We Are Watching the Country Be Destroyed Before Our Eyes by Our Government

Aug 27, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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This is an excellent article by an excellent writer who consistently focuses on the disasters emanating from our most important, actual problem – the real, ongoing emergency (let’s hope it’s not permanent), the emergency which, in reality, is the very existence of the unelected federal bureaucrats and their hideous, unconstitutional, and thereby lawless, bureaucracies, with those bureaucrats and their supporters (most powerfully, all our normal sources of entertainment (Hollywood, music and the arts) and of our supposed information (our universities and schools, our law schools, the “media”, corporate network and cable “news,” “newspapers,” etc.) all of them constantly gaslighting us, pointing to something else, something other than them (to Covid, to “climate change”), anything they can pretend demands we bend the knee and sacrifice our lives to, as their fake, manufactured, permanent emergency. 

He correctly uses the word “poison” for the government (i.e., citizens’) money that was thrown at the government-created problem of the lockdowns, lockdowns which should never have occurred. They were medically purposeless and pointless and unconstitutional. 

They, the lockdowns and all the other state-mandated behavior, mandated based on the pretext of Covid, were all a direct assault on people’s lives, our right to the pursuit of happiness, our right to assemble, freedom of religion, freedom of speech (we were suddenly officially precluded from even going to church or assembling anywhere, banned especially from peacefully protesting the lockdowns – unless, according to the same “public health experts” demanding the lockdowns, we wanted to be in a BLACK LIVES MATTER Marxist riot destroying property of innocent people, destroying society) – all of which rights our country was founded explicitly to protect, never to destroy.

There is no Covid emergency exception to the Constitution. There is no Dr. Fauci mentioned in, or permitted by, the Constitution, nothing authorizing an unelected bureaucrat to dictate how people should live their lives and simultaneously controlling endless billions of taxpayer/citizen‘s dollars for whatever research or “research” he chooses to lavish it on, always for his own benefit, no mention at all of his bureaucracy in the Constitution, nor is there any power given to Congress in the Constitution’s Article I to create any such monstrosity.

And yes, President Trump, undoubtedly against every instinct in his otherwise patriotic and rational mind, empowered the problem when he effectively ordered the state governments to mandate the unelected bureaucrats’ lockdowns (one big lie after another: “two weeks to flatten the curve” at first, followed by “two more weeks to slow the spread,” followed by endless years doing stupid, pointless things, poisoning all our lives and making us hate and fear each other, all actually (and impossibly) TO ACHIEVE ZERO COVID, an impossibility for any virus, especially for this one manufactured as a bio-weapon in the Chinese military’s bio-weapons lab in Wuhan, manufactured with our money thanks to Dr. Fauci, achieving zero Covid always a fool’s errand we all were, insanely, required to participate in, all those unconstitutional mandates from the government based on the pretext of the virus, all of it virtually identical to the monstrous tyranny the Chinese communists have been imposing on their long-suffering people exclusively to keep them completely under their thumbs, slaves to the bureaucrats ruling the one-party state) in March, 2020, when he listened to, and mistakenly believed, the fraudulent nonsense claims about the virus’ supposed lethality, pure, baseless lies from the genuinely evil, unelected lifetime bureaucrats Fauci and Birx.

Those bureaucrats and the WHO were lying through their teeth and claiming that (1) they knew that the virus was 10 to 43 times more deadly than the flu to the general population, (2) they knew what to do about it, (3) they knew that many millions would die unnecessarily if the country were not (4) shut down, all according to preposterous computer models they deployed as their pretext to destroy the nation (massive individual and societal destruction being the only certain result of the shut downs), computer models they themselves knew, or should have known, were worthless, everything they said a complete fraud that had no basis in any data or actual science whatsoever. 

At that very same time, in March, 2020, we knew (and, unlike the bureaucrats, we had real data) for an absolute fact (to the extent there are any facts at all in real science, and not simply theories about reality we rely on until they are disproven, with constant re-examination of those theories and their observable basis being the actual essence of science itself, the very reason why the whole notion of “official science” is insane and always a lie, a purely-political, Marxist manipulation) from the data assembled by the Japanese health authorities about the Covid-infected people stranded on the cruise ship Diamond Princess which eventually was stuck in Japan because no one else would let it land, with crew and passengers of over 3700 of all ages and occupations, easily representing statistically the population at large.

