The Supreme Court Says the Biden People Have to Stop Destroying Our Lives By Eliminating Our Fuels

Jul 4, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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Americans Hate Paying More for Fuel Then They Were Paying In 2019

If people are having trouble with gas prices now, wait till they continue to go up between now and November. They could be $11 a gallon by then – or even more. There’s nothing (other than the actual rule of law, as announced by the Supreme Court last week) to stop them from continuing to go up with these insane policies that Biden (or rather, whoever is running his government) has imposed on the entire Energy Industry, every aspect of it, and every business connected to it. 

The Biden people (someone besides him is obviously in charge) may genuinely be too stupid to know this, this undeniable fact that by doing everything in their power to crush the oil, gas and coal businesses, they are forcing the suicide of our own economy, of our entire civilization, with his anti-energy policies.

The Biden Regime Is Using All Federal Agencies To Crush The Oil And Gas Business, And The Supreme Court Says The EPA Can’t Do It

Although only specifically precluding the EPA from implementing them, all those other alphabet agencies’ actions in crushing energy businesses have now implicitly also been precluded as unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court since, whether or not it has the power to enact them, Congress has refused to do so, and the president, the Constitution’s Article II executive, that is, has no such power to impose them unilaterally (by weaponizing those agencies against the American people and businesses), policies which have the effect of destroying and transforming an entire industry, as the Biden regime has been imposing unilaterally everywhere and every way it can, as its singular, focused objective, in the economy. 

Yes, that’s what six justices on the Supreme Court said. They just can’t do it.

And If The EPA Can’t Do It, None Of Those Other Agencies Can Constitutionally Do It Either. 

And, so far, the Biden people, besides preventing drilling and exploring for oil and gas everywhere they can, have been using them, all those horrible alphabet agencies, to crush anyone who goes near investing in the oil and gas business, banks, investment banks, and of course the oil and gas businesses themselves, filling them with terror that they will be destroyed if they continue their business at all.

And anyone with a brain knows that all of those policies of the Biden people will result in escalating oil and gas prices, prices going up even before the war in Ukraine began, and the whole game the Biden people have been playing while implementing those policies is to try to convince the American public that they’re not really doing what they are in fact doing, that they really are, as they pretend, doing everything they can to fight inflation and rising gas prices — when they are doing the opposite.

The Biden Policy now Is To Pretend They Are Not Doing What They’re Doing About Energy

And now the Biden people, pretending they can continue to simply do what they’ve been doing, don’t know what to do because they absolutely refuse to reverse their policies, and could not credibly do so without repudiating everything he has done since he stepped into office (which they will never do). 

And, although the Supreme Court hasn’t yet said anything explicitly about all those other agencies crushing all aspects of the oil and gas and coal businesses in America, it has said the president cannot choose to crush any business all by himself, without Congress ordering it – and Congress has not done so. And that’s what all those other alphabet agencies have been doing – and apparently intend to continue doing until they are physically stopped from doing so, indifferent to the lawlessness of their actions.

Americans Despise What the Biden Regime Is Doing

So now, the Biden people’s singular mission is to both continue their insane policies illegally and to divert attention from what is actually going on before everyone’s eyes, to pretend that things are not as they are (with 85% of the country despising where we are going, right now) as the direct result of his insane and suicidal – and now clearly-unconstitutional – anti-energy policies.

So for everyone who actually pays attention to what is going on, it’s apparent that the America-hating Marxist Biden regime is doing the opposite of what the country wants, doing so illegally/unconstitutionally (the Supreme Court said so) without any congressional authorization for its massively-destructive (to the oil and gas businesses and the economy itself) policies, and it’s a sitting duck waiting to be stopped by more cases brought in the courts against all the other federal alphabet administrative agencies, cases deploying the Supreme Court’s EPA case ruling as authority against them – and a sitting duck politically because the public hates what it’s doing.

The Biden Regime Is Committing Political, As Well As National Economic And Civilizational, Suicide with Its Policies

Yes, it certainly looks like a good chance for the Republicans to enjoy a complete wipeout of the Democrat Party, the party which is solely responsible for these (lawless/unconstitutional and catastrophic) policies and the resulting oil and gas prices, a wipeout which could literally last forever, with the very label Democrat becoming (like the label Nazi, or Whig) so detested for generations that no one will ever want to be associated with it. 

Remind me: what were gas prices before Biden became president? Yes, no one’s going to forget that, and that is going to be on everybody’s mind when they vote, indelibly-imprinted on their minds because of every time they got gas for their car — or tried to. 

