Dr. Gold’s Reality vs. The Insanity of Those Who Want to Destroy Our Economy by Ending “Fossil Fuels”

Dec 11, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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I’ve been well-aware of Dr. Gold and his ideas – how he and the facts of actual Western History have proven that everything the climate alarmist “experts” have to say about “fossil fuels” is literally a pack of lies, complete nonsense, including the most basic facts about them, the fact that those fuels have nothing to do with fossils at all and exist in virtually unlimited supplies – since the 1980s and he is clearly correct. It’s simply idiotic to think that all of the oil and gas, which there are endless supplies of, came from dead plants, even over hundreds of millions of years.

There is simply too much of it we know about – and we don’t, notwithstanding the ignorance and the vanity of so many among us who think they know everything, even begin to know about all of it, because we haven’t even looked everywhere, and only have an inkling of what is there. 

And most of it is just too deep: how could the plants and animals, and in such endless numbers, have gotten down there? How did they get that far under the ocean?

It’s always been obvious that the source of the “fossil fuel” must arise from an entire layer of hydrocarbons within the earth, hundreds, if not thousands, of miles deep, and it seeps up through the rock formations., with constant movement of plates and everything inside the planet facilitating the movement, no doubt, the entire planet itself in perpetual motion, perpetual change, everywhere above and below our feet. Change the only real constant.

That’s why the actual supplies of oil and gas, of hydrocarbons, in the planet are endless. And everyone who said, with such pompous and arrogant certainty, that we were running out of it, was wrong, wrong about that, and wrong about everything. 

And based on the nonsense that they were spouting, completely-stupid and scientifically-baseless laws governing our automobiles were enacted by the Democrats (and never repealed by the Republicans when they had the power to do so!) and imposed on the automobile manufacturers – and on all of the rest of us who are their customers! And those laws, based on complete nonsense “predictions” that we were running out of oil, were not only enacted in the 1970s, they have gotten increasingly more and more stringent, even as their entire underlying rationale – the claim that we were running out of oil, and it would all be gone by the year 2000! – has been proven, by actual facts, actual experience, to be complete nonsense.

And yes, the people who imposed those laws on us and the people who made those nonsense predictions were Collectivists/Marxists one and all with a political agenda, combined with scientific ignorance (while arrogantly proclaiming their “expertise”) – the perfect combination for societal destruction of stupidity, arrogance and the desperate pursuit of political power, those people in public office and out, desperate for power over their fellow citizens, power which, in their ignorance and vanity, they thought they were entitled to. Go to any faculty lounge at any university in America and you’ll hear them today, just like they have always been.

The whole idea, always promoted by Collectivists/Marxists who wanted, as their real goal, not to save actual human beings (for whom they have nothing but utter contempt), but rather absolute power over our economy and their fellow citizens; and yes, they absolutely hated the idea of their fellow citizens being rich and free enough to make their own decisions about anything, let alone everything, Collectivists/Marxists who wanted to strangle our economy, loudly proclaiming, with no evidence to support them, that we were going to “run out of it,” a baseless idea that was always totally stupid. 

Just like all their stupid ideas, like all their literally-hysterical alarmism about “Global Warming” and their completely ahistorical notions about “Climate change,” their complete ignorance of the actual history of Western civilization, the history when a warmer climate than we have now and have had for hundreds of years was a blessing, when Greenland was actually green, without a mile of ice on it! our history in which a Mini-Ice-Age destroyed the prosperity of that previous, warm period, a Mini-Ice-Age beginning in the 14th century causing catastrophic destruction and poverty, climate alarmists’ terror of a warming climate nothing but a paranoid delusion they are inflicting on society, particularly on children, scaring the s–t out of them for no reason whatsoever, CLIMATE CHANGE WHICH HAS BEEN OCCURRING SINCE THE PLANET WAS FORMED and will always continue, and there’s ZERO that we can do to stop it, attempting to stop it– as the climate alarmists pretend they can do by completely destroying our oil and gas industry, the foundation of our economy! – a complete FOOL’S ERRAND to even try to alter the constant changing of the climate, in whatever direction it may be going (which we don’t know) – and only an idiot would want, as the climate alarmists indeed want, to destroy our economy to “fix it.”

And yes, that’s what they, the Collectivists/Liberals/Democrats/Marxist/globalists/Whatever name they use as a mask, want. They want to end the use of what they call “fossil fuels,” which happen to be ALL THE ACTUAL SOURCES OF ENERGY our entire civilization depends on for everything, literally forcing poverty on everyone but themselves, those Energy sources being THE ONLY REASON we have any more freedom and prosperity than the Romans whose civilization required endless numbers of slaves cultivating land because it was a purely-agrarian economy, the only thing you can have without all that easily-usable oil and gas energy – because, at the most basic level, someone has to create the food for everyone else, the food everyone requires simply to survive; and without modern agricultural methods all of which require “fossil fuels,” that simply can’t be done; and billions will starve – exactly what the climate alarmists want and are imposing on Europe now! They already virtually destroyed Sri Lanka with their insanity. 

And they are desperate to impose all their insanity on all the rest of us.

And of course, they always hated cars themselves (just like they hated the idea of other people having guns, guns they want to ban if they can get away with it, guns with which they could protect themselves against criminals, whose violent acts, like murder and mayhem, against honest citizens are already against the law) – hated the very idea of cars, at least for everyone else, the “other” people who weren’t in their self-appointed “elite,” cars which gave everyone the liberty to travel anywhere they wanted without having to bother with horses, and all the labor and expense that went with them, cars which liberated people like never before in history, giving freedom to everyone, the kind of freedom no one, even the richest people in the world, even kings and queens, had had in the world before the invention, and mass production, of the car. 

