Our Banking, Energy and Civilizational Crises –The Direct Result of Deliberate Government Policies and The Marxist Administrative State

Oct 5, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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This disaster – the breaking of the financial services business (banking etc.) and, in turn, of governments themselves which, in turn further collapses the banking business which depends on government paper for its collateral and capital – is being caused by deliberate policies of governments in Europe and the United States to strangle their own economies’ dual lifebloods, their very foundations – the financial services business and the energy business – by interfering in them massively and corruptly – and, in America, though not in Europe, completely unconstitutionally.

Yes, both American and European governments have been attempting as their primary policy (as if they should have any policy at all about operating businesses, businesses which are literally none of the federal government’s business) to destroy all the existing forms of actual energy (oil, gas and coal) and to force the public to accept and deploy energy “alternatives” which are worthless financially, functionally and in every other way (otherwise people would use them voluntarily, with no need for “subsidies” and bribes of other kinds and the use of force by government to actively prevent people from extracting oil, gas and coal from their own property as they see fit, and transmitting the oil and gas freely through pipelines, pipelines whose construction the Biden Marxists in power (calling themselves “Progressives”) are prohibiting in every way they can).

This massive interference in the entire energy market has been going on – always under pretexts which are scientifically, morally and legally-baseless – throughout the 20th century, but most dangerously and tyrannically beginning in the Carter administration, the nonsensical claim that there was a fuel shortage in the ground  (total nonsense) then that we have to “save the planet!” as if using substances which are already in the earth would in any way harm the planet, a completely-nonsensical idea, and always supposedly to “help consumers,” while doing the opposite, terrible destruction to our actual sources of energy, to our entire economy, for decades – and now is beyond comprehension in the face of our massive economy which requires massive amounts of real energy that actually works – the kind you get only from oil, gas and coal (and nuclear, which is also forbidden) – simply to function on the most basic level.

The government – that is, the politicians and bureaucrats who have been unconstitutionally-empowered to deploy its use of force, the threat of total destruction for noncompliance – is nihilistically forcing people to cease using oil, gas and coal, the only actual sources of energy, energy on which our entire economy, our entire civilization, our lives, depend. 

And it’s all based on nonsense predictions about the future and other lies, including lies about the past, ignorance of the fact that the planet was indeed at least 6° warmer than it is now (Greenland was actually green! and not covered by a mile of ice) during a time of great prosperity for Europe, followed by a Mini-Ice Age which we have been very gradually (about 1° per Century, at a steady pace, without regard to the presence of SUVs etc.) recovering from since the mid-19th century.

Because everything, absolutely everything in our civilization depends on those actual sources of energy, the free and constant availability of oil, gas and coal.

But it’s not just the energy business the government has been sticking its nose into and destroying with it endless, completely-uncompensated to the owners of the property (that is, stealing) confiscation of all ownership rights (other than to part of the profits), confiscation they call “regulations.” They’ve been doing the same thing to the other lifeblood of our economy – all financial services – banks, brokerage firms, investment banks, every business which finds and is involved in financing for other businesses of any kind.

The solvency of the governments depends on them – on both of those businesses, the energy and the financing businesses. The solvency of our banks, all financial institutions, depends on the sovereign debts of governments whose paper the banks hold as the primary underpinning of their entire capital, as they have been forced to do by governments ever since each of them nationalized the currency with national banks, like the Fed which we have in America. 

Yes, all those governments, in creating those national banks and giving them a monopoly over the country’s money, literally nationalized/stole their currencies, as ours finally did in 1913, after we had been saved from doing so by our founding documents which absolutely preclude anything of the kind as the Fed, with us ending up like the rest of the world, that world outside America which Americans had come here to escape from, with a totalitarian national bank, like those which all Europe had been subjected to by their always-totalitarian governments in one form or another since the 18th century.

The entire financial services industry, like the energy business, has also been completely under the thumb of government and its worthless bureaucrats in their Soviet-style administrative agencies, beginning in 1913 for the United States, with the creation of the Fed by the Marxists running the government then, a catastrophic and unconstitutional thing for the government to be doing, and a disaster which has never been undone by any subsequent administration, a disaster which was only magnified by the additional proliferation of endless other such Soviet agencies which further strangle all financial services and businesses of all kinds, including the SEC, the FDA, the FCC, the EPA the department of labor, they go on and on. No one even knows how many of them there are.

And now, with the free markets in America completely strangled by government and its self-seeking bureaucrats of all kinds, all for no purpose other than to empower politicians and bureaucrats and steal property from its rightful owners without any due process, with the government simply claiming that its “experts” are merely “regulating” everything which in real English means they are seizing control of all attributes of ownership over all businesses other than a portion of the profits (which they steal through the income tax ) and the “right” of business owners and managers to beg bureaucrats for permission to do anything they actually want to do with their businesses.

Yes, that is what every one of those Soviet-style administrative agencies does: compared to the prosperity and wealth we could have had if our economy had not been crushed, ever increasingly since 1906, under that Marxist administrative state, we have been literally living on the fumes of the energy our economy had prior to then with improvements in productivity and standards of living the result exclusively of brilliant entrepreneurs outsmarting the oppressive government they have had to live under, finding ways of avoiding its oppression, and the new technologies they create and deployed for the rest of us, all of which are only deployed in spite of the efforts of the government, all achieved notwithstanding the efforts of the government to crush them along the way with its “regulations.”

And yes, not a single bit of that administrative state is constitutional for multiple reasons that I have shown. The Supreme Court has rubber-stamped it all by claiming that the Interstate “commerce” clause of the Constitution legitimizes it, a completely-nonsense idea invented by the Court in 1937, while stripping out, as if they were not there in the Constitution, its freedom of contract clause, the 9th and 10th Amendments, and the privileges and immunity clauses, which itself is so important that it appears in two places in the constitution, including in the 14th amendment and in its article IV §2.

In response to: A Banking Crisis Looms

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