The US state department is Israel’s enemy – and ours

Mar 31, 2023

Clifford Ribner
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Our Monstrous State Department Is Violating Our Laws and Treating Israel Like An Enemy Whose Domestic Policies And Politics It Can Interfere In Without Congressional Authorization

Nothing in the Constitution permits this kind of payment by the utterly-despicable, anti-American and anti-Israeli, unelected bureaucrats in the State Department. Imagine the furor if another country were doing this in our American politics! 

So endless and routine have become the violations of actual American law by what has become our monstrous, anti-American, federal government, that all its officers, both purportedly-elected and unelected, take for granted that they have the right to be doing what they have been doing – imposing on us, the American citizens, and our true allies, a rule of anti-American Marxist lawyers, the rule of unelected bureaucrats, the opposite of the rule of law guaranteed to us, the American citizens, by our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

This is beyond despicable. They are violating Israeli law and our treaties with Israel by doing this – and those treaties are our law, not something that unelected bureaucrats can gratuitously set aside as these monstrous and evil unelected bureaucrats are obviously doing, no doubt under the orders of the criminal cartel which presently illegitimately occupies the power of the presidency, the power of the entire Executive branch of the federal government, by having fraudulently obtained power over that Executive branch by defrauding the American public in multiple ways during the 2020 election, with each of those acts of fraud all of which were, as we now know from the Twitter papers which Elon Musk has permitted released, participated in by the lawless federal bureaucracy, the entire FBI and CIA acting as if they were at war with the American public, fraud participated in actively by Joe Biden personallyobviously invalidating the 2020 election’s purported outcome under the Common Law of Contracts which forbids anyone from obtaining benefits from a contract (i.e., the Constitution itself) by committing fraud, and which Contract Law controls all operations under the Constitution as its exclusive enforcement mechanism. 

They are treating Israel as an enemy to be defeated and subjected to their will, just like all of their fellow, unelected bureaucrats treat the American citizens! 

Yes, those monstrous bureaucrats throughout all of those hideous and unconstitutional (an unconstitutional fourth branch of the federal government!) federal administrative agencies treat the American people and all American businesses like their slaves, subject to their every whim, with citizens requiring their permission to do anything, with bureaucrats routinely violating all the rights of all business-owners – and those of everyone they deal with, their employees and their customers, all while pretending they are “protecting” those employees and customers, and doing the opposite – the entire federal government now consumed with destroying everyone’s freedom of contract and right to pursue happiness, all based on the preposterous, nonsense notion that the Interstate Commerce clause of the Constitution, and that clause alone, invalidates the rest of the Constitution! invalidates all citizens’ freedom of contract (the singular right which Freemen have, and serfs do not, the one individual liberty expressly specified in the text of the original Constitution, before its first 10 Amendments, the Bill of Rights), lying and pretending that that Interstate Commerce clause of the Constitution eliminates all citizens’ right to pursue happiness, that it destroys all citizens’ individual liberties and rights, the very things for which the very men who created the Constitution fought the incredibly-dangerous and bloody Revolution against the greatest super-power of the day, Britain, to preserve for the citizens, freedoms and rights which are guaranteed to all American citizens in the Declaration of Independence (enforceable, as even the Supreme Court has recognized, under the 14th Amendment, Allgeyer v. State of La., 165 U.S. 578, 590, 17 S. Ct. 427, 431, 41 L. Ed. 832 (1897)), to preserve those precious Rights for the citizens in the very existence of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, those being our amazing founding documents whose sole purpose was to institutionalize individual liberty in this country, doing so in the social contract, itself subject to the Common Law of Contracts for its enforcement, the social contract between the citizens and the states which is the Constitution.

Yes, although it is, as it explicitly provides, The Supreme Law of The Land, the Constitution notably lacks any provisions for its enforcement; but that is because it is indeed enforceable under the law of Contracts, Contract laws contained in the Common Law, the law of Freemen given to us by the British, the laws institutionalizing the 10 Commandments, developed by British judges over centuries applying the 10 Commandments to actual cases. 

Yes, the Constitution is, by its own terms, indeed  a contract institutionalizing individual liberty, a contract between the American citizens (“We the people of the United States, in order to… secure the blessings of liberty…“) and the states which creates, empowers and limits (by explicitly enumerating and describing, and not empowering – and explicitly precluding any powers not so enumerated) the federal government, a contract containing explicit provisions which alone authorize the federal government’s very existence and its very-limited powers (spelled out in its Article I § 8), none of which have anything to do with policing the American people and our businesses – with policing the citizens being the job almost exclusively of the states, with them doing so by enforcing the Common Law, not the job of the federal government (except for the very-few crimes explicitly-enumerated therein as enforceable by the federal government), institutionalizing a limited government guaranteeing individual liberty for the citizens for the very first time ever in history, the first – and still the only – time ever in the history of the planet.

