Federal “Public Health,” And All Other, Federal Bureaucrats Delenda Est: Their Positions Must Be Exterminated And The Individuals Prosecuted For Crimes Against Humanity

Apr 14, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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This article below says it all, everything I have been saying all along. Every single one of the federal “public health” agencies must be abolished, for the simple reason that the Constitution does not authorize them, and therefore it forbids them.

They do nothing good whatsoever, nothing but mischief, and their mischief is catastrophically dangerous to all of us when it is permitted to continue. And the longer a bureaucracy is permitted to exist the bigger and more horrible it becomes. That is the nature of all bureaucracies. They serve their own interests and harm everyone and everything that gets in their way.

And they are now permitted to control billions of dollars of money, which ends up distorting and poisoning all actual research in the country, with all researchers who are dependent on them, dependent on their approval, dependent on them for financing, invariably bending the knee to whatever they want, telling lies to the public when they are forced to do so, as they did regarding the origin of Covid, which all of them knew came from the Chinese military Wuhan bio-weapons lab’s “Gain-of-function research” which Fauci had been helping finance with money which he was stealing, money presidents Obama and Trump ordered him not to use for that purpose, money which did not belong to him, US treasury money.

And all those scientists dependent on him, people he had in his pocket, people he could bully into saying anything he wanted, with all of them pretending they were doing so “scientifically,” all of them were forced by him to say otherwise, to pretend it came from the wet market, all of those lies they produced to protect him above all else.

And yes, I’m talking about the despicable fascist/Marxists Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins in particular.

And we must never again permit politicians – and unelected bureaucrats! – to impose any of this nonsense on us ever again. None of it worked as promised, as everyone should’ve known when it was being demanded and implemented, as I knew all along simply from common sense, and none of it is permitted under the Constitution anyway.

We cease to be a free country if this is even contemplated as something that could happen again. And the people that promoted all of this stupidity must be tarred and feathered and exposed as the lying pieces of shit they are.

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