Unconstitutional, Unelected, Federal Bureaucrats are the Only Ones Preventing Us from having Flying Cars, Like in the Jetsons

Jan 26, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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You have to see this article below, the article about this flying car, something which is obviously wondrous, something which works, SOMETHING WE COULD ALL BE USING NOW. Because this article, the one you are reading, and that article and video attached below, and anyone else who writes about it, are the only places you’ll see the flying car in America — until we banish the FAA and all the other unconstitutional federal agencies.

The Unconstitutional Bureaucrats Prevent Us From Getting What We Actually Want, And We Don’t Need Them For Anything They Pretend To Provide

Those hideous, unconstitutional agencies prevent us from having things like this flying car, and millions of things we can’t even imagine — and they think, or at least pretend, that they are doing great things for us by depriving us of these things, that we need those agencies for our “safety” — as if they, with their legions of worthless bureaucrats, actually know anything (they don’t), AS IF THEY KNOW BETTER WHAT WE WANT FOR OURSELVES THAN WE DO, forbidding us from buying anything they don’t give us permission to buy — as if they have the right to do any such thing, the right to be our masters, instead of our servants, as the federal government is supposed to be.

But the reality is that they don’t do anything of value, nothing that couldn’t be done better, and infinitely cheaper in so many ways, by real people unaffiliated with the government, people who don’t have power over us to prevent us from buying and selling what we want, power to destroy everyone and everything they touch – as they do.

We don’t need any of them, any of those worthless agencies, at all, and they are an unconstitutional cancer within us, a cancer which, like all cancers, grows and grows until it is completely removed.

And that is why it, that cancer, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE FEDERAL ALPHABET REGULATORY AGENCIES — and entire, unconstitutional departments of our government, including the Labor, the Education, the Transportation departments, HUD and HEW, and many others — need to be removed. Because THEIR VERY PRESENCE, THEIR EXISTENCE, IS AN INSULT TO OUR CITIZENSHIP — and an insult to the rule of law, since they are violating the Constitution by their very existence.

The Unconstitutional Federal Bureaucracies Do Nothing Of Value To Us

Let me emphasize it: all those federal alphabet agencies and unconstitutional departments do nothing of value for the citizens. Any “service” they pretend to perform can be privatized and be done infinitely better and cheaper, giving us the freedom their very presence (unconstitutionally performing ALL THREE POWERS OF GOVERNMENT, legislative, executive and judicial, something that is absolutely forbidden in our republic for anyone to do, their doing so constituting “the very definition of tyranny,” as Madison described it in The Federalist # 47) steals from us.

Everything Of Any Actual Value The Bureaucrats Do Now Could And Must Be Privatized

To the extent they actually perform any services of value, things people would actually want to pay for, all of those services can be performed far better, without destroying our liberty, as they do, by private people, private businesses set up by private people to do those services, people actually intent on serving our interests, and not their own, as bureaucracies always do, people and businesses giving us what we want, with us keeping all our options of doing what we want, with us free to choose, instead of having our choices policed by bureaucrats, with us retaining all of the endless choices, CHOICES WE DON’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT NOW, with everyone under the dictatorial thumb of those agencies, choices we are deprived of as an integral part of those alphabet agencies’ actions — and their very purpose.

There is no “service” the government performs, other than those very few things specified in the Constitution, those being THE ONLY THINGS IT’S ALLOWED TO DO, which can’t be done better by real people, citizens and their businesses answerable to the Common Law and the laws of the market, the laws of supply and demand, real services which would be far better if those bureaucrats in their worthless agencies weren’t performing them at all, since they always do so as monopoly providers, answerable to no one.

All those agencies have been created, beginning with the first one, the Interstate Commerce Commission, in 1887, by Marxist politicians (pretending to be otherwise) pretending that we needed them for our “protection” from each other, protection from our fellow citizens; but we don’t.

The Common Law And The Market Are The Only Things Necessary To Police All Citizens In A Free Country

For that protection we have the Common Law, the only citizen-policing law that should ever govern free people, along with the Constitution, WHICH POLICES THE POLITICIANS, NOT THE PEOPLE, together with the real forces of the market, supply and demand.

