Understanding the Left’s Obsession with LGBT “Issues”

Feb 23, 2017

Clifford Ribner
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September 1, 2016


Are you confused, angered, shocked, cowed, guilt-infused, outraged, insulted, terrified and /or terrorized (and/or some or all of the above) by the multiple, massively-intrusive, undeniably-revolutionary, literally-insane (see below), rationally-, statutorily- and Constitutionally-baseless, edicts which the Obama administration, including its prosecuting enforcers in the so-called Justice Department, has now purported to force on the entire nation due to its recent, seemingly-sudden, obsession (no overstatement) to use/rely on federal Civil Rights laws to “fix” the so-called “transgender issue”?

Are you wondering how it is that, with a single-mindedness unseen (here pretending, arguendo, that our defeat and impoverishment are not his true goals) in his command/oversight over any of the multiple actual wars which he has refused, though duty-bound, to win, Obama has declared, as an overwhelming, moral-imperative, a first priority target of all the powers of violence and destruction which the federal government can use to destroy any citizen, any institution and, especially, any business, this previously (in all human history) non-existent, society-wide supposed “civil rights injustice?”

To be clear: Obama and countless unelected federal bureaucrats under his command are demanding truly revolutionary transformations of multiple, always-previously-held, norms of civil society solely – and let’s be crystal clear about this – based on the pretext of supposedly minimizing the risk that “transgenders” might subjectively experience unhappiness/discomfort if those norms are allowed to continue, without regard to whether anyone actually intends to harm them at all – and without regard to the manifest harm and societal disruption to virtually all citizens and businesses those transformations would cause, all supposedly for the benefit of providing special, privileged exemption from some unhappiness for a minority too small even to be accurately measured.

Rest assured: none of these edicts result from any actual concern for any legally-identifiable “civil rights” of any American citizens, nor are they even really about “transgenders,” bathrooms, changing rooms, locker rooms, team memberships, sports competitions, business norms, etc. (although they indeed massively disrupt all of those) at all; nor does the Obama administration even pretend to provide any evidence that any of its dictatorial demands in this regard will provide a single, actual, identifiable, practical benefit to anyone in America.

In real life, self-proclaimed “transgenders” comprise at most less than 0.03% (hat tip to the Census Bureau and the New York Times, who estimate they number between 21,000 and 90,000, or between .007% and .029% – a statistical asterisk) of the population, and have zero biologically-identifiable distinguishing characteristics, nor any even arguable physical ones apart from those they may cosmetically/surgically choose to impose on their bodies, to differentiate them from everyone else.

Yet, in a cosmically-expanding big bang, unleashed on the nation, multiple Obama-directed federal bureaucracies now unflinchingly demand, in this supposedly-free republic, massive brutally-enforced, submissive compliance, in thought and deed, to these their “transgender” edicts, icily-indifferent to the massive inconvenience, actual danger, or worse, for citizens, including most obviously for all American schools of any kind, students, women and children, edicts all unilaterally-decreed out of the thinnest of thin air, all in service of promoting this obvious…fiction/fraud/madness.

Consider: Dictionaries commonly define “mental illness” as “a condition which causes serious disorder in a person’s behavior or thinking.” Expanding on this concept, dictionaries, including the Oxford American Dictionary, define the adjective “insane” as follows:

“in a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill: certifying patients as clinically insane | he had gone insane.

• (of an action or policy) extremely foolish; irrational or illogical: she had an insane desire to giggle.”

In what respect is any “transgender” who is convinced that he/she is really a member of the opposite sex any less delusional/insane — that is, completely divorced from his/her own, manifest, personal, objective, immutable, physical reality —than if he, say, imagined himself to be a cockroach, or a horse, or Napoleon, or Obama — and, even more insanely, was willing to maim and mutilate his body to appear accordingly?

And what possible reason could there be for Obama now suddenly to deploy the full, destructive force of the federal government to force everyone else not simply to humor or tolerate that psychological delusion, but rather to make major, distasteful or even dangerous, changes in their own lives to treat that delusion as having special, legally-privileged status, superior to their own interests?

What used to be known as The Facts of Life simply are, as often observed, what they is. For every human – as, indeed, for every single creature on the planet whose species is higher up the food chain than those which procreate by means of cell division – since the very instant of his/her conception, and throughout his/her entire existence on this planet, the single most fundamental ontological fact of his/her life is his/her sex. That immutable fact is literally embedded for life in one’s DNA and accordingly, in the pompous language of social scientists, it is immutably, physically hardwired in to each individual.

Query: with these thoughts about madness/insanity and human sexual physical reality in mind, does anything better fit the definition of insane madness than for a male, every cell of whose body have always contained XY chromosomes, purely-psychologically to imagine/experience himself actually and exclusively as a female?

