Germany Always Shows the World Exactly What NOT To Do: Government Control Over Our Economy Must End Immediately

Jan 28, 2023

Clifford Ribner
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This is what happens when the government gets involved in actual markets of goods and services, which Marxist politicians and bureaucrats – including the entire Democrat party (and plenty of corrupt Republicans) in America, are always looking for pretexts to permit them to do. 

The Europeans are even further along the insane, destructive and tyrannical Marxist path than Americans (for thousands of years, Europeans have NEVER had anything OTHER THAN tyrannical governments, which is why Americans fought our Revolution against Britain, the always-freest country in Europe, and why all those former Europeans – and Asians, and millions of Africans – came to America – to ESCAPE the horror the rest of the world is always subject to), but the same tyranny, the same stupidity is, and has, especially since the beginning of the 20th century, been being created in America – even though our Constitution absolutely forbids ANY of it.

It is an absolute imperative for our liberty and prosperity and for the Rule of Law to be reestablished (it is now in utter tatters, as anyone with eyes can see): we MUST get the federal government out of all markets for all goods and services except to the extremely-limited and carefully-specified extent actually permitted in the Constitution. At present, it does nothing but destroy them. 

We must eliminate EVERY SINGLE ONE of those federal alphabet (and other) “regulatory” agencies, NONE of which have any business existing in a free nation, ALL of which are absolutely unconstitutional, ALL of which are absolutely useless to the citizens of the nation, useful only to promote the wealth and power of their own worthless bureaucrats and bureaucracies and the parasites (the lawyers, politicians, bureaucrats and lobbyists) who feed off of them. 

They are a corrupt, corrupting and ever-metastasizing cancer in our midst which must be eradicated. They are an unconstitutional FOURTH BRANCH of the federal government, which is only permitted THREE branches. That Frankenstein monster fourth branch cannot be reformed; it must be utterly eradicated. If any of it is left it will grow back like all cancers. It has nothing redeeming about it.

Ruining and disempowering every citizen whose lives they touch, on a one-for-one basis, a zero-sum power game, is the one and only guaranteed result of every federal government agency/bureaucracy’s presence “regulating” any market. Since we know, from experience, that that is what they ALWAYS do, no one can claim that is their “unintended consequence;” it is their FEATURE, not their bug.

Whenever politicians unconstitutionally enact – and other politicians in black robes sitting on the Supreme Court rubberstamp – laws permitting any of those agencies to exist, whenever the federal government thereby “regulates” any portion of the economy, it unconstitutionally expropriates/steals ALL CONTROL over EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS – and the lives of all citizens affected in any way by that business, that business which provides a livelihood, the pursuit of happiness, to its employees and owners, and provides citizens with goods and/or services they genuinely want to buy from it (or else that business would not exist!) – within it, ending up dictating the terms of every single contract between citizens involved with that business in any capacity – all without paying ANY compensation whatsoever to the business’ owners (or to their employees or customers whose lives the federal bureaucracy also harms, whether they see it or not), ALL in grotesque violation of citizens’ liberty and prosperity, and in violation of the Constitution which was created precisely to preserve citizens’ liberty and prosperity, not to erect, as that unconstitutional fourth branch of government does, a monstrous, fascist edifice to DESTROY citizens’ freedom and prosperity. 

With respect to the policing of citizens, the government’s ONLY duty is to do THE VERY OPPOSITE of what it is doing when it creates and maintains (at astronomical expense to all the citizens, all of whose lives are thereby harmed, if not ruined, usually without them even realizing it) those agencies – to wit, to PROTECT citizens’ freedom of contract (the singular attribute which separates Freemen from serfs! with those unconstitutional, Marxist agencies turning us all into serfs by taking that freedom away), rather than destroying it, and to PROTECT citizens’ property, rather than destroying it (as it is doing in creating those agencies and permitting their takeover of all control, stealing absolute, discretionary – as the Supreme Court has fraudulently authorized for them – power over all companies), destroying citizens property, AND INSTEAD to enforce the Common Law – and the COMMON LAW ALONE, to keep Americans from harming each other. 

Otherwise, the federal government has absolutely no business telling any business what to do about ANYTHING in the economy. NOTHING in the Constitution permits the federal government to be doing any of that, and the Supreme Court has been lying to us since the 1930s rubberstamping those unconstitutional abominations.

Marxist politicians invent pretext after pretext after pretext justifying the existence of those agencies, agencies which never accomplish ANY of the things the citizens are promised when they are created, agencies which do nothing but destroy everything they touch and poison the lives of the citizens by reducing their prosperity and taking away their freedom, with the politicians promoting them always lying and promising they will do THE OPPOSITE and, when the agencies fail, as they inevitably do, demanding more and more power for them to do even more damage to the citizens.

As the Supreme Court itself has recognized, EVERY SINGLE business, large or small, is the WORK of those involved in it, its owners and managers, and that work constitutes their “pursuit of happiness,” which our Founders fought our Revolution against the British (again, compared to the rest of Europe, the freest nation in the world before the Founders created our nation) to permit them to have COMPLETE FREEDOM, subject to the Common Law of course, of doing as their Natural Right – as they explicitly stated in the Declaration of Independence. And, as the Supreme Court (sometimes it gets it right) recognized, the Constitution’s 14th Amendment protects that right against ALL intrusions – including, PARTICULARLY, those by the government itself.

And Liberty of Contract, again, subject to the Common Law, is the ONE individual liberty preserved in the ORIGINAL TEXT of the Constitution, PRIOR TO the enactment of Its first 10 Amendments, the Bill of Rights.

And, concerning the shortages of energy, energy being the very foundation of the economy on which our lives depend (the very reason why we have a “Strategic Petroleum Reserve,” and NOT a strategic donut – or windmill, or solar panel – reserve), the Germans are now experiencing, as are we, as Milton Friedman observed, “if you put the government in charge of the Sahara Desert, soon there will be a shortage of sand.”

In response to: Great Reset Watch: Despite Wholesale Gas Prices Falling, Energy Supplier Warns Consumer Prices to Double

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