And the claim, always made by those insisting that we need those agencies, that without those agencies we would simply be the “Wild West” with no laws at all, no protections, is simply a lie. Those agencies and the laws which create them and the laws that they unconstitutionally create (which they call “regulations”) do not protect us: they enslave us.

And everything would be far better with no federal government bureaucratic involvement in performing any of those services and, instead, permitting the performance of those services, their provision to the public, to be controlled exclusively by market forces, and policed by the states under their Common Law rules, laws administered exclusively by courts under due process rules; and the providers of the services would not be, as they are now, government monopolies armed with the purely-discretionary power to ruin peoples’ lives, as all those federal alphabet agencies which “regulate” us do, “regulatory” power they have no right to under the Constitution.

Our skies, airports and everything involved in the flight business are a market, probably multiple markets, all of which could be managed and disciplined by private parties, private businesses – under the Common Law and the laws of the market, the laws of supply and demand, which they would have to answer to, and which they should have to answer to alone, instead of having a federal government bureaucracy monopolize the whole thing, which it does now through those agencies.

Those agencies make us and all the businesses ANSWER TO THEM AS OUR MASTERS.

When the regulation of an industry is handled by private parties contractually, as can always be done, the regulators have to answer to us, to the market, to our supply and demand requirements, and to the requirements of the laws of contracts and of property rights, and Common Law business torts, all of which prevent them from doing harm to us — or else anyone harmed can sue whoever harms them, INCLUDING THOSE PERFORMING THE SERVICES OF REGULATING THE BUSINESSES, for all that harm.

Now, with us under the thumb of all of those endless agencies, they can harm us at their will. And they do. And they answer to no one, and no one can sue them for any of the massive harm they constantly do, much of which is invisible.

The Bureaucrats And Their Bureaucracies Are Incompetent, Besides Being Unconstitutional, And All The Laws Creating Them And Which They Have Created Must Be Repealed

And the government has no business or competence to be managing any of these markets — yes, including controlling air traffic, and dictating all the most minute details of what kind of planes can fly, and where, and even all the most minute details of manufacturing those planes, and everything about the airports, everything down to the most minute detail of everything involved in flying in America.

And of course the way to get rid of that nonsense, and replace it with private businesses — in addition to repealing all of the unconstitutional legislation permitting all of those unconstitutional agencies to even exist, unconstitutional laws granting them all the powers that they have been given by politicians grabbing power from the people, the citizens, in a zero-sum game — is TO COMPLETELY REPEAL, ELIMINATE THE ANTITRUST LAWS AND ELIMINATE ALL FEDERAL GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRATIC INVOLVEMENT IN ALL THESE THINGS.

Private Businesses Can Do Everything The Government Agencies Pretend To Do Now – And Do It Infinitely Better

Let private parties do all of it, with no federal government bureaucracy to answer to, and they will do it brilliantly, they will figure out how to do it in ways we can’t even imagine now, with the threats of competition, and liability under the Common Law, governing how they operate and what they produce, operating for the benefit of their customers, us, and not for the benefit of the bureaucrats, private businesses managing the markets for these things as they do, for example, for stock exchanges, stock exchanges which only have problems because of the presence of other unconstitutional federal agencies, the SEC primarily, but also others, creating insane rules, stupid licensing requirements, all sorts of things interfering in actual, otherwise-legal contracting between people, gaming the system in ways that advantage Wall Street against its own customers, and advantage other big players who can afford expensive advisers to navigate all those regulations, forcing conformity with their rules for everyone to follow, rules enforceable viciously, rules which do nothing of value for anyone except for the parasites who feed off of their existence, parasites in the lobbying and legal businesses, and the bureaucrats themselves – and yes, even corrupt, incumbent businesses in bed with the bureaucrats, all of it disadvantages ordinary people, all in the name of helping “The little guy,” the opposite of what bureaucracies actually do.

Regarding the flying business, and all its actual details — a genuine industry, probably lots of them, whatever the real market forces dictate, could and would be created to manage all of this stuff, contractually — we can and must privatize everything each of those unconstitutional federal alphabet agencies.