If he is obsessed with the desire/need not simply to dress in woman’s clothing, but also to mutilate his body and have his male sexual organs, which have been attached to him since before his birth, to be surgically removed and for his body to be equipped exclusively – and artificially – with the appearance of female sex organs, energized with injections of artificial hormones, is there the slightest doubt that his mental state attached to that obsession would be considered by any rational person to be “insane madness,” and that that would indeed have been the judgment of all people in all civilizations, including America, throughout history — until Obama’s edicts?

Rest assured: behind the sheer, common sense-bankrupt bizarreness of it all, the Obamites do indeed have method to their seeming madness – a cold-blooded, frighteningly-totalitarian, and deliberately-destructive policy/purpose they have all-along, behind their tactically-necessary masks, viewed as central to the Obama presidency and to the anti-Constitutional, collectivist/Marxist counterrevolution-from-above it/he has all-along been determined to impose unilaterally on America.

That Counterrevolution was precisely what Obama had in mind when he explicitly announced his intention to use his presidency to “fundamentally transform” America in his first inauguration speech. Although he has shown himself to be a pathological liar (“if you like your doctor… If you like your plan…” E.g.) on that occasion Obama spoke the truth, as far as he went, though withholding revealing his totalitarian, Marxist intentions.

Multiple Obama cabinet Departments (most-noisily Justice, HUD, HEW, Education, and EEOC) are now suddenly — an understatement — demanding societal, architectural, psychological, and many other massive changes, and not simply to bathrooms, changes plainly calculated and guaranteed to inflict chaos, harm, confusion, legal liability, and even genuine emotional traumas and violence throughout our country, most-obviously on the psyches and security of women, and of all adolescent and preadolescent children – all those being population segments supposedly particularly-protected and favored by Democrats. And why? Supposedly to “rectify” and impose “justice” against perpetrators of what it now claims have been ongoing, massive “civil rights” violations and injustices.

These now newly-discovered “injustices” — apparently a multi-millennial virtual genocide — have, they claim, been committed endlessly by virtually the entire American population against a group of (apparently-victimized) individuals suffering (through no fault of anyone else, by the way) from profound sexual confusion – individuals who heretofore have until very recently invariably been clinically diagnosed as mentally ill by the psychiatric profession — until that profession was forced, purely for political reasons, to alter its own, relevant common sense and medical diagnostic criteria.

How explain this the Obama edicts, together with their threats of massive, criminal enforcement, and their seemingly-inexplicable sheer strangeness? As usual with the seemingly-inexplicable, a few words of history are worth 1000 pages of logic – as a place to begin.

Since the time of its birth in the French Revolution in 1789, the Left – as it actually named itself at that time – has always proclaimed itself to be a liberating phenomenon, actualizing the ideals of the so-called Enlightenment, or the Age of Reason, as its enthusiasts have gushingly synonymed it. In all its multiple manifestations – collectivism, socialism, communism, Marxism, Progressivism, whatever name it takes in any one time or place – it has always insisted that the policies it has demanded (demanding them, using or threatening force, is always its practice: it never simply proposes or debates) were/are solely the product of pure reason, science and reasonableness, as supposedly applied by its “Experts” to the reality each such policy supposedly has claimed to fix.

For that reason, its proponents have invariably demanded absolute conformity to all the dictates of the leaders (it always has leaders) of the collective it constitutes, demands based on the proposition that only someone utterly unreasonable — and therefore beyond the pale of the civil society it has insisted on presiding over — could deviate from the Leftist collective’s leader’s demands.

Obviously inherent in those propositions is the idea that there are, in fact, such things as both the absolute Truth, and Reason itself, and that the latter, when scientifically/expertly applied, always leads to the correct, and irrefutable, objective ascertainment of the former. And furthermore, the Left has always maintained, that its leader’s claimed ascertainment of the Truth, through the exclusively-human application of pure Reason, is the very opposite of the enlightenment/truth claims of any and all organized religions.

Indeed, all versions of Leftism have always insisted that because of religion’s supposedly-inherent — and, the Left believes, dangerous — irrationality, the most freedom of religion the citizenry should ever be allowed is freedom to practice their religion privately, because of the inherent violation of the most fundamental tenets of all Leftist revolutions inherent in all religions. Accordingly, they have invariably insisted, that no religion other than their radical secularistic quasi-religion should have any public place or role whatsoever in any society the Left presides over, with its most radical enthusiasts – all communists, other Marxists and Nazis – actively condemning all God-believing religions, and all belief in any God, as mere foolish, enslaving superstition, which they have risen above and beyond by pure scientific reasoning.

