Common Sense for Today (H/T: Thomas Paine)

Apr 14, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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America Has Been Suicidally Self-Destructing Under Politicians’ Stupidity Since The Turn Of The 20th Century, And It Is Time For All Of That Insanity To End

It is true now, as it was when Thomas Paine wrote it then: “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

The article attached below is great, brilliantly summarizing part of the history of the United States’ decline since 1950 (including important, relevant events prior thereto). But it leaves out so much of that suicidal self-destruction that I must add my two cents, my additional common sense. 

Particularly since 1905, we have been swallowing the poison of Marxism (Karl Marx, “The Communist Manifesto”: “In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.”) in this country, bit by bit, as it gradually smothers us, imposed on us unconstitutionally, always under various fraudulent pretexts, pretexts invariably pushed by a multitude of activists, hideous, evil Marxist bureaucracy imposed on us by politicians from all three branches of government simply usurping power they have no right to — doing so by them creating, funding and empowering all of those federal alphabet agencies, virtually all of which are completely unconstitutional — and not a single one of which is of any value to America and its citizens (other than to parasites who alone benefit from those invariably-corrupt and corrupting bureaucracies, parasites who primarily populate Washington DC and the wealthy — wealthy because of that very parasitism — counties which surround it) at all.

The Bureaucrats’ Endless Lies About, Creation and Weaponization, Of Covid Proves Their Evil

If anyone doubted these facts — these invariable facts about Marxist bureaucracies proven by life under them in the Soviet Union and in captive communist nations everywhere — previously, they have all now been proven conclusively here — and right in our faces — proven by the unspeakable damage, the endless fraud and lies and crimes against humanity, which the bureaucrat “public health experts” have committed, and will continue to commit — until they and their entire agencies are physically stopped and eliminated completely — all that evil they have done (1) in seditiously helping finance, with taxpayer dollars, the creation of Covid, together with the Communist Chinese military in its bio-weapons lab in Wuhan, and (2) then weaponizing it against the American citizens.

Yes, they weaponized Covid by demanding all those (now conclusively-proven, as if it wasn’t obvious all along, proven by real studies by The National Bureau Of Economic Research, University of Chicago economists) absolutely medically-pointless — but massively-destructive to the entire economy and individuals’ lives, destroying hundreds of thousands of businesses — those absolutely worthless “mitigation measures” (lockdowns, masks,”social distancing”), while simultaneously doing everything in their power to prevent physicians from applying all the actual, mostly-inexpensive and generic treatments for it (none of which are perfect, all of which have been proven to have high rates of effectiveness when applied early in the onset of the illness), and pretending they had invented a vaccine, when in fact they have invented nothing of the kind (the experimental chemicals they are lying and pretending are vaccines, and have been doing everything they can to force on everyone, prevent neither infection nor transmission of the virus. They are no more effective than the annual “shot” is for the flu, a shot which has never been forced on anyone and no one has ever pretended is a vaccine).

Everything they have done with Covid was weaponized against America and the American people by forcing all of that stuff on the American people under penalty of personal destruction for refusal, forcing all that, while lying and claiming they knew what they were doing against Covid, a virus which has been proven — since March 2020, after the experience of those 3500+ people on that cruise ship, the Diamond Princess — to be 10 TIMES LESS DEADLY THAN THE FLU to the general population, to almost anyone under 65, non-lethal to anyone who does not have a minimum of two comorbidities, an infectious disease which they have used endlessly against the nation and its citizens as a pretext for all their most recent, blatant and medically-useless violence against us, monstrous abuse against the entire population, particularly the children of the nation, unforgivable, medically-pointless violence against us, the worthlessness, and genuine evil, of which I have described previously in a multitude of articles. 

Fraud Is the Major Weapon The Marxist Bureaucracies Use To Enslave Us

And yes, everything they, federal bureaucrats everywhere throughout all those alphabet (and additional) citizen-policing agencies, do — about Covid and everything else — and all the powers and pretexts they claim for doing their violence against us, is all absolutely and completely permeated by fraud — fraud about their claimed Constitutional powers to do so, about their supposed “expertise,” and about their real agenda, in creating those Marxist bureaucracies. 

And yes, it is always through those citizen-policing agency federal bureaucracies — not just the “public health” ones, but all of them – and the bureaucrats who populate them, that they impose their Marxist violence on us. The FTC, created by Woodrow Wilson, Is one of the very worst, with an open-ended license for its bureaucrats to do anything they want to any business in the country.

Fraud of all kinds is, and has been, always the primary method politicians have used here in America to impose Marxism on the nation: and yes, once again, they do it by imposing, creating and empowering all those federal alphabet “regulatory” agencies —not all of them having alphabets in their name, some being entire cabinet departments – those unelected, hideous, self-serving, bureaucratic CITIZEN-POLICING agencies, which pretend to be “protecting” us from various things (and never do), none of which (other than the IRS, for which they actually got the 16th Amendment passed — fraudulently, of course, promising never to tax anyone but “the very very rich”) — agencies have, as outlined below, any legal basis for existing under the Constitution.

Every One Of Those Bureaucratic Agencies Creates Marxist Tyranny Here

Each of them, every single one of those horrible agencies, and all their horrible bureaucrats together, unconstitutionally exercise ALL THREE GOVERNMENTAL POWERS — legislative, executive and judicial: they subject anyone they want, at their whim, to massive, unconstitutional searches and seizures, intrusive “investigations”/audits, which are nothing but hostile and brutal and endlessly-nosy, fishing expeditions, forcing citizens to bend the knee and be submissive to the whims of unelected bureaucrats, forced to reveal intimate things about themselves, their families and their property to people they wouldn’t even want to talk to in real life; they create “laws,” in direct violation of all the very-specific, procedural requirements for creating real laws spelled out in Article I of the Constitution — completely-unconstitutional “laws” which they lie and pretend are just “regulations;” they act as judges, juries and executioners, often without even bothering with their own, completely-unconstitutional, worthless kangaroo courts (where they never lose, and citizens always do), violently imposing those unconstitutional “laws” on real citizens — with massive fines they themselves impose, and even jail sentences, for citizens who don’t obey, who fail in some way in the bureaucrats’ purely-discretionary compliance demands. 

And, thanks to completely-unconstitutional, EVEN ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL, as shown below, rulings by the US Supreme Court, THERE IS NO MEANINGFUL CONSTRAINT ON ANYTHING THEY DO, everything they do left to their “discretion,” no judicial review, AS A PRACTICAL MATTER, with everyone they each have control over completely under their thumbs — and silenced by them, by their always implicit, if not explicit, tyrannical threat of complete destruction and ruination against citizens. 

Have you wondered why all those big corporations, each under the thumb of endless numbers of those bureaucrats and their agencies, have become so “woke” – that being the new, “hipster” euphemism for being ”brainwashed-Marxist?” That’s the reason: the fact that they must answer to all those tyrannical Marxist bureaucrats for everything they do — and that has been the case for decades. 

That, together with the fact that their executive ranks are filled with the best academic-performers credentialed at American universities, former students who have, since the 1970s, been indoctrinated their entire lives with Marxism in our horrible, Marxism-poisoned schools, including those formerly-great universities.

