Will the Mob Destroy this Professor for Speaking the Truth, or will the Truth Destroy the Mob?

Nov 29, 2021

Clifford Ribner
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This professor gets it exactly right. No doubt the mob will come after him for speaking the truth. They will demand he lose his tenure, that he be prevented from speaking out loud to anyone, that he be prevented from earning a living and be turned into a beggar, that he be utterly destroyed and silenced.

They, the Marxist Mob are always the same. They always have the guillotine, in whatever form, and they always use it whenever they can. And they use it particularly against those who speak the truth, the truth which is always EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE OF EVERYTHING THEY SAY.

Because nothing makes them happier than to flaunt their power over everyone, power they particularly enjoy because they have absolutely no right to it and have simply stolen it, power they display as ostentatiously as they can by forcing people to do things everyone knows are stupid, forcing everyone to spout lies everyone knows are lies, forcing mandates they, the tyrants, themselves know are stupid and never follow themselves.

And nothing is more threatening to the evil, Marxist Mob than the truth, which is precisely why they force people to spout lies everyone knows are lies.

Because it, the Marxist Mob, is everywhere, its shock troops are everywhere in all their different forms, in prosecutors’ offices, in HR departments, with Antifa and BLM as its particular shock troops on the streets ready to do destruction anytime it wants and in corrupt, politicized judges who permit the mob to run freely and, most importantly of all, in all those federal alphabet agencies.

Because. they, the Mob and its members, whenever and wherever they can get away with it, exercise the naked, raw power of the jungle lawlessly, in its two forms, in the very manner it obtains that power, by (1) threatening violence against all who oppose it, and (2) promising benefits, benefits such as other peoples’ money, safety, whatever, benefits it has no power whatsoever to actually produce for anyone, its promises themselves always being nothing but lies.

But all they, the Marxist mob, are/is ever after really is power, power over their fellow citizens, power they desperately need because they are sociopaths

And no matter how much he knows that something, even everything, is a lie, each individual is always vulnerable, and the Mob is always numerous, coming at each individual from all directions, forcing each individual under its hideous thumb, and the Mob always knows how to seek out the levers of power over everyone.

And they have done that in America massively with their creation and control of all of those federal bureaucracies, each of which exercises unchecked power over everyone it can force under its thumb, as the would-be tyrant Joe Biden has personally directed OSHA, one of those unconstitutional abominations, to do in its nearly-500 page “regulations”/law mandating vaccines for everyone it pretends it have control over, and forcing every business/employer it has under its thumb to be its un-paid, jackbooted Gestapo thug, enforcing all those hideous, scientifically- and constitutionally-baseless dictates against its own employees, and even against its own customers.

And it doesn’t matter how the laws Congress has unconstitutionally written creating those agencies technically limit their power, THEY RECOGNIZE NO LIMITATIONS on their power, and expand it at their will.

And the courts, at the direction of the politicians on the Supreme Court itself, have, since the middle of the 1930s, when that Court fraudulently pretended that the “Commerce” clause (actually, the “Interstate Commerce” clause, and THE “COMMERCE” CLAUSE ALONE, in the Constitution, permits each and every one of these Frankenstein monsters, abominations the entire Constitution was intended and designed to prevent, always let them get away with anything they want, leaving everything they do to their “discretion.”

Each of those bureaucracies illegally exercises all three powers of government, Legislative, Executive, and Judicial, creating laws as only Congress can do, fabricating out of thin air mandates that even Congress is forbidden from enacting, punishing those who disobey it as only courts are permitted to do, and without any due process, as courts are required to follow under our Constitution, an accumulation of lawless power which is absolutely forbidden under our Constitution.

Because our Constitution explicitly divides ALL OF each of those powers among each of the three, actual branches of the government, AND PERMITS NONE OF THEM TO DELEGATE ANY OF ITS POWER TO ANYONE, especially to unelected bureaucrats. And it is those unelected bureaucrats who exercise all that unchecked power inside each and every one of those agencies.

Everything those agencies, and each and every one of the bureaucrats who populate them, do involves precisely the accumulation of power which Madison, the principal author of the Constitution explicitly said, in The Federalist #47, was absolutely forbidden, and could never happen, under our Constitution because that accumulation of power, the joining of all three of those powers in a single entity of any kind, is “the very definition of tyranny,” in his words, quoting Montesquieu.

And forbidding that accumulation of power in the government or any of its agencies was precisely the purpose of the entire Constitution itself.

Because otherwise, if those three powers are ever permitted to accumulate in anyone, the guarantees in our Declaration of Independence, the very reasons its and the Constitution’s authors fought the Revolution against Britain, Life Liberty and the Pursuit Of Happiness for each individual, are irretrievably lost.

