The Cancer Which Is E.S.G. Is Spreading and Needs to Be Stopped – Along With All The Rest Of The Marxist Cancer In America

Feb 8, 2023

Clifford Ribner
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E.S.G. is an anti-American Marxist front

E.S.G. is nothing but pure Marxist poison aimed at all businesses in America deliberately designed to destroy their profits, the very reason they exist (the essence of Marxism can be boiled down to the following proposition: “All businesses and businessman are thieves and their profits must be eradicated and all their operations must be socialized and directed by politicians and bureaucrats employed by the state”) – in disguise, a pure Marxist front movement, a cancer that has been metastasizing throughout our corporations and our laws, promoted particularly by law schools practically turning their entire agendas over to it (you should read the magazines I get from my Alma Mater, NYU Law School, talking about nothing else, as if E.S.G. is what the law is all about, when the very opposite is true in America under our laws and Constitution) – the way Marxism always imposes on our lives, never with honesty about what it is and what it’s all about. 

Marxism is always masked in its intrusions into America, America being always, since Marx himself wrote, its existential enemy

Marxism never presents itself directly, always using fronts of one sort of another, fronts which pretend to be movements in support of something that, on first hearing, always sounds good, harmless, something they claim to be an absolute “Moral Imperative!!” and which actually are traps for the unwary and masks for its intrusion into peoples’ lives, wolves in sheep’s clothing, fraudulent devices to trick its way into peoples’ hearts, to trick its way into an entire country and all its laws and institutions of all kinds. 

Marxism/Collectivism is always masked, always hidden behind fraudulent names and lies, masks always consisting, when you scratch the surface, of nothing but lies – and underneath all that, HATRED, hatred being the energy Marxism always runs on, ever-escalating-hatred – and ENVY, the single emotion forbidden in the 10 Commandments, the one emotion it is a mortal sin to permit oneself to experience, and even worse, to try to trick others into experiencing it, as Marxism always does, using those emotions as its driving force since it has no actual intellectual content, although it always pretends otherwise. 

The driving force, the engine which empowers Marxism always is hatred and envy – emotions/desires which can never be satisfied, and so grow and grow and grow

And the very nature of hatred, especially when combined with envy, is that they can never be satisfied even after taking everything others have. They always grow once one permits oneself to experience them together, metastasizing like Marxism – always imposed, in real life, through bureaucracy – itself, guaranteeing that once Marxism can infect someone, that person becomes addicted to it and finds it almost impossible to throw it off, becoming personally invested in everything the Marxists demand he commit himself to, everything they demand he believe, especially the lies they demand he believe.

Marxism and all its fronts are always completely based on lies and hatred of human nature – and of America

Indeed, even though it has no coherent intellectual content at all (the slightest analysis of its “intellectual foundation” makes it crumble before one’s eyes because it is all so totally stupid and contrary to human nature – like thinking that people would actually want to be serfs with no real right to property, nor to make contracts with others without the approval of bureaucrats! Or like a man thinking he could become a woman! Or that a virus can be eradicated! Or that the Earth’s climate can be made to never change again, even though it has been changing since the planet was formed! And that destroying the economy of the West, by eliminating all of its actual sources of energy, with nothing to replace them, without the rest of the world (including particularly our enemies Iran and China) changing its energy use at all – does anybody honestly believe the Chinese would be stupid enough to stop building coal plants when they are building dozens and dozens every year? – will affect the climate in anyway at all! Or believing that the United States, the least racist place, the one country founded dedicated to individual liberty and the least-enslaving place on the planet, is nothing but a monstrous, enslaving, racist hell hole!) Marxism’s biggest promoters have always been so-called “intellectuals” and university professors, ever since “The Communist Manifesto” appeared in 1848, people who resented the wealth and power of others and saw Marxism and their own claims of “expertise” as giving them an overwhelming right, without regard to law or anything else, trumping law and everything else, to run and own all the power over everything in the country, their affection for Marxism arising from seeing it as their way to steal all the wealth and power of the country from its citizens and their businesses, reducing the former citizens and businesses to slaves/serfs of the state – slaves to them, required to follow all the dictates of the self-proclaimed “experts” (Them!) who become unconstitutionally authorized under the Marxist “laws” to command about every detail of the lives of everyone in the country. 