In so doing — in exercising all three government powers, legislative, executive and judicial — every one of those bureaucracies does precisely what the Constitution’s division of powers among three, separate branches was promised and DESIGNED TO PREVENT EVER HAPPENING HERE, literally the opposite of what the Constitution permits, what it deliberately forbids because, as the Constitution’s principal author, James Madison, said in The Federalist #47, in explicitly promising that the Constitution would not permit any of that to happen, “the accumulation of all [three] powers in the same hands, whether of one, a few or many… MAY JUSTLY BE PRONOUNCED THE VERY DEFINITION OF TYRANNY [Emphasis added].”

Politicians In All Three Branches Have Knowingly Created a Completely-Unconstitutional FOURTH BRANCH Of The Government

In creating, funding, empowering, and thereby weaponizing, all those, as shown below, CONSTITUTIONALLY-FORBIDDEN AGENCIES unconstitutionally, politicians in all three branches of the federal government (yes, politicians in robes on the Supreme Court have fraudulently (see below), knowing — if they even bother to read it — that the Constitution permits nothing of the kind, rubberstamped it all since the mid-1930s) acting together have unconstitutionally purported TO ADD A FOURTH BRANCH to the federal government — and nothing in the Constitution permits them to do so. 

They would have to amend the Constitution to do what they have done. And nothing in Article V of the Constitution, which provides THE ONLY METHODS FOR AMENDING THE CONSTITUTION, permits any of the politicians in the federal government, EVEN ALL OF THEM ACTING TOGETHER, AS THEY HAVE DONE, to amend it.

And, under the Constitution, as clearly shown below, they would have to obtain a real, formal amendment to it for ANY, let alone all, of those agencies to be legally valid.

And no, the fact that they’ve been doing it, GROTESQUELY VIOLATING the Constitution, for decades, the “precedents” they supposedly have set, DOES NOT VALIDATE ANY OF IT. “Precedent” is not even mentioned in Article V as a method for amending the Constitution; and if it were, it would make the whole thing nonsensical: how can violating the Constitution validate the violation? 

Each Constitutional violation remains a lawless violation, no matter how many times it is repeated; and the more it is repeated, the more horrendous it is – and the more in need of being remedied and undone, and for us to make sure it never is repeated again.

Knowing all this, all these undeniable, as shown below, facts about the Constitution itself, they attempted to, and did indeed, pass (1) the 16th Amendment, to authorize the hideous, Karl Marx-inspired Income Tax and the IRS, and (2) they obtained the passage, and later the repeal, of the 18th Amendment, as THEY KNEW WAS REQUIRED to permit the federal government to impose Alcohol Prohibition – proposing it AT THE VERY SAME TIME that they were just going ahead on their own, COMPLETELY-LAWLESSLY, cynically and grotesquely and willfully violating their oaths of office to uphold the Constitution, and blatantly-unconstitutionally inventing the FDA to give the federal government THAT SAME POWER over ALL FOOD AND DRUGS AND MEDICAL DEVICES, not just alcohol, in the country.

Each Of Those Federal Bureaucracies Is Unconstitutional, Tyrannical And Monstrous

And tyranny, just as Madison predicted in The Federalist #47, is indeed what each and every one of those agencies, with that combination of all powers, results in — unconstitutional tyranny imposed on the citizens, tyranny the Marxists hide as much as they can, silencing their victims as much as they can — because each agency’s jurisdiction is theoretically limited to attacking only specific things. 

But in reality, they never stay within those limits: because there are no limits on their power, power which is illegitimate, unconstitutional in the first place, no limits which they ever respect. 

And there has been no one in the government who can or will stop anything they do SO LONG AS THEY CONTINUE TO EXIST AT ALL — including the Supreme Court, which has authorized their inherently-tyrannical, PURELY-DISCRETIONARY POWER OVER CITIZENS, the power of bullies under the law of the jungle, the rule of lawyers, instead of the real rule of law — and ratified those agencies’ purported “Constitutionality” multiple times.

And the harm, even the superficially-invisible harm, inflicted by each of those agencies affects everyone, whether they know it or not, poisoning everything in the country in fact — and getting away with it because they have imposed all this tyranny on us bit by bit, and because most don’t experience most of those hideous agencies’ tyrannical violence directly – except when they do. 

As but one example: you never know, unless you actually look into it, any of the endless choices you never see, the ones you never know you are missing out on, the inventions that inventors didn’t bother with offering to the public because of the personal dangers to them of doing so, and because the Marxist bureaucrats forbade manufacturers from ever letting you buy them, forbade you from even knowing about them. 

Most citizens now — after over a century of all this ongoing assault on our Constitution — and on us individually, our individual liberty, whether we recognize it or not – unconstitutional weaponization of the powers of the central government permeating every crevice in the country, every institution — no longer even think about, simply take for granted as what has become “normal,” the fact that everything any property owner, each and every business, desires to do with his/ its own property, requires getting multiple BUREAUCRATS’ PERMISSION (federal, state and local, even) in America now — a country where we were Constitutionally-entitled to be free men, not serfs/slaves of the state, blessed with absolute freedom of contract, freedom over our private property so long as we did not create an actual, non-theoretical, observable nuisance to others or their property, not just to some limitless abstraction like “the environment,” never supposed to require bureaucrats’ permission for doing anything, bound only by the constraints of the market and the Common Law.

Marxism Is Always About Destroying All Individual Property Rights, All Liberty, Everything America Was Founded To Be All About – And It Always Runs On Lies And HatredHatred Of America, Above All Else

Those unelected, central government federal bureaucratic agencies, individually and jointly, institutionalize Marxism in America, THE MIRROR IMAGE of the monstrous, tyrannical kommissariats under the USSR. 

And that’s exactly what Woodrow Wilson, their Democrat Party-originator, intended them to be when he explicitly laid out the blueprint for them in his academic writings, before there even was a USSR, when he described exactly what we have been subjected to under them (they were his wet dreams of what he wanted for himself and his fellow “intellectuals” who he considered to be superior “experts,” fantasizing his own, imaginary utopia for those “experts” as the masters — hell on earth for everyone else) as a professor at Princeton, before he became governor of New Jersey.

And Marxism, as Karl Marx himself SAID EXPLICITLY in The Communist Manifesto, has always been about destroying, COMPLETELY ELIMINATING, ALL INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY for the citizenry, under the thumbs of their bureaucrat supposed-“intellectual expert” masters, eliminating, in particular, ALL CITIZENS’ (citizenship which, under Marxism, they lose and become serfs) RIGHTS OVER PRIVATE PROPERTY.

Yes, as Marxism’s central, explicit objective, it completely eliminates that same, absolute, natural right to pursue happiness, PRIVATE PROPERTY/LIBERTY WHICH THIS COUNTRY WAS LITERALLY FOUNDED TO PROTECT — with Marxism doing all that elimination of all former-citizens’ rights, always empowered here in America (where, unlike most places, military force has not been used to impose it) exclusively by endless lies, with those lies empowered and fueled by hatred, virulent ever-increasing hatred, hatred always directed, ever since, and by Karl Marx himself!, at America (and at Jews, of course, and at all businesses, at all businessmen), at America and its founding and our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, with that endless hatred always being THE EMOTIONAL ENGINE (it has no, actual, coherent intellectual content), the engine which empowers it, the engine which has always been the singular thing which has driven it everywhere Marxism has raised its hideous head.