Yes, we knew from the meticulous examination of those Diamond Princess’ people by the Japanese health authorities in March, 2020, that the virus was nondeadly to the general population – the people who work and go to restaurants and live their lives – the very people who were locked down pointlessly, that the virus is indeed 10 times less harmful to those people than the flu, the flu for which we would never have done any of this nonsense, nondeadly to anyone lacking multiple comorbidities (and most often symptomless, so that they literally wouldn’t know they had it – unless they did some test, pointless testing which became insistently demanded by those same bureaucrats, always to keep the public on edge, to keep everyone frightened, panicked, to continue the terror and the pretense that they were doing something of value, when they were doing the opposite), that Covid was particularly harmless to children, children whose lives (and those of their parents!) the unelected bureaucrats have tortured, poisoned, psychologically- and ontologically-devastated, panicked deliberately, all for no medical reason whatsoever (the actual risk of death from the virus, unlike the flu, for any healthy child is statistically/actuarially zero), with much of that continuing today, ever since the word “Covid” was first uttered in public.

All the supposed “data” supposedly relied on and announced (or which they pretended existed) by the “public health experts” was bogus, deliberately manipulated and 100% fraudulent, as has been virtually everything they ever said not only about the virus, but also everything they said about how to treat it – actual (when applied early in the onset), cheap, generic treatments they insisted were worthless, and the highly-experimental “vaccines” they demanded everyone be forced to take or their lives be destroyed if they refused, “vaccines” which were not vaccines at all, the very use/deployment/weaponization of that word for them a complete lie. 

Those unelected bureaucrats, all those “public health experts” are genuine monsters and should be treated like Nazi war criminals for the violence, destruction and, yes, even murder they inflicted, and are continuing to inflict, on the public. 

All along they were pretending “they knew.” And, like everyone who pretends to have a monopoly on knowledge and demands everyone bend the knee to his supposed “expertise,” they knew nothing. 

They were and remain unrepentant, sociopathic liars, genuinely evil people.

They literally just made it all up all along, most dangerously when they presented those absurd lies to President Trump – and he was too naïve (or blind; we simply don’t know) to see how he was being manipulated by them to institute the insane lockdowns and everything else that they demanded. 

And instead of doing what he should have done – throwing them out of his office, firing them and terminating their agencies as worthless, unconstitutional abominations – he actively promoted/elevated them to the public as “experts,” parading and glorifying them with him on the stage every day for months.

But it was the lockdowns, the forced house-arrest without due process on the entire population, the crushing of all small businesses (except those the bureaucrats gratuitously deemed “essential”) and their employees and owners that they, the unelected lifetime bureaucrats, really wanted – and the promotion of them as saintly “experts” which President Trump bestowed on them was a blessing they neither deserved nor could have expected in their wildest, self-aggrandizing fantasies. 

All that power they got, power he bestowed on them, power to devastate and humiliate the public with lockdowns, destroy the lives of millions, all of that was something those despicable bureaucrats had been dreaming of imposing on the public for decades – even though they actually knew that everything in “public health,” to the extent that it has any actual science informing its opinions, mandated such things never be imposed. 

Because everyone in their actual profession knew that such things were medically-worthless that, yes, attempting to stop a virus with anything other than actual cures and/or actual vaccines is insane, a fool’s errand – and damaging beyond imagination, inflicting damage to all citizens (other than the bureaucrats!), to our country, to our finances, to our morale, to all our wealth and power, inflicting damage many orders of magnitude beyond any we could suffer in any war. 

But those lockdowns and other mandates were the perfect vehicle for beginning a process of total state, bureaucratic control over peoples‘ lives, keeping a permanent state of panic, a forever “emergency” supposedly-“justifying” monstrous tyranny over the people, all in the name of “Saving Lives” – exactly like they want America – but not the rest of the world, not our enemies (yes, that’s what they are) Russia or China who would never actually, notwithstanding any lies they spout to the contrary to trick us into self-inflicted destruction, do such stupid things to their economies – to do while claiming to “save the planet,” also based on monstrous lies, lies that they can change the weather, lies that they can stop the Earth’s climate from changing, even though it’s been changing since the planet was formed, lies that they can predict the future, lies that they know that it would be catastrophic if the temperature were a few degrees warmer and there was more CO2 in the atmosphere, CO2 which plants breathe, lies that they know how to do that, how to fix everything – even though they are always wrong about everything, all their predictions of doom.

The actions by those hideous “public health experts” have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the whole concept of “public health” is nothing but a Marxist fraud. All those federal agencies nominally dedicated to “Science” must be eradicated immediately as unconstitutional abominations which threaten all our liberties, all our power and wealth, and the rule of law itself.

Health is always a purely-private matter. Real science is always a matter of intellectual, private inquiry, something the government has no business being involved in at all. And if Health is supposedly being treated collectively, it’s not being treated at all, something else is going on, something genuinely evil. 

There is no such thing as “official science” – a Marxist idea which all those federal agencies are intent on pretending both exists and that they literally are it. 

Because they want to control us forever, claiming to have a monopoly on dictating to the world what is true and real – even though everything they say is lies. They are intent on making us all bend the knee to the lies they insist we pretend to believe, and especially to the lies both we and they know are lies – because they have dictated that we do so.

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