Marxism has been institutionalized in America with the completely unconstitutional Sovietizing administrative state – “legalized” STEALING, without compensation, of all control over all businesses’ contracts

Yes, Woodrow Wilson wrote all about it when he was still a professor at Princeton, before he became governor of New Jersey, describing the Paradise for professors like him and the hell on earth for everyone else who would have to live with it, laying out the blueprint for the Marxist takeover of America –through the unconstitutional (as Wilson himself recognized!) administrative state, all those federal alphabet agency and other bureaucracies – that has been the singular, long march policy of the Democrat party ever since he became its mentor.

Marxism itself, whenever it is institutionalized anywhere and everywhere, is simply “legalized” theft, theft of everything by those who obtain political power and deploy it, theft of all wealth and power in whatever country is subjected to it and the misery and death it brings for its citizens; the Marxists promise them all Paradise, Utopia, making promises they have no way of keeping (“free” goods and services of all kinds, “free” everything) except by stealing from everyone and eliminating all profit from all transactions, profit which it insanely declares to be the world’s greatest evil, when it in fact constitutes all actual incentive for people to produce anything of value, that complete destruction and elimination of all profit, all freedom of contract, resulting in misery for everyone but the Marxist rulers who rule with absolute power based on lies and/or brute force and terror. 

The first time it happened, the complete seizing of absolute, tyrannical power by Collectivists/Jacobins/”The Left”, people other than a king, the institutionalization of Collectivism, was before Marxism had a name, when the Committee of Public Safety established the Reign of Terror in the French Revolution and deployed their guillotine and the military endlessly against the French citizens. Marxism/Collectivism always views the citizens as an enemy to be conquered and completely subjugated.

The Sovietizing administrative agencies reduce all businesses and their employees to serfs, servants of politicians and bureaucrats

Marxism is always the same. It demands the surrender by, the complete confiscation of,  all of the former-citizens’ (citizens they no longer are: they are, however wealthy a few of them may become, reduced to being serfs, slaves of the state and its designated rulers when victory over the citizens is accomplished by the Marxists) individual liberty to make any choices in their life (along with any property the state and its designated rulers choose not to permit them to own), all of that and absolute control, if not the technical ownership, of all businesses, all of businesses’ control confiscated by, taken by, the Marxists’ – using all of those federal “regulatory” agencies – designated rulers, always deploying absolute, discretionary power over everyone else, over every business, designated rulers who always pretend to act in the name of the Common Good – a Common Good they claim to be uniquely able to understand and impose on everyone else, with them giving themselves the power to dictate what reality is, what “science” is, making their determinations of everything the “Official Truth,” from which it is absolutely forbidden, and endlessly punishable (no matter how fraudulent the “Official Truth” is – indeed especially when it is completely fraudulent) to disagree.

Marxism is completely antithetical to the American Constitution, which is dedicated to individual liberty, the very thing Marxism eradicates

Yes, it’s always the same damn thing. It is demonic, the greatest evil on our planet, and the hatred it has always run on from the very beginning has always been hatred of the United States in particular because Marxism is all about everything the United States was founded to oppose and prevent from happening to the citizens under our Founding Documents which explicitly dedicate the country to promoting individual liberty, proclaiming that all citizens have the Natural Rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and freedom of contract – the attribute which separates freeman from serfs – freedom of contract being the one individual liberty preserved in the text of the Original Constitution even before the Bill Of Rights!– and precluding any but very very-specifically- and narrowly-defined powers for the central , federal government, a central government created uniquely IN A CONTRACT (governed by, and enforceable, by any of its beneficiaries, under, pre-existing, British-created Common Law Contract Law), a contract between the states and the citizens, a SOCIAL CONTRACT CALLED THE CONSTITUTION, the Supreme Law Of The Land, as it expressly says, a central government which does not permit the central government to engage in any policing activity over the citizens (except for Treason, as narrowly defined therein, Counterfeiting, and Piracy On The High Seas) with virtually all actual citizen-policing to be conducted under the Common Law by state governments, not the federal government (except in Washington DC, where it was to administer the Common Law ) at all.