And Biden Thinks He Can Convince People It’s All Putin’s Fault. 

But, unlike Biden, Putin didn’t stop a single American pipeline from being built in America, while simultaneously OKing the Nordstream pipeline benefiting Russia — only Biden did all of that with strokes of his pen, the minute he sat in his office in January, 2021. 

But that’s been Biden his whole career – a really nasty, corrupt and pathologically-stupid (and now clinically-demented) guy, always ready with a transparent lie, ready to insult people’s intelligence along with their wallets and freedom. That’s who the Democrat party presented to us as their candidate of choice in 2020, because they were convinced he was the only one who could beat Trump. 

Or the only one they could at least half-credibly pretend had actually beaten Trump in the election they had manipulated as no other election had been manipulated before, way beyond any previous October surprises, using the pretext of a virus which is less harmful than the flu, the flu which we have had forever, to the general population to make last-minute voting law changes authorizing endless mail-in ballots whose provenance could never be known, and with all of their combined, massively-powerful propaganda organs – The New York Times, AP, the Washington Post and all the “newspapers” which invariably mimic their content, corporate network “news,” cable “news” and, most importantly, all the social media platforms – all of them combined making certain that the public who relies on them for its information only knew what they wanted them to know and, in particular, didn’t know all the really bad stuff they needed to hide from everyone – including, most glaringly, Hunter Biden’s laptop revealing the entire family as a criminal cartel, pretending it was “Russian disinformation”  – with actual ballot-stuffing and forgery, something the Democrat Party perfected long ago, in the 19th Century, and now, with the social media platform weapons available to them, just an additional precautionary necessity (did they do it? Did they even need to bother?) to produce a completely-manipulated electoral result.

Everyone With Eyes To See Knows Biden’s Real Policy Has Been to Increase Fuel Prices – And To Reverse Everything Trump Did About Everything

Every dollar of the increase in fuel prices is due to Biden’s policies and, in particular, his deliberate and flamboyant reversal of all of President Trump’s policies. And the Supreme Court has now made implicit, though not yet explicit, that all of those anti-energy policies Biden is demanding, policies which all of those other alphabet agencies besides the EPA also are imposing on every business under their thumbs, are completely unconstitutional also. 

The Supreme Court’s Ruling Against the EPA – And All Administrative Agencies’ Power Usurpation

Yes, it happened on Thursday, June 30. It was great news. to anyone who actually cares about the country and its people and the rule of law. The Constitution’s interstate Commerce clause doesn’t permit any of what any of those federal administrative agencies are doing; but the Supreme Court didn’t say that, because it didn’t have to go there to resolve that case: the completely-unconstitutional nature of what the EPA’s anti-energy policies consist of is so blatant it didn’t even have to consider that.

All it had to say was that Congress simply hasn’t authorized the EPA — or, implicitly, any agency — to implement any of that insane, anti-carbon dioxide/anti-energy policy. That’s what the Court ruled: the EPA is an out-of-control usurper of power doing things it has never been given any authorization to do by Congress, the only branch of government which even might have the power to authorize it. 

In truth, even Congress doesn’t have that power; but the Supreme Court has yet to recognize that fact explicitly. 

Since The Obamacare Case, The Supreme Court Has Recognized That the Constitution’s Interstate Commerce Clause Is NOT Authority for All Those Other Administrative Agencies’ Existence

However, it did so implicitly in its (otherwise horrendous) Obamacare opinion, since the Interstate Commerce clause has always been the only Constitutional authority the Supreme Court has invariably relied on as the one, supposedly-constitutional basis for all of those other agencies and, in the Obamacare case, even Roberts recognized that that clause could not authorize Obamacare.

So now at least six Supreme Court justices know that that clause gives no authority for any of what any of those alphabet agencies are doing whatsoever or, in reality, their very existence.

Someone needs to challenge the Constitutionality of the very existence of all those other federal administrative agencies – including the SEC, the FTC, the FCC, the FDA, all of them – after first building on the case shutting down the EPA’s policies and using it to challenge the Constitutionality of all their crushing of all businesses which have anything to do with the energy business, including banks’ lending, and investment banks’ finding investors, for money for oil and gas, and energy transmission, including pipeline deals – now that the Supreme Court has told the EPA to take a hike about its stupid, completely-unconstitutional “green” energy policies, policies forcing power companies to do insane stuff, including simply shutting themselves down, putting themselves completely out of business, even though Congress has never voted for any of that (and has no power to do so but, as I said, the Supreme Court didn’t even have to get to that – yet). 

