The Marxist Assault On American Children Is Unspeakable

May 28, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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Read the article below and weep. This is who these mentally-deranged Marxists are.

Yes, they are all Marxists, under whatever name (liberal, Progressive, Democrat, whatever) or mask they may adopt as a pretense at any time — or even, as is almost always true, out of complete ignorance of what they are actually doing and promoting.

And yes, they’re coming for your kids, everybody’s kids.  And they’ve been doing it for decades.

Marxists intent on controlling every detail of everything in our entire society at all levels are engaged in a multi-pronged attack on all of us, focused with particular energy on children, assaults intended to completely destroy their minds, their sense of belonging to their family or their country — trying to completely destroy any desire they have to be normal, patriotic America-loving people desiring to prosper and have success and property for themselves, property which, together with profits (and yes, even success by any individual as an individual ) which Marxists consider to be the epitome of evil (in their godless world where, for them, morality is a purely-fictitious construct they manufacture at any particular moment, manufacture as convenient, to achieve whatever goals their then-current master of their collective is seeking).

Teachers’ unions, instituted and empowered in the 1960s, have poisoned the public schools — making the schools the Marxist propaganda prisons Karl Marx wanted them to be

They, the Marxists are poisoning the minds of an entire generation, even more-so than they poisoned those of the previous two, or three or more, most students since the 1960s, everyone who’s been in public schools since the 1980s when they cemented their grip on the whole thing, with the always-Marxist teachers unions – thanks to John F. Kennedy’s 1962 Executive Order 10988 legalizing (violating FDR’s insistence that they never be permitted) public-employee unions in the federal government, unions which were mimicked at the state level instantly.

As soon as they were created, precisely as FDR recognized would happen, public-employee unions became corrupt, self-serving lobbying organizations, extracting public money and unconstitutional, unelected control over the operation of the tiniest details in the schools, obtaining all that in legislatively-determined promises from self-serving politicians, politicians who, particularly in the case of the Democrat party, the teachers unions themselves controlled, bankrupting states, turning the entire state Fisc and the public schools into things to serve the union’s own, always-revolutionary and thieving (Marxism is legalized theft) Marxist interests, all at the expense of children and their parents, poisoning the entire enterprise which had previously been actual, publicly-financed and -operated schools, where education had actually taken place, turning them into instrumentalities they completely-controlled, pure propaganda prisons, while all-along looting the taxpayers’ money — and using their power over the politicians to obtain more and more power for themselves, power for themselves always the one thing they really wanted, power at the expense of all the rest of the citizens, all of us.

The previously-functional public schools, instituted by state governments (because the federal government had no Constitutional right or power to be involved in education at all, as observed by Thomas Jefferson, who knew something about the powers of the federal government) during the 19th Century, are now finally fulfilling Karl Marx ‘s dream – explicitly demanded in “The Communist Manifesto” – of their use as factories to create Marx’s (delusional) “New Man” (because no one possessing actual human nature would ever desire Marxism’s inherently-antihuman, forced-slavery evil; no such unblinded, actual, sentient human being could fail to recognize its absolute monstrousness –the very reason Marxism seeks to destroy human nature itself and make people willing serfs, slaves to the state/collective), the public schools become mind-poisoning vehicles, prisons to instill self-hatred, collectivist, not self-identity (in one’s race, typically), instilling loathing for all who are of a different race, hatred of children’s own families, preventing parents’ control over, and instruction to, their own children, and instilling loathing about everything American, everything about individual liberty and our founding documents which instituted it, prisons to instill literally anti-patriotism, prisons masquerading as educational institutions.

