The Scientistic Totalitarianism Forced on Us Unconstitutionally

Nov 22, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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Originally Posted on Nov. 22nd, the Anniversary of the Assassination of JFK

This is a beautifully-written piece which requires only three additional thoughts:

(1) When the author talks about things being “political,” he neglects to mention that EVERYTHING BECOMES political, that is socialized, in the scientistic, technocratic state he is describing, which is precisely what our politicians in America have been imposing on us since the time of Theodore Roosevelt, our first explicitly-Marxist (using the name/mask of “Progressive”), anti-constitutional president, implementing ideas which his personal political opponent, Woodrow Wilson, had articulated as the rule-by-“experts” “Progressive” blueprint – in his writings as a “political science” professor at Princeton – his Marxist (Wilson, too, did not use that word, calling it, like Roosevelt and subsequent American Marxists, “Progressive”) plan for imposing precisely the technocrats/”experts” the author is describing in this article, imposing that abomination on us always through unconstitutional, Soviet-type federal administrative agencies, agencies which are precluded under the Constitution under a multitude of provisions in it, the Constitution created precisely to preclude any such federal agency ever to exist in this country, by enumerating all the powers available to the federal government – and leaving out all those which would be required for any such agency to exist and function. 

In the scientistic, technocratic state he is describing, there simply is no longer any purely-private sphere, the very reason why people’s “health” purportedly becomes a matter of political concern and debate (debate which the scientistic state violently precludes), and which the Wilsonian Democrats have wanted to impose on us – particularly successfully – and intrusively since Barack Obama with his radical socialization of all aspects of healthcare in the country implemented through complete, federal control over all its financing under Obamacare. 

In that hideous totalitarian state, EVERYTHING becomes a matter of public discourse, and therefore political, with the “solution” to EVERYTHING automatically being imposed on us from above, from the dictates of “experts,” with former citizens’ (they are now serfs denied all freedom of contract and thought) private opinions about even the most inherently-intimate and personal things no longer tolerated.

(2) Scientism is the OPPOSITE of actual science; its nonsense ideas are believed in (or else) religiously by those who buy into it, but it is the opposite of a religion as well, always a pseudo-religion, an inherently-political totalitarian ideology, using “science” simply as its pretext for imposing totalitarian control by whoever holds the reins of political power in the state, with market power itself being subverted and destroyed, with corporations participating in this inherently-corruptly to appropriate the power of violence against their commercial rivals, particularly new market entrants, who become precluded from being opponents, the corrupt corporations participating in this abomination with the politicians in appropriating/usurping the power of the state, the power of force, to control their markets, instead of developing products and services that customers ACTUALLY WANT to buy – creating products and services which people want being the very definition of market power, ALWAYS THE OPPOSITE of the power of force, the power of force being what the state always monopolizes and which, under our Constitution, is supposed to be dispersed, and never permitted at the federal level against the citizens themselves and our businesses at all. 

The federal government is prohibited from becoming a policing agency over the citizens and businesses because it is given no such power in the Constitution, even though our courts have been lying to all of us and unconstitutionally, even fraudulently, pretending it has that power, since the 1930s, destroying all freedom of contract of the citizens, the one freedom preserved in the original text of the constitution before the Bill Of Rights, the singular freedom which differentiates freemen from serfs.

(3) And the author neglect to mention some of the OTHER pseudo-religions involved in today’s scientism: it is not just about Covid.

It is equally about nonsense like the claim of “Global Warming!,” now morphed into the claim of “Catastrophic Climate Change!” (of course the climate is changing; it always has and it always will) in both cases with the state-promoted “scientists” lying and pretending they have AN ACTUAL SOLUTION, a single solution which all are required to subscribe to or have it shoved down their throat by the power of the state, by the power of the federal government, a solution which conscripts the entire society to engage in AN INSANE FOOL’S ERRAND (identically idiotic with the fool’s errand of attempting to eradicate Covid, or any virus, once it appears) – that fool’s errand being the complete eradication and destruction of all the sources of energy on which our entire economy and society are based – a “solution” which they claim will eradicate the problem and, in fact, will only destroy all our liberties, all our property rights, destroy the people and our economy – with all other actual, potential solutions to these purported problems being deliberately precluded by the totalitarians who have usurped power unconstitutionally against the people (NOTHING in the Constitution permits any of this authority/power to be possessed by the federal government in any of these matters over the people and our businesses and property).

In response to Technocracy and Totalitarianism

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