Marxism’s antithesis is, quite literally, all individual liberty, what Marxists slander by naming it “Capitalism,” referring thereby to what is actually simply the free market ruled by the laws of the market itself (supply and demand and, yes, The Invisible Hand) and the Common Law, The Free Market where people buy and sell goods and services voluntarily from each other pursuant to the contract terms that they agree on, buy and sell exactly what they want without any interference from anyone – especially any unelected bureaucrat! – except the laws of the Common Law and of supply and demand – and each side of each transaction experiences the “Invisible Hand” miracle of “profit,” without which neither side would voluntarily, as they do, participate in the transaction – with profit being defined as the greatest evil, according to Marxism. 

Marxism deliberately destroys all individual liberty, destroys that entire free Market and control of all formerly-free property, by demanding that the state – meaning the politicians and unelected bureaucrats who are the state’s designated rulers under Marxism – have the absolute, discretionary power to dictate the terms of all those contracts in every respect, and dictate everything that happens with the property (using pretexts which have no basis in the Constitution like “environmentalism” and zoning requirements, at the local level). Marxism poisons all formerly-free life by forcing us to live under unelected, uncontrollable bureaucracy, either by following its previously-announced dictates, or asking for its permission – for absolutely everything; and bureaucracies are always inherently Marxist, unless they are affirmatively dedicated to destroying Marxism; and the hideous bureaucrats become ever-present in everything in the lives of the former-citizens, reduced to abject serfs, all liberty crushed under the ubiquitous bureaucracy of all kinds. You can smell it everywhere if you look and know what to look for.

Marxism supplants real religion and manufactures pseudo-“Moral Imperatives!!!”, like E.S.G., and many other front movements, demanding everyone obey them religiously – or else

E.S.G. is simply the latest (along with all its sibling fronts, like Climate Alarmism, CRT, EDI, etc.), pseudo-religious “Moral Imperative!!” American Marxists have been corralling otherwise unsuspecting and decent Americans into supporting. As stated above, our law schools in America, completely run by Marxists, now try to infuse E.S.G. into everything, having it trump the actual laws as an overwhelming “policy” directive.

E.S.G. is aimed particularly at corporations, as are its affiliated, sibling Front movements, the other currently-faddish “Moral Imperatives!!” which Marxists are very-actively promoting – and force-feeding everywhere, destroying anyone they can who refuses to go along – in tandem with their other current favorites, all of which are based on fraud of multiple kinds, and don’t have a single element of reality underlying them – Climate-Alarmism, Covid-alarmism, EDI, “Equity Diversity And Inclusion” and “transgenderism” (force-fed especially at universities and corporations) and CRT, “Critical Race Theory” (all of them force-fed everywhere they can force-feed it, including especially to school children and to our military, devastating its morale and fighting-ability, making recruiting virtually impossible, since “Transgenderism” involves promoting a mental illness, and CRT contains nothing but anti-American racist hate, all of which is a pack of lies, the eternal Marxist slander (CRT having been unofficially originated by Karl Marx himself and repeated by everyone who has ever promoted his poison) against the United States that “Capitalism” – again, the Marxist slanderous name for a free market in which people actually own their own property and buy and sell what they want voluntarily, subject to the rules of the market and of the Common Law – relies on racism and slavery (the opposite is true) and that the United States effectively invented racist slavery (the slaves were bought in Africa from the Africans who enslaved them!) and still is just as racist and enslaving as it ever was – even though, uniquely in world history, slavery was completely abolished in the United States (and Britain), and nothing is more forbidden under American laws and taboos than either racism or slavery – except, according to today’s Marxists, against Christians and Jews and all white people – especially against men, constantly accused by Marxists of being “White Supremacists,” even when they are black!

“Intellectuals,” masquerading as “experts,” utterly CONTEMPTUOUS OF EVERYONE ELSE’S RIGHTS, are the originators of Marxism and all of its numerous fronts


The people who initiate these pseudo-religious “Moral Imperatives!!” are always the “Intellectuals” and professors lurking in the background of all Marxist causes. 

And do not doubt that these front movements, these supposed, pseudo-“Moral Imperatives!!” are, according to their inventors and promoters, endowed with supposed moral authority, trumping everything else, trumping all law, all liberties of all citizens, all morals, all taboos, all decency, trumping everything – from people who themselves have nothing but contempt for actual religion, actual morality. 

