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Why I Support Donald Trump – And Why You Should too

May 26, 2016

Clifford Ribner
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June 1, 2016

I have recently become an enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump for president.


I am confident that all those in the “Never Trump” camp who are truly, as they all claim to be, loyal Republicans and/or genuine conservatives (as opposed to those who are simply Republican members of the Washington parasite class, whose livelihoods depend on the uninterrupted continuation of the administrative state bureaucracies and the crony capitalism they feed, which Mrs. Clinton alone would continue, and Mr. Trump will devastate), will similarly see the light and abandon their efforts, which are calculated only to elect Mrs. (the nominal wife of) Bill Clinton president.

To those who claim that Donald Trump is somehow beyond the pale, is not a real Republican, or does not qualify as a conservative, claims purportedly based on his past and/or present positions on a number of so-called “issues”: although until recently I shared those concerns, as I explain below, you could not be more profoundly wrong.

And, in that particular regard, I ask: did you support Bob Dole, John McCain, George W. Bush and/or Mitt Romney? If so, on what basis were any of them supposedly superior to, and/or more conservative than, Mr. Trump? He, unlike any of them ever, has explicitly announced his intention drastically to reduce the power of federal bureaucracies and their “regulations,” including, specifically, Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, and all those based on “climate” alarmism, alarmism which, also unlike any of those others, he has explicitly, and accurately, labelled a “fraud.”

And query: What federal intrusions through federal “regulation” did any of those others oppose? Answer: they all facilitated new, monstrous ones (TEFRA, McCain-Feingold, the TSA, Sarbanes-Oxley, No Child Left Behind, TARP, Romneycare), and opposed none.

Further query: Did you prefer those others over Trump because you thought they would win, and that, as many of you have insisted, he is certain to lose? He is already doing far better — i.e., winning — in numerous polls, than any of them did at this point in their campaigns (numerous polls already show him defeating Mrs. Clinton, even before fully-unleashing, as he will, his most devastating, attacks against her, attacks unlike any she has ever seen from anyone).

Mr. Trump’s Campaign — The Man

In judging anyone, nothing is more important than his character. And so a few words about Mr. Trump the man personally, facts obvious to his supporters (who are ever-growing in numbers), facts which show the remarkable nature of his extraordinary talents and undeniable achievements, and which in turn add power and credibility to all his messages:

First, one would think with all the literally thousands of people Mr. Trump has had dealings with of all kinds, that those who detest and oppose him – including the mass media who, against their most fervent anti-Trump desires, simply can’t take their eyes and cameras off him because his presence so enhances their own commercial success – would already be constantly confronting us with endless sob story “narratives” from at least some of those people, “narratives” “proving” Mr. Trump’s supposed hatefulness. The very absence of those stories alone proves what a decent, straight shooter he has been throughout his life. The Washington Post has assigned 20 reporters to dig up “dirt” on Mr. Trump. So far: crickets.

Mr. Trump is an undeniably-accomplished entrepreneur who has built, and continues successfully (through obviously brilliant delegations) to manage, a vast, highly-varied, genuinely-magnificent, entertainment and real estate empire, whose building by him – literally – has inevitably and always involved dealing with, and overcoming, politicians’ endless, predatory intrusions (zoning, gambling laws, labor laws, you name it) on his business, so that he well knows – and, to succeed, has overcome – the very types of oppression all other businesses face as well.

He knows only too well the extraordinary skill and efforts it took on his part to overcome those politically-created depredations – throughout the world, incidentally – and how others with great ideas, but with lesser powers of contending with those depredations than he, could be, and have been, destroyed by them – their businesses, which could have thrived to the benefit of all, in a free market, destroyed in their cradles by those predatory politicians, who themselves contribute nothing of value to the nation’s wealth.

Mr. Trump’s Campaign — Its Messages

Mr. Trump, in his words and actions, deliberately violates, and openly ridicules and humiliates, all “political correctness” and its insipid, insufferable proponents, including numerous actions taken by Obama’s and past administrations – both Democrat and Republican. For his own reasons – probably both strategic and tactical – he does so primarily on practical, common sense, and always explicitly-patriotic, grounds, rather than on ideological and/or legal/Constitutional ones (a la Ted Cruz).

He has summarized his fundamental test for all foreign, military and domestic policy questions as being a strategic one: “what best serves America’s interest?” In other words, he is explicitly and unambiguously pro-American about everything (“Make America Great Again” — i.e., unlike now!) and, accordingly, he is anti-anti-American.

