Liz Has Been Mugged by Reality

Sep 24, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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Britain’s new P.M., Liz, started out life as a lefty from a lefty family, first a Liberal Democrat, then from the lefty part of the Tories, and was even opposed to Brexit – and now, now that she really has to deliver for the people of Britain, she has thankfully awakened (query: was it her moments with Her Late Majesty that combined to both enlighten her and super-charge her patriotism?) and she’s doing what Boris should’ve done, and would still be P.M. if he had done – and Britain would be prospering, unlike the truly-disastrous mess they’re in now, the mess they’re in because they’ve been following the same stupid policies which Biden (or whoever is the power behind him, since he, the lifetime, corrupt moron, is now clinically-demented) wants for America and is imposing on us dictatorially – the destruction of our borders, our cities, of our safety, of our military, and, worst of all, the complete destruction of our economy resulting from the destruction of all our actual sources of energy, together with the tyranny based on the pretext of Covid – with all of that tyranny further based on the lie that the central government bureaucrats directing it are “experts” who better know how to run our lives than we do. 

(Apparently, the reason Boris didn’t do what Liz is now announcing she’s going to do – everything he should’ve done and, instead did the opposite – is because he’s married to a big-time lefty and he cheated on her, and she had him under her thumb and he was too p–y-whipped to tell her to go f–k herself, and ended up ruining his own career, and Britain! by following her stupid advice, shutting down Britain over the virus and shutting down the oil and gas business over (literally insane) panic about “saving the planet.”)

The central/federal government policies effecting war against our own energy sources, and therefore our own postindustrial economy which is entirely based on them, are all based on abject ignorance of science and actual history – and on magical fantasies of unicorns, nonexistent “alternative energy” sources, abandoning all our real energy sources in an ongoing act of complete madness;

And, when politicians and bureaucrats impose this nonsense on the rest of us, ruining the lives of real people, it is indeed pure evil. 

The idea that destroying our own wealth and economy would actually improve things, actually make us better able to accommodate the changes in the climate, changes one way or the other, changes which are guaranteed to happen no matter what we do, is so crazy it’s like saying that we need an alternative to the blood in our veins – when of course there is no such thing. 

If and when actual alternative energy sources arise, people voluntarily and delightedly will go for them, and they won’t have to be beaten to death or bribed to do it, as our politicians and unelected bureaucrats are doing now in their effort to eradicate the oil, gas and coal businesses, and impose nonexistent “alternative energy” on the rest of us. 

The way to deal with climate change (if it turns out to be a problem at all) – change which is always going to happen and always has happened since the planet was formed – is by becoming as rich and entrepreneurial as we can and adapting – like any rational person would do. 

Instead, these Marxists, these sick, deluded people, these idiots who have no idea what they’re talking about and don’t know a thing about science or history – while pretending they know everything about both, lying and pretending they are “experts” – are destroying entrepreneurship by imposing the massive, administrative state, with its absolute bureaucratic government control, over everything, over all details of all inventions and manufacturing and purchases and sales of everything in the country, the complete destruction of all freedom of contract of the citizens of the United States, the single freedom that was preserved in the original text of the Constitution, the freedom which freemen have and serfs don’t. 

That’s what “regulating” the economy does. It’s synonymous with strangling it. It’s exactly what the USSR did to the Russian economy – and being done, with those bureaucracies, exactly the way the USSR did it – Russia which still has not recovered from that oppression, with freedom from political control (by politicians and bureaucrats always desperately seeking to steal our power and wealth from us) being the single, proven thing which makes economies flourish and makes people happy – and the Marxists/politicians and bureaucrats always only wanting to take our freedom away from us.

And the greatest crime, the greatest tragedy, not just against America, but indeed against the people of the entire world (because America has been the sanctuary, the haven people under the thumbs of oppressive, bureaucratic European, African, and Asian governments have, since our founding, escaped to, the opposite of the racist hellhole the Marxists always lie and pretend it has always been), is that America, in our founding documents, was set up to prevent any of this administrative state from even being here. 

The whole thing, all (except the IRS, because of the 16th Amendment, which we were tricked into ratifying) of those federal government “regulatory”/confiscatory agencies are completely-unconstitutional. 

As rich as we still are compared to the rest of the world, those bureaucracies are all choking the life out of America and our economy – and all of our freedoms, and even our safety. 

And the noose which those bureaucratic agencies were indeed created to be around our neck is now being tightened under the Biden administration, tightened as it could have been before, but no previous American politician ever had the nerve to do it.

And they, the Marxists, keep looking for more and more rationalizations for that endless bureaucracy, that Frankenstein monster they have created – beginning in 1887, and accelerating at breathtaking speed since Theodore Roosevelt massively violated the Constitution in 1906 – the administrative state, deploying against us as a weapon the Marxists‘ absolute control over all of our sources of supposed information (virtually all American “newspapers,” cable and corporate network “news,” all our educational institutions at all levels, Hollywood, the social media platforms), and using them propagandistically to panic the people over “the climate” or “the virus” – or whatever they think they can get away with panicking people over.

Yes, they use anything they can to sow panic among the people, all as a pretext for continuing to impose, and increasing the imposition of, this monstrous, genuinely-evil, unconstitutional federal alphabet agency administrative state, this absolute abomination.

Just think about the efforts people took, the lengths which they had to go to in the past, to obtain energy from sources even vastly-inferior to those we have now. That’s what the entire whaling industry was all about. Obviously these people never read “Moby Dick.” Getting the whale-oil from the blubber of the whales was what it was all about. That’s why people go into coal mines and risk their lives. 