The Weaponization of Those Federal Administrative Agencies Can Only Be Legal If the Constitution Is Amended to Permit All That

They, the Biden fascists, lost. Big-time. And they can’t fix it until they get an amendment to the Constitution or, at a minimum, massive legislative changes (which will be thrown out by the Supreme Court ultimately, if they can even get Congress to pass them, which they can’t) neither of which they will ever get because it’s all completely against the will of the American people – and they won’t even try to get those changes because they know it’s impossible. 

No one but a tiny, pompous, self-appointed elite group wants, and is willing to pay for, any of that stupid “green” policy; and no one, Including those elitists who run the Biden regime, wants to admit responsibility for $11 per-gallon gas and nonexistent power in the summer, or in the winter, when you try to turn on the lights or the air conditioning or the heat — and nothing happens.

In New York now the elitist Democrat governor want to prevent builders from even putting gas lines in homes so that people won’t even be allowed to have natural gas power. And it’s completely insane. And she thinks that’s a winning issue in New York. And what if it’s not?

Because there is no, actual alternative fuel. And everyone with a brain knows it.

The Whole Electric Car “Industry” Is Based On Lies

And the whole electric car industry is a sham because it wouldn’t exist without government subsidies and power plants providing the energy for the cars, because no one except idiots who think they are saving the planet (they aren’t) wants those things – and people have to be paid/bribed to buy them – with other people’s money. 

And there’s only a limited number of virtue-signaling, affluent leftists who luxuriate in feeling wonderful, self-congratulate for “saving the planet” if they buy electric cars – always with other people’s money. They are toys for the rich and self-anointed, glorified golf carts, cute things at best which will never be practical. And they don’t work if it’s too cold, or if millions of other things happen. 

And they don’t save the planet. They use rare earth minerals available only from China now and no, they don’t run on nothing: of course they run on fuel like other cars, mostly so-called fossil fuels, because although they don’t burn anything inside them, they require energy like every other moving vehicle, with their batteries simply storing energy generated elsewhere, instead of burning it themselves. 

That’s the only difference. They’re burning essentially the same stuff that all cars do except it gets burnt at the power plant instead of in the car itself. And that includes coal and nuclear and natural gas, instead of petroleum. 

It’s all totally stupid. The entire electric car “industry” (if it can be called that) is totally stupid. That’s why Henry Ford decided not to use the electric engine – which was, yes, available when he was around also – and he, a very smart man, decided they were stupid. And he was right.

And it’s never going to be easy to refuel them. That’s never going to be something you can do in five minutes like you can do with a real, gas-burning car or a truck. 

And no one wants to invest in building re-charging stations. The only way they could build the re-charging stations is with massive amounts of taxpayer money they, the politicians, steal from the people and send for those stations. How much taxpayer money was ever used to build gas stations?

And there will never be enough of them, the charging stations, and they will never be quick, like refueling your car with gas is now.

So-Called Fossil Fuels Have Been one of the Greatest Blessings Mankind Has Been Blessed With

So-called fossil fuels — or rather, wonderful fuels that are called fossil fuels even though they have nothing to do with fossils — have been the greatest blessing for mankind since the invention of the wheel. They are the reason that all of us, even the poor, have what would have been considered in previous centuries incredible luxuries in our lives, luxuries which were unknown even for the wealthiest people on the planet without them, all those luxuries we take for granted which we have today – and, unlike previous civilizations, without any slavery whatsoever (at least in the United States; there’s plenty of it elsewhere). 

The Romans needed hundreds of thousands of slaves to run their economy to achieve luxury not even remotely comparable to that of middle class people alive today, and they had 90% of the technology we have — other than fuel! — and they lived like caveman compared to us, even the richest ones, who simply had more lavish surroundings, but no container ships, no airplanes or cars or trains, or any real transportation for people and things not drawn by horse or oxen, no real air conditioning, no refrigerators, none of the benefits of electricity like electrical lighting, none of it. 

And forget about computers, or cellphones, or TVs or anything like that, things that everyone on the planet has now, even the poorest peasants in Africa.

And it’s because they had no fuel source (other than wind, which radical leftists want us to return to!), like we do, these so-called fossil fuels. 

It is those wonderful fuels which are the lifeblood of our entire economy, of our civilization. 

And these insane leftists want to literally destroy all that, eliminate the lifeblood of our economy. It’s like telling people they need an alternative to the blood in their veins. Yes, that’s how stupid it is. And now the Supreme Court has said they simply can’t do it.

In response to: Gallup Poll: 67% of Americans Say Gas Prices Causing a ‘Hardship,’ 55% Altering Vacation Plans

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