The Worthless Federal Bureaucrats Just Keep on Committing the Crime of The Millennium

May 27, 2023

Clifford Ribner
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Every day, every time any of these bureaucracies are exposed for what they really are, they prove exactly what I say about them in my book, “Freedom’s Last Stand” – and the very reason why the brilliant Founders wrote the Constitution the way they did – to make all those unelected bureaucracies with policing power over the American citizens absolutely unconstitutional – besides being completely-immoral and having no value whatsoever for the American people, serving the purposes only of the bureaucrats and the bureaucracies themselves, and corrupt politicians and the legions of other parasites who primarily populate five of the seven wealthiest counties in the country, those surrounding Washington DC, people who contribute absolutely nothing of value to the American people or our economy, and feed off of us like the parasites they are, stealing all of our money and power, destroying all individual liberty in the country, poisoning the country completely, infesting all our institutions even those beyond the bureaucracy, even infesting the churches and synagogues in the country – because of the power they can exercise over any individual at every step, with the individual always being susceptible, vulnerable to power over him, power which can destroy him, power which all those agencies have been unconstitutionally-given by politicians in the three actual branches of the federal government, all that power completely and lawlessly usurped by those politicians, stolen from the American people in a zero-sum game, where every drop of power those agencies have is taken directly, drop-for-drop from the American people.

ALL of them, EVERY SINGLE ONE of those federal bureaucracies (other than the IRS, which is constitutional to exist, by virtue of the ratification of the 16th amendment which Americans were tricked into doing by the Marxists in charge of the country in the early 20th century, although it has been given vastly more power than it is permitted under the Constitution), have to be abolished in order for the Rule Of Law, the essential ingredient for individual liberty to exist, in order for that Rule Of Law which we obviously do not have at all anymore, with us suffering under the rule of lawyers, instead of the rule of law, in order for the rule of law to return to America, since those unelected bureaucracies are utterly morally-evil, unconstitutional, and do nothing of value whatsoever for the American people, all as proven beyond any reasonable doubt in my book. 

They, those federal alphabet and other agencies, cannot be reformed. They are the completely-unconstitutional fourth branch of government which has no place whatsoever in America, the one country in world history whose founding was dedicated to preserving individual liberty, individual liberty which is precluded by every single one of those agencies, with none of those agencies having any legitimate existence here at all. 

Their very existence itself is lawless.

That’s why their actions always end up being lawless, power deployed at the discretion of the bureaucrats, always on behalf exclusively of the Democrat/Marxist Party – a pure Marxist front cartel, the party/Cartel whose VERY EXISTENCE has been dedicated to promoting Marxist bureaucracy to completely and absolutely control the American people under a Marxist dictatorship, with each and every one of those federal alphabet and other agencies completely-unconstitutional and indistinguishable from the commissariats, the instruments of the dictatorship that existed in the USSR, the institutionalization of which has been the single-minded purpose of the Democrat party – ever since Woodrow Wilson created the blueprint for it, the blueprint which it (And plenty of worthless Republicans, like Teddy Roosevelt and the Bush family) have been following ever since, with the unelected bureaucrats always doing what their political masters or compatriots want them to do against all opponents of the Democrat/Marxist party/Cartel, always exclusively against their political enemies, never against the ACTUAL enemies of the nation, who they could care less about – or, as in the case of the Chinese communist party, who THEY AGREE WITH about everything – other than who, them or the Chinese Communist party members, should be in charge. 

And it doesn’t matter how patriotic the troops are when they first join those federal bureaucracies. They all end up (if they don’t they are removed and destroyed) just like Comey, and Christopher Wray, and John Brennan (or Bill Barr, who physically stopped all of the investigations by the “Justice” Department into the 2020 election fraud, in the face of MASSIVE evidence of it in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and other states, PHYSICALLY STOPPED the US attorneys in those states from pursuing those investigations – as his particular job in the ruling cartel, doing his part for the Marxists who he had to be loyal to in order to keep his position in Washington) all the political bureaucrat hack pieces of shit who signed that completely-fraudulent letter (as John Durham has proven beyond any doubt, although he did absolutely nothing about it, didn’t even charge the real criminals, just going after the small-potatoes bit-players, button-men for those in charge who, as he knew, couldn’t be convicted anyway in the completely-corrupt and purely-politicized Democrat Party-populated Washington DC courts, where Democrats go scott-free for the worst crimes, and Republicans get convicted for doing absolutely nothing criminal at all, with Durham also doing his part for the criminal cabal producing his report years after he could have done so, after many statutes of limitations had run, performing, just as Bill Barr wanted him to do when he appointed him special counsel, nothing but a virtual white-wash, a fake investigation that ended up, yes, describing in its years-late text what happened, but with no consequences whatsoever for the real criminals, effectively rewarding their fraud since they reap the rewards of it, and get off scott-free) claiming, completely-fraudulently, that the Hunter Biden laptop – with its massive, documentary-proof of decades of influence-selling and, yes, treason, by Joe Biden and his entire family (with his family members acting as nothing but his bagmen collecting the cash from the influence-buyers and victims of the Biden blackmail-and-extortion, including foreign governments, including actual enemies of this nation like communist China, splitting all that money, as Hunter describes it himself in an email, those family member/bagmen were paid from everyone else 50-50 with Joe) with all those bureaucracies lying and claiming that that incredible evidence against Joe Biden that that laptop was “Russian disinformation!”