As described below, that fact alone suffices to establish his now-revolutionary anti-Marxism. Indeed, because of that very fact, Donald Trump is the first clearly-anti-Marxist candidate for president in America’s history. And by the way, I predict that his campaign will be unlike any America has ever seen and that he will win in a landslide against any Democrat (Mrs. Clinton will be forced out — probably in favor of Michelle Obama, banana republic-style — by Democrats, as soon as they realize the certainty of her defeat, which is the one and only failing they will not tolerate in her).

The urgency for such an unambiguously anti-Marxist candidate arises because we all know now that the emperor has no clothes, that federal politicians from both parties, and in all three branches, have been busily engineering the decline/destruction, through their undeniable stealing, of our liberties, our choices, our prosperity, and our Greatness, and poisoning all of our institutions. And even those who are unfamiliar with Marxism sense that those politicians have been so harming us and our greatness with ever-expanding, now all-encompassing, anti-individual, Marxist ideas and institutions (they have, in fact, been doing so since 1887), without any previous, serious, pre-Trump political opposition whatsoever — ever.

The very idea, insisted on by all those federal politicians throughout the 100+ years time of this encroachment on our liberties, that we fought the tyranny of the British in our Revolution only to replace it with a vastly more-tyrannical, anti-individual Marxist one, is facially-ludicrous, insulting to common sense – and anti-American. And that is precisely what the 70% + of Americans who tell pollsters we have long been “on the wrong track” mean and know.

And they can no longer be tricked (what are you going to believe, Obama’s lies – “if you like your doctor…” – or your lying eyes?) – and have reached the breaking point in their incredibly-patient tolerance for the politicians’ clearly-proven-disastrous program experiments on us, our nation and our families’ fortunes, all resulting only in destruction of our — all Americans’ — liberty and prosperity.

Undoing all of that counterrevolutionary destruction is exactly what everyone knows Mr. Trump means in promising to Make America Great Again. Snarky, wise-ass pundits sniff that that is just “Populism” — as if it bears any resemblance to the ranting of Huey Long or William Jennings Bryant. As if Mr. Trump’s brilliance as a communicator and showman, and the extraordinary, emotional bond he invariably establishes with his audiences, automatically puts him in those hacks’ low-rent category. In truth, the snarky snobs who oppose him wish in their dreams that they could so characterize him — credibly.

In fact, he and his message are the diametric opposite of the statism of those demagogues: His central message, which his followers unmistakably hear, rests on the certainty that it is now essential that power be devolved away from the state, its Washington politicians of all kinds, and from all political parties, and returned to the people where it belongs – a devolution absolutely needed to return our freedom and prosperity which have been stolen by those very politicians. And Mr. Trump ain’t no Washington politician.

The Republican Party’s Previous Complicity In Creating the Tyrannical Abomination

Contrary to its claims to support limited, small government, the Republican Party has never previously been an explicitly anti-Marxist party (except concerning its opposition to communist countries during the Cold War), and rather than ever seriously opposing any of this Marxist liberty-destruction, its leaders, including even presidents (e.g., Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, George W. Bush), have actively initiated much of it.

The Republican Party is, nevertheless, the only national party opposed to the Democrat party, and it clearly is for that reason that Mr. Trump has chosen it as his party.

And that is because the Democrat party has, since the 1880’s, consistently promoted radical takeovers of all aspects of what is called the “private-sector,” which, in fact, comprises all America’s businesses, businesses which produce and create all the goods and services which people actually want and buy – in stark contrast to the “public sector” which produces nothing of value and simply preys on private citizens and the real economy.

These takeovers have all been driven by the anti-business/pro-government collectivist biases of Marxism (to wit: the ideas that government needs to take over everything because all businessmen — i.e., those who provide employment and actually produce all goods and services we want and need to buy — are simply thieves stealing from, and deliberately harming, their customers and employees, and all their profit is pure theft) and have always pretended simply to ”police” businesses; but the states have, all along had excellent civil and criminal laws, and alone are Constitutionally permitted, to police citizens’ conduct, with federal policing powers limited to the bare handful of crimes specified and enumerated in the Constitution itself (piracy, counterfeiting and treason).

That explicit enumeration and specification of the particular, federally-enforceable crimes therein would have been unnecessary if the federal government was supposed to be policing anything else. These legal/constitutional points are not ones Mr. Trump gets involved with. He keeps his message simple and practical: Make America Great Again. Everyone harmed by the present federal tyranny – an overwhelming majority – knows exactly what he’s talking about. Our Constitution is, not incidentally, an integral part of why we have been great.

I will explain the extraordinary, and unprecedented, nature of Mr. Trump’s anti-Marxism below, after describing my own thought processes in coming to these conclusions (which apparently are not self-evident).