And doing so would serve the public and its demands, instead of having the public serve them, the bureaucrats, as all of those worthless agencies force us to do.

And we would have better airports, better in ways we can’t even imagine, free of the corruption they have under government control, and better and cheaper – and even safer, because it’s in the financial interest of the businesses performing all the actual services to be as safe as possible – we would have everything we desire, everything the bureaucrats are incapable of providing, airplanes, flying cars, and who knows what else.

We Need To Get Rid Of The Unconstitutional, And Genuinely Evil, FDA

And, as just another, glaring example of unconstitutional, worthless federal bureaucracy, ridding us of the despicable FDA would result in better drugs, drugs which would cost a fraction of what they do now, and having them available years before they are now, permitting people who desperately want drugs to get them without having to beg the government bureaucrats and the pharmaceutical companies to do so before the FDA, in its absolute, tyrannical discretion, approves of them. And everything would be cheaper and better without the bureaucrats’ involvement.

In a free country, which we are supposed to be but no longer are because of these agencies, free people should be free to buy and sell whatever they want, so long as they are not committing a real crime in doing so (such as selling valuable computer technology to our enemies).

The federal government simply has no business telling people what drugs they should be allowed to buy and sell from one another — and nothing in the Constitution permits it to be doing any of that. The VERY PEOPLE WHO CREATED the FDA in 1906 knew that they had to get the Constitution AMENDED TO PERMIT THE PROHIBITION/”REGULATION” OF ALCOHOL alone (compared to ALL FOOD AND DRUGS OF ANY KIND, which the FDA claims power to completely control) — something that they did with the 18th amendment, for alcohol, an abomination which the people of America eventually repealed when they came to their senses.

But they never even had the decency to even try to amend the Constitution to permit the FDA, as was required for them to do. They just went ahead and unconstitutionally created it, lawlessly giving it endless power over the citizens, knowingly and deliberately breaking/violating the Constitution, the supreme law of the land, in doing so.

And without the FDA, and all the other federal agencies which stick their noses into the development of drugs and research, there would be far more companies in the drug industry, producing things we can’t even imagine now, with no need for companies to be intertwined with the bureaucrats in order to survive, as the big, bureaucratic drug companies we have now do — and must, in order to survive at all.

The FAA Is What Prevents Us From Having Flying Cars And Ruins The Business It “Regulates” For All Of Us

So long as we have these worthless agencies like the FAA in America, it’ll take decades before these flying cars described in the article below are allowed to be here, maybe never — unless and until all those unconstitutional agencies like the FAA and all the others are eliminated.

This flying car is just one example of what we all are missing out on because of those hideous regulatory agencies.

If private companies were involved in managing all of the air space as the FAA does now (private companies which, as mentioned above, would functionally be the equivalent of the New York Stock Exchange, except handling airspace and everything involved in flight, a new business, or multiple businesses, which would serve us, their customers, instead of the other way round as now, businesses created contractually, businesses everyone would want because it’s to everybody’s advantage for flying to be a great experience and safe, and BUSINESSES WHICH WOULD GO OUT OF BUSINESS IF THEY DIDN’T SERVE THE PUBLIC, unlike the FAA which we are forced to live with no matter what no matter how bad it is), everything would be much better and cheaper — and we would’ve had flying cars like this decades ago. Yes, that’s no exaggeration.

I know of a flying car (and without the FAA there would be endless others) that has worked all along and would be very inexpensive if mass-produced (unlike the one in the article, which looks like a Lamborghini and which must cost a fortune), the Moller Skycar flying car. It’s now in its fifth version, and there have been versions of it which have been available for decades, since the 1980s when I first saw it, AND THE GOVERNMENT JUST WON’T PERMIT IT, won’t let them sell it, and refuses to permit us to buy it.

The Constitution Forbids Any Of These Alphabet Agencies, Including The FAA

And it, the federal government, has no right, no legitimate power, to forbid it, nothing in the Constitution which permits it to do any such thing.

