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The American Left, Like All Collectivists, Always Ends Up Hating the Jews

Oct 8, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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The Left keeps moving further left, which is what it always does. It never can stop itself – and never wants to. It is always, ultimately, totalitarian – as much as it can get away with – and never recognizes any boundaries, any shark it can’t jump.

Because Leftism/Marxism is all a complete fraud based on lies, a pseudo-religion (one of many reasons it hates all religions), simply a “justification,” by its collectivist adherents, for seizing all power and wealth of any country it attacks, based on the claim that all businessmen are thieves – and that all unelected government bureaucrats are selfless, morally-saintly and omniscient “experts.” Yes, that’s it’s fundamental big lie it relies on, along with endless others. 

It’s all a pack of lies, including its promises, none of which ever actually materialize.

Leftism/Marxism runs on hatred, and so always needs an OBJECT of that hatred, ALWAYS including the Jews

And one way or another, it always makes Jews synonymous with the businessmen it makes that claim about – that they are all thieves – and of course it always claims Jews are even worse than just thieves, inherently the worst of the worst. 

Because The Left/Marxism/Progressivism, whatever name/mask it’s wearing at any time, always depends on having an object of singular hatred for all its energy, everything which drives it, the energy which drives its inevitably-deluded adherents, because it always runs exclusively on pure hatred – because it has no intellectual content which makes any sense in the real world, outside of faculty lounges and freshman dormitories.

Leftism/Marxism never debates; it deploys “issues” as weapons and distractions

The Left is never about what it claims to be about at any moment, raising particular issues (always complaining and/or blaming someone else about something) always as pre-texts or distractions to take attention away from what it is really doing (stealing power and money for itself), never about fixing any of the things it always obsessively criticizes about in any existing country (e.g., the country’s supposed “poverty” or “racism” or “income inequality” or “unfairness” or “colonialism” or “bullying,” all the things that result when the Left itself is in power!); the Left is always about deploying those criticisms (and everything else it can weaponize) to accumulate endless power for itself and its adherents, power always directly and equally stolen from everyone else (always a zero-sum proposition), stolen from everyone who refuses to join in their collectivist thieving, while the Left is always lying and claiming it is “liberating” everyone and/or, particularly in the case of American Marxists/Progressives, making everyone “safer” from some calamity the Left pretends is present or imminent (a supposedly monstrously-fatal plague of some kind, or “catastrophic global warming,” now being their favorites), all while it is doing exactly the opposite, enslaving everyone – as is obvious from simply looking at the places they have completely dominated – North Korea, the USSR, Communist China, Cuba, Venezuela, the former East Germany. 

Because the Left is always hiding its true intentions, always simply promoting pre-texts for accumulating power for itself, pretexts to hijack the laws of any country it is able to control (always through force or trickery, at best one man, one vote, one time, as in most of South America), and turn those laws into vehicles for stealing all wealth and power over the real citizens in those countries, always turning countries into one-party, brutally-punishing police states, tricking or forcing the citizens into joining in policing their neighbors, as the Stasi in East Germany notoriously did; it happens everywhere the Left rules; in America they “cancel” people and deploy the social media platforms to enforce everything they demand – and the unconstitutional administrative state alphabet agencies “investigate” and prosecute people. 

Because there are no limits the Left ever ends up tolerating to its power over every aspect of the people of every country it dominates. 

And, in all collectivist-ruled societies – Nazi, Marxist, or “Progressive,” as they have always called themselves in America (because they have always known that the accurate term, Marxist/Collectivist, just won’t get them anything but contempt here) – it always ends up hating the Jews. 