American Marxists Have Always Hidden — Behind Masking-Names, First “Progressive,” And Later “Liberal” (They Are The Opposite Of That), And Now “Woke

Although during the 19th Century we were subjected to a few, big, ultimately self-destructive things, some of which, along with the graduated income tax which we later permitted, were even EXPLICITLY DEMANDED BY KARL MARX IN “THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO,” following its publication in 1848  — the creation of state-owned-and-run public schools (which were fine, their inherent danger dormant, until the 1970s, until the creation and domination of them by the always-Marxist teachers unions, and are now Marxist prisons/indoctrination camps), the creation of the Interstate Commerce Commission (the first, unconstitutional federal “regulatory” agency, which poisoned and corrupted, even more than it had been under its federal government-financing, the then-amazing railroad industry), the creation of the Justice Department in 1870 (to enforce the then-newly-created federal criminal laws and crush the South, treating it like a defeated enemy), the creation, although not yet the actual imposition against businesses, of the Antitrust laws – the Marxist (and yes, pure Marxists alone are indeed, regardless whatever mask they are hiding behind at the time, the source of all of the self-imposed harms to our wealth and power) forces in the country which have been suicidally self-destructive of both our economic and military power (and therefore of our wealth and security as individuals and as a nation) have been going on much longer than since, as described in the article below, 1950 — ever since Marxists in America, calling themselves “Progressives,” seized power during the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt. 

Roosevelt himself was a self-admitted Marxist: in his own words, he differed from the views of Karl Marx only in his desire for America to be militarily strong (the opposite of all other Marxists) and in his unwillingness to use military force to impose Marxism on the country, to impose the totalitarian fascism he and all Marxists have always wanted, the obliteration of all private property, particularly the end of all private ownership, and/or control, of all businesses, businesses whose owners he loathed and looked down on as the inherited-wealth (he literally never worked a day in his life except in public jobs) snob he was, with Roosevelt always snobbishly contemptuous of the liberty and power of all citizens as individuals. 

The Manic Snob Theodore Roosevelt Thought He Could Do It Alone, And America Thought It Rid Itself of Marxism/”Progressivism” With His Defeat

Roosevelt fantasized that he could do it, impose Marxism on America, with personal charisma, a political party behind him and the power of the ideas of Marxism itself, its supposed, according to Marxists, INEVITABILITY as a historical phenomenon, inevitability and Utopia which he, like all Marxists, believed in religiously, ideas which he never actually had any practical understanding of, theoretical ideas which were and remain complete nonsense, completely ANTITHETICAL TO HUMAN NATURE: simply observe any child and what he has to say: from the time of infancy, every human WANTS THINGS, property of his own; and the difference between a serf and a free man is that SERFS ARE FORBIDDEN FROM OWNING ANYTHING, ANY PROPERTY.

Under Marxism, EVERYONE LITERALLY IS A SERF/SLAVE OF THE POLITICIANS AND BUREAUCRATS who alone are empowered over everything, over all property, over every detail of everyone’s life. It’s monstrous and evil. Always. It is literally legalized theft — of everything.

Americans rejected Roosevelt and his Bull Moose Progressive Party with those insane ideas, but his presence in the 1912 election permitted the election of Woodrow Wilson who carried on all those same, insane “Progressive” ideas (nationalizing the currency with the Fed, instituting the income tax, creating the FTC to prey on businesses at whim, etc.) and converted the always collectivist, in its racism, Democrat Party into an implicitly (never, ever saying it out loud) Marxist party dedicated to fulfilling everything the virulently-racist/Collectivist/Marxist Woodrow Wilson had written about – the complete segregation of the races (REINSTITUTED by him throughout the federal government, including in our military, the federal government which had been completely integrated after the Civil War) with racism, and its inherent collectivism — racism which had always been the singular attribute of the Democrat party, the party of slavery, of the KKK and of Jim Crow laws — and the taking, WITHOUT ANY DUE PROCESS OR COMPENSATION TO ITS OWNERS, of complete ownership of all power over all the means of production in America by the central state through unelected, bureaucratic, supposedly-“expert” administrative agencies of the federal government — ABSOLUTELY NONE of which, as Wilson himself recognized, is or was permitted under the Constitution.

Teddy Roosevelt had become president only by the purest of pure accidents (the Republican Party had kicked him and his manic insanity upstairs to the vice presidency to get him out of ruining New York as its supposedly-Republican governor), only because of the assassination of William McKinley and, knowing that Americans had not elected, in McKinley – the man who they had actually voted for – any Marxist at all, was at least honest enough to refrain from engaging most of his radical, antibusiness harm to the economy and proposing his insane ideas — until he himself won election in 1904. 

Roosevelt Began the Real Marxist Damage in America In 1905

But in 1905, after actually winning an election, Roosevelt began his Marxist assault on the economy, creating, in 1906, entire, massively-intrusive, unconstitutional, Marxist agencies including the FDA, which Marxists in the Agriculture Division of the actually-Constitutional Patent Office had been promoting for decades, with essentially-unlimited power over all businesses under its supposed jurisdiction (all food at all stages of its production, and all medical products of any kind) giving that agency’s unelected bureaucrats a terrifying, and terror-inducing (their very purpose, as he admitted, and even bragged) stranglehold over all aspects of both the agricultural and the manufacturing – and inventing – economies, complete with threats of endless investigations and prosecutions and other punishments at the whim of the bureaucrats, and genuinely bullying (abusing his “Bully Pulpit,” as he affectionately – and accurately – called it) by threatening prosecutions of a multitude of businesses under the draconian, genuinely-terrifying and completely-unconstitutional Antitrust laws, whose actual use against businesses the Supreme Court had effectively prevented, previously. 

But his bullying threats alone, together with his other assaults on, and effectively the STEALING, of the entire free-market economy, by demanding — with the creation of those unconstitutional agencies, and threats of Antitrust prosecution – practically-unlimited control over the entire economy, all businesses, from their owners, taking that control over them without due process or any compensation for that power, just claiming that ultimate control over all American businesses, all the commanding heights of the economy, resulted in the Panic of 1907 (begun in September, 1906), which, as always, Marxists blamed on their own victims, American businesses.

And American Marxists later used that Panic of 1907, WHICH ROOSEVELT HIMSELF HAD CREATED, as the pretext for imposing all manner of additional, Marxist institutions, including, most disastrously and tyrannically, creating THE COMPLETELY-UNCONSTITUTIONAL Fed in 1913.

Yes, the Founders knew all about central government banks and the paper money they create, BECAUSE THE FRENCH HAD DONE IT A FEW DECADES BEFORE our founding and that French bank and its paper money ended in the Mississippi Bubble nightmare disaster — and they wanted nothing of the kind ever to happen here. 

