Vaccine Mandates Decimating Police Forces Across US

Oct 26, 2021

Clifford Ribner
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The bio-weapon which is the Covid virus, engineered by the Chinese communist military in its Wuhan lab, with the assistance of Fauci and US taxpayers’ dollars he stole for that purpose, VIOLATING THE ORDERS PROHIBITING HIM FROM DOING SO from both Presidents Obama and Trump, depends for its true destructiveness not on its own, extremely-limited lethality (it’s harmless to the general population and to anyone lacking at least two comorbidities), but rather on the unfortunately-predictable RESPONSE to it from American bureaucrats and power-seeking Democrat politicians: the worthless, scientifically-baseless mandates they are now demanding from our military and all of our first-responders, and everyone they can lawlessly force under their thumb before the courts can act to prevent them from taking their unconstitutional, tyrannical actions, is literally hollowing out all our defenses against all evils in the world, and turning American cities into wastelands that are defenseless against criminals and all other dangers to civil society.

They are also the principal cause, together with all the Illegal, pro-union, and anti-energy, and other policies of the Biden Regime for the supply chain disaster that is ongoing and is going to get far worse as time goes on. They are convinced they can Destroy the country before our very eyes and get their dictatorship imposed on us without the consent of the people (no one voted for this) and get away with it in time to prevent anyone from doing anything about it.

If a declared enemy of America put these people in office to do its bidding to destroy us, it could not have done a more effective job than picking these people to run the country at this time.

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