Covid, President Trump, and The Chinese and American Communists/Democrats

Nov 6, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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America, catastrophically, chose to imitate the Chinese communist approach to the virus with our lockdowns and, yes, President Trump only very weakly began to oppose them in the fall (he was so hypnotized by the lies that he insanely attacked Governor Kemp of Georgia for lifting them in August!) of 2020, after actually endorsing them (after being tricked into doing so by the “public health experts,” unelected bureaucrats who he should have known were using it simply to promote themselves and harm him and the country politically in their pursuit of Marxism/Power and personal aggrandizement, those, not anything resembling public service, always being their sole objectives – besides wanting in particular, in the case of Covid, to gaslights/divert attention from their own complicity in the creation of the virus itself) in March, 2020.

The Chinese communists can keep imposing this madness on their people without regard to how many tens or hundreds of millions of them hate it and oppose it – because the communists there have kept their military dictatorship going all these years because, quite simply, they have all the guns and don’t simply, like their American Democrat Party counterparts, control all the propaganda in the country – while still only wishing they could take all the citizens’ guns away also.

And don’t think for a minute that if the Democrats thought they could get away with it politically, they would not continue to demand exactly what the Chinese communists are imposing on their people. The “super-brain” behind the Democrat Party, all the “wisdom” invariably voiced by Thomas L. Friedman, has always been that the Chinese communists are the ones we need to emulate in everything.

Everyone you see walking around with a mask now, would force you to do the same if they could. It’s a mental illness, their insane response to the virus and their insistence that it was all absolutely the right thing to do – to this very day – that you’re killing grandparents and/or children if you don’t agree!

And in the magical, fantasy world they occupy, they actually think it’s all based on “The Science.”

Yes, the virus was new, but since we didn’t know anything about it, the only sensible thing to do was to wait and see and, as always, with any medical matter, for the government to do nothing, not to interfere in people’s lives at all – even if seen purely from a medical point of view, without regard to the unconstitutionality of the government interfering in private health decisions, the fact that the government simply has no business whatsoever doing anything of the kind. Because nothing in the Constitution gives it any such power or right.

But the “public health experts” used the very newness of the virus as a pretext to incite PANIC everywhere they could, public PANIC, not curing anyone, being their objective, PANIC they could use as their platform for self-promotion and to control and destroy the country as a consequence, PANIC they could be certain would be further amplified and inflamed by all of the propaganda sources available to Marxists at all times, the New York Times, the Washington Post, AP, Reuters, corporate Network “news,” cable “news,” and, above all, the social media platforms, all ready, willing and able to do their bidding to provide Echo Chambers for all of that panic endlessly, literally hypnotizing the public, tricking them into surrendering/ruining their own lives voluntarily and demanding that others do the same – or be considered murderers. 

And the whole enterprise was used by those “public health experts” to hide/gaslight the very fact that Anthony Fauci and the other “public health experts” unconstitutionally (nothing in the Constitution authorizes their agencies to even exist) employed by the federal government had participated in the very creation of the virus by using American taxpayers’ money to fund the “gain-of-function” (bio-weapons) research conducted in the Chinese Communists‘ military bio-weapons lab in Wuhan which created it – and doing everything in their power, by hook or by crook, lying brazenly to Congress under oath when asked about it, to hide that fact from everyone as long as they could.

it required deliberate lies by “public health experts” manufactured by them to panic people, especially to panic President Trump in particular – to trick him into going along with the insane, tyrannical, totalitarian measures only the Chinese communist regime had ever approved of before – to inflate/falsify the available data, manufacturing completely-fraudulent “statistics,” using projections from completely-worthless computer models (and not actual science or actual data) to pretend that this new virus was so terrible, so catastrophically deadly, that extraordinary measures had to be taken to deal with it or else untold millions would die (completely ignoring the eternally-true observation of Niels Bohr – or was it Yogi Berra? – that “predictions are difficult, especially about the future.”), instead of doing the common sense thing which was for the government to do nothing without actually knowing 100% for sure that something truly catastrophic (that’s what the measures they were demanding constituted) to the people should be done. 

