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Video Of the Actual INSURRECTION! At The Capitol on January 6, 2021, Mysteriously Omitted by The Committee

Oct 21, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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Yes, it’s on video which has mysteriously not been shown to the public: It’s what was obvious all along. The whole thing was a false flag operation engineered by Nancy Pelosi, to gaslight from the actual fraud of the obviously-stolen election (Joe Biden got at least 13 million more votes than Obama got in 2008? Give me a f–king break; and if you don’t believe that then you don’t believe the election results, because that is what is required for believing the election results) and, EXACTLY like the Nazis, to create a Reichstag Fire basis for attacking Republicans as supposed traitors to the nation for supporting President Trump and disbelieving in the election results (have Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams been traitors to the nation for disbelieving the election results when they actually lost, with Hillary still claiming that the election in 2016 was stolen by President Trump committing treason with the Russians? And what about all the newspapers and other media outlets that made the same accusations as Hillary? Were they all traitors/Insurrectionists all along? Have they ever repudiated any of those stories?), using the Democrat party‘s shock troops, Antifa and BLM.

As shown on this very video, it was the Antifa thugs who broke into the Capitol and did the only violent entry, entry which was forced 20 minutes before President Trump was even finished with his speech 3 miles away, with a few hundred hapless, completely-unarmed Trump supporters following, exactly as was intended by the agents provocateurs and their masters, exactly as they were instructed to do by Nancy Pelosi who refused President Trump‘s offer of providing 10 to 20,000 National guards (he is forbidden to order them in without them being invited by her because of posse comitatus), and telling half the Capitol Police to take the day off.

None of those Antifa and BLM members have been charged with any crimes at all, showing they were involved with the government as CIs at a minimum, instigating the whole violence, none of them charged by the monstrous, politically-corrupt “Justice“ department and its thugs in the FBI, which have been treating the actual Trump supporters, none of whom did any violence whatsoever, two of whom were assassinated by Capitol Police and Antifa thugs, treating the Trump supporters in prison like convicted terrorists instead of people only charged with misdemeanors, which is even overcharging them, charges which were refused to be imposed recently on a bunch of Stephen Colbert’s staff who did the IDENTICAL THING in the Capitol which the Trump supporters did that day – and for which many of them have been sent to jail for years.

Nancy Pelosi has been refusing to provide 14,000 hours of video footage made by the cameras in the Capitol that day, so that they can present their completely-staged, fraudulent nonsense to the public in the kangaroo committee, together with the despicable pretend Republican (utterly repudiated by her constituents in Wyoming), Liz Cheney.

In response to: Unseen Jan 6th Footage Catches ANTIFA Red-handed

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