Kirsten Sinema Plays the Old, Arizona False-Flag Switcheroo

Dec 10, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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This is a scam Democrats do in purple states, states where registered and committed Republicans are outnumbered by Democrats and “independents” combined, the scam they run to get elected, pretending not to be Democrats but doing everything that Democrats really want them to do once they are in office. Sinema only opposes the rest of the Democrats on very specific, insanely-radical votes, votes she knows would simply go too far and she couldn’t get away with with Arizona voters, votes which give her the opportunity to pretend to be “independent,” and she knows this is the only way she can get reelected in that very Republican state, even when its election laws and procedures have been manipulated by equally-corrupt Republicans and Democrats, resulting in the insane fraud that happened on election day where Kari Lake supposedly “lost.”

It’s how John McCain kept getting elected in Arizona, the state of Barry Goldwater, the most-conservative of conservative states, with John McCain making promises during elections which he invariably broke, with him pretending to be a Republican and being nothing but a traitor to the party the whole time, every time it actually mattered, voting against everything the Republicans really wanted whenever he could, a true snake in the grass, permitting Obamacare to remain the (unconstitutional, hideous, massively-destructive to, by socializing – and thereby making massively-expensive, corrupt, ruined, and just plain lousy compared to what it would be without the Obamacare mandates and the endless, very-expensive, medically-pointless bureaucracy they require for compliance – 1/6 of our economy!) law, the single biggest vote that happened in the Senate during the Trump presidency, and promoting the despicable and unconstitutional McCain-Feingold political speech control law which itself masqueraded as supposedly nothing but the innocuous-sounding “campaign finance” law, one of the most evil, incumbent-serving pieces of legislation ever passed by an evil, Constitution-and-Citizen-despising legislature we have been stuck with since the end of the Civil War, with the entire Congress growing more and more monstrous during the 20th century, especially after the passage of the 17th Amendment which took control of the Senate away from the state legislatures, with our Congress taking more and more unconstitutional power for itself and, of course, for the federal government, in a zero-sum game, taking power away from the American citizens, always acting purely for its own interests against the people, yes, against the people, imposing the federal government as a police state in the form of all of those despicable alphabet agencies which are indistinguishable from the Soviet Kommissariats, Kommissariats which were the very vehicle, the power-imposing mechanism which the Soviet Union used to impose totalitarian Marxism on the people of Russia and all the other countries they consumed – and thereby ruined for the people therein.

Those Komissariat bureaucracies – the federal alphabet agencies, in their American version – are the Marxist method for destroying all individual liberty about everything, requiring absolute conformity with everything the totalitarian state demands, turning a formerly-free country into serfdom where all actions by the former citizens, now serfs of the state, requires obtaining permission from bureaucrats, requiring conformity especially over everyone’s beliefs, conformity enforced by destroying the life of anyone who simply doesn’t conform, refuses to bend the knee in every way, requiring the complete poisoning of the schools, something they accomplished in America finally and completely beginning in the 1970s, with the Marxist teachers union-takeover of the public schools, and the university administrations caving to the Marxists who had always been present, but completely shackled before then, among the faculty, poisoning the schools at all levels, corrupting all intellectual pursuits, politicizing everything, destroying science itself, and poisoning Hollywood, the source of peoples’ entertainment, corrupting and poisoning as Marxist propaganda-vehicles virtually all sources of “news”, of all information, so that people grow up without the slightest idea of what individual liberty even means and how important it is, how it is in fact the source of all American prosperity and power, weakening us by taking it away from us, weakening us in every way, with every drop of power the federal government takes for itself taken on a one-for-one basis from the (serfs, the former) citizens, yes, the power of violence, which the central government has chosen to monopolize and take for itself, instead of leaving the policing and violence-control powers to the states, as the constitution intends, is the opposite of individual liberty.

And as between the citizens and the central government, power is always a true, zero-sum game: every drop of power which the central government – the federal government which, under the Constitution, is to have no policing power over the citizens at all except in the very limited ways which the Constitution specifies in its Article I §8 (prosecuting only (1) counterfeiting, (2) piracy, but only when committed on the high seas, and (3) treason, as limited from its Common Law meaning in the Constitution’s Article III; yes, that’s it!) – takes reduces the power, prosperity, and everything else the citizens value, drop for drop.

And they are bankrupting us, particularly since the Obama administration, with minimal opposition and, indeed, even support from Republicans, including both Bush and Trump (to say nothing of the worthless hacks in the Senate including, most-disastrously, Mitch McConnell, who never misses an opportunity to show how willing he is to spend whatever the Democrats want), both of whom pushed for a very big government spending massive amounts of money it did not have and had to borrow, all spent insanely for purely-manufactured, fake “emergencies” (like the complete fraud of the Covid “emergency”) purposes which bore no relationship whatsoever to the genuine emergency of World War II, for which we virtually bankrupted ourselves previously. 