Whale oil and, even more so, coal transformed the world – and did so in ways so vast it’s literally incomprehensible to us now because of the things we take for granted, the energy and everything that comes from it which we take for granted now, like stupid, completely-ignorant spoiled brats.

Developing access to oil and gas and coal in the ground was the single most transformative thing in civilization since the invention of the wheel. If the Romans had had the knowledge of, and the technologies to get, oil, gas and coal, as we do, they would’ve had the technological civilization we have today – over 2000 years before it became possible.

Coal made the railroad possible. The railroad transformed our ability to transport people and things. Previously, the most technologically-advanced way of doing that was an ox cart! Try moving tons of steel in an ox cart. Try fabricating any steel at all using nothing but ox carts to transport everything you need to do it.

The railroad completely transformed life on the planet everywhere people had the ability to install it. 

That’s why it was the first industry in America the politicians couldn’t keep their hands off, creating the first administrative state abomination, the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1887. 

And yes, even the Carter administration finally figured out that that Interstate Commerce Commission (the model which every other federal regulatory agency is identically-based on!) had been a complete, worthless disaster, costing a fortune, destroying entrepreneurship, and invention and liberty, and doing absolutely nothing of value for the citizens, being of value only to the corrupt constituencies it created which fed off of it – lawyers, lobbyists, bureaucrats, the then-incumbent railroads themselves using it to block competitors, and politicians using it to extort bribes, parasites one and all – corrupting, not improving in any way the railroad industry – exactly like every single one of those monstrous federal regulatory bureaucracies modeled on it does.

These people promoting climate alarmism are so stupid they don’t know a thing about actual history. Greenland was actually green before the mini–Ice Age which started in the 14th century, and got much worse in the 17th century. It got so bad, the River Thames froze over for the first time and there were terrible crop failures all over France which were devastating, and made life in the Old Regime even more unpleasant – and impoverished – than it had been previously. Did it cause the French Revolution? Not all by itself. But it certainly made a huge difference in the impulse to have it. 

Because the 18th century’s cold climate, about 2°C colder than it is now (after the modest, constant 1° per-century warming we have been benefiting from beginning in the early-19th century) – that modest warming being our rescue from that Mini-Ice Age, warming which the completely-ignorant (and/or fraudulent) climate alarmists are so panicked about, beginning, yes, again for those too-dense to remember, in the early-19th century (that’s when the modest warming began, warming which any idiot who knows the slightest thing about history can figure out is a blessing we should be embracing with delight, not a curse we should be terrified about, imagining it will destroy the planet! warming which has absolutely nothing to do with SUVs which did not exist, nor anything humans do) – was very harmful to everything, to the agrarian, preindustrial economy, resulting in Louis XVI being bankrupt and hoping to be able to tax the nobles and the clergy (who were exempt from tax under the Old Regime).

And, yes, that was why Louis XVI suddenly needed the horrendous income tax – already imposed, since Louis XIV unilaterally imposed it, but only on the peasants – to also be imposed against the nobles and the clergy – which was why the French Revolution began, why they ended up calling the General Assembly, and the whole fiasco followed – the Reign Of Terror, the endless wars, Napoleon, the imposition of the crushing administrative state, the Napoleonic Code – the Napoleonic Code being textually-identical to the crushing administrative state statutes imposed on France by Louis XIV – on all of Europe, other than Britain. 

Energy has been so precious that people have been risking their lives to obtain it. And we know the oil, gas and coal are all in the ground, there in endless abundance for Americans to take, blessings from God; and these insane people are doing everything in their political power to stop us from getting and utilizing them, preventing people who own the land those precious resources are on from extracting them, preventing citizens from using their own property as they see fit, taking/stealing citizens’ property without compensating them – all because they have stupid ideas that they can change the climate and that it would be a problem if the temperature rose a few degrees – something they have no evidence, let alone scientific proof, would even happen. 

And if they knew anything about history, they would know that it was at least 6°C warmer than it is now prior to the 14th century. That’s why Greenland was green! Now it has a mile of ice on it! And Europe and America prospered to the extent they could under their pre-industrial economy – pre-industrial precisely because they didn’t have the sources of energy to make an industrial economy, sources of energy we have and which these people want to destroy!

Only an idiot would believe that the stupid climate models they have are of any value whatsoever. They have been proven to be worthless. And yet it is precisely those worthless models that they use to base all the anti-energy policies they demand from us on! Those worthless models are why the alarmists are constantly predicting doom any day now – and it never happens (of course!), and it never will – unless they impose it on us themselves by their stupid policies. 

And we have seen what a complete disaster they made when they, the bureaucrat “experts,” stuck their noses into people’s health and decisions about it, health decisions which are always inherently-private, pretending it was a matter of “public,” that is, socialized, health, using Covid as their pretext.

And yet it is they, those climate alarmists, those fanatics about imposing the administrative state on the rest of us, who are forming our policy in America now! 

And that’s the stupidity, the complete madness which everyone who supports the Democrat Party in America, and the Labour Party in the UK, is supporting. And why Boris was dumped and will never come back – because he was creating the mess guaranteed to result from supporting all that stupidity too!

And there is endless other stupidity all who support the Democrat Party and Labour Party are supporting by that support as well. It’s resulting, just for openers, in the complete destruction of our cities and of our safety and of our military – and our children. It’s sickening what they’re doing to children. 

Let’s hope Liz sees the stupidity of all that also. And a massive change in American leadership to do so can’t come too soon.

In response to: Britain’s new PM Liz Truss charts revolutionary course

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