Leftism/Marxism always pretends It is the opposite of Nazism – while both IDENTICALLY DEMAND absolute power over everyone

The Left always wants to expel Hitler (the singular object of hatred of everyone) from its midst – pretending he is its opposite, supposedly “extreme right” because of his extreme form of nationalism (as if nationalism has anything to do with precluding the most-important part of conservatism, to wit, its demand for individual liberty, itself the antithetical opposite of collectivism, collectivism being what all forms of Leftism/Socialism are all about (and have always been about since the Left literally invented itself at the beginning of the French Revolution) – and as if the anti-nationalism/anti-Americanism of the Left precludes antisemitism, which it never does).

And of course, the pretense that Nazism is the opposite of Leftism is in spite of the fact that the very name of Hitler’s party couldn’t have more-accurately described it – the National Socialist Party – mixing extreme, pro-German nationalism with socialism (which itself always ends up being more and more uncompromisingly-extreme, enduring limits on itself only to the extent they are forced on it), in demanding absolute, central authority, absolute control over all activity in the country, everything completely under the thumb of one supreme leader who must be followed regardless what he says, regardless how crazy his demands, regardless how provably-nonsensical; indeed, the crazier its leader’s demands are, the more insistently the Left demands compliance.

Yes, that demand for absolute power over everything in the country, absolute power over all citizens and businesses and everything else, absolute power residing exclusively in the central authority of the Nazi party and its leader is indeed functionally indistinguishable from the identical demand of today’s Democrat party, which now demands that we put them in charge of everything, and that we simultaneously hate America. 

Leftism/Marxism lies and pretends America is all about enslaving black people

They insist that we view America exclusively as a racist hellhole, ignoring the Democrat party’s own complicity in whatever racism has ever been in America, claiming America is supposedly the worst place on the planet. They lie with their CRT and pretend that white Americans virtually invented slavery (as if it wasn’t in every country throughout history, as if America and Britain weren’t unique in terminating it – and as if only white Americans uniquely enslaved others and as if everyone in socialist-ruled countries is not in fact a slave to the state and its politicians and bureaucrats who have absolute authority over everyone else). 

And now they demand insanely, that, in the obedience to their central “authority,” their supposed (completely-bogus) “expertise,” we set aside all actual science, actual science which never recognizes any single, central authority, actual science which invariably leaves all ideas and propositions subject to question, everything a theory, never a “settled fact.” 

Leftism/Marxism demands the surrender of all individual thought, all actual, individual mental and physical health, and the destruction of actual science

Instead, with respect to “science” and “health” the Left demands that everyone bend the knee to “public health experts,” no matter how demonstrably-wrong everything they say is, that we have to follow anything and everything those “public health experts” say about what is “science,” in the name of (they lie and claim) “protecting our health” – even though the very, collectivist (that’s what it is) notion of the very existence of “public health” is the opposite of what is beneficial to any individual’s actual, health, an individual’s health being the most private matter for him of all, something individuals must, in a free society, make their own decisions about, and only in connection with actual experts/doctors they choose, not ones imposed on them (like Fauci) by the central, state authority – precisely as collectivism is the opposite of individual liberty. 

And now the Left demands, even more insanely, supposedly in the name of “science” and “Equity” and “Compassion,” that we have to believe that a particular mental illness which some of our fellow citizens (an extremely-minuscule number, in reality) suffer from is a positive thing, that gender dysphoria, a terrible affliction for those who so suffer from it, is something to celebrate and in fact reflects reality for individuals who so suffer from it, or at least think they do, and should never be treated as an illness, but rather as a blessing, that men can actually become women, and (here’s the part they really care about) that everyone who does not concur in that literal insanity should be punished, expelled from society as supposed “bigots,” absolutely destroyed if they say otherwise; because they are disbelieving in the insane ideas demanded by the Left, ideas to which everyone is forced to bend the knee – as is always the supreme objective of the Left.

Leftism/Marxism now demands the sacrifice of all rights of all women and children

And the lives of all women and children have to be sacrificed to that particular insanity, imposing the constant risk of rape and other violations on all women and girls, making women’s sports a literal impossibility, enforcing the barbarity, the misogyny, of having men in women’s bathrooms and locker rooms, in all the spaces otherwise reserved (in any normal civilization) for women’s privacy – deliberately destroying the most basic norms demanded in our formerly-rational country.