Accordingly, the federal government is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN TO PRINT ANY PAPER MONEY AT ALL, even paper backed by gold: the federal government is authorized in Article I § 8 of the Constitution exclusively and ONLY TO “COIN”(those arguing the Constitution permits federal government paper money rely on mistaken analyses of the interstate Commerce clause, of McCulloch v. Maryland, and a complete misunderstanding of the federal involvement (20%!) in the First Bank of the United States whose Constitutionality it addresses, all  as discussed and shown below) ANY MONEY it creates (PRIVATE BANKS ALONE issued all American paper money, all backed by specie (except briefly during the Civil War) — banknotes — until 1913, with NEVER A CENT of inflation that entire time!) and, accordingly, the completely-unconstitutional Fed (under which the Dollar has been inflated so disastrously that is now worth 1/29th what it was worth in 1913) also violates one of the very few — out of a total of three! – crimes which the federal government is actually, Constitutionally-permitted, and even required, to prosecute EVERY SECOND OF ITS monstrous, UNCONSTITUTIONAL EXISTENCE – the crime of counterfeiting!– with preventing inflation being the very purpose of criminalizing counterfeiting.

American Marxists Initially Only Assaulted Individual Liberty and The Economy, Not the Military

Beginning with Theodore Roosevelt, the Marxist/”Progressive” ideas initially didn’t directly harm our military. 

Instead they have always made and executed one attack after another on our economy — on all real markets, the places and things where people enter into contracts voluntarily with each other, buy and sell whatever they want at whatever prices the buyers choose, with BOTH SIDES of each transaction (which, by definition, both must agree to voluntarily) experiencing the miracle, the BLESSING of PROFIT (which Marxists, in their completely-idiotic and deranged delusion, consider the greatest evil!) and, as Adam Smith explained, the nation’s wealth increasing with each such transaction — attacks on individual liberty, on the power of businesses, the power of private property, attacks on individual ownership of things, and control by citizens over the terms of their own private contracts between each other — and, accordingly, were direct attacks on our wealth and, accordingly, ultimately on all aspects of our power, including, necessarily, our military power, which always ultimately depends on, and arises from, our wealth, individually and as a nation. 

And since 1905, one by one, Marxist (knowingly or unknowingly) politicians have put every major, and even minor, sector — every aspect of, every contract, every transaction in — the American economy, forcing all of it completely under the thumb of multiple, federal alphabet policing agencies, one business sector after another (except, until Obama tried, the Internet, the Internet which alone has prospered uniquely in America, has become the sole market with real innovation — precisely BECAUSE THEY KEPT THEIR HANDS OFF OF IT) — and even the rest of life in America (Americans’ education, everything we buy – and are forbidden to buy – our health, and all interactions with others!), all property ownership in the country, all employment and other contracts of all kinds — all, as outlined below, in direct, undeniable violation of the Constitution.

Marxists Have Poisoned and Corrupted Everything in America Through Their Bureaucracies – That’s What They Do

And that hideous, unconstitutional bureaucratic control has corrupted our entire country, every aspect of it, everything, each of those bureaucrat-controlled businesses and everything else in the country, everything which is, by those unconstitutional bureaucracies, precluded from acting under real, voluntary market decisions and forces (i.e., if you’re selling something nobody wants, you go out of business, and if you don’t handle your money properly, you go bankrupt) — and the unique constraints contained in the Common Law, AND THE COMMON LAW ALONE, the law of freemen which we inherited from Britain.

Yes, everything here, every market, every institution, every profession, every activity, all property ownership, which is no-longer solely under the policing rules of the market and the Common Law, has been corrupted, poisoned from a combination of unconstitutional government bureaucrat policing-power over the businesses (and everything else) — coupled with “regulatory capture,” with the regulators themselves inevitably, corruptly, coming under the control to some extent of the businesses they necessarily are intertwined with, the businesses which are “legally” under the bureaucrats’ purely-discretionary, and therefore tyrannical thumbs, the incumbent businesses as of the time when the unconstitutional policing power is imposed on the business sector, incumbent businesses which end up being artificially favored over new entrants to the market, the entire market destroyed and corrupted by the presence of the hideous bureaucrats and their unconstitutional power, a market bullied and corrupted instead of being encouraged and fostered, harming the public inevitably, benefiting only politicians and bureaucrats and corrupt parasites harming the nation’s wealth and power. 

Under bureaucratic, Marxist control, all aspects of the private economy (except, so far, the Internet!) have been completely disrupted and corrupted – AND MASSIVELY HARMED, their growth stunted compared to what it would otherwise be, monopolies and oligopolies artificially created by the government’s bureaucratic power impositions, with federal government bureaucrats and politicians, instead of citizens’ private market choices, picking winners and losers – all of it a constant assault on freedom of contract and private property ownership in the country, an assault on all individual liberty, all of it limiting the growth of our economy, and benefiting no one but the parasites who feed off of it and the enemies of this country — with growth, as rapid as possible, of the economy always being the one and only source of all strength, wealth and power for America and Americans. 

The Constitution EXPLICITLY PRECLUDES ALL Of Those Bureaucracies, Providing NO Basis for Their Existence – And the Supreme Court Has Been Committing Fraud Since the Mid-1930s In Pretending Otherwise

All of that corrupt, tyrannical — as shown above, in the quote from Madison’s The Federalist # 47 — government policing-power in each of those agencies is EXACTLY WHAT THE CONSTITUTION WAS INTENDED TO PREVENT by giving the federal government NO POWER WHATSOEVER to do any of that, and EXPLICITLY preserving ALL POWER IT DOESN’T GIVE EXPLICITLY TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT for the people and the states, explicitly spelling that out in plain English in the 9th and 10th Amendments. 

The Supreme Court has, since the mid-1930s, been fraudulently rubber-stamping all that grotesque usurpation of policing power by the federal government, by pretending (it’s literally the one and ONLY Constitutional clause it relies on to authorize EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE FEDERAL BUREAUCRACIES!— and, amazingly, VIRTUALLY ALL, purported FEDERAL CRIMES  — today) that the Interstate “Commerce” clause of the Constitution supposedly AUTHORIZES EVERY BIT OF IT, all that policing power, all that criminalization of citizens’ otherwise-innocent, and often-harmless, behavior, all that policing of America and Americans, by every one of those agencies! 

Yes, the Supreme Court has purported TO REST THE ENTIRE WEIGHT OF ALL POWER TO AUTHORIZE ALL THAT ENDLESS, TYRANNICAL, MASSIVE FEDERAL AUTHORITY, power under which the federal government has attempted TO CRIMINALIZE ALL harmless, perfectly normal GENUINE FREE MARKET ACTIVITIES in politicians’ lust for unconstitutionally imposing Marxism on the country, criminalizing everything Americans do, criminalizing the use of cash money! with the Supreme Court resting every bit of that power, all of it on that one, very-weak branch, on that one very, very thin reed, on the supposed authority of THAT ONE CLAUSE, AND THAT ONE CLAUSE ALONE, IN THE CONSTITUTION – a clause which permits absolutely nothing of the kind – as that Court knew perfectly well when it first did so – when it did so for PURELY-POLITICAL, cynical, and ultimately evil, AND SEDITIOUS, reasons – in the mid-1930s, with the Justices on the court knowingly violating their oaths of office when they did that – violations which they have continued ever since.

Our Politicians, Including Those on The Supreme Court, Have Been Fraudulently Pretending That the Interstate “Commerce” Clause of The Constitution Authorizes EVERY SINGLE ONE Of The Federal Alphabet And Other Bureaucratic Agencies (other than the IRS)

As everyone in the country knew until the 20th century, and as the Founders made very clear in their own writings on the subject, the Interstate “Commerce” clause actually only authorizes the federal Government to police the STATES, to PREVENT STATES FROM IMPROPERLY HARMING trade involving INTERSTATE BUSINESSES, NOT to police citizens and their businesses at all. 

