccine against it. The vaccine protects you, and you don’t need to worry about other people.

And the fact that that is not the case with these “vaccines,” tells you that they are not real vaccines at all; they are simply pre-infection treatments, and they only last a few months. And they don’t stop anyone from spreading the disease or getting it.

By its very nature, as we have known from the very beginning with the experience of the people on the cruise ship in February – March, 2020, this virus is highly infectious, moreso than the flu perhaps, but is highly-selective in the people it kills: No one dies from it who does not have A MINIMUM OF TWO COMORBIDITIES, and the average decedent has had four comorbidities. For children it is STATISTICALLY NON-DEADLY at all, at least 10 times less deadly for them than the ordinary flu. 

And yet the lives of children throughout America have been deeply disrupted and injured and even destroyed by the bureaucrats and their Marxist allies in the teachers unions acting in concert, consciously or not, with the Chinese Communists in their undeclared, stealthy war on America, which includes a war on American children, with their school closures and other mandates regarding the virus; and now, adding insult to injury, the “vaccines,” “vaccines” which have no medical reason for being given to any child who lacks a minimum of two comorbidities, unless his parents want it: it is absolutely clear from all the evidence that these “vaccines” are more likely to kill any child who does not have those multiple comorbidities than the virus possibly could; and that is true for adults as well who lack those multiple comorbidities.

So as a risk/reward proposition, it is literally insane to give it to any adult or child who lacks multiple comorbidities (unless he or his parents want it for him).

Even from an actual “public health” standpoint, there has never been any basis whatsoever to demand that anyone get the “vaccines” who does not want it, and particularly no reason to demand that anyone who lacks two comorbidities, anyone who has religious reasons for refusing, and anyone who has been previously Covid-infected and who is thereby naturally immune from the virus, to even want, let alone be forced to receive any of the “vaccines.”

But the real plague we have been infested with and poisoned by has not been the virus, nor even the “vaccines,” but rather OUR OWN GOVERNMENT’S INVOLVEMENT IN PEOPLES HEALTH decisions, government at all levels, city, state and federal, but especially the federal government WHICH IS EXPLICITLY PRECLUDED FROM DOING ALL THIS BECAUSE NOTHING IN THE CONSTITUTION PERMITS IT. 

All of that, all of those unconstitutional assaults on America by the federal government and its functionaries itself, including the politicians who created the agencies those functionaries work for, all of that has been a plague we will live with UNTIL IT IS COMPLETELY ELIMINATED, COMPLETELY ERADICATED, with those agencies dismantled, and all their employees, whose jobs have no Constitutional basis whatsoever, fired.

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  1. Trump played a huge part in getting the vaccine remember operation warp speed I think it was called. He still promotes it. Also the guy who came up with the British academic who came up with the first dire predictions was trying to impress some girl.

  2. To just give Trump a pass on this is wrong. I have seen a message lately where he is trying to promote everyone having a valid ID for voting. And where he says all Republicans need to come out and vote in 22 & 24. Like the Democrats aren’t going to cheat again, like he actually lost in 20. I know Trump did good things while he was in office but he should have shut the hell up. And took care of the voting fraud while he had the power to do so. I will never vote for him again.