Because the one thing they knew for a fact was that destroying America and the people’s lives by forcing businesses to close and people to be subjected to house arrest without due process – and running up trillions of dollars of catastrophic debt for everyone to prevent even further catastrophe from the government’s own policies! – could only have drastically disastrous results in themselves, without anything resembling actual knowledge whatsoever that they would be of even marginal medical benefit to anyone, let alone everyone – which they were not.

And above all else, they ignored the fact that there simply is no “Emergency Exception” to the Constitution. 

And nothing in the Constitution permits people to be forced into house arrest without due process, or politicians gratuitously (yes, that’s what it was and has been, gratuitous, with no actual, scientific proof supporting it whatsoever) to demand that businesses be closed. 

The American Revolution was fought, as stated explicitly in the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution, based on the principles that our governments, state and federal, simply have no power whatsoever that is not explicitly granted or permitted to them in the Constitution and that the American people have the natural rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, rights which obviously include conducting their businesses, their work, and employing anyone they want, and being employed in any capacity, that does not involve committing actual crimes under the Common Law.

For whatever reason, even after he eventually realized the folly, perhaps believing he was legally-obliged to do so because of the poor, Constitutionally-ignorant legal advice he (consistently) got from his lawyers, President Trump refused to interfere in the decisions by Democrat governors, in particular, to impose those lockdowns, deferring to their judgment without actively telling them they needed to stop immediately because they were violating the Constitution in all of that.

And he should’ve been shouting from the rooftops to stop the closure of schools, and all of the abuse inflicted on children in the name of “protecting” them, none of which had any basis whatsoever in medicine or the Constitution (children are citizens also, and decisions about their welfare is their parents’ concern alone, not subject to veto by the schools they are forced to attend, nor the state).

As actual doctors (unlike pure bureaucrat frauds in white coats like Anthony Fauci) had known all along, the only rational response to the virus’ presence is for private pharmaceutical companies, without any involvement of the government whatsoever, to find actual cures or actual vaccines, neither of which, unfortunately, have yet to appear for the Covid virus, although there have been, all along, cheap, generic treatments (e.g., hydroxychloroquine with zinc etc., Ivermectin) which have been shown to be at least partially-effective when applied early in the onset of the virus.

Among others, as the actual experience of multiple doctors with their patients and coworkers (e.g. Dr. Immanuel, who recommended – and, as an ethical physician, did not force – the prophylactic use of hydroxychloroquine by her staff at the hospital in Houston, and not a single member of her staff, doctors, nurses and technicians, was killed by Covid even though they all were massively-exposed to it) has shown, President Trump was absolutely right when he said that hydroxychloroquine was indeed a treatment, however imperfect, for it, and the “public health experts” – and his political opponents, which included those “public health experts” – rushed to make sure nobody even considered using it – and further, lied and pretended that he had said people should put bleach in their veins, something he never said at all.

Everything the “public health experts” demanded, and still continue to demand, along with the Chinese Communists, about Covid, absolutely everything was all a fool’s errand, as anyone with an IQ above 50 could see with 10 minutes of thought about it. 

It is fundamental fact that once a virus is here, it is here and cannot EVER be eradicated (yes, every one of them – including polio, the 1917 flu, the Black Death – every one of them is still here). And the virus is always going to do whatever it is going to do. 

And only natural immunity, a vaccine and/or an actual treatment prevents it from harming any of us, natural immunity, to the extent possible, which everyone who is exposed to it acquires – natural immunity which the “public health experts” have been lying and pretending does not exist, while lying and pretending that actual “vaccines” do – and demanding they be forced on everyone without regard to any individual’s health, and without regard to the completely-unknown risks they pose in their manipulation of human immune systems.

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and: Audio of daughter WELDED into her home by Beijing officials, pleading to be released after her mother jumped to her death when latest lockdown drove her to despair, sparks fury in China

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