1969 (coincidentally, the year I graduated high school, although from a private school) was the high-water-mark of educational achievement for public school students, with achievement declining thereafter, public schools particularly ruinous for minority children, with outcomes getting worse and worse, and more and more money being thrown down their rabbit hole to poison the minds of children, with them, the Marxists having taken over all of the schools of education – the Marxist factories where teachers learn nothing of substance and yet have to attend to get their certifications or they are not allowed in front of the public school classrooms – in the country and, of course, all the universities, propagandizing more and more overtly in recent years — ever since the Obama Administration blessed, most visibly with their pro-gender-dysphoria (they of course don’t use the actual term)”regulatory” directives, and their directives to impose “equity, diversity and inclusion,” endless ”regulations” shoving CRT’s anti-American, racist lies down the target-students’ throats, pretending about the slanderous, anti American lies they demand others believe that “Oh, we’re not even doing it,” or, “0h, it’s just ‘history,’” and all this “transgender” nonsense — yes, it’s  literally nonsense — intended to completely destroy their brains – all of that mind-poisoning intended to make the students sufficiently-brainwashed to be susceptible to accepting Marxism, willing victims of its monstrousness.

The teachers unions demanded massive child-abuse (masking, no classroom-attendance, no socializing, “social distancing” ) they have inflicted on the students based on the pretext of COVID

And – as parents finally learned, as the one-and-only positive outcome of the medically-purposeless (the virus is 10 times less harmful to children than the flu, for which none of this has ever been done) school shut-downs during the mass-hysteria based on the pretext of COVID-19 — it’s working, unfortunately – exactly as the Weather Underground Marxist terrorist Bill Ayres, Obama’s mentor, planned in directing the Marxist revolution at education schools, schools whose textbooks he, still the proud Marxist terrorist, writes and provides overwhelming ideological mentorship and guidance to.

Just look at the literally-insane people coming out of our universities, especially the most-prestigious ones, the formerly genuinely-great ones, dysfunctional people suffering from clinically-diagnosed mental illness and committing suicide, all at extraordinarily-high rates, populating our corporations and all our institutions upon graduation, people filled with rage and loathing of at least half, probably much more, of their countrymen, taught endlessly from prekindergarten on to completely detest their own country and their fellow citizens – and themselves – with the best students the most-poisoned.

Students are being subjected to existential crisis regarding their sexuality, their identity, their family, America, everything, in their schools — as demanded by the Marxist teachers’ unions

Massive numbers of kids, particularly young girls, are suddenly announcing that they are “transgender” or gay, vastly in-excess of the percentage of the population for which that has ever been true (historically homosexuals have been well under 2%, although Kinsey tried fraudulently to promote the idea that a huge percentage, possibly as much as 10%, of men, although fewer women, had participated in homosexuality at some point, with more accurate studies by Dr. Judith Reisman and Edward W. Eichel described in their book Kinsey, Sex, and Fraud, showing the real number was well under 2%, and with Psychology Today and the Census Bureau reporting, as of a few years ago, that the percentage who are “transgender” had risen from its previously historical rate of 0% to 0.005-.014%, still literally an * statistically, with the amount of fuss and societal-disruption being made about it now obviously completely out of proportion to any reality).

“Transgenderism” of course is, for the Left, nothing but a useful (for them) fictitious construct/”narrative,” as they call them, purely a cynical opportunity (they couldn’t do it, couldn’t even begin to get away with it, if they were normalizing, let alone celebrating, as they do with “transgenderism,” comparably-disabling mentally illnesses like paranoia, depression, sociopathology or schizophrenia, or the disease which it most closely-resembles, body integrity identity disorder – although a few decades ago, R.D. Lang indeed tried it regarding schizophrenia, as did the unfortunately-influential Marxist Michel Foucault) for Marxists to elevate and celebrate a mental illness, gender-dysphoria, pretending it can be treated by surgery and hormone injections when, in fact, it’s a purely-psychological problem, and devastating to its victims, nothing to celebrate at all.

The Marxist Biden Regime is actively-promoting students’ ontological and physical self-destruction

And they actually want to promote people to desire the mutilation of their bodies, with the Marxist Biden Regime even (with zero authority to do so in the Constitution) mandating surgery and body-and-mind-altering hormone injections to children now, wanting to prevent their parents from even knowing about it yes, doing that to children, children who are not even allowed to enter into a contract, to drive, or to drink, to do anything requiring judgment of any kind!