To further elucidate the literal insanity of all this, the celebration of gender dysphoria – simply take note of the Left’s Orwellian abuse of language by the deliberate misnaming of it as “transgenderism,” as if it’s actually not only possible, but an actual reality for someone to alter his/her most basic, biological feature, the XX or XY chromosomes which have been in every cell of his his/her body since the very moment of conception – that particular mental illness needs to be viewed in its context of other mental illnesses, especially the mental illness it most closely resemblesbody integrity identity disorder. 

Would we consider permitting children to chop off their arms if they had the delusion that they should live without them under that mental disorder as well? 

That is literally the nonsense that is being promoted by the Democrat Party now, nonsense which of course, even while spouting it, bending the knee required, everyone knows is the sheerest of sheer nonsense. 

Leftism/Marxism is contemptuous of the “victims” it uses as human shields and pretends to celebrate, simply demanding absolute obedience to its insane dictates

And it is precisely because it is such nonsense that they are demanding acquiescence to it – proving that those who obey them do indeed bend the knee to their demands, submit to the double-think, the thought-control they are forced into, bending the knee to them being always the supreme, pseudo-moral imperative of the Left, and the Democrat Party which it has completely captured since Woodrow Wilson.

Because every party which demands absolute control over everyone’s actions in every respect, acquiescence/obedience to its demands as its central operating principle – as is the case beyond any reasonable doubt now for the Democrat Party and has always been the case for the Nazi Party and the Communist Party, with all of them being indistinguishable in that respect – always ends up also demanding complete, absolute control over everyone’s thoughts. 

Because that’s the only way to ensure absolute control over their actions, absolute conformity to the demands of the Collective.

Leftism/Marxism’s hatred of America is its reason for insisting on unconstitutional policies whose only possible outcome is the destruction of all American wealth, power, and liberty

The Democrat Party is the diametrical opposite of the Nazi party only, in the Democrat party’s hatred for America, regarding its nationalism. Yes, the Democrat party is actively anti-American. In service to that, it insists on the moral imperative of adhering to its dedication to what are its new pseudo-religions: 

(1) “climate change, “and “public health,” its pretexts for destroying, shutting down and locking down the American economy; and

(2) “diversity, equity and inclusion”/”multiculturalism” and “social justice” (the opposite of real justice), its pretexts for ignoring real criminals’ crimes! and destroying citizens’ safety and mutual affection, tricking us to make American citizens hate and fear each other as supposed oppressors or oppressed, and to hate America itself. 

The Democrat party has become actively anti-American as another of its central operating ideas, hating America like all Marxists. It demands obviously-nihilistic policies whose only possible outcome is the destruction of American lives and fortunes, literally attacking our entire economic and societal foundations with their endless, administrative state, a fourth branch of government unmentioned in the Constitution, all of which is absolutely-precluded by the dedication to individual liberty enshrined in our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

All of those federal administrative agencies, the administrative state, are enslaving us (as invisibly as the Democrat Party can manage) enslaving (while pretending to be so against racism and slavery!) all Americans and all businesses under the thumbs of bureaucrats and politicians, enslaving everything and everyone and everything everyone owns in America, under the central, federal government (the one whose laws, unlike those of the states, are the most difficult to undo) and its unelected bureaucrats, enslaving all activity in America, all interpersonal communication and actions and demanding similar enslavement of all thought.

