The New York Times, Collectivism, and Its Mob and Lies

Nov 20, 2021

Clifford Ribner
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The New York Times leads an entire, self-congratulatory blob of “media” (virtually all the newspapers in the United States, and the network “news” organizations, plus cable “news,” other than supposedly-“fringe” channels like Newsmax, and the social media platforms which serve as echo chambers for whatever “news” the New York Times promotes and, even more importantly, as SILENCING-VEHICLES for anything and everything the New York Times does not want people to know about) and credentialing organizations, including “journalism” departments of virtually all American universities, universities which themselves are part of the blob, and including the Pulitzer Prize organization, which it uses to award itself and promote itself, pretending the awards, including honorary degrees awarded by universities, are all grants based on genuine, and honest merit. It uses all that as its platform from which it can spread what can only be called lies in its ongoing, propagandistic promotion of Marxism/Collectivism, which it has been doing throughout its history and, as shown in this article, in doing so it has promoted, and has never stopped promoting, by far the two BIGGEST LIES of all —the lie that the Soviet Union was a wondrous and benign presence, worthy of admiration, and the lie that the United States, the eternal antithesis of Collectivism/Marxism, has been nothing but a racist hell-hole, founded on that basis and continuing on that basis, and on that basis alone, to this very day.

And, of course, it awarded its “journalists” Pulitzer Prizes for promoting each of those lies, and it has not, and never will, repudiate those awards. Because those two lies are the foundational lies of all Marxism/Collectivism in the United States.

And all the resources of all the institutions that have been conquered by Marxist/Collectivists, or have been controlled by them from their start, such as Antifa and BLM, which use threats of violence on behalf of the “revolution,” have been deployed to promote each of those two lies in every way they can, through the schools they control through the unions and through all of the blob described above which receives its marching orders from the New York Times.

Collectivism has always been about the same thing, and driven by the same types of people, the ongoing collective mob, each of whose members is filled with terror about the world, and endless guilt about, literally, everything, desperate for power for themselves and for the mob they are part of, the mob their membership in gives them a life-purpose, salvation they have never felt anywhere else, nor from anything else, the mob whose principal driving force is their own, individual sense of complete powerlessness, the conviction of each of them that without the complete destruction of everything they see around them, all the rules and institutions and, yes, even the people, that make up the society they were born in, the world as it is, they will remain enslaved, which is invariably how they see themselves.

And the collectivist mob (with its various sacraments and catechisms, the absolute beliefs, it demands — e.g., the virtue of abortion, the evil of western civilization, and white men, in particular, the “existential danger” from man-made global warming and “climate change,” as if the earth’s climate has not been changing constantly since the planet was formed, and the genuine evil of all energy sources — so-called “fossil fuels,” nuclear energy, coal — used in the west, and actually everywhere, since they are the only actual sources of energy for our economy, the certainty that anyone who won’t join the mob is a racist, and that the mob achieves virtuousness by its and their hatred of such people, the absolute certainty that the intellectuals the mob has put in charge of everything, the “experts,” know how to fix things of all kinds, the coronavirus for example, and all who doubt that must be silenced, and the “experts'” mandates must be followed, however wrong they have always proven to be, or catastrophe will result — no evidence needed for any of that), promises them POWER and relief from all their fears and guilt, POWER and that relief from fear and guilt they so desire and so need as the one driving desire in their lives, the one thing whose pursuit they and the mob they are a part of are so hopelessly drawn to even against their wills, POWER AND RELIEF they can, for the first time in their lives, be truly dedicated and diligent about pursuing in every way, purged of all their guilt, dedicating every ounce of resolve and power they possess to obtaining — all because of their mob membership.

When this mentality began, breathed into life, out of the insane rantings of Jean Jacques Rousseau who first gave voice to them — in the French Revolutionary mob, the mob that has always been the model of all mobs, all those mobs that have followed it without even knowing it, without even needing to be told, those French revolutionaries at least faced the actual facts of the brutal, tyrannical, rigidly-hierarchical (e.g., the nobility were legally-exempted from all the taxes and other humiliations they, the mob members, were legally subjected to) kingdom they lived in, with its totalitarian, centrally-directed laws and bureaucrats controlling every detail of their lives, taxing every centime they earned, the state owning the fruits of their labor before they ever had the opportunity to use it to their own advantage — there was some validity to their assessment of their own enslavement as a reality.