Yes, they are actively-promoting self-maiming and a completely-debilitating mental illness itself as a desirable thing in children, children who are susceptible to all kinds of idiotic suggestions (ask a 3-year-old if he thinks he’s a dinosaur, or a cowboy — or anything!) with the Marxists’ real purpose, in all this massive promotion, and even celebration, of this literally-insane nonsense — along with the self-hatred, race-obsession and America-hatred taught with CRT, topped off by the massive child-abuse they have been inflicting based on the pretext of COVID for years now — all combined, intended as a revolution, the kind of thing that is done to children in schools in communist countries to completely break them to the totalitarian regime, to literally poison their minds, to fill them with endless self-hatred and self-doubt, hatred of everything that is intimate to them, of their family, of their formerly-capitalist country, of themselves, make them so-desperately desperate for salvation of some kind, salvation (from the psychological hell which they create for them) the Marxists pretend to provide by becoming part of their collective, joining in their mob’s absolute unanimity about everything – self-hypnotizing and marinating in all Marxism’s supposedly-hip, currently-fashionable, tribal sacraments including virtue-signaling of all kinds, hating Republicans, loathing all white people as inherently-racist — with racist being the single-worst thing in their lexicon which anyone could be, worse than being a murderer — self-sacrifices of all kinds to “save the planet” – and celebrating abortion, of course.

Hollywood and the organized Medical Profession, infused and suffocated with Marxist collectivism, are at war with their own customers and patients

Yes, as we saw publicly with parents’ rights legislation (the fraudulently-misnamed, by them, “Don’t Say Gay” Bill) in Florida recently, legislation actively-and-publicly-opposed by the Disney company – a company whose entire trademark has always been to provide healthy and 100%-wholesome entertainment of all kinds for children – the Marxists are insanely demanding to expose (and threatening to destroy, to cancel, anyone who even has the thought that maybe they should not do so) children of all ages, three-year-olds! to concepts of sex, the very idea of sex even, and simultaneously promoting the idea that people should only identify with people of their own race and detest anyone else, and particularly that everyone, including particularly white people, should detest white people (and that it’s not racist to do so!) — all of which obviously is nothing but existentially-confusing and terrifying (as is its purpose!) to children of any age, particularly normal three-year-olds, and can only cause great psychological/existential catastrophe when any of that is even brought up to them, assaulting their consciousnesses, softening them up to become useful idiots for the Marxist revolution.

And the medical profession is being completely-poisoned from the top on down, as the collectivist group which it has been herded into, with Obamacare and all the Medicare federalization collectivising and nationalizing the profession, forcing doctors into groups instead of individual practices, all of them subject to endless bureaucratic licensing and payment regimes requiring approval from others — with those others now all being Marxists populating the government bureaucracies and the insurance companies which themselves are completely under the thumb of government-bureaucrat Marxists — promoting regimentation to the point that they are not allowed to disagree or they will lose all their money and their licenses, with all of that endless poisoning now corrupting the entire medical profession to the point that it is now actively promoting treatments which are harmful to their patients, “sex transition” surgery and hormones (query: when will the Medical Profession demand that people suffering from body integrity identity disorder have their limbs cut off?!)  for young children even, even though their own research (at Johns Hopkins) shows the horrible outcomes of performing gender-“transition” surgery even on mature adults who think they know what they’re doing, “transitions” which result in mutilation of peoples’ bodies, sterility and people 20 times more-likely to commit suicide than if they forgo the surgery, and the “transition” itself which, of course, can never actually occur since they have been the sex they were born with from the moment of conception and will always be so.

The Marxist Left/teachers unions have used everything in their power to crush children’s minds — COVID, lies about America being racist, assaulting children’s’ own sexuality and self-identity, everything

The evil cynicism of the left using transgender nonsense and CRT and the abuse inflicted by children in the name of “protecting” them from COVID to poison the minds of those children who they have under their thumbs in the public schools is there for all to see — and there is only one reason they are doing it, and it is not because they want to benefit anyone who is the target of all those multiple frauds, those assaults on consciousness those assaults on human nature, on the human psyche, assaults on everything about America and individual liberty and our founding documents.

In response to: Biden Admin: K-12 Schools Must Put Boys In Girls’ Bathrooms To Get Federal Lunch Money

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