Its purpose was to protect Interstate business’ property rights and freedom of contract (with Madison, himself the principal author of the Constitution, EXPLICITLY DESCRIBING the purpose of that clause in The Federalist #42: “[bullying by states of other states’ businesses under the Articles of Confederation revealed] The necessity of a superintending authority over the reciprocal trade of confederated states“) guaranteed elsewhere in the Constitution, and not, as the Supreme Court has been pretending, authorizing the federal government TO ASSAULT THOSE RIGHTS, permitting the assaulting of those rights possessed by everyone, all citizens, all businesses, not just interstate ones.

Yes, the purpose of that clause was to preserve, not to destroy for all citizens, interstate businesses’ property rights and FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, freedom of contract which, together with the right to Fee Simple Absolute ownership of property were, since Magna Carta, the singular attributes, the singular freedoms differentiating Freemen from serfs!, with freedom of contract BEING THE ONE AND ONLY INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY so important that it was the ONLY such individual right – in that document explicitly dedicated to institutionalizing and preserving individual liberty – explicitly preserved IN THE ORIGINAL TEXT OF THE CONSTITUTION ITSELF, not in the Bill Of Rights amendments.

Yes, the plain text of the Constitution – including its entire purpose of preserving individual liberty spelled out in its Preamble – and The Federalist #42 make clear that the interstate “Commerce” clause was, in fact, intended not to authorize the endless assault by federal bureaucracies on citizens’ freedom of contract which the Supreme Court has, since the 1930s, been rubber-stamping in its name, not to permit the complete destruction of all individual liberty including freedom of contract, complete destruction which the Supreme Court since the 1930s has indeed been authorizing, but rather to do THE VERY OPPOSITE, to preserve and protect INTERSTATE BUSINESSES’ property rights and freedom of contract from bullying by other states, freedom of contract which, since the turn of the 20th century, when law schools were invented, law professors – supposed legal “experts” and, in reality all-too-often simply self-serving-and-promoting Marxist activists in suits and ties controlling the education of lawyers – knowing full-well that the Constitution is 180°-antithetical to each and every one of their Marxist wet dreams – individual liberty and freedom of contract which those so-called Constitutional “experts” have endlessly scorned, ridiculed and mocked; and the Supreme Court, following those supposed “experts’” lead, has, since the 1930s, illegally effectively-stricken from the Constitution!

In doing so, the Supreme Court has been ignoring the Constitution’s plain text, the contemporaneous explications of it in The Federalist, common sense and the centuries-old, and clearly-controlling for the Constitution’s interpretation and enforcement, Common Law of Contracts. 

Because the Constitution is, in addition to being the Supreme Law of the land, a Contract between the citizens and the states, as it explicitly says – “We the people….” 

And it is under the then pre-existing Common Law of Contracts that it has always been required to be read, interpreted and enforced; THAT is why it contains NO ENFORCEMENT PROVISIONS; the Common Law of Contracts ALREADY EXISTED when it was written and ratified, making any additional enforcement provisions in it superfluous.

Instead of applying common sense and the Common Law of Contracts in interpreting the plain language of the Constitution, the Supreme Court has, since the 1930s, been preposterously pretending that the Constitution is a “living” document whose clear, plain, explicit language they can simply ignore, whose terms they, and not the Founders who wrote it, and the then-centuries-old Common Law of Contracts – the Common Law of Contracts which the Founders unambiguously intended as its exclusive interpretation and enforcement-mechanism – that they, judges alone, and not the text of the Constitution itself, were the supreme law of the land!, that they were empowered to impose a rule of lawyers, and not of law, that they were authorized to violate their oaths of office and ignore its plain text, and its obvious meaning, as described in The Federalist #42, and so weaponized their preposterous “interpretation” of the (otherwise relatively-minor) interstate “Commerce” clause to literally TURN THE ENTIRE CONSTITUTION ON ITS HEAD, deploying it to supposedly authorize the abolition of individual liberty by the central, federal government, instead of its institution, illegally claiming that they, judges on the Supreme Court, could repudiate the Common Law of Contracts they have always been required to apply in interpreting it, that they could repudiate the Constitution’s plain text itself, and unconstitutionally and monstrously effectively strike freedom of contract and the actual meaning and purpose of the interstate Commerce clause from the Constitution!

Specifically, the Supreme Court has been claiming that ALL – YES, EVERY SINGLE ONE – of those federal bureaucracies, those endless (no one knows how many hundreds, or thousands even, of them there are!) alphabet and other federal agencies, that all of those federal agencies policing individuals and businesses, are Constitutional based EXCLUSIVELY on the following Constitutional clause whose actual purpose was described by Madison in The Federalist #42 in the language quoted above, the clause which authorizes the central, federal government to regulate

“Commerce [i.e., trade] with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes…” 

Yes, that’s the ONE CLAUSE IN THE CONSTITUTION which the Supreme Court has been relying on EXCLUSIVELY to justify the supposedly-(according to them)-Constitutional existence OF EVERY SINGLE ONE of those federal bureaucracies, those citizen-policing agencies!

Just as a textual/grammatical matter: does anyone reading THE ACTUAL WORDS of that entire clause seriously think that those words permit the federal government to regulate/police Indian tribes and foreign nations!?, let alone INDIVIDUAL INDIANS AND CITIZENS of foreign nations, THEMSELVES — along with American citizens and their individual businesses — with the regulation/policing of individual citizens and their businesses being PRECISELY what the Supreme Court has been pretending that that clause permits since the mid-1930s? The sheer stupidity of the question answers itself.

Even The Supreme Court Itself Recognized in the 19th Century That the Interstate “Commerce” Clause Does NOT Permit the Federal Policing Powers That Court Has Been Pretending It Permits Since The mid-1930s.

Even the Supreme Court itself has never had the hubris to pretend that that clause permits the federal government to regulate/police foreign nations, or foreign individuals, and Indian tribes or individual Indians THEMSELVES – as would textually be required if it actually permitted regulating/policing American citizens and businesses, as the Supreme Court has been pretending it does since the mid-1930s.

And yes, we have multiple written documents by the Founders – Hamilton, Jefferson, Monroe, Madison – including the above-quoted The Federalist #42, who wrote, and wrote about, that clause and the powers of the federal government, making very clear that neither that clause, nor any other, in the Constitution was ever intended to permit the federal government TO POLICE PRIVATE PROPERTY, PRIVATE TRANSACTIONS AND PRIVATE CITIZENS AND BUSINESSES at all. 

And yes, that’s exactly what the Supreme Court itself confirmed explicitly in one of the three cases in which it addressed any aspect of this issue, and discussed that very clause, during the 19th century, Gibbons v. Ogden.

Specifically, in a very, very long opinion by Chief Justice John Marshall, in what would now be called its “Syllabus,” he explicitly confirms THE COMPLETE AND ABSOLUTE NONEXISTENCE IN THE INTERSTATE “COMMERCE” CLAUSE OF ANY DELEGATION to the federal government OF ANY POLICING POWERS over American citizens and their businesses.(”The power of regulating commerce extends to the regulation of navigation…. State inspection laws, health laws, and laws for regulating the internal commerce of a State [I.e., citizen-policing laws], and those which respect turnpike roads, ferries, &c. are not within the power granted to Congress [Emphasis added].”

