Israeli Health Bureaucrats’ Data Shows Truth About the Madness of Government Response To Covid

May 30, 2023

Clifford Ribner
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Everything that the Israelis have discovered, and now (unlike the American “public health” bureaucrat frauds), as shown in the article below, are telling the world about Covid, was obvious from the very beginning. Yes, obvious to any sentient observer of the facts, the real data hidden amidst the endless ocean of lies spread by those “public health” (with the whole idea of “public health” itself a complete nonsense-notion, an invention of communists/collectivists as a pretext for control over the people) frauds – no later than March 2020. 

Now those utterly-worthless, unelected bureaucrats, and the politicians who did their bidding, are demanding that we forgive them and forget, forget the evil and harm they did to all of us, the ruination they caused because, they lie and claim now that, “Oh, they didn’t know.” 

But they lied and pretended both to know, and that they were right, and that it was WE, we who recognized that they were wrong, that it was we who were spreading lies – the massive-fraudsters projecting the fraud they had to know they were committing, and accusing us, slanderously, of fraud! 

And in fact, it was we, who recognized how wrong they were about everything, we who they wanted to and did! silence and, if they could, literally ruin, exterminate, we who knew, correctly, and said out loud that they were wrong; because the data were already out there, long ago at the very beginning, even before President Trump called – as those bureaucrats demanded, and he genuinely-believed necessary, but nevertheless insanely – for the complete shutdown of everything in the nation! for ”two-weeks to flatten the curve.”

Yes, we knew it in March 2020, knew it to a STATISTICAL CERTAINTY, when the Japanese health bureaucrats (who could not have been more thorough) produced the data they had painstakingly-compiled from the “Diamond Princess” cruise ship (with a total of 800 “cases” out of the 3500+, all 3500+ of whom were, necessarily, in the confined quarters of a cruise ship, exposed to it – and many others, if not all, of whom undoubtedly “had“ it –  half of even those 800 were asymptomatic, with a total of 10 deaths, all of whom had at least two comorbidities (!), a death rate of, at most, 0.0125% – 1/10, not, I repeat, not 10 times, as the public health liars kept pretending, the death rate of the flu! – not the 0.43% which the WHO public health liars were initially, fraudulently-pretending) and its statistically-significant population of passengers and crew (over 3500 people, of all ages and backgrounds) in March, 2020, showing that there was, effectively, other than the nuisance of having a cold, ZERO STATISTICAL RISK from the virus to the general population, zero risk of dying from it, whatsoever to anyone who didn’t have a minimum of at least two comorbidities. 

Yes, zero, statistically, especially for children, children, indeed everyone who was a student up through graduate school, at universities, everyone whose lives – and those of their baselessly-panicked parents – were, and in many cases continue to be, ruined by the “public health” bureaucrats, the teachers unions, the universities – which certainly should’ve known much better – and the politicians who did their bidding (or was it the politicians whose bidding the others were all doing?) for over two years thereafter, all based on lies, endless lies. 

And Fauci and Birx, those complete frauds, those hideous unelected bureaucrats, completely-ignoring all of that actual data, kept insisting Covid was at least 10 times more deadly than the flu, an out-and-out lie used to terrorize the population, to create the fraudulently-based panic they wanted everywhere those unelected bureaucrats could promote it, empowered by the echo-chambers of social media and all the sources of information in the country – and , at first, even by President Trump!

 It was monstrous.

And yes, the truth was obvious to me – and plenty of others – obvious from the very beginning – and I wrote about it – was obvious, in reality, to anyone who ACTUALLY LOOKED at the data – even the CDC’s own data all along, the one statistic which has remained constant on their website – if you could find it (!) – the statistic which those worthless, unelected bureaucrats buried and hid, burying it in the midst of endless garbage they had on their website, their own actual data which plainly-showed that at least 94% of people who died “WITH” (no one knows how many died “FROM” it, a statistic they were amazingly-uninterested in ) Covid had a minimum of two comorbidities – the truth that the Covid virus was, in reality, at least 10 TIMES LESS-DEADLY than the flu to the general population. 

As shown by the “Diamond Princess” passengers and crew, at least 80% of those exposed to, and so necessarily-infected by, it (its most-significant feature was its extreme high-infectiousness) had ZERO SYMPTOMS at all – and didn’t even know they had it, wouldn’t have known to be tested for it if the Japanese health bureaucrats were not doing so, because they were stuck on that ship which no one else would permit to land – as if exposure to the virus in the confined quarters of a ship had turned that entire population of the ship into virtual-lepers!, that was the level of panic which the “public health” frauds were fraudulently and deliberately promoting about the virus.

And yet they, Fauci and all the politicians, insisted that, because of that virus, we had to do all that crazy stuff, things which no country had ever before done, except for Communist China(!), shutdowns of everything, shutting down the country itself, the lives of everyone, “social distancing,” all of that insane stuff. 

