The Democrats‘ Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost On November 8

Oct 22, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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This is the reason why, even with all the election manipulation, shenanigans and outright fraud they are guaranteed to commit, the Democrats are going to be blown away on November 8.

The only question is: what’s wrong with the other 30% of parents? Are they demented?

Particularly under the Biden cartel for the past two years, but even when Trump was president, the Democrats have been committing child abuse on a massive scale, using their absolute power over the schools through their poisonous Marxist teachers unions as their weapons against all of us, using that power in particular against the children – because they have that power over them, and one thing Democrats/Marxist know how to do is unflinchingly to use all the power they have to crush anyone they want.

They have used Covid as one of their multiple pretexts to poison children’s (and their parents’!) very existence for the past two years, deliberately forcing an attitude of panic on them, shutting down the schools, along with everything else they can shut down in normal society, preventing children from living normal lives, preventing them from interacting with anyone, preventing them from playing with their friends! forcing them to “social distance” and fear everyone else like a leper, preventing them from seeing people’s faces! fastening monstrous, medically-pointless masks on their faces, even demanding that some of them get medically-worthlessvaccines” – potentially-deadly to people with no statistical risk from the virus, because of their lack of multiple comorbidities, “vaccines” which they have been making mandatory for everyone they can force them on, including our military which they are destroying by – among other things – drumming out tens of thousands who have refused to take the “vaccine,” the “vaccine” (which is not anything resembling an actual vaccine, preventing neither transmission nor infection of the virus) and which any idiot can see causes more harm to healthy children (who are functionally-immune from the virus, each with a 1 in 500,000 at most chance of dying from it! unlike the flu) than the virus itself (with not a single otherwise-healthy child dying from it anywhere on the planet – unlike the flu, which indeed actually kills otherwise-healthy children – and for which NONE of this has ever been done –with the sociopath lifetime bureaucrat in the lab coat masquerading as a doctor, Fauci, lying, and continuing to lie now, and talking about what he claims were over 1000 (the real number is 500) – yes, that’s the biggest number he can EVEN PRETEND to in order to panic people, to panic especially parents, over 1000 (actually 500), he claims, children out of over 38 million! That’s.0026%!, and * statistically – children who he claims died “FROM” it when, in fact, as he knows, even that didn’t happen, they each died “WITH” it – with each of those children who tragically died with the virus having had multiple comorbidities, any one of which could’ve killed them (there were no autopsies) – and all of that imposition, all of that monstrous violence inflicted on children together with the massive other violence they have been inflicting with the poison they inject into the children’s MINDS through their injecting sex, and THE VERY CONCEPT THAT IT EVEN EXISTS as a complicating factor in people’s lives, DELIBERATELY CONFUSING them ontologically about their “gender,” preying in particular on autistic children, thousands of whom now, for the first time in history! Fantasize that they are the opposite sex from which they have been since the moment of their conception, and the Democrats/Marxists increasing the poison on children even more by also insisting on “teaching” them anti-American, racist, Marxist CRT, teaching them that they have to hate themselves, hate all white people, and, above all else, hate America, hate the country they are citizens of! the opposite of what they are supposed to be doing in the schools, force-feeding the children the concept that they have to see everyone in America as either an oppressor or a victim, that they have to see everything through the lens of race.

How can ANY parent want ANY of that for their children – even a Democrat parent (Democrats presumably love their children just like Republicans), many of whom obviously don’t like it at all – which is how the number gets to at least 70%.

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