The Entire Legal Profession — Which Has Excessive Power in America — Has Been Poisoned for Generations by Fraud About This Very Issue In The Textbooks Law Students Are Trained With In Law Schools

For decades now, Constitutional Law textbooks used in American law schools — which always include part, BUT NEVER ALL (of course: it’s too long!), of Marshall’s opinion in Gibbons v. Ogden — have invariably, completely and deliberately MISREPRESENTED the meaning and import of Gibbons v. Ogden, ON THIS EXISTENTIALLY-IMPORTANT ISSUE, by DELIBERATELY LEAVING OUT, deliberately omitting the few critical words, in their purported presentations of the case, that tiny portion of the text of that case WHICH UNAMBIGUOUSLY CONFIRMS what I’m saying here about that case, what it says about the Interstate “Commerce” clause, and its complete NONDELEGATION of the citizen-policing power the Supreme Court has been pretending, since the mid-1930s, it delegates to the federal government. 

In so doing, the Marxist Constitutional Law textbook Professor/authors have literally been poisoning the minds of the entire legal profession, generation after generation, about this very subject, tricking generation after generation of lawyers — and, therefore, the entire legal profession! — into accepting the Supreme Court’s nonsense-“reading” of the Constitution, a “reading” which literally TURNS THE ENTIRE CONSTITUTION COMPLETELY UPSIDE DOWN, completely on its head, tricking them into believing that, yes, notwithstanding the Revolution the Founders fought to establish individual liberty, and against intrusive, overtaxing, over-demanding-from-citizens central government tyranny, the Revolution they fought to preserve the life, liberty, property, freedom of contract and the right to the pursuit of happiness of every American citizen, notwithstanding all that, according to the fraudulent presentation of that case in those textbooks, John Marshall, in the 19th century — himself a Founder — pretended that the Constitution itself in the Interstate “Commerce” Clause, legitimizes the federal government to turn this country into a fascist state, a country in which citizens and their businesses can be under the complete, policing power and control of unelected federal agencies, agencies each with more – ALL THE COMBINED POWERS OF GOVERNMENT – power than what any of the actual, Constitutional branches have, agencies REMARKABLY UNMENTIONED in the actual Constitution, tricking law students, and then lawyers and judges, into believing that there was indeed some, pre-20th century authority, the authority of John Marshall himself! supporting the absolutely and undeniably fraudulent position the Supreme Court took in the mid-1930s, actual authority about THIS ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL ISSUE, tricking them into thinking that the Supreme Court did not commit massive fraud in the mid-1930s when it pretended that freedom of contract is by no means guaranteed in the Constitution, and that the Interstate “Commerce,” AND THAT CLAUSE ALONE, ALL BY ITSELF remarkably, indeed authorizes the federal government to impose tyranny on the American people, to police the citizens and businesses of America – the very opposite of what the entire Constitution guarantees would never happen!

Our Founders, Jefferson and Hamilton, Authored Memoranda For President Washington Unambiguously Precluding Any Of The Federal Policing Powers Which The Supreme Court Has Been Pretending, Since The mid-1930s, The Constitution Permits

But even before that case arose, three of our greatest Founders discussed the issue of the extent of federal policing or other power over any aspect whatsoever of the economy, over any business, let alone any individual, in America, and they unanimously showed that there is absolutely none (other than the crimes specified in the Constitution itself – counterfeiting, piracy on the high seas, and treason, as limited by Article III of the Constitution from its Common Law definition and, of course, applying the Common Law in the District of Columbia).

Indeed, they viewed it as AN EXTREMELY CLOSE QUESTION whether the federal government was even allowed to issue a charter for a bank (the first Bank of the United States, which was nothing even remotely like the Fed) and to own 20% of its stock! 

Can you imagine that question even being debated today by our government? It’s only because of the hubristic usurpation of vastly — by endless orders of magnitude — more power over us, over all businesses, over all citizens and our economy, over so long a period of time by the federal government that that question now would be literally laughed at by anyone in our federal government — including our now-supposedly-conservative Supreme Court, after decades of its usurping and fraudulent rulings on the subject of federal policing power over the citizenry (in reality, the federal government has virtually NONE under the Constitution).

Yes, President Washington had our Founders, Alexander Hamilton, his Secretary of the Treasury, and his Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, write memoranda to him on that precise, Constitutional issue, on the Constitutionality of the federal government simply chartering that bank and owning 20% of its stock, and, among those Founders themselves, even that – which didn’t even come close to questioning whether the federal government could POLICE INDIVIDUALS AND/OR THEIR BUSINESSES – was itself a very, very close question (the very reason Washington even asked for the memoranda!). 

JEFFERSON SAID that the federal government chartering that bank and owning 20% of its stock WAS ABSOLUTELY UNCONSTITUTIONAL and forbidden, because nothing in the Constitution permitted it explicitly, and the 9th and 10th Amendments – which he had particularly authored and demanded – precluded any power that was not explicitly given to the federal government in the Constitution, reserving any such powers to the citizens and the states; Hamilton said it was permitted — but in no way relied on the Interstate “Commerce” clause as any supposed authority by itself for doing so.

Indeed, neither of them pretended that the Interstate “Commerce” clause could ever permit that, let alone any policing power over the citizenry and its businesses, under any circumstance. 

So, the Founders themselves doubted the Constitutionality under any clause of the Constitution permitting even that mere chartering of a bank (80% owned by private citizens), coupled with 20% ownership of it by the federal government. 

And none of that even came close in any way to creating one federal agency, let alone endless numbers of entire, monstrous ones, all owned exclusively by the federal government and engaged in WRITING THEIR OWN “LAWS” and policing the actions of, indeed ALL THE ACTIONS OF, businesses and citizens as individuals, in the country whatsoever – as each and every one of those alphabet agencies do every single day, every minute of each of their unconstitutional existences.

And even though Alexander Hamilton said the federal government creating that bank and owning 20% of its stock was Constitutional (under other Constitutional provisions) neither he nor Jefferson pretended THAT THE INTERSTATE “COMMERCE” CLAUSE even had any relevance to the question, let alone that it COULD PERMIT IT! 

And if, as we know for a fact from both Jefferson and Hamilton, the Interstate “Commerce” clause could not provide Constitutional support for that minimal activity by the federal government, there is ZERO chance it could support the legitimacy of a single one of those federal citizen-policing agencies, or any of the citizen-policing the federal government does in the name of that clause, including prosecuting all crimes not specifically authorized in the Constitution, including, of course, its amendments (the 13th, 14th , 15th, and 19th are the only ones which authorize any criminal enforcement, now that the 18th, which alone, even arguably, permitted the FBI to exist, has been repealed).