Although technically, serfdom had been largely abolished by the end of the 18th century in France, there were still real class differences and their lives were indeed miserable and impoverished and hopeless, miserable in ways literally-inconceivable to people today, lives of bare subsistence, at best, with nothing we use all our energy sources, those things today’s Marxist/Collectivists so loathe AND ARE TERRIFIED OF, to provide, like heat and air-conditioning, and light, with punishment for merely being a Protestant, and even stealing a loaf of bread in hunger, being sent to the galleys and certain death after a few years, or maybe mere months, of unspeakable torture.

But people born into the United States, a country richer by far than any other country that has ever existed on the planet — a country where even the poor have air-conditioning and cars and big-screen TVs and cell phones and video games and dishwashers and roofs over their head and food, a country with no legal class distinctions whatsoever, a country with a written Constitution guaranteeing individual liberty and freedom from tyranny, a free society, in states ruled by the English-created Common Law, Common Law, the law dictated by the 10 Commandments, whose enforcement provides both freedom and security for their persons and property at the same time, Common Law which never existed in France and still does not to this day — have no basis for any of those feelings about the world around them.

And it, the terrifying horror they see around them is, in fact, only their own personal neuroses and psychoses which they project onto society at large, their complete ignorance of all history and the actual circumstances of people who have lived in every other country everywhere on the planet, their complete ignorance of any context in which to understand the reality of their lives, that could lead them to the assessment of the world as enslaving in a place like America.

And yet as soon as The Communist Manifesto was printed in 1848 by Karl Marx, university professors (professors whose lives had previously been devoted to producing educated clergyman), along with other “intellectuals,” before the word “expert” even existed in the English language, in America, the sort of people who today read, and have always read, and have always worshipped as the gospel the New York Times, rushed to join the collectivist mob Marx in his writings demanded, with his and the mob’s promises of power and, yes, money, other peoples’ money the mob could simply steal legally — if it only could obtain the power it was so so desperate for, POWER OVER THE BUSINESSMEN, the private business-owners providing services and goods others wanted to buy and employment for their employees, those were the businessman who in particular Karl Marx and they despised and looked down on, and who they wanted particular power over, taking over their businesses as if they were their own to run, power over their fellow citizens — all of that the collectivist mob promised them, if only they would join it and oppose, even violently oppose, anyone who ever stood in its way and doubted anything its leaders ever said or did.

And while simultaneously admitting that our Constitution absolutely forbade the creation of anything of the kind, Woodrow Wilson, in his writings as an academic, before even becoming governor of New Jersey, wrote the blueprint for the collectivist mob’s Marxist administrative state takeover of America, its defeat, without needing to fire a shot, of America and the Constitution and Americans as free citizens, led by the self-proclaimed-and-credentialed “intellectuals,” including the legal profession as an unconstitutionally-enobled collective which joined in and demanded that it, and the judges who were its members, be treated like a special, PRIVILEGED CASTE, priests who alone had the Power and ability to “interpret” the Constitution so that they could “interpret” it to mean things it never could possibly have meant, creating federal agencies forbidden by the Constitution, each with all three powers of government (legislative, executive and judicial, the power to issue orders to everyone under its thumb, and mete out punishments and fines to anyone who disobeys their unilateral demands and mandates), each agency given jurisdiction over some or another activity or property of the citizens and their businesses, exactly the way the commissars in the Soviet union controlled everything in Communist Russia and all the countries it forced into its communist empire.

Woodrow Wilson came up with a way to do that, to take all of that without, as under the purest of pure, blatant, openly-Bolshevik communism, the federal government even bothering to take actual, bare legal title to everything it controlled, ABSOLUTE CONTROL, BUT WITHOUT TECHNICAL OWNERSHIP, MONOPOLIZING ALL POWER over all people and their businesses, their work, their pursuit of happiness guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence, absolute power over all land and all property and all activities in the country, all while pretending not to be socialists/Marxists, SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY LEFT BARE, NOMINAL LEGAL TITLES TO BUSINESSES AND MOST LAND IN THE NAMES OF ITS OWNERS, owners forced to become its mob members, if they were not willing participants by virtue of the monopolies and oligopolies they were promised by their participation, the eradication of their competition, competition always present in a real, free economy, the one the Constitution actually requires, the one where obedience to the Constitution and to the Common Law are the only legal requirements over people, the citizens of the free nation, giving them genuine liberty and security and prosperity as they could never have under any other form of government, those American citizens’ unique form of government where the state provides no additional power of force to anyone over any other citizen, including to anyone who claims to be an “expert,” genuine “expertise” being something which in fact does not exist on the planet earth.

