The Idiocy of Electric Cars – And The Bureaucrat-Demanded Destructive Reaction To The Presence Of Covid

Jun 14, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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Anyone who thinks electric cars are anything other than vanity objects for fools needs to read the article attached below. Anyone who thinks they are actually worthwhile needs to read it even more. They’re nothing but a scam, and the whole market for them wouldn’t exist without the government forcing people to buy them, paying the electric car companies to exist with multiple subsidies from California, the federal government, etc. and then, in addition, paying people thousands to purchase them. The “electric future” is nothing but a fantasy of bureaucrats and other power-obsessed idiots.

And Lomborg’s article even assumes that there is a problem with “global warming,”  and that it is not in fact a blessing, assumes that self-proclaimed “Experts” can predict a doomsday future based on already proven-worthless climate models. Yes, we have been experiencing a 1° per-century temperature rise, unaffected by any activity by humans – since the 1820s when the Mini–Ice Age that began in the 17th century began to end.

The climate has been changing since the planet was formed and it will change forever, and only an idiot would try to stop it from doing so.

Trying to stop the climate from changing is literally a fool’s errand – just like the effort to try to stop Covid, once it appeared on the scene, from infecting people was a fool’s errand.

The virus was always going to virus, and it did exactly what it did (more deaths in states that shut down and demanded more compliance, states like New Jersey and New York, than in states that did none of the kind, like Florida) without regard to anything the government or anyone else did about it. And yes, there are more deaths and infections now after the presence of years of experience with it and supposed “vaccines” than there were in 2020 when we had none of that. 

So, it’s obvious that, even though the self-proclaimed “experts” lied and pretended otherwise, they didn’t know what we were dealing with, and they had no knowledge whatsoever about what to do about it, and everything would have been far better without their involvement in our lives at all, far better had we never listened to a word they said about anything. 

They have proven their complete worthlessness and they need to be fired and their agencies abolished

The only things which the government accomplished when it stuck its nose in, when it unconstitutionally intruded in the process and in the progress of businesses and peoples’ lives, was the shredding of the Constitution, and the bankrupting of the nation, and the destruction of the previously-great economy, and catastrophic damage to the people, including more deaths than would otherwise have occurred, damage particularly to children, whose lives have been up-ended and destroyed in ways we can’t even imagine today but we’ll see beyond doubt in the future.

And of course the other accomplishment, the one that was the real underlying, hidden-agenda purpose behind the Marxist bureaucrats initiating the whole insane reaction to Covid, was to achieve the apparent defeat of President Trump, legitimately or a legitimately, and the election of Joe Biden to the presidency – something which could never have occurred had the great economy which existed prior to March, 2020, continued and had there been no pretext for changing election laws, as they were changed unconstitutionally, permitting tens of millions of mail-in ballots without any way of testing their provenance legitimately, an open invitation for fraud.

And the unelected bureaucrats, advising politicians only too eager to listen to their lies, unconstitutionally enlisted everybody in that project, that fool’s errand, at everybody else’s expense, with them patting themselves on their back at what a wonderful thing they were doing in amassing power to force people to comply with their literally-insane demands.

And never once have they ever admitted that they were wrong the whole time about everything. And they never will.

And they are just is wrong about this madness about electric cars and “climate change,” climate change which will happen no matter what we do, with the best solution being to get as wealthy as we can to be able to adapt to it successfully, rather than destroying our economy, destroying the greatest sources of prosperity the planet has ever realized, the free market and they free flow of energy from oil, gas and coal, together and each alone, the greatest blessings mankind has ever had, completely destroying them in pursuit of a fool’s errand as they are demanding that we do, as the man who they successfully got in the White House, Joe Biden, and the cabal around him are demanding that we do, destroying our economy and entire businesses at their will, without any Constitutional basis for doing so.

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