And under the Constitution, the federal government simply has no right, NO POWER WHATSOEVER OVER THE CITIZENS OF ANY KIND, which is not specified for it to have in the Constitution.

There is literally nothing in the Constitution which permits the federal government to limit citizens’ lives that way, to police the citizens — except in THE VERY LIMITED MANNERS SPECIFICALLY PERMITTED UNDER THE CONSTITUTION (to prosecute (1) piracy, but only on the high seas, (2) treason, AS LIMITED from its previous Common Law definition, by Article III of the Constitution, and (3) counterfeiting. That’s it, along with acting as the enforcer of the Common Law within the District of Columbia), and absolutely nothing at all in the Constitution permits it to police entire markets, like the multitude of markets involved in flying and airplanes, in all their endless aspects.

They have been pretending since 1906 that the “Interstate Commerce” clause of the Constitution gives them the power. But as I show in chapter 11 of my book, THAT CLAUSE DOES NOTHING OF THE KIND; and the federal government is violating the Constitution’s own guarantee of freedom of contract which it is required to enforce against the states, and which it has no power to violate itself, in every single action taken by every single one of those alphabet agencies.

The FCC Is Another Worthless Agency That Is Unconstitutional

As another example: the big screen TVs we have now would’ve been available decades before we were permitted by the federal agencies to buy them, maybe in the 1960s; but the worthless and incompetent FCC controls all technology regarding communications, and wouldn’t give us permission, permission it never had any Constitutional right to withhold.

Just like it controlled phones. We were stuck with those lousy, clunky dial phones and landlines from Ma Bell all those years, all those decades, with super-expensive long-distance calling — unlike now when “long distance” is almost free — all BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT MADE AT&T A MONOPOLY, a monopoly with absolute power, like any government agency, with no incentive to do anything for its customers, who it treated as its subjects, exactly like the DMV – and then that same government sued it for BEING a monopoly. Totally nuts.

The Antitrust Law Is An Unconstitutional, Lawless Abomination Which Must Be Repealed

The entire federal antitrust law (which imposes catastrophically-draconian penalties when it is supposedly violated) in America is garbage and needs to be thrown out — or it will be impossible for businesses to make the necessary contracts to achieve the result of performing the only actual services involved in policing the industries which are now policed, each as a monopoly, by the federal government unconstitutionally — along with all of those regulatory agencies.

Those laws have no basis in the Constitution, nothing which permits them — and they are and have always been only enforced purely for political reasons, literally based on the whims of politicians and bureaucrats, a potentially-catastrophic threat hanging over the head of every legitimate business in America, with no actual economic or Constitutional justification for them at all.

Any actual misconduct (in real life, there can’t be any monopoly – supposedly the biggest target of those laws – other than common carriers, which are subject to special rules, as discussed below, any monopoly which lasts for any significant amount of time, which isn’t made one by the government unconstitutionally propping it up to be one, as it did with AT&T) the federal antitrust laws go after – bid-rigging, boycotts, price-fixing of any kind, various kinds of business misconduct – is stuff that people WHO ARE ACTUALLY HARMED by such misconduct can sue the evil-doing party under state business tort laws, WITH NO INVOLVEMENT OF ANY GOVERNMENT prosecutors, civil or criminal, AT ALL, no involvement of the government, other than judges or juries determining who is liable, who actually did something wrong, and punishing the bad guy and rewarding damages a judge or jury determines they deserve to those who are actually harmed by the tortious misbehavior.

Teddy Roosevelt, The “Progressive”/Marxist Politician, Used The Antitrust Laws And The FTC To Harm The Economy, And Then The Progressives’/Marxists’ “Solution” To The Damage He Caused Was To Nationalize The Currency Unconstitutionally With The Disastrous And Destructive Fed