How I Became a Trump Fan

First: like most Ted Cruz supporters, I was both more enthusiastic about him than I have been for any other candidate for president (yes, even Reagan, RIP), and horrified by the  scorched-earth lies, distortions and red herrings Mr. Trump and his campaign and friends (i.e. The National Enquirer) deployed, and relied on exclusively, to defeat him. Until the moment that defeat was secured in Indiana, my many friends’ overwhelming preference for Mr. Trump had utterly baffled me.

And now – and ever since that very moment – I am become one of them, my previous, and continuing, enthusiasm for Ted Cruz now equaled by my enthusiasm for the Donald. I share with you here my Trump-enthusiasm’s rationale, a  rationale which I have not seen or heard expressed elsewhere.

I freely admit that my support began once I was faced with the existential reality that Mr. Trump had become the sole alternative to the nominal wife of Bill Clinton – that “marital” status, and her enabling of his misogyny now, as always, being her sole “accomplishment,” other, that is, than her giving an unprecedentedly-despicable name to pathological lying, blackmail, extortion, fraud, venality, incompetence, cluelessness and, yes, Marxism, the repellent ideology she pretends, as politically-convenient, not to favor, while somehow always dressing and sounding just like Mao (though with even less warmth and charm than that record-setting mass-murderer).

Mr. Trump alone had become the entire planet’s last, best hope for liberty, following the unrelenting, unopposed, deliberate, and vast anti-American financial/economic devastation, unilateral disarmament and multi-faceted empowerment of the Axis of Evil of Obama’s eight years, itself emerging from the few, but massive and clueless, unforced errors of the Bush administration’s last years.

But Mr. Trump wasn’t just a desperate choice – the lesser of two evils at a critical moment. I came to realize that he is, in his own, profoundly different, way, just as appealing a choice as Ted Cruz (who I truly hope he chooses as his vice president).

I confess that I had already concluded that, if Cruz lost, I would support Mr. Trump, and with far greater enthusiasm than McCain or Romney ever excited in me, because I have all-along believed that there are four, genuinely-existential threats we now face which must all be utterly defeated before we can address anything else — and Mr. Trump is correct on all four of those — plus a fifth one, on which his entire campaign is based, as follows:

(1) The entire alarmist claim regarding so-called “Global warming/climate change” — a fraud, as Mr. Trump unambiguously recognizes. It is indeed purely a nonsense, demonstrably-false, “the sky is falling” Marxist fraud, based exclusively on supposed “predictions” from already-falsified (proven worthless) computer models and spoliated, truth-free “evidence,” and on the anti-individual, collectivist claim of supposed mass-American guilt, a fraud which does nothing but demand, as a supposed moral imperative overriding all other considerations, totalitarian control of all of our essential sources of, literally, everything – complete economic self-destruction – for absolutely no purpose: Even if future climate problems truly needed to, and could, be humanly-remedied, we will  only be able to do something about them if we are a fabulously-wealthy nation, which we can become (Again) only without the deliberately-self-destructive, Marxist policies “climate change” alarmism provides the pretext to impose.

(2) Our military, in this very dangerous world, must be dramatically strengthened in lethality, reach and power. The bureaucracy involved in military procurement must be eliminated and all such procurement must revert to our World War II streamlined methods (without which methods we would have lost that war). And the military must be permitted, as it has not been since our 1945 bombing of Nagasaki, to fight any enemy absolutely ruthlessly, with the sole purpose of utterly destroying its morale, and achieving rapid, unconditional victory, without any, self-defeating/limiting restrictions on military procurement or combat rules of engagement. Radical pacifism and the insane, anti-American notions involved in it, has permeated our entire approach to warfare and the military since the Eisenhower administration; and our enemies have been taking advantage of that monumentally-expensive (in blood and treasure) stupidity, which is the only reason we lost any wars, let alone every one of them, since 1945, why they have all gone on forever, and why we have any vulnerability to otherwise weak nations and powerless terrorist groups.

(3) Political correctness – the Maoist enforcement mechanism for radical pacifism, climate alarmism, multiculturalism, “consumerism,” reverse discrimination regarding all purported “victim” groups, those all being the multiple, anti-American, Marxist movements which arose in the 20th century, in many case at the urging of Stalinists in the former USSR – is Marxist thought-control poison permeating our entire society, which must be shamed out of existence and eliminated. And

(4) It is the American nation and citizens alone who are supposed to benefit from all policies, including trade and immigration, and all immigrants, particularly military-age, Muslim men impervious to background checks, belonging to a religion unique in producing and encouraging terrorism against us, must all be fully vetted and required to assimilate, or expelled – as immigrants all wanted to do in our grandparents generation. Multiculturalism, which is actually thinly-masked anti-Americanism, actively prevents assimilation and also Is Marxist poison. And

(5) America must once again be made great, which only its people, freed from government/politicians’ destruction and oppression, can do.