“Social Justice” is the very opposite of ACTUAL Justice, just as Marxist-inspired and promoting “Anti-Racism” IS ITSELF RACISM

Just as they claim to be so in favor of a type of justice, so-called “Social Justice” – but not the real thing, Justice itself – when it is in fact actual Justice which is the opposite of “Social Justice” in every way, with “Social Justice” deliberately and insanely destroying all meritocracy, rewarding criminals and punishing the innocent, practicing racism (“Affirmative Action,” and “race-norming,” as they hideously name it) actively rewarding corruption of all kinds, poisoning everything in society instead of liberating life for the citizens the way real Justice does. 

Our cities have become unlivable, crime-filled Marxist hell holes because of Marxist mayors and district attorneys dedicated to pursuing “Social Justice,” instead of the real thing.

The pseudo-moral certainty with which they believe in the virtue of the causes, the Fronts, the ”Moral Imperatives!!!” they promote (including E.S.G. of course) provides members of “the good collective” (they all are certain that it is they who are “The Good People”) with a kind of sense, at least temporarily (they always need more because they can never have their needs satisfied, their need to have the hatred and envy inspired in them by their Marxist cause satiated, the need to project virtue and feel superior to everyone else), of Salvation from their otherwise miserable lives, puffing them up with a sense of meaning in their lives by believing what they believe – and forcing others to similarly believe the nonsense they subscribe to – or else. 

The emotion and self-satisfaction inspired in them by virtue of promoting these “Moral Imperatives!!” – and especially in projecting virtue, as they imagine they are doing, by hating anyone who opposes them (as mentioned above, Marxism always runs on hatred, its ever-present engine) – provides them with a fraudulent version, a completely-artificial sense, of virtue and Salvation, unlike the real, genuinely-satisfying virtue and Salvation that they would otherwise have derived from actual religion; but in the Marxist universe they cling to, any real religion is forbidden fruit, an evil to be opposed – and ridiculed and destroyed – real religion being the antithesis of anything they have any interest in – eschewing real religion, and being contemptuous of all believers, itself being one of their “Moral Imperatives!!!”. 

The Democrat Party itself is a Marxist, anti-American front – with plenty of Republican supporters

The originating originators of the idea for these “Moral Imperatives!!” (the Fronts always have a long chain of origination, always beginning with committed Marxists), of these Marxist Front movements, at least since the purported-Republican, and committed Marxist, Theodore Roosevelt, have always been mostly Democrats. This E.S.G. movement is indeed inherently-political because it involves socializing corporations and all business, imposing an additional layer of socialization (to be enforced by all sorts of bureaucracies) on top of all the multiple, federal alphabet agency (and other) bureaucracies they are already subjected to.

Indeed, the American Democrat political party has been a Marxist-front group hiding behind various gaslighting labels like “Democrat” itself, and “Liberal” and “Progressive” – because announcing its real, committed Marxist/Socialist identity (as a few of its recent members, like Bernie Sanders and AOC, have had the temerity – confident that the country had been sufficiently corrupted by Marxism – for the first time ever, to do out loud) ever since Woodrow Wilson captured it and provided the Sovietizing blueprint he had devised for it while still a college professor for all of its actions.

Yes, American Marxism has indeed been the Sovietizing of our entire economy, the complete conquest of America by the multiple federal “regulatory” agencies politicians of both parties have unconstitutionally been creating, agencies which are FUNCTIONALLY-INDISTINGUISHABLE, from the Commissariats which ruled over the (miserable) people captured by Russia under the USSR, crushing all individual liberty, requiring everyone to get their permission for everything – and punishing mercilessly anyone who they wanted to crush. 

Each of the federal Sovietizing administrative agencies are tyrannical, UNCONSTITUTIONALLY possessing ALL THREE POWERS of government 

Each of those agencies are endowed, monstrously, with all three powers of the federal government, Legislative, Executive and Judicial. The Supreme Court has, since the 1930s (wrongly, relying exclusively on the Interstate Commerce Clause, which grants no such power to the federal government), rubberstamped all of that, including giving them “discretionary” power in exercising all of those powers, something forbidden to all of the actual branches of government! It did so because it recognized that the very nature of those agencies is such that they cannot function without discretionary power. And nothing is more tyrannical than unelected, discretionary power! They are inherently usurping of citizens’ liberties, by their very nature, usurping everything they touch.

That they are unconstitutional one and all cannot be doubted: our Constitution was expressly designed EXPLICITLY TO PRECLUDE any government agency from possessing all three powers because, as Madison, quoting Montesquieu with approval, noted in The Federalist #47, any agency which possesses all three such powers is “the very definition of tyranny,” and he guaranteed in that very epistle that the Constitution absolutely precluded any such thing.