Just as he created the FDA out of thin air,Teddy Roosevelt used threats of malicious prosecutions under the antitrust laws against private businesses purely politically — businesses he hated, AS HE HAD PUBLICLY ADMITTED, as the self-admitted Marxist snob he was, an insane man who became president as the result of accident, the result of McKinley’s assassination, Roosevelt a man who never had a real job earning money and who looked down on businessmen who actually produced real things for real people — and promoted endless “investigations”/assaults against those businesses by the completely-unconstitutional FTC he knowingly-unconstitutionally created — all of which destructive government presence in the economy caused the Panic Of 1906-07, a Panic which, in turn, became his and other Marxists’ pretext for creating the Fed, a completely unconstitutional agency which, for the first time, nationalized our previously-private currency, an agency which COMMITS THE CRIME OF COUNTERFEITING EVERY DAY, every time it prints paper money, yes, a real crime, since THE CONSTITUTION ONLY PERMITS THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO “COIN” MONEY, NOT PRINT IT — and counterfeiting is one of the very few crimes the federal government is actually permitted to prosecute under the Constitution!

And again, they formed the Fed without bothering to amend the Constitution, as would have been required to make it legal, to permit the rule of law to continue.

And the Fed is not only unconstitutional, IT’S WORTHLESS, as has been proven beyond any conceivable doubt. IT HAS FAILED IN EVERYTHING IT WAS SUPPOSED TO DO, and failed massively: It was formed to (1) keep the Dollar stable (the Dollar which had never previously had a single penny of inflation over its entire lifetime since the republic was formed), and (2) to prevent booms and busts in the economy. As of 2016, after about a century of the Fed (it’s even much worse now) the dollar had declined precipitously to 1/23rd of its value at the time the Fed was formed in 1913; and the Fed, together with all the other agencies unconstitutionally regulating the financial industry, has and have been responsible for every single depression and recession, causing far worse financial catastrophes than ever happened prior to its existence.

States Have Unconstitutionally And Ruinously Expanded Their Tort Law Liabilities

And the states need to change their tort laws back to what they used to be before they followed the advice of Marxist law professors advocating for the purely-socialist, fundamentally immoral (directly contrary to the Common Law, which is based on the 10 Commandments) concept of unlimited, absolute, no-fault product liability, liability which they impose now for all physical products of any kind, WITHOUT REGARD TO WHETHER ANYONE INVOLVED IN MAKING OR SELLING THE PRODUCT ACTUALLY DID ANYTHING WRONG in doing so,”Strict Liability” they call it, imposed without regard to whether a defendant was even negligent, let alone intentional, in causing any harm, making them the insurers of even misuse of their products by their customers — or even people who stole the product from someone else!

Those nonsense expansions of tort law, the imposition of absolute, strict, no-fault liability on manufacturers of anything physical, put anyone who puts any thing into the market into an endless, liability dilemma, LIABILITY THEY CAN’T CONTROL BY THEIR OWN ACTIONS, in a system where all damages are socialized and they are the one who has to pay for it, with them having to pick up the tab for everyone’s misconduct — or EVEN OTHERS’ MISTAKES, regardless of them having actually any fault in causing any harm to anyone from the product.

And they also have to answer to their own, endless, unconstitutional federal “regulatory” agencies about every detail of their business, including all their contracts with everyone, including employees, and every step of their manufacturing.

That potentially-endless, immoral imposition of liability on them, along with the endless impositions of the unconstitutional bureaucrats, is beyond any question inhibiting inventors and all producers of all products — everyone who is not uniquely involved in the Internet now.

The Internet Is All That’s Left For Real Growth Of The Economy For Entrepreneurs

That endless, potential liability FOR PHYSICAL PRODUCTS has created the circumstance where THE ONLY AREA OF THE ECONOMY THAT IS RELATIVELY SAFE FROM THAT EXPANDED LIABILITY under American tort law, that absolute, endless, virtually-uninsurable, potentially-bankrupting liability, and at least some of those endless bureaucratic impositions, liability and impositions imposed on anyone who sells anything physical to anyone else regardless of whether he’s at fault in any way in the product, has given us a situation where THE ONLY AREA OF THE ECONOMY THAT IS FREE, AT LEAST RELATIVELY, FROM THAT IS THE INTERNET ECONOMY — both because it doesn’t involve physical products, and because it’s been uniquely shielded from liability by federal law, Section 230.

That’s the good part of Section 230.

