Understanding Obama
Understanding Obama

Mar 8, 2016

Clifford Ribner
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If you watch any news shows, you probably have seen multiple media personalities/celebrities proclaim both their admiration for Obama and their own self-admitted inability to really understand anything about him. In fact, there is nothing complicated about him at all – except for those who insist both on believing in his supposed greatness, patriotism and brilliance, and in refusing to see all the obvious facts about him – which he himself admitted in his own multiple autobiographies.

Although while running for office he proclaimed himself to be a soothing, unifying public figure, that pose was absolutely consistent with everything else he ever says: it was a complete lie. The fact that he is a pathological, serial liar cannot be seriously disputed. Nor does he simply lie about little things.

“If you like your plan, you can keep your plan; if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” That was a lie he repeated multiple times, knowing it to be utter nonsense. As he was keenly aware, the whole point of Obamacare was massively to disrupt the entire health insurance industry – indeed, to eliminate actual health insurance in the nation and substitute government dictation of the terms of all health insurance policies, guaranteeing that none of their previous terms could continue.

And  every single time he repeated those lies, his very purpose was cold-bloodedly to trick people into supporting, or at least not objecting to, legislation which would have the effect of massively disrupting their own access to healthcare for themselves and their families – at a time when 80% of the nation were perfectly happy with their own health insurance.

But that is only the most undeniably-documented deliberate fraud on the American people he engaged in – without the slightest qualm. And he has never apologized. It is undeniable that that qualified as a “big lie.”

It illustrates one of the two invariable facts regarding Obama, facts which are so consistent in everything he does – and occasionally says – that he is as predictable a public figure as any who has ever existed, to anyone who recognizes those two facts about him.

I have already told you one of those facts: everything he says is a lie. Everything, that is, having the slightest policy/political relevance (he happily tells the truth about anything else. Why not? That boosts his credibility regarding his Big Lies). Every motive he proclaims he is serving in any policy, domestic or foreign, is never his actual motive or purpose.

He does not hide his true motives out of any concern for privacy. He hides them because he knows they would be viewed as monstrous by the American public if ever he acknowledged them. If he thought they would win him applause or popularity he would reveal them in a heartbeat. He is perfectly aware that the opposite would be the case.

The second, related fact of Obama is that he is a deeply-committed anti-American Marxist-Leninist. Anti-Americanism has always been the emotional engine of Marxism – ever since Marx himself proclaimed America the eternal enemy of his ideology. Obama acknowledged his own commitment to Marxism when he (truthfully) declared who his two mentors are in his autobiographies – the Rev. Wright and Frank Marshall Davis.

Rev. Wright’s sermons can be listened to by anyone who wants to hear them. Obama freely chose to sit in his pews and marinate in his bigoted, Anti-American poison, along with his family, for 20 years. The late Frank Marshall Davis was an actual card-carrying Communist who proclaimed his loyalty to Joseph Stalin — and his disloyalty to America — throughout his adult life.

Obama’s proclaiming them his two, and only two, mentors — his word — acknowledges them as his most trusted advisors and guides in all matters of importance.

Knowing those two facts about Obama – that he is a sociopathic, pathological liar and a committed anti-American Marxist-Leninist, nothing he does is in the least bit surprising.

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