Doctor Anthony Fauci as the Grim Reaper of the 21st Century
Fauci, His Creation of Covid with The Chinese Military, And His Gaslighting To Hide It

Mar 14, 2023

Clifford Ribner
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That Fauci literally manufactured the “expert evidence” supporting a (fraudulent, like all “narratives”) “Narrative” which would supposedly exonerate him from his complicity in the creation of Covid (a virus which, as has been obvious since no later than March, 2020, was a bio-weapon manufactured by the Chinese military in their Wuhan military – because that’s where it obviously came from and EVERYTHING in China is part of the military, because the country is run by a military dictatorship – bio-weapons lab, which they deployed precisely as they would any bio-weapon, directing their own Wuhan citizens to fly all around the world while they were infected with it, while expressly forbidding them to fly and travel outside of Wuhan within China) was obvious to me years ago, and I have been writing about it all along. 

 The evidence was already there, clearly visible to me, years ago about his immediate (In January and February, 2020), emailing, and having meetings with, all the other “Public Health” scientists, whose funding he completely controlled, as soon as he learned about the presence of the virus in Wuhan, his attempt to seize control of the situation and use their purported “expertise credentials” to create “Scholarly articles” which he supposedly had no handprints on, articles purportedly exonerating him, blaming the virus on someone else – a bat, or whatever, some animal which no one could, amazingly enough, find anywhere – and still have not identified! And he deployed as a weapon he usurped all his leverage, his usurped power to make sure that any alternative – accurate – Analysis of the origin of the virus be suppressed and smeared as “disinformation,” and “conspiracy theories,” the smear (along with accusing the truth-teller of being a racist) totalitarian Marxists always use when the truth is exposed against the bureaucrats’ frauds.

His entire behavior with respect to Covid, including his manipulation of the public into doing terribly drastic things (all of the purported “mitigation measures” he demanded President Trump impose, and which President Trump himself ordered as a consequence for the nation – or rather, in his respect of federalism, asked that all the state public officials impose on their citizens – unprecedented impositions on the public which were massively-destructive of civilization and of all individual liberty – and, as was well known to all the actual “Public Health” officials, were UTTERLY MEDICALLY-WORTHLESS and, indeed, massively harmful, all of that was nothing but pure gaslighting, gaslighting to divert everyone else’s attention from The Real Evil, Fauci’s own, personal complicity in collaborating with the Chinese military enemies of the United States in the creation, with that Chinese military, of that very-same, medically-purposeless bio-weapon – his deployment of taxpayer money to fund our enemy’s military actions aimed at us – money which he, an unelected bureaucrat, should never, under the Constitution itself, have had any power to dispense at all.

It is particularly interesting to take note of how extraordinarily-willful and sophisticatedly planned-out his PARTICULAR METHOD of defrauding everyone was, it being PRECISELY the method which the unanimous (except for procedural issues incomprehensible to nonlawyers) Supreme Court, in HAZEL-ATLAS GLASS CO v HARTFORD-EMPIRE CO..322 U.S. 238, 64 S.Ct. 997, 88 L.Ed. 1250 (1944) denounced – precisely because of WHO – officers of the court, public officials – perpetrated it and its very willfulness, willfulness proven and shown precisely by its very-elaborate nature, the fraud’s very sophistication and elaborateness – an UNFORGIVABLE FRAUD, fraud whose effects must, if the institutions involved are to survive with any legitimacy at all, be ENTIRELY ERASED, completely undone as a matter of the law, that all American institutions polluted by it, institutions which, the Supreme Court found, were themselves polluted and poisoned by this fraud, be cleansed of their complete-defilement they suffered by those actions – “The temple of justice is defiled!” is how the Supreme Court characterized it in subsequent cases following it – with those institutions inherently needing to become again UNdefiled by the complete eradication of all the EFFECTS of that fraud, including completely reversing and withdrawing all of the benefits derived by anyone who benefited from it, anyone who benefited by the actions of the public officials who engaged in the fraud, that those benefits of all kinds be reversed and undone in every way possible, without regard to any other consideration; yes, the Supreme Court ordered that the fraud’s perpetrators – in this case Fauci and all who aided and abetted him in this monstrous action – be punished to the fullest extent of the law, and denied any benefit whatsoever from their fraud, precisely because that particular fraud was fraud on the court itself by an official.

Those are the rulings of the unanimous (on this point) Supreme Court in HAZEL-ATLAS GLASS CO v HARTFORD-EMPIRE CO, .322 U.S. 238, 64 S.Ct. 997, 88 L.Ed. 1250, a very famous case with a unanimous opinion (again, on this point, not on some technical, purely-procedural ones).

And yes, make no mistake, that is PRECISELY what Fauci was doing, using his PUBLIC OFFICE which had (unconstitutionally) given him, an unelected bureaucrat, power over funding for other scientists to create completely-fraudulent, manufactured “expert testimony” “evidence” in the form of scholarly articles to defraud the public into thinking that he had NOTHING TO DO with the creation of the virus, the virus, the Chinese military’s bio-weapon, which was so devastating to so many people – devastation which was made even more devastating by many orders of magnitude to America itself by the “mitigation measures” which Fauci demanded, with him all along acting in concert with everything the Chinese military could have hoped for in the destructiveness of Covid against America in every way, deploying it as a weapon against America.

In response to: Treason of the Science Journals – How Anthony Fauci manufactured consensus on the origins of COVID-19 with the help of science writers and the media.


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