As a result, primarily, of all those massively-expanded product liability laws, and the impositions of federal bureaucrats in their unconstitutional bureaucracies, the Internet is the only area of the economy where there is, and has been for years, any real growth anymore, with massive parts of the rest of the economy also being assaulted by the entire federal alphabet agency bureaucracy — and particularly so under the Marxist, business-hating Biden administration, massively harmful to all economically-productive businesses, but especially so for the entire energy industry, which it is literally trying to put out of business altogether.

Section 230 Gives Too Much Power To The Internet Companies, and Power Corrupts

The bad part of Section 230 is IT GIVES TOO MUCH POWER TO THOSE INTERNET COMPANIES, permitting them to harm, free of any potential liability, everyone else, giving those companies, which are common carriers by any definition of the term, the argument that they should not be treated as common carriers, with common carrier designation normally forcing a business to carry everything otherwise-legal that is presented to them.

Instead, they are interpreting Section 230 as PERMITTING THEM TO EDIT OR CENSOR ANYTHING THEY PERSONALLY DON’T WANT to be aired in anyway on their sites, including on search engines like Google, which is effectively a monopoly search engine now.

That is what they, those Internet companies, do now, acting in bad faith and not permitting viewpoints they disagree with — sometimes with the totalitarian Biden administration ACTUALLY TELLING THEM TO CENSOR, so that they are effectively acting as government censorship-functionaries — with the government itself forbidden under the Constitution to censor anyone’s speech.

It’s no secret: they are censoring any conservative viewpoint of any kind, anything which is different from the viewpoint the Biden administration, the institutionalized, religiously-zealous Left, is demanding of everyone, pretending that any difference from them is Thoughtcrime, supposed “misinformation” (as if anything can ever be known to a moral certainty), any opinion different from all the ideas and “science” which it presents to the world, which is often, if not usually, a pack of lies (like everything they have said about Covid, its treatments, and “vaccines,” etc.), forcing those Internet companies, whether they want to do it or not, to make purely-editorial decisions about other peoples’, conservatives’, content and, because those Internet companies, as a practical matter, now own what is, by any definition, the marketplace for ideas in America, they are illegally limiting that marketplace of ideas by doing so — and that is genuinely evil, something Google used to pretend to forbid.

To the extent that Section 230 permits that censorship and editing of conservative, non-ideologically-leftist, viewpoints, it permits those Internet companies TO IMPOSE THEIR VIEWS ON EVERYONE ELSE, and precludes the views of conservatives, in particular, anyone who disagrees with the “scientific” and other politicized and political opinions insisted on by the Marxist Biden administration; and in doing so it, the Biden administration and those Internet companies it permits, or demands, to censor and edit non-leftist content, whether those demands by the Biden people are made implicitly, with a wink and a nod, or explicitly, themselves violate the First Amendment.

The Constitution Requires The Marketplace Of Ideas To Be Free Of Censorship

To the extent that Section 230 permits all that, it becomes a vehicle for unconstitutional actions by the federal government itself, something which is not Constitutionally permissible.

The federal government has no power to authorize, LET ALONE TO ORDER the violation of citizens’ 1st Amendment rights relative to common carriers by immunizing those common carriers from liability for doing so, by permitting or ordering those common carriers to act as editors, instead of just doing their job and carrying everything which is presented to them (other than speech which is not speech under the First Amendment).

And, if we are to be a free country, a law-abiding Constitutional one, those editorial decisions simply can’t be a matter of purely arbitrary, discretionary judgment on the part of those Internet idea- and speech-common-carriers’ purely-political judgments.

Permitting any, let alone all, of those companies to censor any Constitutionally-permitted speech on the marketplace of ideas, the market which they now own, turns us into a totalitarian state, where some ideas are permitted and others are not — and that is simply not permissible in America; and the government cannot facilitate that — because if it does, it itself violates the First Amendment rights of the people who are so censored, in enlisting those private Internet companies to do so – and in applying Section 230 that way at all.

Our Constitution was written to only permit the federal government to police a very limited category of crimes — as itemized above, counterfeiting, piracy on the high seas and even the Common Law crime of treason was deliberately limited in Article III of the Constitution – and not speech of any kind.