Every dollar of all that federal government spending, everything it spends, every single dollar is, yes, stolen from the American people by the Washington politicians who spend it without giving a damn about it, not giving a damn about any of it, always pretending that they are only sticking it to “the rich,” pretending it’s just “the rich” who payroll the whole thing (while simultaneously complaining that “the rich” just don’t pay enough, even though the bottom 50% of taxpayers pay no taxes at all, and the top 1% pay 40%!), when nothing could be further from the truth; and of course, in reality, “the rich” don’t have enough money to pay for all that even though they pay massive percentages of their income, like serfs, to the federal government.

It’s an unfortunate fact that our entire Article I legislature, the Senate and Congress, the only Constitutionally-legitimate source of law – besides the Constitution itself, which is, as it expressly provides, the supreme law they are supposed to obey, and have instead been completely and utterly contemptuous of – for all our federal government is (without even knowing it! They are so consumed with the gaslighting details of what they do, and so ignorant of the ideology that actually underlies their actions) infused with anti-Constitutional, anti-American, indeed, Marxist ideology, utterly contemptuous of the property and contract rights and money of the American people, literally treating us as serfs beholden to them, the Washington politicians (and the bureaucrats they provide illegal, unconstitutional money and power to) being usurping, self-entitled lawless masters who are what the federal government and its politicians and bureaucrats have become, they who lawlessly and unconstitutionally proclaim that they alone have the right to all the money in the country, using endless, monstrous bureaucracies who have virtually-unchecked, corrupt, and absolute power, often-invisibly to most citizens, bureaucracies they unconstitutionally create to take over all our property rights, making it impossible for anyone to use his own property, and/or operate a business, without obtaining endless, unconstitutional, bureaucratic permissions, and throwing our money away like garbage, lining their own pockets and the pockets of their friends in Washington law firms and lobbying firms and all the companies that do business with the federal government, corrupting those companies, wasting at least 50% of all the money they spend even on legitimate things like the military, satisfying the demands of idiotic red-tape and pointless bureaucracy they create; and wasting 100% of the even more money they spend on complete nonsense, idiotic manufactured “crises,” total stupidity like “climate change,” in the name of which they destroy all our actual sources of energy, oil, gas and coal, the very foundations of our entire economy, of our entire civilization, and literally throw money away on complete fantasies like “green energy,” which has nothing green about it, and does nothing for the planet, and is nothing but 100% pure, fraudulent boondoggles, the entire, stupid electric car business completely-dependent on payments by the government to bribe people to buy them – until the politicians manufacture more unconstitutional laws to force people to do so – and thereby prevent most people from even having cars, every unconstitutional mandate from the worthless politicians destroying all citizens’ actual choices and liberty, the entire preposterous electric car industry dependent on endless lies and on unconstitutional laws of all kinds, including bribes, using citizens’ money stolen by the politicians as “taxes,” to finance the creation of the cars themselves, all for no legitimate or constitutional or business purpose whatsoever.

And most people don’t want to buy them at all, even with all the subsidies, all the bribes not enough to make up for the fact that the cars are and will remain useless to most people as a practical matter, and the entire industry depends on lies that they are “saving the planet” by, in the minds of so many people, actually, and preposterously supposedly running without any fuel at all, a complete nonsense idea, along with all the other nonsense ideas that underlie the industry.

In fact, they use just as much fossil fuel for the first 60,000 miles (further than most people drive any car today!) as cars with internal-combustion engines; they will never be able to be recharged in anything like the time it takes to fill a gas tank; and the whole government artificially-manufactured industry is further based on the completely-insane and scientifically-baseless big lies that so-called “fossil fuels” (they have nothing to do with fossils) are evil, monstrous poison, pollutants when, in fact, those fuels are the glory of civilization, the only reason our industrial and postindustrial civilization exists as it does now in spite of all the monstrous Marxist, bureaucratic intrusions on our lives, the big lie that there is anything wrong at all with still-minuscule (the total carbon dioxide percentage of our atmosphere after all of this industrialization and use of “fossil fuels,” is still only 0.04%!) amounts of carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide which plants live on! being put into the atmosphere, and the additional big lie that there would be a problem if the planet warmed a few degrees, a prediction which has absolutely no basis in reality, and is proven false by actual historical experience prior to the Mini-Ice-Age which began to end in the middle of the 19th Century and from which the 1° per-Century warming we have been experiencing since then has been a blessing, that Ice-Age from which, with that very modest 1° per-Century warming, warming which preceded the invention of SUVs by 100 years! warming with which, from that Ice Age, we are only recovering now (and we still haven’t recovered from it; Greenland still has a mile of ice on it – after being genuinely green prior to the Mini-Ice-Age!)

And yes, Ms. Sinema can be counted on to vote for all that worthless s–t, along with all the other Democrats (yes, she is still one of them; claiming otherwise is nothing but a political stunt) and plenty of Republicans. And she has figured out that this scam is the only way she can get reelected in Arizona. It’s a purely-political PR calculation, with no basis in reality; and Chuck Schumer couldn’t be happier with it because he knows it gives her a shot at reelection – and might fool just enough Arizonans, for just enough of the time.

In response to: Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema leaves Democratic Party, registers as independent


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