That entire Black-bag psy-ops operation against the American people was, as it turns out, simply one of the steps in the single biggest crime in history, the genuine sedition against the American people, the biggest treason and crime in history, which is still going on now, never to be stopped until it is physically-stopped, an ongoing military-type psy-ops assault/War on the American people, beginning with the Obama-created “Crossfire Hurricane” campaign conducted against Donald Trump during the campaign of 2016 (accusing him of “colluding with the Russians![sic],” as demanded by Hillary Clinton, all a complete-fraud, as now proven, over half a decade late!, by the pathetic Durham, that career “Justice” department bureaucrat-hack himself, proven even by him to be nothing but a pure, fraudulent crime, proven even by the worthless Durham beyond any reasonable doubt, with that scam, that sedition and treason destroying President Trump’s presidency for three years!), beginning during the 2016 election and continuing WHILE HE WAS IN OFFICE THE ENTIRE TIME, a massive mutiny/sedition and treason committed by the entire, unelected federal bureaucracy, beginning, and probably continuing all along at the direction of Obama, finishing up – again, while President Trump was still in office! – with that letter signed by 51 of those utterly-worthless bureaucrat hacks, that letter which they used/deployed during the 2020 campaign to help get Joe Biden “elected.” 

And they used/Deployed that monstrous letter, together with implicit – or maybe even explicit – threats from them, to force all of the sources of information in the country which American citizens rely on, social media platforms, “Newspapers,” Cable “news,” corporate network “news,” everything that people are told is actual sources of information, they used that letter to convince enough – millions more than enough, in fact, according to actual polling, at least 17% –and perhaps as many as 71%! of the (81 million, supposedly) people who supposedly-voted for Biden! – convincing all those people to vote for Joe Biden because it kept them completely-unaware of his massive, genuinely-treasonous corruption throughout his entire decades in Washington, as a senator and vice president (conclusive proof of which on that laptop which that monstrous letter lied and pretended was nothing but “Russian disinformation”), with millions of voters perhaps even thinking that Joe Biden was a tragic victim of “Russian disinformation,” instead of the perpetrator of even worse-disinformation for real against the American people, vastly worse than any actual Russian disinformation ever, millions more voters than enough to get him past the apparent election finish-line which ended up being “decided” by a few thousand voters, maybe 40,000, in a few states, states in which President Trump was winning by hundreds of thousands of votes each at 10:30 PM on election night, and somehow mysteriously lost in the wee-hours of the night, after all those states simultaneously shut down their vote-counting. 

And yes, we know from polling, again, that at least one-in-six if not over 71%! of the people who voted for Biden would, according to their own answers to pollsters, never have voted for him, millions of them, millions more than would’ve been enough for President Trump to win in a landslide, if they had known the truth about the Hunter Biden laptop, truth they were actively-prevented from learning during the election by that very letter concocted and deployed against the American people by all those genuinely-evil, unelected bureaucrats – all under the direct direction of Christopher Wray, who was in charge of the FBI when that was all going on.

And now they, those unelected bureaucrats, are still continuing that same sedition/treason against both the real President Trump and the American people, even after Trump has left office, with the “Justice” department’s and the FBI’s completely-concocted criminal assault/”investigation“ against him, the real, legitimately-elected President, with Biden only in the White House because of fraud, fraud which, under basic contract law, the law required to enforce the Constitution, vitiates any of Biden’s rights under the Constitution to be president, with the unelected bureaucracy all-arrayed continuously against President Trump at his home, Mara Lago, with their continuing assault and sedition against him, that sedition conducted against the actually-elected president Trump, with all those federal bureaucrats, the “Justice” department and the entire Biden cartel all claiming that anyone who thinks that – the truth about the election, the truth that Trump was, under the laws of contract, because of all that fraud in which Biden actively-participated, the legitimate winner of the 2020 election – arrayed against all those in the country who know or at least believe that that is the case, that Biden only “won” the election by massive-fraud perpetrated by Biden himself (in the debate, where he repeated the lie in that fraudulent, bureaucracy-created letter about the Hunter Biden laptop being “Russian disinformation”) the entire federal bureaucracy –even apart from any old-fashioned ballot-stuffing that was done, with all of those bureaucrats and Biden, everyone in the Biden cartel, lying and claiming that anyone who knows or suspects the truth about the 2020 election is a criminal committing treason/”INSURRECTION!!” – the word they love to use against their political opponents who know the truth about the 2020 election – all done in tandem with the Orwellian-named “Justice” Department and the FBI, to completely concoct a “crime” President Trump supposedly committed regarding bureaucrat-created “regulations” governing classified documents, documents which  he had already ordered to be DECLASSIFIED when he chose, as he had every right to do, to take them to his home, while he has still president, and so had, even under those stupid, bureaucrat-created “regulations,” 100% power to do that, before leaving office. 

One scam after another by those unelected bureaucrats who pretend to “protect” us and use all of that power they have against us, the American people, all ENTIRELY conducted by the worthless, unelected federal bureaucracies, all at the beck-and-call of the Democrat/Marxist party – and the Democrat party alone (although including plenty of worthless, nominal-Republicans, like Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell and Bill Barr, and plenty of others, who go along with the whole scam) – turning America into a worthless banana republic, rotten to the core, poisoned by that bureaucracy everywhere.

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