No Identity No North
Would You Have Even Believed Any of This A Few Years Ago?

Aug 21, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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The article below illustrates the singular and undeniable fact: Marxist ideology demands people believe lies. Marxism itself is one lie on top of another, devoid of intellectual content, promoting the lie that people don’t really care about having property for themselves (because Marxism demands the extermination of all rights to private property in everyone except the political leaders), don’t care about achieving success in life – even though there are no desires more basic to all humans than to have property for themselves, to succeed in any way that they can and so self-realize, for their own sake and for the sake of their families, the right to property being the singular difference between a slave and a free man. 

Marxism requires everyone to be a slave and to rejoice in it (to the extent they permit rejoicing), to pretend being so, and demanding the same of all ones’ fellows, is virtuous and the source of happiness. Ultimately, in obedience to its demands, Marxism always requires the extermination of the individual for the sake of the Collective.

Promoting mental illness as a desirable thing has become the central focus of today’s Marxism, the new sacrament of today’s Democrat Party. 

They have chosen Gender Dysphoria as the particular mental illness they want to glorify, promoting the idea that the best way to address it is to give in to it and for people to destroy their own bodies, destroy their own self-identity while pretending to be realizing it, pretending that they actually are members of the opposite sex. 

Because if you can change your sex, nothing about you is constant and real, because from the moment of conception every single cell in your body is defined by its chromosomes which remain constant throughout your life, those chromosomes which dictate what sex you are. If you can change your sex, you can change anything and be anything – or be nothing, as the Marxists want, as they insist on.

The medical profession itself has been hijacked into promoting this insanity. The Biden Regime is insisting they do so, or lose their licenses.

And today’s Marxists/Democrats are committing child abuse on a massive scale in their promotion of it. 

It is just one of the many things they are doing to abuse children’s minds, grooming them for inculcating them with the “DESIRABILITY” of Marxism itself, hatred of private property and of “the rich,” hatred of their fellow citizens, of their families, of religion and even God, hatred especially of their country, hatred and loathing for everything that is successful and good and decent, and inculcating in them a desire, a yearning to be a failure, a victim, for them to lose all sense of who they actually are as human beings, with rights to life, liberty and property, the right to the pursuit of happiness, teaching them to hate those very rights in all others, to have contempt for them, to hate particularly America, the one country in the history of the planet which was founded explicitly to enshrine the rights of the individual, based on the directives of God, above all else, the absolute legitimacy, the singular, existential importance of those rights in all its citizens as its founding principle, with the Marxists absolutely denying all of that, teaching them to believe that the answer to everything is whatever directives are sent out from their Marxist/Democrat political leaders, political leaders who, they are instructed, know everything about everything, including the best treatment for terrible mental illnesses like Gender Dysphoria.

Their next, logical step in this process of total destruction of the human psyche, of all human dignity, is for the Marxists/Democrats to promote the insane idea of the desirability of Body Integrity Identity Disorder, the mental illness which is most closely-related to Gender Dysphoria. Wait till they start advocating cutting off children’s arms and legs when children imagine that they should not have those appendages on their bodies. Is that any different from what they are doing now?

Yes, that’s the next step – and there is always a next step, with them never stopping, never retreating from their insistence on everyone joining their madness – the next step for the Left’s madness, their relentless celebration of insanity which has become their singular mission, a mission they demand we all join them in – or be canceled for our apostasy.

In Response to: Yale Pediatric Program Helps ‘Gender Expansive’ 3-Year-Olds on Their ‘Gender Journeys’

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