That, at least, describes the essence of one strand of the Left’s thought regarding Truth and Reason. However, particularly beginning late in the 19th century, a second, very different such strand emerged regarding both Truth and Reason (its contempt for all religion and belief in God have remained consistent). This second strand of thought (inherently anti-rational, deliberately-fraudulent, and totalitarian) achieved equal, if not greater, importance in America beginning in the mid-1960s with its energetic promotion as legitimate by the New Left and its various university professor (e.g. Michel Foucault, Herbert Marcuse) “theoreticians.”

Without further discussing its various intellectual-historical origins (e.g. Nietzsche, when mentally deranged from syphilis, the Nazi Martin Heidegger), the second such strand is the virtual opposite of the first: while similarly despising all religions, it proclaims that everything, including supposed Truth, and Reasoning itself, are not fixed, but rather purely-relative: i.e., all truth is relative and, accordingly, there are no absolutes – at least when it comes to decisions to be made by anyone other than leaders of the Collective.

At its most totalitarian –  such as demanding the guillotine for all who disagreed with its dictates, or concentration camps for all regime/collective opponents, refuseniks and, of course, Jews – the Left, ever since the Reign of Terror of Robespierre in 1793, has always insisted that its leaders have had an unimpeachable monopoly on reason, “Expertise” in its application, and on knowing Truth itself.

This second strand of thought explicitly claims that the Left’s leaders should be empowered not simply to govern their subjects’ actions, but also the very content of truth and reality – and to demand absolute obedience to their dictates in that regard as well.

Thus, this second, effectively anti-rational belief in Reason’s inherent variability, further cemented the most radical Left’s demand for, and iron insistence on, its leaders’ having absolute authority not only over their subjects’ actions, but also over their most-private thoughts themselves, based on its belief that those leaders alone could discern what was “reasonable” in any situation.

This “dialectical” view of Reason itself is the ultra-radical Left’s invariable rationale for its own totalitarianism – and the requirement of absolute authority for its rulers – its demand that Reason be followed in everything, coupled with its simultaneous belief in Reason’s inherent variability.

The Left in all its forms has always insisted that its leaders both must exercise judgment on all matters, on behalf of everyone, no matter how trivial, requiring any choice or judgment — aka discrimination — and are the only ones legitimately permitted to do so. It has always demanded absolute obedience by all to those judgments – even if, to the unwashed, any of them might seem bizarre or illogical; and it has always forbidden independent judgments or “discrimination” regarding any matter by everyone — other than the leader.

The very apparent irrationality, to anyone applying common sense, of (all) the choices (e.g., no private property or profit permitted) the Left’s leaders force society to adopt constitute a kind of flaunting triumphalism and proof of the totality of its conquest. When it perceives itself as securing victories over its enemies, the Left delights in flaunting those enemies’ defeat – both for the self-satisfaction of the Collective’s adherents, and to demoralize its opponents.

That is what Obama’s edicts are really all about: demanding that all Americans repudiate, in humiliating obedience to them, both all their own prior views on human sexuality, and society’s appropriate and decent attitude towards it (the belief that men and women are inherently different as a matter of biology, as underscored by both all human experience and explicit biblical teachings to that effect, and that simple decency requires recognition of that fact when it comes to things like bathrooms, combat units, sports competitions, language, everything) and compel themselves passively to accept what is manifestly, by any previous view, insane, and treat that madness as uniquely-privileged sanity – all under the directive of the state in the hands of Obama.

Properly understood in all their plainly Orwellian terms, Obama’s “transgender” edicts demand that all citizens be forced to engage in Doublethink in order to accept the “legitimacy” of such edicts – under threat of being prosecuted, and even personally destroyed, for the thought crime of failure to do so. As Orwell demonstrates in 1984, forced doublethink is a totalitarian state’s most ontologically-destructive demand on its serfs (former citizens who it reduces to slaves of the state). Doublethink (forced belief in a known, manifest fraud) is even more destructive of all human liberty and dignity than forced Doublespeak (uttering “politically-correct” nonsense while retaining the power to recognize it as such without becoming a thought criminal).

And that is what all these new directives regarding transgenders etc. are really all about – Obama’s radical assertion of the most radical Leftist rationally-dialectical authority on America, in the (obviously absurd) name of supposed reason and “civil rights,” directives which any traditionally-rational American must recognize as the triumph of utter irrationality and madness – and of presumptuous, usurping totalitarianism. In this genuinely-revolutionary, totalitarian assertion of absolute authority over America by Obama and his government, transgenders are simply the pawns used as a pretext for that flaunting of its usurped, total, revolutionary power over the nation.

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