Leftism/Marxism unconstitutionally created federal administrative agencies to enslave us and destroy our energy and financial services businesses, the operational foundations of our civilization

And, of course, they have gone with particular, single-minded, vindictive energy after both the energy business and the financial services business, the two businesses which are the very foundation for our entire economy, our entire civilization, the businesses on which all other businesses rest and rely, with the Democrat Party (and plenty of Republicans, including George W. Bush, the creator of the TSA, the promoter of the Sarbanes-Oxley law, and the signer of McCain-Feingold, among other abominations), never content with the number of federal “regulatory” agencies, and the enormity of their intrusiveness, constantly adding more, always with some new pretext, claiming some terrible public problem must and will be solved by the creation of the new agency, that its creation and empowerment is a response to some supposedly-overwhelming, moral imperative, crushing with so many agencies the financial services business, beginning with the Fed, and then the SEC which of course poisons the existence and operations of all corporations, at enormous cost to the shareholders (while pretending to “save” the shareholders!) simply because they are public, and even private ones (in the case of the SEC, all in the name of supposedly stopping securities fraud, something it has never once done), while each of those agencies’ unelected, Marxist drones, their bureaucrats purport to “legislate,” calling it just “regulations,” in direct violation of the Constitution’s Article I, claiming it’s criminal to violate any of those things; yes, they sit around, coming up with new, fake “crimes” to criminalize all normal business activities and all business speech – and everything else that actual citizens do in a free society.

And the one campaign promise Joe Biden made which he has kept is to utterly destroy the oil, gas and coal businesses, all our country’s (and the world’s) actual sources of usable, reliable energy, destroying our national security (empowering our enemies, Russia, Iran and China as the direct result of our own, suicidal disempowerment by destroying our own energy) in addition to our economy, all under the pre-text of supposedly “saving the planet,” based on nonsense in every way, nonsense computer models, nonsense about what the actual history of the planet’s climate has been, lies about the existence even of actual “alternative” sources of energy, lies about what the best way to adapt (the only rational way of dealing with the inevitability of climate change, climate change which has been occurring since the planet was formed!) to climate changes are.

The DESTRUCTIVE HORROR inevitably produced by Leftism/Marxism’s nihilistic policies always requires a scapegoat TO BLAME, an identifiable group to point to, to hate, to feed its energy and to stay in power – ALWAYS including the Jews

And, of course, they always end up hating the Jews, like all collectivists. 

Because the policies always demanded by collectivists, like those of the communists, the Nazis and the Democrat party, while always lying and promising Nirvana/Utopia, always result in its opposite, dystopia, complete societal/economic destruction, and so are antithetical to the success of any society, with individual liberty, coupled with the rule of law (which the collectivists also destroy), being always the one and only source of all citizens’ happiness and prosperity and the strength and success of any society, the reason America was the most powerful and richest country on earth within decades of its founding. 

Our founding documents PRECLUDE the entire, liberty-suffocating administrative state which is destroying us – and the Marxists/Collectivists who demanded it blame the Jews (and all other white people), and demand they be hated

That, our founding documents’ dedication to individual liberty has indeed been the reason why America, or rather, as long as our politicians who wrote our laws in Washington, abided by the dictates of our founding documents, at least up through 1906, and to the extent they have continued to do so thereafter, has been overwhelmingly the strongest and wealthiest and freest country on the planet, the Haven where everyone stuck in all those other totalitarian countries (and, yes, all other countries are totalitarian in one form or another, and have been throughout history!) came to for escape. 

And, as the noose of the unconstitutional administrative state has been imposed on us bit by bit since 1906 (actually beginning in1887, but that’s a detail) we have been losing more and more of our freedom and the prosperity we could have had, and the military strength to protect ourselves from the evil of the outside world without that hideous administrative state, without every single one of those monstrous, worthless and unconstitutional federal administrative agencies. And they are bankrupting us.

So, the Marxists/Collectivists always need a scapegoat for the monstrous results of their inherently-suicidal, self-destructive, nihilistic, actual policies, and that’s why they always end up hating the Jews, the eternal scapegoat.

In response to: UC Berkeley blasted for creating ‘Jewish-free zones’ with pro-Israel speaker ban

and Campus Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Excludes and Targets Jews

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