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Whither Twitter with Musk? The Marketplace of Ideas Exposing Intellectual and Political Corruption and Stupidity – Or The Same Old Sewer?

Nov 2, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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The story below is the last thing we were supposed to be reading after Elon Musk completed his acquisition of Twitter. Is this the new heavy hand of Elon Musk – or the last gasps of the old regime? 

If it isn’t reversed we will know that, as far as free speech is concerned, Elon Musk has been a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and that snuffing out the speech of these people, these activist conservatives, is exactly what he wants, his first assertion of power after cleaning out the previous, particular management personnel “for cause” (maybe just to stop the bleeding of paying their ridiculous salaries and cut off their golden parachutes, for their pure business incompetence), and that he is not the savior of free speech we have been hoping for – and he has been pretending to be. 

This story is out in public. Let’s see what he does. He can’t claim he didn’t know about this very obvious silencing of voices, conservative voices – just like before.

Let’s face it: he made his fortune grifting off of “green” energy fashion and stupidity – the tax credits he’s been able to obtain to fund Tesla, a company whose stock value (and therefore his own personal wealth) exceeded that of all other automobile companies combined notwithstanding its prior lack of profits, a company which could not sell a single car if the buyers weren’t being bribed by the government to do so, a company which would not exist without endless billions of corrupt, government subsidies combined with tax credits for its customers, and would be bankrupt overnight if an intelligent Congress simply recognized the complete unconstitutionality of its interventions in the economy and the stupidity of all that green nonsense and ended all those tax credits, those subsidies for the braindead stupidity which is known as the electric car, something which would not exist without those subsidies and which nobody wants to buy except wealthy Democrats, virtue-signaling fools, on the two coasts, with all of them obviously having gasoline-powered cars for their actual driving.

In Response to: Twitter Bans Conservatives, Including Heritage Foundation Expert, One Week Before Midterm Elections

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