Mr. Trump’s Unambiguous Anti-Marxism

These just-enumerated five major issues on which Mr. Trump has unambiguously articulated his position in turn leave no doubt of his anti-Marxism. I will further explain:

Karl Marx himself throughout his insipid, poisonous writings, and Marxism in all its forms (leftism, socialism, communism, Progressivism) have always pretended to be “compassionate” and “liberating” (yes, even the worst, most-murderous Marxist tyrannies aways make those fraudulent claims) while actually always seething with hatred, envy and resentment as its fundamental driving forces. Marxists’ hatred/envy has always been directed uniquely at America, its government-constraining Constitution, and its founding principles dedicated to the ideas of individual liberty, merit, achievement and value, and at all businesses and, indeed, at private property itself — the sources of material strength for America, a free society dedicated to preserving individual liberty — all those being the very opposite of Marxism’s radical, anti-individual anti-property collectivism.

This is because Marxism nonsensically pretends that hatred, resentment, envy and violence are the sole drivers of all human action. Specifically, it utterly rejects the notion that any contract for goods or services of any kind is ever entered into voluntarily – including any business contracting with any customer or employee, which business, Marxists invariably, nonsensically claim, uses solely the force of violence to compel any other party to agree to any terms.

In fact, all Marxist analysis is radically reductionist, and gratuitously presumes — based on no evidence whatsoever — that humans are nothing but mindless drones, responsive solely to external directives and forces at all times – precisely what Marxism requires, in real life, of all its subjects in societies subjected to its monstrous tyranny.

American Marxists, knowing how Americans detest their poison, have rarely attempted to advance their Cause here straightforwardly in honest debate. Instead, their most common approach has been to promote so-called “movements” of various kinds, each of which purport to promote one or more supposed moral imperative – often with the false claim that there is nothing actually political about the Movement, and that it is simply intent on securing a supposedly-unquestionable, morally-compelling “good” which, they invariably claim, trumps all competing considerations, such as property, speech, religious, or other rights of “mere” individuals. There have been numerous such Movements since the beginning of the 20th century.

Some such Movements claim to be “civil rights”-type movements, supposedly promoting the “liberation” of one “victimized” group or another (such groups have included those insisting on special privileges for some — e.g., “affirmative action” —  based solely on their race, sex or other superficial characteristic, supposedly “pro-woman” groups promoting the “right” of women to terminate the life of any fetus they are carrying, up through the moment of birth – and even thereafter, if they attempt to abort it and it survives); some claim to promote “peace” – almost invariably in the form of promoting unilateral American disarmament, weakness and/or retreat against an enemy,  while somehow never demanding any similar disarmament or retreat from any American enemy, including the former USSR when it existed; more recently, many have claimed to promote the “environment”/“climate change” or “consumers.”

These movements are always based on the patently fraudulent presumptions that America is uniquely evil and unjust, compared to all other nations for all time, to its own and other people, and uniquely bellicose and enslaving, through its military, outside the nation. Many such Movements have been intent on providing justification for destroying meritocracy, and/or confiscating property owned by others – either complete federal control of all corporations/businesses’ operations and dealings, or simply of the use of land, to prevent, for example, its serving as a productive source of oil and gas and/or minerals, forests, etc.

All such antibusiness movements – of the “consumer” and “environment” sorts – have had, as their clear, unmistakably-Marxist objective, compelling the federal government to take over operational control of property owned by others comprising significant aspects of the economy, and forcibly to prevent people from buying or selling goods and or services others want from them.

Thus, for example, in the name of “helping” consumers, advocates of this nature demand that consumers be forbidden from buying various goods and services – and that the companies that provide them be forced to eliminate those they provide, or do so only according to specifications – specifications which often are remarkably detailed – provided by such Movement advocates/radicals to the federal government’s “regulatory” agencies and their controlling bureaucrats for them to enact into “law” and use the power of the government violence and its criminal laws to enforce.

To be accepted in any democratic country, such as America, Marxism must first attack and destroy citizens’ desire for individual liberty, and their common sense beliefs in the value to all society of individual achievement and merit being rewarded, of people being entitled to the fruits of their individual achievements, and liberty and property being celebrated for the wealth and the freedom, and the greatness, they produce for all in America – unlike any other nation. The purpose of all the above-described Marxist Movements is, in Obama’s own terms, to “fundamentally transform” America and Americans’ own minds, including their very desires for individual liberty and freedom.

Americans recognize that the influence of those Movements on our nation is the true cause why we are no longer, as Mr. Trump demands we become again, great. That is why his frontal assault on those Marxist Movements, and their “political correctness” enforcement mechanism, is so attractive to Americans, and why he is the first explicitly anti-Marxist candidate for president in our history.

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