Trump Still Doesn’t Get It

Jul 28, 2023

Clifford Ribner
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President Trump remains clueless about the massive (unintentionally-made, in every case, always done in what he genuinely-believed were the best interests of the country which has no more-loyal patriot then he) mistakes he made – even though he himself, along with the American people, was the greatest victim of all those mistakes, the victim, in particular, of the Sedition/Mutiny against him and against the Constitution conducted by the entire federal bureaucracy, all of those unelected bureaucrats at all of those hideous alphabet agencies – with all that power (only the power to harm, not to do any good) which they have been unconstitutionally-given by our elected officials and which they deploy only to serve both (1) their own interests, and (2) the interest of Marxism itself, with the whole collectivism of bureaucracy itself demanding that they serve that evil, fraudulent, completely-corrupt and corrupting and antihuman pseudo-religion – that Mutiny/Sedition which they conducted throughout his presidency, personified by the “investigation”/assault by Mueller and his team of 16 Trump-hating FBI and “Justice” Department bureaucrats, which festered and exploded throughout the first half of his presidency, under which he was (preposterously) accused of treason with Russia to “steal” the 2016 election (a complete, nonsensical fraud which even now, after it has been undeniably proven to be absolutely false, at least half the country, 82% of Democrats! – living in their alternative-universe of lies promoted by CNN, the New York Times, etc. – still believe to be true!) an “investigation” that began without a shred of evidence to support it – a fact which we know beyond any doubt because it never had a shred of evidence when it was over, so it couldn’t have had any before it began. 

And that was only one instance of the Sedition/Mutiny, the Sedition/Mutiny which continued throughout the 2020 election, (and continues to this very day by those same agencies going further on the offence to defend themselves from what they deserve to receive for their monstrous actions, searching his home to find – and hide – the documentary evidence he had against them, and accusing him, the Republican Party’s most-likely presidential nominee, banana-republic style, of endless, bureaucratically-created unconstitutional “crimes”) with the FBI and the CIA themselves colluding/conspiring to invent the truly-massive psy-ops disinformation assault against President Trump and the American people and the 2020 election, the complete fiction, the outright lie which they knew to be a lie, that the Hunter Biden laptop was “Russian disinformation,” invented by them precisely because they had had it since November, 2019 and they knew to a moral certainty how authentic and how devastating it would be to the federal bureaucracy, to Joe Biden personally, and to the Democrat Party, if the public knew the truth about that laptop and it’s 100%-documented overwhelming proof of the complete-corruption, throughout his entire political career, the, yes, real treason of providing favors for money (collected by Joe’s family members, splitting it 50-50 with Joe) to genuine American enemies like China and Russia, committed over and over by Joe Biden purely to serve his own financial interests, again, because it must be repeated, using his family members as bagmen to collect the loot, with him splitting everything 50/50 with his son and other family members, the massive, BIG LIE (in precisely the terminology Hitler used to describe exactly the same thing) which the FBI and CIA invented precisely so Joe Biden could use that lie, as part of the Sedition/Mutiny/Conspiracy, during one of the two debates he had with President Trump, using that lie as a weapon against the election and against the American people and President Trump – “Against Democracy itself!!! “in the otherwise-preposterous language Democrats love to use when lying about their political opponents doing exactly what they themselves have been doing! – with Joe Biden joining publicly in the Sedition/Mutiny/Conspiracy/Treason by insistently proclaiming in that debate that particular BIG LIE to be the truth, making that fraudulent proclamation to the entire nation, undoubtedly affecting millions more than the 40,000 (at most) votes in a handful of states, necessary to change the outcome of the election – even if you believe the unbelievable, the “fact” (necessary to be believed if you believe the legitimacy of the “results” of the 2020 election) that he actually got 81 million votes, 13 million more than Obama got in 2008, and 20 million more than Obama got in 2012!

