It’s Time for Us To Awaken – We The Sleeping Giant – And Take Control From The Usurpers

Aug 11, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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This is a superb article. It says exactly what I say in far greater detail in my book and what I have said in everything I write – that the poison among us, the thing that is making us into an American version of the Soviet Union is the administrative state. 

It is the rule of lawyers, not the rule of law, and it is hideous and its power is ever-growing and ever-expanding, as all bureaucracies do inherently, becoming more and more communist, more and more evil and destructive to the citizens, to our economy, to our lives and our liberties, over time, as all bureaucracies do.

And it will not stop doing all of that horror until it is forcibly stopped and eliminated, with every single bureaucrats fired and subjected to civil liability from all citizens for any damage each of them has caused, with all immunities they enjoy now eliminated as forbidden by the Constitution, with all federal crimes that are not actually permitted under the Constitution eliminated, so that the only crimes any of those bureaucrats would be subject to are the few which are actually present either in the Constitution – or under the laws of the states in which they committed the crimes against citizens, multiple crimes which they no doubt committed – trespasses of all kinds, assaults even, false imprisonment, real crimes, not the phony ones they have created in their unconstitutional, hideous ”regulations,” criminalizing otherwise perfectly-lawful and even beneficial behavior of the citizens simply for purposes of controlling us, falsely imprisoning all the rest of us, destroying our liberties and our prosperity for no public purpose whatsoever, simply for their own bureaucratic, Marxist satisfaction.

Every one of those agencies is identical to the commissariats which were in the Soviet Union, the whole institutionalization of communism in Russia. They are a fourth branch of government, each of which combine all of the powers of all three actual branches of government – and they have no place whatsoever in this country because they are forbidden by the Constitution – as I show beyond any reasonable doubt in Chapter 11 of my book, “Freedom’s Last Stand.” 

The Supreme Court has literally been committing fraud since the mid-1930s by rubber-stamping them and lying and pretending that the Interstate “Commerce” clause authorizes them.

The Supreme Court has been reading the Constitution as if the 9h and 10th Amendments to it do not exist, as if the Liberty of Contract clause does not exist, reading it ludicrously, as if it were a Marxist document which effectively condemns all commerce, all businesses, all intrapersonal actions in fact, into pariah-status, subject to absolute enslavement by the federal government, the central state and its bureaucrats, turning the citizens and all of our businesses who are supposed to be liberated and kept free by the Constitution into pariahs which have to be attacked and controlled by the government, control obtained from us without any due process, simply automatically under the unconstitutional ” laws” they monstrously create, without paying any compensation to the businesses’ owners for taking that control, every single such taking a grotesque violation of the Constitution’s 5th and 14th Amendments. 

It’s complete nonsense and is the exact opposite of what the Constitution says.

The only one of those agencies which is even arguably Constitutional is the IRS because they went ahead and got the 16th Amendment (by lying that they would only tax “the rich”), which we should’ve repealed long ago, along with the horrendous 18th Amendment which permitted them to impose on us alcohol prohibition – and alone legalized the FBI, a central government police state-type police force preying on the citizens, always for political reasons, always without any genuine control, always harming citizens purely at the discretion of the bureaucrats who control it, a hideous police force which does absolutely nothing of value, enforcing unconstitutional criminal statutes and “regulations,” criminalizing disobedience to those unconstitutional “regulations,” a police force which, ever since the repeal of the 18th Amendment by the 21st, has no Constitutional basis for existing at all and does nothing of actual value to the citizens.

We can get rid of the whole thing, the entire administrative state, all those bureaucracies and the horrible bureaucrats who populate them, if the president acting alone (obviously Biden is not going to do it) or either House of Congress does exactly what I describe in Chapter 19 of my book. I literally show what to do and what the legal basis for doing it is in our existing laws, enforcing the actual words of our Constitution. 

The biggest mistake that could be made would be to have a Constitutional Convention. Because our Constitution is fine the way it is (although a few of its Amendments, including the 16th, should be repealed). 

But a Constitutional Convention risks being captured by well-financed activists and there’s no telling what they might do. 

The people with the biggest money, along with practically all our institutions and sources of information, all of our entertainment, all our schools at all levels, now are all committed to a Marxist state that keeps them in power the way it is. The last thing they want is to change a thing – except to give themselves even more power and more money, and to further corrupt everything in the country, corruption which is guaranteed to happen when the government gets involved in peoples’ affairs and peoples’ businesses. 

They have no awareness – or simply don’t care – that they are literally collapsing our economy by what they are doing and poisoning everything, not just the lives of all the rest of the citizens in the country.

They love the administrative state, as do the politicians in Washington, who are guaranteed sinecures in it when they retire from Congress or whatever other government position they hold, elected or an elected – so long as they don’t rock the boat while they are in office. That’s why you end up with worthless thieves like Mitch McConnell, pretending to be against the Democrat party, when he supports everything it supports.

The entire administrative state consists of bureaucracies and the bureaucrats who populate them, individuals who are vulnerable, just like the rest of us are, to its evil, with the individual always being vulnerable to pressures, pressures on his livelihood. 

And each of those bureaucrats is a bully and a coward simultaneously – and they respond to force, forced from within the bureaucracy, its centrifugal and centripetal forces operating on them always, and forced when the Constitution is imposed on them to fire them all.

But the ultimate force is the Constitution which forbids all unconstitutional acts and makes their entire agencies, along with their jobs, legal nullities. 

Even the endlessly-corrupt Supreme Court has recognized that unconstitutional actions are legal nullities – it simply hasn’t yet recognized the unconstitutionality of all those agencies (other than the IRS, although the actions it has been empowered to take are substantially beyond what is permitted under the 16th Amendment, as I am presently arguing in a case in federal district court).

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