And they would do all that, all of that pure taking, WITHOUT PAYING ITS ACTUAL OWNERS A CENT FOR ANY OF THAT property, property payment for whose taking is explicitly required in the Constitution, and they would get courts, including the politicians masquerading as judges on the Supreme Court, to ratify that taking without compensation, PRETENDING THAT THEIR TAKING JUST WAS NOT A “TAKING.”

But of course, if it wasn’t a taking, THEN WHAT ELSE WAS IT? The question answers itself.

Everything the Marxist/collectivists did with their administrative state, all that endless taking of property and liberty from the previously-and-Constitutionally-free citizens, was based on a pack of lies, lies about the Constitution and the Common Law of Property in a free nation, lies they needed propaganda vehicles to trick the American public into accepting, propaganda vehicles led at all times by the New York Times.

And for that reason alone, along with countless others, including the lies it depends on to achieve the absolute obedience it always demands, the “Utopia” promised by the Marxist/Collectivist mob and all its politicians masquerading as judges and “experts” never does and never can materialize, and is itself, is always, a lie. Precisely because our Constitution absolutely forbids any part of it, the entire Marxist/Collectivist administrative state edifice in America is lies built on other lies, and because belief in those lies is what the whole massive fraud depends on, a vehicle to propagate and insist on, and fabricate and provide a realistic appearance to all those lies is what the whole thing, in turn, depends on, and that role has been the New York Times’ all along.

Yes, that New York Times has been there to promote every lie necessary to accomplish all that, as a cheerleader, the intellectual head of the Marxist/collectivist mob’s propaganda, the leader that all other propaganda tools of and for the Marxist/Collectivist mob were required to follow, unified, harmonized propaganda voices being the absolute necessity of any true, totalitarian dictatorship, performing that special role for the mob from the very beginning.

And right there along with the New York Times, the Democrat party, one of two, actual, legitimate political parties in the United States, the one that had actively promoted slavery and Jim Crow laws, and uniquely-corrupt city governments run by “machines,” adopted that blueprint, the Wilsonian Marxist blueprint which they initially called “Progressivism”, later “Liberalism” (because FDR, who appropriated that name, opposed the Progressive-promoted, and utterly-detested, alcohol Prohibition, and so became “liberal” compared to the rest of them) and now, once again, it’s become “Progressivism,” changing its name as the people, the citizens, became and become disgusted by its actual “accomplishments” under its previous name (but never openly-using its real name, Marxism/Collectivism) they had used, with the desire to impose that Marxist rule by Federal agencies filled with “experts,” backed by the force of law and the violence they and their mob could inflict on those, the citizens, who disobey their mandates, each agency, each unelected-bureaucrat, possessing the power of all three branches of the federal government, especially the power to punish disobedience, and, every time it had control of Congress and the White House, passing laws forcing all that on the people, with judges rubber-stamping it, lying and pretending the Constitution permitted any, let alone all of it, the mob being not simply a lynch mob, but also revolutionaries with briefcases and secretaries, in suits and ties, with a complete political party, the Democrat Party firmly dedicated to achieving that, however long it took, and with no opposition, no real understanding of what they were even up to, from the feckless Republican Party – until Donald Trump came along, and simply pointed out what they, the entrenched Marxist/Collectivist bureaucrats and politicians, had been doing, all the members of the mob, including its Republican members, even with things as simple as protecting our borders from invasion, and accused them of being the anti-American, destructive thieves they were, and simply insisted on common sense, WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING HE WAS A REVOLUTIONARY, fighting those anti-Constitutional collectivists/Marxists.

And they, THE COLLECTIVIST MOB, of course, unable to tolerate his disobedience to them, his refusal to bend the knee to them, his insistence that they be disempowered, accused HIM of wanting to be a dictator, and accused HIS SUPPORTERS, including all the black and Hispanic ones, of wanting to impose a racist dictatorship, with never a shred of evidence supporting any of those accusations, all because he and his supporters, his patriotic American supporters, wanted to undo the mob’s dictatorship, even if he didn’t know exactly how to do it, and never fully appreciated the mob’s evil and reach, until they/it finally were able to oust him from office, permitting them to regain their power and to insist on it even more blatantly and arrogantly than they ever had before, using all the power they could claim, legally and even illegally, to perfect the tyranny of the Marxist/Collectivist administrative state they had been erecting for over a century, and showing it for what it truly was all along.