But President Trump still doesn’t get the monstrous evil he himself (cluelessly and unwittingly) became a party to by going along with Fauci and his bureaucrats’ demands, buying into the whole nonsense, the complete fool’s errand of “Public health,” the fool’s errand of federal government involvement concerning Covid, the preposterous, medically-pointless and unconstitutional Covid shutdowns (“two weeks to flatten the curve” turning into endless, hideous totalitarianism against the American people, all a fool’s errand to try to stop the inherently-unstoppable, a respiratory virus) getting the government involved in creating a “vaccine,” the genuine evil and medical-pointlessness and unconstitutionality of everything that was done by the federal government in “response” to Covid, pretending that it was the worst disease that ever happened when, in fact, as we knew no later than March, 2020, it was 10 times less-deadly than the flu to the general population, with President Trump – in his almost-childlike naivety, assuming that the bureaucrats were what they pretended to be, “public servants” and patriots, and not the anti-American Marxists they were in reality – believing the bureaucrats wouldn’t lie to him and thus refusing to look at the data himself to understand that fact, which was obvious from the very beginning, as soon as we knew the data from the cruise ship “The Diamond Princess,” with him listening to, and even elevating in the public’s mind, Fauci, instead of firing him on the spot as he should’ve done, shutting down Fauci’s entire, worthless unconstitutional agency, with President Trump believing the “experts” end thinking he had to put Washington people into Washington positions, an idea which  guaranteed it would be filled with self-serving, Marxist vipers at his throat, which they were. 

He still just doesn’t get it. The evil he is dealing with is simply beyond his comprehension. He still doesn’t understand why he wasn’t welcomed as the new president in 2017, instead of being assaulted from all sides, with his political opponents announcing their intention to impeach him even before he took office, and their supporters marching in the streets declaring “he’s not my president,” as if they, and they alone, had the right to decide on the legitimacy of elections, claiming the power for themselves to repudiate our American election and then have the nerve to say they were “Saving Democracy!”

As if they get to vote against him after he’s been elected. 

But it was President Trump who passively-permitted the stealing of the 2020 election right under his nose, permitted those corrupt, mail-in ballot (banned, because of their guaranteed fraud, in every other democracy) etc. changes to election laws in all those states without fighting them – until it was too late, after the election, with the Supreme Court refusing to do its duty under the Constitution and take the case – permitted the whole thing that was done, not just by the Democrat party, but by its unelected-bureaucrat allies in the federal administrative state – and by plenty of Republicans, including prominent ones in high positions, like Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, cheering on the Democrats.

Christopher Wray, at the FBI, and Gina Haspel, at CIA – both of whom he appointed – personally (necessarily, it couldn’t have happened without their go-ahead – or even more, without their leadership in the whole thing) oversaw the entire psy-ops military sedition, the greatest treasonous Mutiny/Sedition against America and its people since the Civil War, the militarization of the BIG LIE (again, in the actual Hitler language) that the Hunter Biden laptop was “Russian disinformation,” the entire massive fraud a federal bureaucracy-created and -engineered BIG LIE treasonous campaign against the entire nation and against him to convince people – or at least enough of them to “Win” the election for Joe Biden – and for the equally-illegitimate, unelected and unconstitutional bureaucracy. 

Yes, the entire, unelected federal bureaucracy, led by the “Justice” Department, as the tip of the spear for all the other unconstitutional federal administrative agencies, was engaged in Sedition/Mutiny against him throughout his presidency. Right under his nose. And simultaneously, our military was being undermined by communists within it in the Defense Department – a Marxist institution, just like all the other federal bureaucracies, precisely because any collective body that is not institutionally-dedicated to fighting Marxism inevitably becomes Marxist – the whole time. Just like it had been ever since George H.W. Bush, at the latest.

He still has no understanding whatsoever of the evil and the unconstitutionality of the entire, unelected, fourth-branch federal administrative state, how it cannot be reformed, how it has to be completely and systematically dismantled by invoking the Constitution against that entire, unconstitutional Frankenstein Monster, defunding the entire thing and putting it out of business and, only then, stopping its preying on the American people, that preying on the American people being the only thing it does in reality, declaring all the “Crimes” that the “Justice” Department prosecutes which have no basis in the Constitution to be completely-unconstitutional themselves, and stopping all those harms against Americans, and particularly against the American business community, bureaucratic control and assaults which have turned it into a suicidally-communist swamp, with doing so being the only way it can live with and protect itself from the vipers always at its throat in that administrative state.

In response to: Trump Opens Up About Mistakes Made During First Term

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