JFK and the Assassination of Democracy

Dec 17, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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We know that the 1960 election was stolen, stealing it being the only reason Lyndon Johnson was chosen to be JFK’s VP since they needed to steal Texas, and they knew that Johnson could deliver on that, the only reason he himself was in the Senate, ridiculed as being “Landslide Lyndon,” not that that ever slowed him down one bit.

He relished his fraudulent achievement of office – and the massive abuses of power against the American people he engaged in while in it.

The horrific “Great Society” legislation was only part of it. He single-handedly destroyed America’s overwhelming first-strike nuclear capability by unilaterally getting rid of 18,700 nuclear warheads and effectively terminating our entire tactical nuclear arsenal (none of which has ever been replaced since then, with Putin having more nukes than we have now! And thousands of tactical nukes, while we have barely a few hundred, at most). Before he unilaterally destroyed our nuclear capability, Johnson could have simply used the threat of nuclear attack against the entire communist world – against China, Russia and North Vietnam – when we had that overwhelming superiority, to end – and actually win! – the Vietnam War – without firing a shot.

That’s how you use nuclear weapons – apart from simply possessing them – in the world after Hiroshima and Nagasaki: you have overwhelming nuclear first strike and 2nd strike capability, so that no one can retaliate, and no one can doubt your capability of deploying them to destroy the enemy completely.

 All it takes is a credible threat and the war is over. That’s how we won World War II – once we had that credible threat. If we had had those nuclear weapons in 1940, we would’ve ended it then.

We could’ve won the Vietnam war without firing a shot, without losing a single one of the tens of thousands of brave warriors we lost and the even more tens of thousands who were horribly wounded, without torturing the Vietnamese people all those years, without the country becoming a communist hellhole, just as we could have won the Korean War without firing a shot, instead of effectively surrendering North Korea to the communists with the ridiculous armistice, the non-victory which Eisenhower insisted on after Truman refused to permit MacArthur to win the war, victory which the brilliant General MacArthur could’ve achieved simply with conventional military capability alone, all of which Truman refused to permit him to deploy to win, FIRING MacArthur instead of backing him, all while keeping, and not firing, as he should have, the worthless people in the worthless State Department who had started the Korean War in the first place by announcing that South Korea was outside of our military sphere of interest.

Yes, The worthless Dean Acheson, who our corrupt foreign policy “establishment” and the “MSM” have been celebrating ever since as such a genius, such a “Brave Cold Warrior [sic],” had actually said that, and the Chinese communists immediately attacked once they heard that.

Recounting how terrible our 20th-Century presidents have been – even the legitimately-elected ones – is a very sad story. Was Lyndon Johnson too-moral and decent and noble and concerned about law and order to participate in the assassination of JFK? The question answers itself.

Like all Democrats/Marxists (and yes, that’s what all the Democrats in office have been since the time of Woodrow Wilson) all they care about is power, with everything they talk about being nothing but a pack of lies and endless, gaslighting smokescreens to divert attention from the reality of who they are — and to hide that fundamental fact.

In response to: Has American Democracy Been a Hallucination for Nearly 60 Years?

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