This Sovietism action program which the Democrat party politicians, beginning with Woodrow Wilson, have been carrying out, has been the enactment of a very long march, a very long game. E.S.G., coupled with the other, currently-faddish Marxist Front movements like Critical Race Theory, Climate Alarmism, etc. at the present time, is simply the latest Marxist fad.

Marxists have been unconstitutionally confiscating Americans liberty and property ever since 1905, under Theodore Roosevelt

This Democrats have been doing, often in league with politically-corrupt, and sometimes actual Marxist, Republicans, like Theodore Roosevelt, himself the worst of the worst in his groundbreaking destruction of the Constitution and all of our liberties, himself the originator of this Marxist program, beginning in 1905, causing the panic of 1906–7, which became the pretext for endless additional abominations, including unconstitutionally creating the Fed in 1913 under Wilson (Roosevelt was an untreated, bipolar madman who could never have been elected president, and only did so after being elected vice president, succeeding the old-fashioned Republican William McKinley who was assassinated by a Marxist/anarchist), Richard Nixon (the creator of OSHA and the EPA, who imposed wage and price controls (!), eliminated what was left of the gold standard for our currency, resulting in the massive inflation we have been experiencing ever since, George W. Bush who vastly weaponized all of our security agencies and made traveling by all public transportation, particularly the airways, a nightmare for citizens (but not for Islamist or other terrorists), and financially-corrupt parasites like Mitch McConnell.

The Marxist program in America has been effected, just as Woodrow Wilson proposed in his writings as a professor, through the creation and constant empowerment and funding of all of those endless number of federal administrative agencies staffed with their unelected bureaucrats, agencies created by politicians who called themselves Democrats (along with their corrupt Republican partners) masquerading as virtuous, normal America-loving citizens, while absolutely detesting the country, or simply wanting to sell it out for their own personal, corrupt benefit, accusing her, particularly in recent years, of being nothing but a racist hellhole, the worst place on the planet that needs to be completely undone and re-created as a Marxist (they never are honest, never use that word) state, and now they are deploying E.S.G. and the other latest Marxist fad “Moral Imperatives!!” described above, using them to trump actual law and order (and real morality) in the country, as they have been doing by unconstitutionally capturing the federal government to create  its massive, constantly-metastasizing, unconstitutional (the Constitution permits only three branches) fourth branch of government, beginning in 1887 with the Interstate Commerce Commission (which even the Marxist/Democrat Carter administration acknowledged had been a complete failure, doing nothing of value for the railroad industry or any of its customers, and simply being the engine for creating parasites, corruption in the industry itself of all different kinds, and stagnating technological improvements, as actual competition between the railroad companies was eliminated and replaced by purely-political considerations, the inevitable effect of what happens whenever the federal government gets involved (always unconstitutionally) in”regulating” – i.e. socializes – any formerly-free market it utterly corrupts and destroys by creating a bureaucratic “regulatory” agency over it – and thereby stealing all operational control from all the businesses in that market, uncompensated theft of one of the most important attributes of property ownership, massive theft without compensation, completely forbidden in the Constitution, theft rubber stamped, and rationalized away by the Supreme Court for purely-political reasons, without any basis in the law.

Marxists will continue the destruction of America and its Constitution and it\s people’s liberty and property and prosperity and power until they are physically stopped

E.S.G. and all the rest of the Marxist program in America, the unconstitutional fourth branch of government, unconstitutional in its entirety, will continue in all of its hideous bureaucratic manifestations until it is physically stopped and eradicated as the unconstitutional Frankenstein monster it is. The unconstitutional fourth branch’s continuing unconstitutional presence destroys the Rule of Law and all liberty in the country, the United States, which was founded precisely to be the one place on the planet dedicated to preserving the Rule of Law and individual liberty – with only three branches permitted by the Constitution, mandating that that fourth branch be completely eradicated, top to bottom, without even any attempt to “reform” it.

That entire fourth branch, that entire administrative state, every single one of those bureaucracies cannot be reformed. All of them, the whole thing must be eliminated in its entirety for this nation once again to be free for its now former-citizens, as it was founded to be –as the Rule of Law here requires.

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