But Collectivism has always required two things: terror, terror about everything and anything, particularly terror of their fellow citizens, in the minds and hearts of the people it demands to control absolutely, and lies (fictions about the present and about the future they can provide, a present filled with terrors they promise to fix, a promised utopian future which is never realized when they are in power and, in particular, lies about America and anti-Marxism/Collectivism being evil, racism being the particular evil they attributed to them), coupled with the particular lie, the refusal to ever admit that the mob and its leaders ever make a mistake, ever are wrong in any respect, even though lies and harm to citizens and their freedom and property are the only things they ever do, and the absolute belief in all mob members in the unforgivable evil of everyone who refuses to join the mob, who refuses to bend the knee, all unbelievers, non-joiners who must be crushed — along with the truth.

Because the promises of the mob, of Marxism/Collectivism — endless wealth without work, and endless power over fellow citizens — are only achieved by the complete destruction of the individual and all property rights, just as Karl Marx admitted, and even demanded, in The Communist Manifesto, that hideous manifesto which has become the inspiration for the murder of over 100 million people in the 20th century, and whose “teachings” and promises and lies they all worship, without even having read it or even realizing it, including where MARX ADMITS THAT EVERYTHING HE DEMANDS IS CONTRARY TO HUMAN NATURE ITSELF. For them, the world, Oceania, depicted in George Orwell’s “1984” was not a dystopia, BUT RATHER THE BLUEPRINT.

And yes, without ever admitting in public they intended to realize and create Orwell’s dystopia here, they have largely created and erected that entire, hideous edifice, the Wilsonian Marxist/Collectivist administrative state, here in America, all in grotesque violation of the Constitution.

But they have never changed the Constitution (except for the 16th Amendment permitting the very, graduated income tax Marx particularly demanded), and so its, the Constitution’s demands — particularly that each power of government, Legislative, Executive and Judicial, must be in separate hands at all times, something impossible in the administrative state agencies – and the Constitution’s requirements remain the same.

And in order for any RULE OF LAW TO BE REESTABLISHED in the country all those, the Constitution’s, demands and requirements must be respected, unless end until they are formally stricken by the Constitution’s being legally amended, under its Article V provisions and procedures for doing so, something they have never dared to even attempt, with their Marxist/Collectivist program, except with now-repealed Prohibition, and with the income tax’s 16th Amendment.

And unless and until it, the Constitution, is actually amended to turn itself upside down and permit that administrative state, THAT ENTIRE HIDEOUS EDIFICE CAN AND MUST BE TORN DOWN in obedience to the real rule of law, which is what the Constitution, the self-described “Supreme Law Of The Land,” establishes, together with the states-administered Common Law, Common Law which is itself destroyed by that collectivist, “Expert”-run, unconstitutional administrative state.

And until that is done, THE COMPLETE ERADICATION IN ITS ENTIRETY OF THAT ADMINISTRATIVE STATE, every alphabet agency and cabinet department not permitted in the Constitution itself, and the firing of all its unconstitutional employees, all those unelected, self-important bureaucrats, THERE IS NO REAL RULE OF LAW IN THE UNITED STATES ANYMORE, and everyone who knows anything about the real Constitution and the Revolution that created it, a revolution against a far-less tyrannical and intrusive and over-taxing tyranny than the one we now face in that hideous edifice, that abomination which is the federal administrative state, knows it and has known it all along, just as Wilson himself admitted that to be the case.

And if you doubt me, read the Constitution: it permits only three branches of government, not a fourth branch, and NONE OF THOSE THREE BRANCHES HAVE THE POWER TO DELEGATE ITS POWER as all three branches pretend they are doing in creating and permitting the very existence of each of those Federal administrative agencies, agencies which cannot function at all as they are designed without possessing all three powers of government, “The very definition of tyranny,” as Madison described any such entity endowed with all three such powers, and any, let alone all, such agencies, in The Federalist No. 47, quoting Montesquieu, stating such is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN in the Constitution, the very Constitution which is ours, the one he was the principal author of, and knew vastly more about than any politician who has ever sat on the Supreme Court pretending to “interpret” the Constitution to mean EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what it actually says.

And anyone with eyes to see can see that that administrative state, every single one of those federal alphabet agencies, along with multiple departments of the cabinet itself, is indeed a fourth branch of government that has no place under the Constitution, with each of its actions forbidden by different parts and all of the Constitution in multiple places.

And the New York Times has been the mouthpiece, the propaganda leader, THE OFFICIAL LIAR-IN-CHIEF promoting all of that Wilsonian Marxist administrative state throughout its creation and existence, setting all ethics and morals and principles aside in its pursuit, convincing people it is a reliable source of “news,” to trick them into believing its lies and the lies necessary to create and accept that administrative state, when it, the New York Times, has never been anything but a monstrous propaganda organ that no one in his right mind should ever take seriously about anything.

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