So we know for a fact (from the above-mentioned Founders’ writings and a multitude of others, all of which are absolutely-consistent with what I have shown here about these) that the Founders, WHO WROTE THE CONSTITUTION — and knew far more about it than any judge who has ever sat on any court, or any law school professor — would have considered all claims by anyone, particularly including the Supreme Court, that that clause, the Interstate “Commerce” clause, authorizes and legitimizes ANY, LET ALONE ALL (as the Supreme Court has pretended it does, since the mid-1930s), of these federal bureaucratic policing agencies, to be the purest of pure nonsense and fraud – a genuinely evil and malicious scam and insult to the Constitution, and to the intelligence and dignity of the American public – and to the Founders and to the incredibly-bloody, dangerous and difficult Revolution they fought against far-less tyranny from the British than is imposed on us by each and every one of those agencies.

Particularly Since World War II, The Marxists Have Been at War With Our Own Military, Poisoning It From Within — The One Reason Why We Always Lose Our Wars Since Then

Initially, through the end of World War I, the Marxists among us did not assault our military power directly, directly assaulting only our economic power, and the power and rights of businesses and of individuals.

But immediately after World War I and its huge, no-longer avoidable (the country had avoided it as long as it could) patriotic military buildup, Marxism which, with its then-latent, but always inherent, anti-Americanism, under Wilson, had become the soul of the Democrat party, resulted in that party consistently being biased against, or even opposed to, military power for America — as well as anything other than unelected government bureaucrat-control over all private business activity (and high taxes to pay for unconstitutional programs to buy votes, programs which would be functionally-purposeless in the unbelievably- (today) wealthy economy which would emerge free of Marxist bureaucrat interference — massive topics not addressed here).

Unlike Democrats who, following Wilson, had become ideological Marxists, the Republican Party was – until Donald Trump – never particularly ideological, and was, right up through the Obama administration, largely long-oblivious to, and complacent about, the existential danger to the nation which Marxism has posed and, beginning after World War I, until World War II, and even thereafter, most Republicans adopted quasi-isolationism, though not fundamentally-anti-American quasi-pacifism, let alone Marxism, like the Democrats, as a policy preference.  

The Republican Party was mostly-passive in opposing Democrats on anything throughout the 20th century, with some of the worst Marxist intrusions (e.g., Sarbanes-Oxley, creating the TSA, the McCain-Feingold “Campaign finance” anti-free speech Law, all under George W. Bush) the product of Republican presidents, and Democrats and Republicans together radically disarmed the nation during the 1920s and 1930s – and, with very limited, if any, opposition from Republicans, most of it ineffectual, imposed, through bureaucratic agencies, federal government control (initially, primarily potentially, waiting to be deployed and weaponized, rather than in actuality) over every detail of the economy, and ultimately over everyone’s lives and liberty, central government control imposed more and more overtly, and more and more oppressively, as time has gone by.

We’ve Seen the Decline of American Business Power Under The Thumb Of The Marxist Bureaucracies

As described in detail in the article attached below, we have seen the damage they, the Marxist bureaucracies, and the unconstitutional “laws” which created and empowered them, and the far more numerous (10s of thousands of pages of them!) such unconstitutional “laws”/regulations which they themselves have created, have done to each of the American businesses which previously overwhelmingly-dominated all the world’s business sectors in 1950, the bureaucrats’ and politicians’ (through insane legislation, supposedly to promote “safety,” gas mileage and emissions, particularly during and since the Carter administration) crushing the automobile industry, the oil and gas business, crushing all innovation and all incentives for innovation and invention in all businesses under multiple, unconstitutional federal regulatory agencies — all except the Internet, so far — and, in addition to that, beginning in the 1970s, THE MARXIST TRANSFORMATION OF STATE TORT LAW, MASSIVELY EXPANDING LIABILITY in endless ways, where it had been forbidden under the Common Law, creating a kind of legal terror in America, everyone constantly terrified of being sued for doing anything and everything — plus government regulatory control over all the details of contracts between employers and employees, and government bureaucratic control over each step of all manufacturing and every detail of all specifications for all products in the country, and even changes to patent law enforcement — with all of that, and more, including the radical expansion of completely-unconstitutionalenvironmental law,” combined, resulting in the crushing and stifling of all ability for inventors and other innovators to flourish the way they could, would and should – in a genuinely-free economy. 

Controlling, and ultimately crushing, business, PARTICULARLY AMERICAN BUSINESS, is not a bug of Marxism: it’s its intended result, its feature.

World War II Was the Last War Our Bureaucrats And Politicians Permitted Us To Win

During World War II, simply in order to win the war, the FDR administration, however reluctantly, turned the production of military might over to the private business community, with minimal intrusion from the government — and, although continuing to suffer, as it had during the Depression, from numerous shortages and deprivation in the private economy, the country began to prosper economically as it had not since 1929, shaking off, to the extent possible, the Marxist Fed-created, and Marxist New Deal Policy-extended Great Depression after World War II – and we won, resulting in Germany’s and Japan’s unconditional surrenders. 

But Stalin had been our partner, and our elected officials refused to recognize he was just as evil and dangerous as the enemies we had defeated — and our politicians passively, impotently (although we had the power to stop it: Along with our formidable conventional forces and the patriotism of America, The United States alone had nuclear weapons sufficient to force surrender of any enemy, as we did with the Japanese, until 1949) let his malignancy expand to control all of eastern Europe. 

And we refused, under the Democrat Harry Truman and, most egregiously, under the supposed “Great General,” who was really just a bureaucrat, Eisenhower to win the war in Korea against those communists — by refusing to threaten nuclear reprisal, or even to use the full power of our conventional forces when MacArthur was general, on the enemy, with that entire, incredibly-bloody war the result of an idiotic mistake by Secretary of State Dean Acheson DECLARING SOUTH KOREA BEYOND OUR DEFENSE PERIMETER! – literally giving Communist USSR and China an invitation to conquer, through their proxy, South Korea!

And Dean Acheson did that at a time when WE HAD OVERWHELMING, COMPLETELY-HEGEMONIC, NUCLEAR SUPERIORITY over all other nations — Acheson doing that ultimately with the obvious approval of the entire Truman administration — since he wasn’t fired on the spot, as was MacArthur, who Truman fired instead of letting him defeat North Korea, as he could clearly have done, and TAKING THAT ENTIRE COUNTRY BACK from the Communists, perhaps even replacing the Communists in China itself with the Nationalists, who Truman never adequately supported, and whose defeat by the Communists he could have prevented with the slightest will!

And we are still living with the dangers posed by Truman’s and Eisenhower’s refusal to win that war (and many of Eisenhower’s other mistakes, including his assault on our allies in the Middle East in the Suez Crisis, his refusal to take out the Communist Castro when it would’ve been easy, and his initiation of our involvement in Vietnam with the French, without any will to use our power to win, to actually defeat the Communist enemy); and we, the North Korean people and the rest of the world have suffered this entire time as a result.

So, World War II was the last war we won, the last war where America’s military and economy were allowed to fully flourish and assail our enemies at full throttle with minimal anti-American Marxist, bureaucratic intrusion.

The Democrat Party Has Been Dedicated to Marxist Assault on Our Military, As Well As Our Economy

But throughout the Cold War, and ever after it, the Democrat Party, and plenty of squishy Republicans, have always remained at best deeply-ambivalent about American military power, particularly in the face of the communist threat, with Democrats in particular always having respect and admiration for the communists in the Soviet Union and elsewhere, deliberately allowing Cuba-empowered Marxism to overwhelm South America, unwilling ever to defeat any communist enemy ever since World War II, and with many Republicans pulled by isolationist impulses. 

