Trump’s comments about the Twitter disclosures of the fraud in connection with Hunter Biden’s laptop

Dec 7, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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President Trump inartfully said that the Constitution needs to be invalidated because of the massive fraud and collusion between the government, Twitter, the Biden campaign, etc., disclosed by Twitter (with more disclosures to come) in connection with the 2020 election, a facially silly thing for him to say – except for the fact that its essential substance is correct: the election must be set aside as a matter of BASIC CONTRACT LAW, contract law which necessarily governs the interpretation and application of the CONSTITUTION since it is, by its own terms, a social contract between the people and the states of America under which, in addition to describing the individual liberties of American citizens, the federal government is created, and the procedures mandated for each of its separate branches are described, as are the specific, very limited, powers delegated therein to each branch of the government.

President Trump invariably gets very bad legal advice from the lawyers he consults with. But his instincts about these things are correct.

He was correct that the Twitter disclosures reveal the manifest and overwhelming fraudulent corruption of the 2020 election processes, corruption effected by multiple actors, INCLUDING multiple official actors and JOE BIDEN HIMSELF, the FBI, all of the social media platforms, corporate Network “news,” the nation’s “newspapers” – other than The New York Post which reported the story correctly and was actively suppressed and slandered by all of the rest of them.

The complete corruption of all of the 2020 election procedures was produced by the active participation of the unelected bureaucrats of the FBI, and the agency itself, clearly as an internal policy matter – with that agency being both the policing arm of the “justice” department and the predominant federal policing/investigatory body – actively and forcefully COLLUDING WITH/COMPELLING actions by all of the social media platforms, 51 former heads of the CIA, etc., newspapers, cable news, corporate network “news,” and JOE BIDEN HIMSELF actively participating not only as the beneficiary of the fraud, but also in that collusion itself –the fraudulent conspiracy between all of them as they willfully created, out of thin air, and manufactured their fraudulent story about the Hunter Biden laptop, a massive fraud manufactured and promoted very actively by all of them acting in concert, all intended and, indeed, highly-effective (according to polls, changing the votes of one out of six Biden voters –13.5 million votes! – to vote for him when they would never have done so had they known the truth), to significantly affect the outcome of the election, with the active intention that the public rely on their fraud, and its massive publication by all of those participants, each and in its/his own way, to the entire American voting public.

And yes, it was indeed JOE BIDEN HIMSELF who actively and WILLFULLY participated in the conspiracy to defraud the American public when he USED/WEAPONIZED the story of the lie itself to lie to the American public about all of this IN THE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE, literally DEFRAUDING THE COUNTRY himself, all to spread the lie prior to the election that Hunter Biden’s laptop was “Russian disinformation,” the very OPPOSITE OF THE TRUTH,.

Because that laptop contains, in fact, UNDENIABLE DOCUMENTARY PROOF of the unbelievable corruption of the entire Biden family, including Joe (who cares about Hunter?), Joe himself who is shown in multiple contents of the laptop, including emails by Hunter, etc., to have been receiving for decades 50% OF ALL ILLICIT PROCEEDS his family members collected on his behalf, his family members each acting as bagmen on his behalf, with Joe also committing massive tax fraud by REPORTING NONE of that on his tax returns, many millions of dollars from manifestly criminal and corrupt sales of his office, sales producing money for Joe himself TREASONOUSLY in many cases TO OTHER COUNTRIES themselves, putting Joe on the payroll of China in a multibillion-dollar deal in which Joe gets an EXTRA “10% for the big guy,” above and beyond his normal 50% cut, millions of dollars of corrupt money received by him over a multi-decade time period.

President Trump is correct that, under basic contract law, all of those facts require that the 2020 election should be declared invalid based also on the overwhelming and deliberately-hidden fraudulence, coupled with its fraudulent concealment, by all of those parties, including Joe himself and the FBI and the others, the 2020 election declared invalid as a matter of UNDERLYING CONTRACT LAW, since THE CONSTITUTION ITSELF IS A SOCIAL CONTRACT which must be interpreted and applied accordingly, a contract whose normally-prescribed procedures and outcomes must be invalidated and nullified IN THIS CASE to deprive those who defiled the Constitution by their fraudulent actions from benefiting from so doing: under fundamental contract law, it is basic and has been an absolutely essential part of the rule of law itself in our nation, whose fundamental laws, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, arise out of the British Common Law and the British revolutions (beginning with Magna Carta and culminating with the Glorious Revolution of 1688-9, after the Civil War/Revolution) – with each of those revolutions extracting more and more power for the citizens from the central government and giving/returning it to the people, all of which preceded, and were the very foundation, of ours since before America’s founding and thereafter – that FRAUD by public officials/Lawyers CAN NEVER be permitted to prevail; the defrauding public official/lawyer, who actively also conceals his fraud to prolong benefits derived therefrom, as Joe has clearly done, must NEVER be able to benefit under the contract, in this case the Constitution, from his fraud, WITHOUT REGARD TO ANY OTHER MATTER, including statutes of limitations, estoppel, laches, anything, when he has, as Biden and the others have done in this case, HIDDEN the fraud himself, etc. The Supreme Court recognized these principles in Hazel Atlas Glass Co. v. Hartford-Empire Glass, 322 U.S. 238 (1944).

But President Trump is wrong: that fraud does not in any way invalidate the Constitution itself; it simply forbids Joe Biden and his co-conspirators FROM BENEFITING from their fraud, requiring a remedy of eliminating any benefit he and his co-conspirators have derived, as third-party beneficiaries of the Constitution/contract, from such fraud, notwithstanding the normal time periods and other procedures specified in the Constitution.
Although it is indeed a contract, and contract law/the rule of law is the context out of which it arises and operates, the Constitution is not a suicide pact, and once its operations have been deliberately thwarted and defiled by officials, including the FBI, multiple other officials, AND JOE BIDEN HIMSELF, all of them together deliberately defiling it with fraud, AND FRAUDULENTLY CONCEALING THAT FRAUD until it has now been undeniably exposed, all as has been done here, the American people are not required to submit to the manifestly-illegitimate government which results, and are entitled to have the election redone, at a minimum, a special election to remedy the monstrous circumstances present, with President Trump reinstated and continuing in office until the outcome of that second election is known.

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