The Federal Agencies Unconstitutionally Police Us And Must Be Eliminated

All of those federal regulatory agencies unconstitutionally police us. That’s what they do. And that was always their purpose. And they are worthless, doing nothing but depriving us of the best and least expensive of the actual goods and services they pretend to provide and/or “regulate,” and deprive us of all of our freedoms, including real freedom of choice. And the federal government simply has no power under the Constitution to be using them to police us at all.

They don’t, and can’t, provide any of the things which they claim they are providing, such as safety. The safety that they promise is nothing but a lie they use as a pretext for existing — and for their control over everybody.

The Federal Police State Started With The ICC — Which Even The Carter Administration Realized Had Been Worthless All Along

It all started with the creation of the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1887, established to impose government control over the railroad industry, an industry which had transformed life in America in ways that are hard to even imagine today, revolutionizing travel and THE ABILITY SIMPLY TO MOVE THINGS (before it, ox carts were the best there was!), an agency created for purely political reasons, a totally unconstitutional agency — and nobody bothered to fight it on the basis of its obvious unconstitutionality at the time.

Because the businesses that were being regulated by it were owned by the wealthiest men in the nation at the time, men who were in on the corrupt fix, as always ends up happening when the government decides to “regulate” any market: The “regulated” businesses either energetically go along with it, as the railroad businesses did, or they cave because they have no choice anyway; but they are promised power over their competitors and even over their customers by the agency, with the market they otherwise compete in unconstitutionally administered/policed/ruined by the new agencies’ bureaucrats, power they would not otherwise have, power they get from having the government bureaucrats behind their backs to brutalize any of their competitors, and let them take their customers for granted — so long as those incumbent businesses have enough power to control those bureaucrats, as the railroad owners did.

Under the ICC, those incumbent railroad businesses became, as incumbent businesses regulated by the federal government always become, an oligopoly, freed from the need to go the extra mile to please their customers, freed from the need to really compete against their competitors, so that their products didn’t need to keep getting better, as had been the case previously, and their prices cheaper, improvements which would have continue to happen had their market remained free — because that’s what always happens in free markets, markets where everyone is free to buy and sell only what he chooses, under contract terms they choose themselves. It’s the opposite of what happens in “regulated” ones.

The ICC was so bad that 100 years later, in the Carter administration, EVEN THE IDIOT JIMMY CARTER AND HIS PEOPLE ADMITTED THAT IT HAD BEEN A DISASTER ALL ALONG, never improving anything, and costing billions, corrupting the entire industry, as always happens when unconstitutional federal “regulatory” agencies are imposed on any industry.

The ICC Is What Every One Of Those Federal Regulatory Agencies Is Modeled On – And They Are All Equally Worthless, And Unconstitutional

And every single one of those federal alphabet regulatory agencies is DELIBERATELY MODELED AFTER the ICC, STRUCTURED IDENTICALLY TO IT — and producing the same worthless results.

Because what happened with the ICC and the railroads, as even the leftist Carter people admitted in 1978, is what always happens when the government gets involved in “regulating”/literally-ruining any market: it picks winners and losers and ends up dictating the terms of contracts, including pricing, corrupts the entire market in every way, making what should be market decisions political ones, and then the whole thing becomes rotten, all about political power, instead of serving the citizenry as it normally would.

That’s precisely why the federal government and its bureaucrats and politicians are GIVEN ABSOLUTELY NO POWER TO DO ANY OF THAT, any of what any of those regulatory alphabet agencies do, in the Constitution.

And without them we would be at least as safe as we are now (or the businesses involved would go out of business) and we would all be able to have flying cars, and millions of things we can’t even imagine, and live like the Jetsons, or far better than that, vastly richer than we are now — and vastly freer.

And our country would be even more powerful, liberated from massive amounts of corruption and injustice, and truly living under the rule of law — because the Constitution, the supreme law of the land, would no longer be violated every day, as it is by the mere presence of every one of those agencies, the rule of law which is required for free men to be and remain free.

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