In the face of all of that, in unconstitutional defiance and violation of all that, in fact, Congress has created, and endlessly-empowered, those monstrous, unconstitutional Marxist administrative agencies, none of which, in real life, do anything of value for the citizens at all, each of which, unlike any of the actual, constitutional branches of the federal government, unconstitutionally exercises (combined power absolutely-forbidden by the Constitution precisely because such a combination of power is “the very definition of tyranny,” according to Madison himself in The Federalist #47) all three powers of government, Executive, Legislative and Judicial (making them functionally-indistinguishable from the hideous bureaucracies which enslaved the people of the USSR).

And the Supreme Court has unconstitutionally rubberstamped them, rubberstamped all that massive violation and destruction of the Constitution, of everything our Founders fought the Revolution for.

Yes, that Court has, since the 1930s, been defrauding us, the American citizens, pretending that the Constitution’s Interstate Commerce clause in its Article I § 8, that that clause, and that clause alone! all by itself disempowers all citizens’ individual liberty, authorizes the federal government to be a totalitarian, Marxist dictatorship dictating all the terms of any contract its politicians and unelected bureaucrats choose (in grotesque defiance of the entire Constitution and multiple, specific clauses in it), policing every detail of citizens’ conduct, that that clause whose purpose (preventing states from bullying out-of-state businesses) was exactly the opposite of what they are claiming it does, with them claiming, fraudulently, that it turns the entire Declaration of Independence and the rest of the Constitution on their heads, abolishing individual liberty, turning all citizens and their businesses into slaves of the Marxist, central, federal state. 

Yes, they have been fraudulently pretending that that clause, and that clause alone, in the Constitution permits the federal government to police (with no limiting principal applicable) all individuals and businesses in the country however it chooses, completely illegalizing at the whim of politicians and unelected bureaucrats entire business segments if they so choose, like a totalitarian Marxist state, treating all “commerce,” (the word actually means the word “trade” in modern usage, not “business”) all business and businesses and, indeed, all other interactions between citizens, as an inferior, monstrous activity (the way Marxists view it, not believers in the free market which our founders most definitely were) subject to unlimited policing by Congress and unelected bureaucrats – exactly the way Marxists view all individuals and businesses, as slaves to the totalitarian Marxist state.

That’s what all of those hideous bureaucracies they have unconstitutionally created do – police the American people like a defeated enemy, making up unconstitutional “laws” they call “regulations,” pretending they don’t have the force of law (as, in reality, except for the usurpations which we have been ever-so-patiently tolerating, they don’t – but tell that to the hundreds of thousands those “regulations” have unconstitutionally criminalized, citizens who have been fined, jailed, their businesses destroyed, their lives ruined, for violating them) bureaucrats just going ahead and making them up on the go, violating the requirements for real laws spelled out in detail in the Constitution’s Article I, and unconstitutionally imposing punishments on anyone who violates any “regulation” they declare, punishments which are only Constitutionally-permitted to be imposed by Constitutionally-instituted Article III courts, not by unelected bureaucrats in an unconstitutional (the Constitution only permits three!) fourth branch of the federal government, the administrative state, with such punishments permitted constitutionally only after due process, and only under laws that are real, constitutionally-created laws, not made up s–t like all those “regulations.”

That’s why the monstrous and genuinely-evil “Justice” Department was created in 1870, to impose discretionary, violent, criminalizing tyranny on the defeated South and make it permanently defeated, humiliated, completely-disempowered, criminalized, enslaved by the North, by the federal government’s “Justice” department bureaucrats, punished as an inferior part of the country, indicting Southern US citizens who they singled out selectively (just like they do to all citizens today) whenever they wanted to on Monday, and hanging them on Saturday, for all the new crimes they were suddenly allowed to create under the enabling language in the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments (before those amendments were ratified, there were only two crimes, besides Treason – which the federal government could prosecute under its Article I § 8 – Piracy, but only on the high seas, and Counterfeiting – counterfeiting which the monstrous, incompetent and unconstitutional Fed commits every second of its unconstitutional existence, since the federal government is only allowed to “coin” money, not print it. Yes, that’s it).

This is why every single bureaucracy in Washington and all of their monstrous, unconstitutional tentacles throughout the country – other than the IRS! the only one whose existence is legal, though much less-powerfully than Congress has pretended it is authorized to empower it to be; yes, the IRS’ existence alone is Constitutional, because they at least went to the trouble to ratify (through trickery, fraud on the people which should invalidate it under the law of Contracts) the 16th amendment – each and every one of them absolutely have to be completely disbanded, all their bureaucrats disempowered and fired – and prosecuted in civil lawsuits by citizens to the extent they have unconstitutionally and tortiously harmed them. 

Yes, unfortunately we do indeed need a State Department, but not with all its unelected bureaucrats making policy the way they do, violating our laws and treaties however they desire based on their political preferences – all of which are invariably anti-American and Marxist. 

Under the Constitution, in the actual, Article II executive branch, only the President is permitted to make foreign policy, and the President can only do so based on law, including our treaties; and our treaties with Israel preclude even the President from doing anything like this. 

Israel should sue those bastards in an American court, or in an Israeli court.

In response to: U.S. State Department Undermines Netanyahu’s Government with Controversial Funding

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