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Clifford Ribner is a Tax Attorney, Litigator, and Trial Lawyer based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Clifford Ribner limits his practice to representing individuals, businesses, estates and trusts, and non-profits against all American taxing authorities, including Federal (IRS), Oklahoma (OTC), New York (NYSDTF), and those of all other states.

The Best of Clifford Ribner

Marxist Totalitarianism’s Seduction by Terror

This, the article attached below, is a superb essay, completely true in everything it says. What he, Mr.Desmet, the essay's author, leaves out, two elements which are also critical to understanding the particular mass-psychosis he describes, is both(1)the critical...


Have American Politicians Turned Us into a Police State?

First, what is a police state? It’s a one-party state, whose unelected, citizen-policing bureaucrats have the power to dictate citizens’ every action, their words, and even their thoughts.

The Trump Presidency so Far: The Counterrevolution Continues, And with a Vengeance, While Americans’ Lives Improve

Now, two years into the Trump presidency, its truly historic nature and its singularly dramatic and illuminating relevance to what you will read in this book could not be more pronounced. So much has changed, yet so much remains the same.

Repeal the Filibuster: How the U.S. Senate has Unconstitutionally Held us Hostage for Over 200 Years.

Check the polls for the last 10 years (at least): no single profession, nor any other group of people in America, is more universally despised than the US Congress and its members (although, thanks largely to their control over reelection variables, their constituents usually reelect almost all of them.) Their “approval” rating as a group is often in the teens and, today, is actually at one of its high-water marks – up to the low 20’s in some polls!

Immigration and its Discontents

A typical dictionary definition of “nation” is: “a large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory…” In other, more precise words, a nation’s most basic, commonly-recognized requirements are a combination of each and all of the following:

Understanding the Left’s Obsession with LGBT “Issues”

September 1, 2016   Are you confused, angered, shocked, cowed, guilt-infused, outraged, insulted, terrified and /or terrorized (and/or some or all of the above) by the multiple, massively-intrusive, undeniably-revolutionary, literally-insane (see below),...

Why I Support Donald Trump – And Why You Should too

I am confident that all those in the “Never Trump” camp who are truly, as they all claim to be, loyal Republicans and/or genuine conservatives (as opposed to those who are simply Republican members of the Washington parasite class…

Obama’s SO COOL Spanish-American FLAUNT Feast

If you want to know what Obama and Fidel were each really up to on Obama’s recent trip to Cuba and Argentina, including in Fidel’s follow-up “editorial” in his own personal “newspaper,” Granma, you first need to appreciate these facts…

There Are No Experts

Everywhere you look – and even where you don’t – self-proclaimed “Experts” can’t wait to impose their opinions on you, claiming that they and their ubiquitous “studies” have authoritatively determined every detail of how you should live your life, and for you to simply shut up if you disagree with them about anything.

The Two Types of Countries

Happy countries are all alike. Unhappy countries are each miserable in their own way.

In the millennia since God banished man from the Garden of Eden (definitively ending the possibility of utopia for all time) the times when there has been even a single happy country anywhere on this beloved planet have been so rare as to barely merit an asterisk when considered as a percentage of the human race’s entire history.

The Two Types of Politicians

People who actively seek public office in a republic or democracy – otherwise known as politicians – have one of the following two motives for doing so: (1) they either genuinely feel some calling to what they consider to be public service, and have personal integrity/morality ranging from high to barely passable, or

Obama, Our Enemies’ One-Man Fifth Column – The Man Who Would Be Their King

If you are unfamiliar with the term “fifth column,” you can think of it as an enemy army implanted inside the nation – like the Trojan horse – ever-ready to strike, relying on deceit to hide its presence, with that enemy army manned by cold-blooded traitors from within.

Understanding Obama

If you watch any news shows, you probably have seen multiple media personalities/celebrities proclaim both their admiration for Obama

The Two Types of Law

The American Counterrevolution has truly been multi-faceted, manifesting itself not only in federal law, but also throughout our society – throughout the spheres of entertainment, education, the so-called learned professions, journalism, America’s churches, and any other sphere of influence or activity you can think of in the nation.

The Complete Moral Bankruptcy of All Forms of Collectivism

Disbelief in God and, when they are candid, outright repudiation of all religion – especially Judaism and the various Christian churches of the West – have always been central, defining features of Collectivism since its birth as a political movement in Revolutionary France.

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