And they, the self-appointed “elite,” resented that. They couldn’t stand for ordinary citizens, non- “elite” individuals, people they fantasized were not as brilliant and virtuous as they, the self-appointed “elite” imagined themselves to be, to have liberty to do anything. 

And so they have looked for one pretext after another to destroy that liberty, to stifle the choices available to all those other (with them always managing to exempt themselves from any of their own impositions) people in everything, and especially in the cars they buy, forcing completely-unconstitutional federal mandates of all kinds on makers of cars, particularly beginning in the 1960s, and then metastasizing in the 1970s (using the government-manufactured “energy crisis,” the shortage –“if the government ran the Sahara Desert… there would be a shortage of sand,” said the brilliant Milton Friedman, brilliantly – created purely, as always, by government stupidity, as their pretext), mandates about the design of cars, about every detail of what the cars even look like, every detail of their manufacturing, all in the name of their baselessly-claimed supposed MORAL IMPERATIVES, “saving the planet” and “saving energy,” and “safety,” even though they haven’t done any of that, haven’t made the car safer at all, forcing them to be, in fact, more-dangerous by forcing car manufactures to use lighter and lighter metals instead of heavy-duty steel, in order to comply with their stupid mileage requirements, “CAFE standards” imposed by unconstitutional bureaucracies created to push their moral imperative, imperatives supposedly trumping all law and reason, trumping the constitutional protections of property and contract rights, forcing that stupidity on car manufacturers for bureaucrats, instead of the actual customers, to dictate every detail of the design of the car, drastically reducing the choices available to citizens in the cars they buy – and making cars far more-expensive than they would otherwise be to pay for all that (hidden) bureaucracy. 

Have you noticed: for years now, cars all look the same, no matter what their performance capabilities and how much they cost. And they don’t let you drive over the speed limits they mandate, supposedly to “save energy, to save the planet!” Those unconstitutional federally-mandated speed limits started in the 1970s, although they have raised them slightly since then.

Just look at the difference between how cars look today and how they looked in the 1950s and 1960s, before decades of technological developments, when there were all different types of cars – and so many more manufacturers, who had so much more freedom about the products they could offer the public, with all of those restrictions imposed on them by the unconstitutional federal laws and bureaucracies, multiple, unconstitutional federal alphabet agencies whose permission is required for every step of everything about cars, all of that federal government involvement in the automobile business completely stupid and doing nothing of actual value to the citizens whatsoever, all for no legitimate purpose at all – except to show the absolute control the federal government and its bureaucrats and politicians had over the most-important, most-valued industry in the country – along with the same, strangling control over the even more important energy business, the oil and gas business which provides the foundation for everything we have and enjoy, essential for our every need, the industry which in fact supports our entire civilization, all our liberty and prosperity, the energy business they have wanted to utterly destroy, both those industries subject to strangulation by federal bureaucracy, all directly contrary to everything and anything in the Constitution, and directly contrary to the actual interests of the citizens.

And now they (the very same people who claim they are so interested in freedom of choice!) want to end even the choice to buy an internal combustion car at all. They want to forbid it. They want us to buy stupid electric cars only.

The scripture all Jews and Christians believe in, their textual source for all actual morality – as opposed to the pseudo-“Morality” of the antireligious Marxists/Collectivists – is clear: God gave us this planet to use its resources (and, of course, be stewards of our own property, as any sensible person would be, for his own property! and respect the property rights of our neighbors, and not create nuisances) for our benefit and not worry about “saving the planet,” as if it is constantly in danger, a nonsense idea, God commanding us to “be fruitful and multiply,” and not to sit around pretending that ending the use of the internal combustion engine, ending the use of “fossil fuels,” and doing stupid s–t like recycling and all the other stupid things “environmentalists” – none of whom, while imagining they know everything, know the slightest thing about anything – demand and claim – while preening and fantasizing baselessly that they are doing so – makes them just so, so virtuous, and that we would all be “saving the planet” by doing the stupid things they want, including, yes, pretending that actual alternative fuels to oil and gas actually exist (they don’t), destroying the oil and gas business and thereby destroying our economy – and pretending that electric cars don’t use any energy: yes, they are too stupid to know that for the first 60,000 miles Electric cars – whose technology was known, and has barely improved, since the early 20th century – use just as much “fossil fuel” as actual cars with internal combustion engines, actual, gas-and-diesel-burning cars which are the only things which actually work, with Electric cars’ fuel simply being burned elsewhere, at the power plant, away from the car, pretending that if the fuel-burning doesn’t take place inside the car, it’s not happening.

 Yes, all of that stupidity, all of that ignorance of the wisdom of Dr. Gold, of Scripture, ignorance  of, and/or contempt for, the Constitution and its requirement that the federal government keep its nose out of how people conduct their own businesses, ignorance of the historically-proven fact that a warm climate is a blessing, not a curse, that the climate is always going to change and it’s a complete fool’s errand to try to stop that from happening, and that the best way to address the constantly-changing climate is for us to be as rich and free as possible, not as poor and controlled (by self-proclaimed “experts” who don’t know a thing, and pretend to know everything) as possible, as our power-usurping politicians have been forcing on us, all of that nonsense is what the entire electric car industry is based on.

In response to: Is Fossil Fuel Actually Produced Renewably Inside the Earth? Some Scientists Theorize ‘Abiotic’ Origins of Oil

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