For those who can still see the truth beyond the lies that are shoved down our throats from all sides, from everything we see on TV and read everywhere, on the Internet and elsewhere, it is the very mark of a tyranny when everyone is living a lie and knows it. That was life under the Soviet Union and all the countries it forced under its tyranny.

And that’s what the United States is becoming now under the bureaucracies that rule us just as the Kommisariats in the USSR tyrannized the Soviet people, in our case doing so unconstitutionally, since none of those federal alphabet agencies recognizes any limits to its power, power they are completely unentitled to under the Constitution.

Because the Constitution is very clear: no power that is not specifically given to the federal government IN IT may be exercised by the federal government against the people. And NOTHING in the Constitution permits ANY of those federal bureaucracies which purport to police the people and our businesses, dictating the terms and contents of all contracts between all people in the country, in grotesque violation of the Constitution.

We now have rule, absolute rule, attempted totalitarian “democracy,” by a president and Congress from the Democrat party, a party which, since Woodrow Wilson, has been single-mindedly dedicated to creating these bureaucracies and forcing them down everyone’s throat (although many of the very worst, like the FDA, the FTA, the FTC, OSHA, the EPA were created in concert with, or even at the direction of, presidents from the Republican party, the Republican party which has never offered more than pathetic resistance to the onslaught of totalitarian bureaucratic Marxism in America – until Donald Trump).

So the mandates of the unelected bureaucrats are now echoed and enforced by the politicians who themselves are elected, or at least have obtained elected office.

And Joe Biden (or the people who act with him as their front) is now demonstrating precisely how that completely-unconstitutional, absolute power is abused absolutely by politicians and the bureaucrats, claiming that a particular bureaucracy, OSHA, possesses, or at least will grab until a court forces it to stop doing so, the power to force all businesses to force all their employees to get a “vaccine” which may have no, or at best limited, medical value to them.

The only actual purpose of that mandate is the brutal exercise of raw force by the federal government over the citizenry, power it is forbidden in the Constitution.

Nothing in the Constitution gives OSHA any such power and, indeed, that entire agency has no Constitutional basis, and Joe Biden’s and its present actions should show people that, apart from its inherent illegality and lawlessness, it also has no practical value whatsoever, and must be abolished immediately, along with all the other federal alphabet agencies, none of which do anything of any value.

Every single one of the mandates the politicians and unelected bureaucrats who lie and pretend to have absolute knowledge of “Science” itself, that very claim being enough to reveal them as actual monsters, and not the scientists they pretend to be, monsters who should be tarred and feathered and run out of town, demands they are forcing down the throats of everyone they control, all the businesses that are under their thumb who must salute and obey them no matter what they demand, or else face certain destruction under there uncontrollable power over them, every single one of those mandates and demands, and the people giving them, have no basis whatsoever in the Constitution.

Nothing in the Constitution gives anyone in the federal government any policing power over the citizens which is not actually specified in the Constitution itself, the power to force citizens to do anything concerning themselves, their bodies in particular, their businesses or their property of any kind.

Nothing is more sacred than the freedom of contract, THE ONE FREEDOM specifically preserved IN THE ORIGINAL TEXT of the Constitution, freedom to interact freely with other people and with one’s own property, as long as one doesn’t do any harm as recognized under the Common Law, the Common Law being the only permissible policing laws for citizens in a free nation, the Common Law which was to be administered mainly by state courts alone, and never by any Frankenstein monster federal agencies.

And the Constitution proclaims that freedom, freedom of contract, to be so sacred that it not only guarantees it under the federal government by its very design but also explicitly requires and guarantees that all states will similarly preserve that freedom.

And in permitting these federal alphabet agencies, with no actual, textual Constitutional basis for any of them even existing, the politicized Supreme Court has deliberately, fraudulently and unconstitutionally misinterpreted the “Commerce” Clause in, and has literally stricken the “Freedom Of Contract” Clause from, the Constitution, and pretends the latter clause DOES NOT EXIST AT ALL!

Having that right, freedom of contract, and to control all ones property and decisions about himself, his body and all his interactions with others, within the bounds of the Common Law, is the definition of being a freeman, as opposed to being a serf or slave, which is what everyone becomes in the absence of those rights, and our Constitution was intended and designed to make sure that all Americans were freemen.

And nothing more obviously violates all rights of freemen than government bureaucrats forcing employers to become uncompensated policemen against their own employees and customers, forcing them to take medical measures regarding themselves, particularly injecting novel and experimental chemicals which pretend to be vaccines against a virus, a virus which, compared to the flu, is harmless to the general public, and particularly so to children, “vaccines” which to any sentient observer are obviously not actual vaccines at all under any definition of that word that makes any sense.

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