Evil Politicians
The Genuine Evil of the Mandates Which Used Covid As Their Pretext

Jul 9, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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It is now beyond any question, the data has been in since July, 2021 (and even before): there has never been any medical basis whatsoever for anyone getting these experimental chemicals they are lying and calling “vaccines,” no purpose whatsoever for anyone who did not have a minimum of two comorbidities (the only portion of the population for whom the virus was ever any danger whatsoever, as we have known since we knew about the cruise ship in March, 2020) to even think about getting them, let alone, as the politicians did, using the brute power of the state to force anyone to get these “vaccines,” along with all the other pointless garbage that was dictated, like business shutdowns, masks, etc., completely illegitimate for any politician to ever have ordered anyone to do any of that, even if it would be a wise decision for any particular person, each instance when any of these responses to Covid was mandated, it was a crime against humanity, yes, a crime against humanity every time it was done. 

The politicians who have been forcing these things on people are genuinely evil people and everyone must recognize them as such and recognize the evil of those actions by them, crimes against humanity, the kind of crimes that got Nazis in prison or inside nooses or before firing squads, the “vaccines” killing untold numbers of people who were themselves at no risk from the virus whatsoever, by their mandates, killing and maiming people who had no reason whatsoever to have these experimental chemicals in their bodies since they were at no deadly risk from the virus whatsoever. 

Those politicians have to be identified for what they clearly are – the truly malignant evil that they are – and their policies of forcing these experimental chemicals on anyone, let alone everyone, as they tried, and are still trying, to do, forcing tens of thousands of great heroes out of the military now, now in this time of great peril from both China and Russia, with Europe at real war, drumming them out often with less-than-honorable discharges, all for no medical reason whatsoever, all simply to permit the corrupt, worthless Joe Biden personally to preen and pretend his evil mandates were actually of great, instead of absolutely no, medical value – the evil of all those medically-pointless, tyrannical mandates must be recognized with resonance, people have to accept the fact that they were tricked into believing and doing stupid, medically-pointless, incredibly-destructive things, tricked by politicians and bureaucrats and fake news, including all the social media platforms, all of them insisting that anyone who disagreed with their lies was spreading “disinformation,” tricked into believing things that were simply lies about the virus and about the “vaccines.” 

It is imperative that the truth about all this be recognized, and in no uncertain terms, by everyone, so that none of this ever happens again and our republic, which has been soiled, desecrated even, by despicable politicians’ malignant actions is never subjected to this kind of malignancy again, this abuse of power over the citizens for no purpose whatsoever, power which they should not and, under the constitution, do not, have, power which can only be abused, power which, like the cancer it is, metastasized, grew and grew and grew for no purpose whatsoever, power which is evil and must never be exercised by government officials again, even if, unlike with Covid and its various, state-dictated treatments, it might have any actual medical value for some future virus. 

Citizens’ health is simply too important, and too necessarily-private, to ever permit anything like the notion of “public health” to have any legality to it, to ever permit politicians to have any opinion, let alone mandate, about what American citizens should do with and about our own health.

In response to: I know what you did last summer (and fall)

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