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Zuckerberg Spills the Beans About The FBI And The Hunter Biden Laptop

Aug 28, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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The Hunter Biden laptop story is not now, and never was, about Hunter. It’s about the breathtakingly-incredible (but true) massively-criminal corruption of his father – all exposed on the laptop.

One out of six Biden voters say they would never have voted for him if they knew the truth about it, and the FBI, which knew damn well what was on that laptop and had known about it for long before the election in November, 2020, the FBI and other government bureaucrats – including the 51 “foreign policy experts,” our “intelligence” Masterminds (the geniuses who said the Soviet union would never fall and might defeat us, that Saddam Hussein had endless weapons of mass destruction, that the government in Afghanistan would hold off the Taliban and would last long after Joe Biden took the troops out – all made sure to convince the American people that the laptop was nothing but “Russian disinformation,” a lie the despicable Joe Biden repeated to the American public during the debates, lying right to our faces like the sociopath he has always been.

And this was the cleanest election in history? That was just one of the multiple manipulations that were practiced ending up with a fraudulent election outcome – and the monstrous, anti-American massively-destructive corrupt regime we are living with now.

In Response to: Mark Zuckerberg: FBI Warned Facebook of ‘Russian Propaganda Dump’ Ahead of Hunter Biden Laptop Story

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