And the military itself has increasingly become crushed by its own, inevitably-BOTH-Marxist and paralyzingly-legalistic (as all bureaucracies inevitably become — unless explicitly dedicated to NOT doing so) internal bureaucracy which multiplies the expense of everything it does and purchases by many orders of magnitude, and rewards and multiplies bureaucrats, instead of great warriors, in our officer corps, promoting hacks, while assassinating Pattons (yes, it happened) – and today is more interested in the nonsense, Chicken Little non-problem (certainly for the military!) of “climate change,” actively recruiting people suffering from mental illness, gender dysphoria, and “training”/propagandizing our troops with anti-American, Marxist, racist CRT, than in defeating real enemies — like the Taliban in Afghanistan, to say nothing of China and Russia. 

And even when we actually engage in war, our warriors are constrained from winning by Rules-Of-Engagement policed by an army of lawyers, rules which none of our enemies adhere to, rules which paralyze us and prevent us from completely demoralizing and crushing the will of our enemies – the only way any war has ever been able to be won.

Lyndon Johnson Engineered Our Defeat in Vietnam And Eliminated Our Nuclear First Strike Capability — Along With Crushing America Under His “Great Society” Laws

The Democrat Party’s anti-military anti-Americanism reached its then-apogee, achieving its then-greatest violence and assault against American military power, during the Lyndon Johnson administration with his gratuitous ELIMINATION OF OUR THEN-OVERWHELMING AND GENUINELY HEGEMONIC NUCLEAR FIRST STRIKE CAPABILITY — our previous, overwhelming, hegemonic power we and the world depended on for our safety from the ubiquitous evil-doers in the world — by Johnson’s gratuitous, unilateral ELIMINATION OF OVER 18,000 OF OUR NUCLEAR WEAPONS, virtually our ENTIRE, THEN-ENORMOUS TACTICAL NUCLEAR arsenal!, and permitting our humiliation — catastrophically-destructive to everything in America —  which the Vietnam War and his policies caused, both during it and thereafter, and our terrible losses in it, by his refusal to use the threat (the credible threat was all we needed) of nuclear violence to win it. 

Yes, we could have won that war without firing a shot with our previous, overwhelming nuclear first-strike capability, weapons we could have simply CREDIBLY-THREATENED to use (the way you actually use nuclear weapons, something we refused to ever do, honoring treaties that none of our enemies ever pay any attention to, with us, the then-sole – and now no longer – nuclear hegemon, unilaterally disarming), NEVER HAVING TO ACTUALLY EXPLODE ANY OF THEM (when we still had them, before he gave them away for nothing), after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to obtain victory.

And doing so would and could have saved this country from the terrible, self-inflicted damage, division and turmoil it suffered during that war because of the way all our presidents conducted it — to say nothing of the lives of tens of thousands of brave Americans who fought for us there — and the lives of tens of millions of our Vietnamese allies who, if they weren’t killed and tortured, were forced to live under horrible communism, to say nothing of the horrors, the genocide which the Cambodians suffered under their Communists – all lost there, and in that war’s horrendous aftermath BECAUSE OF JOHNSON’S DELIBERATE DISARMING OF OUR NATION of the very nuclear weapons whose threat alone we could have used to win that war – weapons whose mere ownership, without having to actually fire them, WE ACTUALLY NEED NOW against other hostile, nuclear-armed nations, China and Russia, who together, and EVEN RUSSIA ALONE, now have more nuclear weapons than we do, thanks to him, and thanks to the inaction of subsequent American presidents who did not remedy that disaster Johnson created for us.

Joe Biden’s Deliberately-Engineered Self-Defeat In Afghanistan And His Other Policies Have Completed The Unspeakable Marxist Damage To Our Military

And now things have gotten even worse under Joe Biden, with the catastrophic incompetence of our Marxism-hollowed-out military shown most dramatically in our catastrophic self-defeat and humiliation in abjectly surrendering while exiting Afghanistan, and leaving behind for our self-declared enemies, the Islamist terrorists we surrendered to and the Communist Chinese (1) the incredibly-strategicallyvaluable Bagram airbase, which we spent billions building and were able with it, together with a mere 1800 special forces, to completely control Afghanistan’s airspace and that entire strategically-critical portion of the world, Plus (2) $85 billion-plus of the most advanced weaponry in the world for our enemies, Plus (3) our honor and dignity, Plus (4) a massive, humiliating to us, victory for pathetic terrorists  who were nothing but fanatic, Islamist sheepherders and opium growers, Plus (5) 13 dead American heroes and hundreds, if not thousands, of American hostages, along with all our Afghani allies — all at his orders, all at Biden’s Marxist anti-American, deliberate design.

The Republican Party had been completely passive, often ambivalent in off-and-on isolationism, about our military power until the Cold War and even thereafter, and consistently was never really cognizant of the anti-American stupidity of Marxist policies and, in particular, the ideological commitment of the Democrat Party to them at all times – until Donald Trump.

Yes, only when, during the Obama administration, the Democrat Party had actually and almost-explicitly, adopted Marxist anti-Americanism as its true policy, so that, for the first time in history, PATRIOTISM ITSELF BECAME A POLITICAL ISSUE IN AMERICA, did the Republican Party, which had never explicitly been so before, become an explicitly anti-anti-American, and therefore an anti-Marxist, party, all as voiced, represented and promoted by Donald Trump, to the extent of his ability to do so, in his explicitly-America-First policies in every area – the real reason, whether they know it or not, everyone who hates him hates him, and does so so much. 

America Has Been Suicidally Self-Destructing Under Politicians’ Stupidity Since the Turn Of The 20th Century, And It Is Time, And The Constitution – Still The Supreme Law Of The Land – Gives Us The Power To Fix It All

But the suicidal, self-destruction of our liberty, power and wealth (as great as the latter two are, they would both be far greater by many, many orders of magnitude if and when freed from the Marxist bureaucracies — as would our liberty) as a nation, power and wealth always derived from our liberty — yes, our liberty — that thing which differentiates us from the rest of the world in all its endless tyrannies throughout history — our unique liberty always the very source of power for our military and financial might combined together, all suffering catastrophic assaults and destruction at the hands of politicians of both parties since 1905, simply cannot be denied. 

But it all can be reversed if we simply enforce our own Constitution, completely undo the massive and blatant violations and desecrations to it by politicians and the bureaucracies and bureaucrats they empower, wake up and throw off our anti-American Marxist chains, COMPLETELY ELIMINATE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF those citiizen-policing ALPHABET AGENCIES (other than the IRS which, with drastically reduced powers than it has been claiming to have, the 16th Amendment of the Constitution permits to exist) we have permitted America, ourselves, to be bound by — and reclaim our individual liberty, the powers of freedom of contract and property rights, our natural right to the pursuit of happiness for all citizens, unimpeded by bureaucrats and politicians, constrained only by market forces and the Common Law alone — the very things America was founded to preserve, the very things those Marxist bureaucracies have been destroying — with all of that essential for the strength of both of our military and our economy — and the safety of the world which depends on us being the most powerful nation ever, always.

In response to: The Fallout From the Eclipse of US Hegemony

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