And yes, even President Trump first insisted on that, President Trump who, completely-insanely, listened to AND BELIEVED those worthless bureaucrat frauds, and so destroyed his presidency, destroyed the nation with his “unofficial” demand – which became completely-unconstitutional mandates in EVERY SINGLE STATE (other than South Dakota), at least for a while, until at least a few sentient governors refused to follow the dictates, the mandates which were originally-developed by the Chinese Communist Party (!), mandates that had absolutely NO PLACE WHATSOEVER in this Constitutional republic whose Constitution absolutely forbids such mandates AT ALL (there is no “emergency” exception to the Constitution), yes, all of that nonsense continued everywhere until a few governors, one by one, said “absolutely no” anymore to the shut downs (and President Trump, still believing the lies about Covid and apparently-unaware of what the Constitution required, castigated Governor Kemp of Georgia, and then Governor DeSantis of Florida, for doing so!) .

Yes, President Trump himself said to shut everything down, first for “two weeks to flatten the curve,” a complete-nonsense idea invented by the frauds Fauci and Birx, who became to so many fooled by them, as they so desperately wanted, virtual-“Oracles” (ALL to gaslight the fact that Fauci himself had been directly-involved in the creation of the virus, funding – ILLEGALLY, and unconstitutionally, with taxpayer money – the Chinese communist military bio-weapons lab in Wuhan that created it) – “The Science” itself! as Fauci sociopathically-lied and pretended to be – to all the, yes, we have to call them that, the fools, the useful idiots, as Lenin called them, who listen to and actually believe what they read in the “newspapers,” the New York Times, the Washington Post, etc., all those pure-Leftist propaganda rags, and believe what they see on TV “news,” cable and corporate network (which, as always, simply provides a visual-presentation of the content of the front page of the New York Times), everyone who believed, and probably still believes, the lies from those monstrous Marxist bureaucrats. 

And all that nonsense has continued without any final and forever STOP – yes, they are still doing it, everywhere they can get away with it. Yes, and they will do it again – if they can, if they are permitted, if they are not physically-stopped from doing so, without any license to do so in the Constitution.

Yes, those completely-fraudulent, and utterly-worthless, unelected “public health” bureaucrats and the politicians who listened, and still listen, to them and who did all that s–t will do it again (and again and again and again) if they are not PHYSICALLY-STOPPED, and, yes, punished for what they did, tarred and feathered and removed from their offices altogether, their bureaucracies abolished, as they should be, since the Constitution, so so-wisely, does not permit those hideous, worthless “public health” bureaucracies to exist AT ALL.

And just think how much better off all of us would be – all of us except the parasites who actually benefited from all that monstrous intrusion on our lives, all of those mandates of all kinds – how much better off the nation would be in every way, had they never said a single thing about Covid and what to do about it, or at least if we had never heard or listened to a single thing they said about it, if they were simply not there – as the Constitution requires, in fact.

All of those federal “public health” agencies must be abolished. They have NO ROLL WHATSOEVER in a Constitutional republic, as we are supposed to be. They pretend to be “OFFICIAL SCIENCE,” a completely-nonsense, totalitarian, fraudulent and evil idea promoted by people who are nothing but despicable, Marxist unelected bureaucrats, not even real doctors (none of them have practiced medicine within the past year, nor even within the past few decades, and so NONE of them could get privileges at a single hospital in America).

And Ron DeSantis has the perfect opening to attack President Trump for real, the fact that President Trump has still not renounced his actions regarding Covid, still has not accepted the fact that THERE IS NO VACCINE for Covid, that “Operation Warp Speed,” the completely-unconstitutional, active-involvement of the federal government in the pharmaceutical business, was a hideous mistake, all that spending was a terrible mistake, EVERYTHING they did was nothing but a terrible mistake, utterly-worthless medically, and disastrous for the nation, inflicting more damage than any enemy in any war has ever inflicted or could inflict, literally suicidal self-destruction; and the fact that there was never ANY LEGITIMATE REASON for the government to do ANYTHING in response to it whatsoever, that all the shut downs, all the complete-ruination and destruction of hundreds of thousands of small businesses, millions of jobs destroyed, millions of lives ruined, a generation of children and young adults subjected to massive psychological and spiritual abuse, and all the spending, leaving us bankrupt now, and all the other nonsense, absolutely all of it was all FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, nothing but a fool’s errand to try, impossibly, to stop an unstoppable, and not uniquely-deadly, respiratory virus, and it was all wrong and should never be repeated again.

From what he has said, President Trump gets SOME of that, but he doesn’t get ALL of it, as he must, and he’s never said it clearly, explicitly and out loud, and so long as he doesn’t say that out loud, Ron DeSantis can defeat him in the Republican primaries, and he may never get elected president again.

In response to: Zero Young Healthy Individuals Died of COVID-19, Israeli Data Show

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